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Hello, hello. We have Chad, Robert, Melanie, Marius, Kevin, Jason, Steph, Christina, Qunu, Mark, Dr. Warner. Who else do we got? Give me some hearts, you guys, if you can hear me. What up, Kim Paul Watterman? What's up, Chad? Todd Brown is here. He's in the house. We can start now, guys. Todd's here. Couldn't start. Jay's here. Vince Reid's here. What's up, man? Vince told me he made a quarter of a million bucks with this one trick I showed him, which is awesome. What's up, Rich? Christina. Simon's here. G'day, mate.

Chad, you just touch the screen and you give me hearts. Touch it as many times as you can. The faster you touch, the more love you're showing. Look at those hearts come. Tap it up. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. I found out you get ranked by the more hearts you have so you guys just keep on tapping. It makes us all feel good. They're flying now. Awesome, awesome. All right, you guys. Are you excited for today? Oh, great. George is tapping my nose. If you guys wanted to show tapping for real, in fact, actually I got tapped a lot.

How many of you guys have seen my wrestling room so far? Probably a lot of you haven't yet. I'll do one of these from inside the Treehouse Wrestling Room which is this garage outside my house. I built the crazy wrestling room. I'll do one in there. Anyway, last Saturday morning I invited this guy named Nick over. He's a jujitsu guy. I'm a wrestling guy. We did jujitsu, so he's got a little advantage over me. We went for an hour. I think he choked me out at least a dozen times. I was tapping like crazy just like you guys are tapping now. That's what happens sometimes. You got to get tapped to be able to tap so start tapping.

The hearts are flowing. I love it. Oh, Christina had to withdraw this weekend, no podcast for me. This is my show I want to do on the weekends, but then I have my brother strip them so that I can have an archive of them and they only stay for 24 hours and I had to wake him up and have him come and do it.

What's up, Jason? What's up, Thomas? Oh yeah, Thomas, we're giving away a prize for whoever gets the most hearts. Is there any way for me to know who did a lot of hearts? I don't know how that works. If I can know, I will give prizes. All right, you guys. We've got about 40 of you guys. What's up, Rich with Matt? 41. Oh cool, you check the episode at the end. Cool, cool. All right. I will check that out. Shawn's tapped like 1,200. Oh man. How freaking cool. It is freaking cool.

All right, so I got some fun stuff to talk to you guys about today. Who here wants to know my number one traffic super tip, super trick? I called it super trick. If I said, "traffic tip," you'd been like, "Oh." I said, "super traffic trick," now it's a whole other level. Now you've got to know. As you guys know, I've got my superhero. These are just for you guys. This is my Prove It superhero things. Oh, great. They already broke. These may last one more episode. This is how you know it's a super trick because we've got, "Boom! Kapow!" You've got, "Boom! Pow!" You've got "Boom! Bang!", but bang's busted. All right, that's all I got.

Okay, so here is the number one trick. I can go into more detail in this another day and I probably will, but wanted to give you guys it because I'm working on it right now. It's important and so I've been talking about this a lot, for about 18 months now and nobody's doing it yet. My guess is most of you guys won't do it. Not because it won't work. Not because you believe that it works, but for some reason you're not going to do it. Anyway, the big difference is that I would just do it. What's up, Adam?

Anyway, my biggest thing is you've got to do it. If you just do it, it works. In fact you're going, "Russell, why are you doing it again?" Because it works. I just keep doing what works. That's my big secret. I find something that works and then do it and then do it again and then do it again and just keep doing it. I'm not that smart. I can't figure out new things, so I just find something that works and I just keep on doing it.

This is the thing, all right? You have to got to figure out who it is that has your dream customers. Who's got them? Someone does. Zuckerberg's got them. Larry and Sergey's got them. You've got Facebook, you've got Google, but who else has got them? There's probably a lot of people and the first thing you've got to do, step one of the process, you've got to identify who it is and so we call this, "Building Out Your Dream 100". I learned this, actually, from Chet Holmes. That's a story for another day. I learned from Chet Holmes, but I do it a little differently than he does.

The biggest thing is you've got to start building out your dream 100. Who are 100 people that have your dream clients, that have access to them? They can send an email or a tweet or a blog post and instantly thousands of people that you would love to take their money and they would love to give you money, who are those people? Who are 100 people who have those people? You've got to know who they are. If not, you're dead in the water because everything else we do in traffic is based around that.

If you get how I earn on my Facebook ads, it's built on dream 100. How I write my blog post is built on my dream 100. How I do everything is built on my dream 100. I've been preaching this for, man, 18 months now and I don't see people doing it. This is how I know people aren't doing it because I'm not getting cool packages in the mail. If you're not getting the cool packages in the mail, it means you're doing it wrong.

All right, so here it is. Last year, so ClickFunnels, as you know ... Oh, sweet. [inaudible 00:05:41] here said I'm number three on the list. Well, where's my packages? I haven't got anything. Part of the strategy is building the list. Second part is aggressively marketing to that list. You start the dream 100 before your product. Yes, you start your dream 100 the second you know you want to sell something some day. You've got to start building that out, okay?

ClickFunnels. We knew we were going to launch ClickFunnels and I've been building up my dream 100 list for five or six years now. In fact, my dream 100 list right now is a dream, I think we've been re-scrubbing it before this next relaunch. I think we're up to dream 370. My dream 100 list has grown dramatically. Yours will, too. In fact, your dream 100 list might start out as 5 people and then turn into 10 and then 20 and then eventually 100. What's up, Curtis? You've got to have one. That's step number one.

Now that you have this list, this is an active group of people that you need to be marketing to aggressively and doing cool stuff for and making them like you. The more they like you, the more often they're going to promote for you. They're going to send stuff. You're going to be able to target their audience. A whole bunch of cool stuff happens.

A year ago, we were going to launch this new little company we thought was kind of cool called ClickFunnels. Have you guys ever heard of it? If you've heard of ClickFunnels, give me some hearts. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. If you love ClickFunnels, do a double tap. Can you double tap because I don't even know if that's a thing. You've got to alternate double taps. Alternating triple taps. You guys love ClickFunnels.

All right, so we're launching this brand new company called ClickFunnels and we're like, "I've got to get something into the hands of my dream 100 so that they will pay attention because these guys are bombarded by people all day long. How do I do something creative?" Check out what we did. We haven't seen this. I flew to Hong Kong. Actually, I didn't fly to Hong Kong. I went to and I searched video cards and I found these awesome things right here and check this out. Here's this card. It says, "ClickFunnels. You're invited." They opened it and then check this out. This video started playing inside. "Did you know that it costs McDonald's" ... It started talking to them about ClickFunnels.

I actually went the extra mile and I sat down and I recorded 200-plus videos and I put them inside of here, so I had one video for every person in my dream 100. I had one that's like, "Hey, Mike Philson. Thanks so much for opening my package. I have to tell you something cool about ClickFunnels. Hey, Person B. Hey, Person C." I spent a whole day just recording personal videos for everyone on my dream 100, loaded them all up here inside this card, sent it out to everybody in a big ole package with some T-shirts and other cool stuff, and that's how we launched ClickFunnels. My dream 100 found out because I sent them something in the mail.

For the last year, I've been sending people things in the mail all the time. The cost in these cards, I think we paid 20 or 30 bucks a piece. It's kind of expensive, kind of, but not really because think about it. Let's say we sent out to 100 people times 30 bucks. You're looking at 3,000 bucks. How fast can you spend 3,000 dollars on Facebook? Couple minutes. Anyway, so we send these things out. If you get just one dude or one lady to promote from your dream 100 from the package, you will 100x your money, almost overnight. Right?

We send those out to all those people. Got a whole bunch of people on board. We launched ClickFunnels and boom, one year later we are close to passing the 10 millions dollars in revenue. Was that worth me sending out packages for my dream 200? Yes, it was. Is it worth it for you guys to do it? Yes. Okay? That's not a one-time thing. Ask people in my dream 100. I send out packages almost every single month. Send, send. We send out Corvette key chains. We send out books. We send out T-shirts and our gifts. We send out all sorts of things.

What was your ROI? Let's see. I put in 3,000 dollars and made 10 million. I don't know. It's a pretty good ROI. How do you get the addresses? Good [inaudible 00:09:22] is my secret. I go to Facebook and I say, "Hey, guys, I've got a gift for you. What's the best address to send it to?" Then they tell you. It's pretty easy. Johnny says he's got no idea what I'm talking about. We're talking about internet marketing, my man.

This is reason why. Obviously we're talking about what we did last year. Why am I sharing this right now? Why is this the top of my brain? Because guess what I'm doing right now as we speak. I am writing out my new dream 100 letter. "It's ClickFunnels' one-year birthday," ... can't read backwards ... "and to celebrate, we're giving away 100 new dream cars. Do you want one?" I'm writing out a big ole letter and then I may have a whole bunch of these awesome cars that we've been getting shipped from us all around the country and I may have an amazing T-shirt. I may have a whole bunch of stuff I'm putting in a big ole fat box to mail out to my dream ... not 100 anymore. Our dream almost 400. Because I want their attention and anyway, that's what we're doing. It's worked, you guys. Make it a priority.

First off, build your dream 100 list. Second off, once a month, send them something in the mail. It doesn't always have to be promoting. It doesn't always have to be anything. Just be cool. I send out gifts last summer. I just sent out cool gifts to everybody. I was like, "Hey, here's a cool gift." That's it.

I remember Frank [inaudible 00:10:43] this one time, he sent me a book. It was The Godfather. Randomly, just Godfather. It said, "Hey, I thought you'd like The Godfather." Thanks, man. It's cool. Sometimes we just do cool stuff. Sometimes we ask for things. Tom Beal got the Ferrari key chain. What's up, Tom? Ferrari key chains, books, video cards, gifts. You just figure out what people want that's cool and we just send it to them and then every once in awhile you ask for something. I promise you that if you send cool stuff, then they are going to listen to you.

Tom, how are you doing, my man? Tom Beal, you guys may have seen him before. He is the man that wore a mankini on stage. That was awesome. Simon got the Ferrari. Some of you guys are on the dream 100, so you guys have gotten it. You have been on the receiving end of it. How fun is it? My favorite part of the day is when the UPS man comes and drops off a box. I got a box today. I'm in the middle working. I see him drive up. I stop everything. I run to the front like a little kid at Christmas. Rip the box open to see what's inside of it. That is what we are talking about. Ray got some brass balls from me. Okay, I'm sending out stuff all the time because that's how it works.

Again, here's the recap for today. First off, build out your dream 100 list. Second off, aggressively market to them. Actually, not so much aggressively, but consistently. Consistently market to them. Send them stuff. Send them gifts. Call them on the phone. Facebook message them. Serve them. See what you can do to make them excited because one deal from your dream 100 can make you a millionaire. I've seen that happen over and over and over again. One person saying, "Yes, I'm in," will change everything.

Okay, Adam wants me to wear a mankini in my next Periscope. If I can get Tom to wear one, I still wouldn't wear one. Sorry, man. We should get Tom doing it, though, again. We'll co-host one. It will be awesome. "Oh my" is right.

Anyway, you guys, so hopefully that helps. That's what I'm working on, so I'm going to share with you. I've been writing a letter right now. We got the cards that are being shipped here. We've got these really cool T-shirts I showed you guys on 3 or 4 periscopes ago. The calculator versus the smartphone T-shirts with a bunch of really cool things that are happening. Anyway, when the package is done, maybe I'll show you guys so you can kind of see behind the scenes what it is, but that's what I'm doing. People are always like, "Russell, what do you spend all day doing? What's the best use of your time?" This is the best use of my time because, again, one deal, one good JV partner you get from the dream 100 process is better than an ad account with Zuckerberg because he's just going to shut you down, right?

All right. Jason said he's driving ... Jason, you've heard me talk about dream 100 a lot, right? Now you're finally in. I love it. I just want to see you guys do it because it works. Again, of all the traffic stuff we do, it's the number one. Facebook's all right. Google's all right. Email ads. Everything else is good. This is great. If you have one thing to focus your time on, this would be it. Building the relationships.

I used to think that business was this technical thing because when I was in school I wasn't that smart. I was taking my degree. I'm taking business classes. I'm like, "Oh, this is so confusing." Then when I actually got into business, guess what I found out. Business is 95 percent just being cool with people. That's it. It's relationships. It's, "Do you like me? Do I like you? If I do, as a customer, you're probably going to give me money. If you don't like me, you're not going to give me money." Pretty simple, right? If you're a joint-venture partner, if you like me, you're going to help me. If you don't like me, you're not. The big key is just being cool, just being awesome. Stuff like that.

Tom said he's coming out. Dude, yes. Come out to wrestle whenever you want. We do wrestling practice and jujitsu practices a couple times a week. Sometimes in the morning, some in the night. If you're here, man, we will roll. It will be awesome.

All right, guys. To end this off, I need some hearts. I need a double-tap heart or a triple tap. As fast as you can go. The more hearts we go, the more excited I will be to come back tomorrow and drop some more bombs and give you guys some more gold. See how fast you can go. Do you remember playing Nintendo back in the day and you had to push the thing super fast to get it to punch faster? That's what we need. As fast as you can go. As many as you can get. Those are flying. That's awesome.

All right, well, I'm going to keep giving you guys messages like this because I may have said this a lot over the last 18 months, but it's the truth, and I'm going to keep saying it until everyone's doing it. That's going to keep on you guys. Anyway, appreciate it. I hope you guys enjoyed this Periscope. I will be posting this within 24 hours. It'll be up on the blog. If you go to, the recording of this will be there or if you want to see any of our past episodes, just go to That's where you'll see the little Periscope episodes and a whole bunch of other cool stuff I'm posting there for you guys. That's it for today. Appreciate you guys. Build out your dream 100 list and we'll go from there. Thanks, everybody. Talk to you soon.


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