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Ep 09 - My #1 Rated Supplement For Entrepreneurs (Better Then Bulletproof Coffee...)



All right we're live. We are live. Can you guys see all those supplements here? Everyone's wondering how in the Russell do you take all those supplements? Oh, someone's saying I'm weak. Oh, I'm saying, you can do more than that?

Okay, everybody. Oh, eek, not weak. Okay, good. Someone's talking trash that they can do more supplements than me. There's no way. Very, very cool. Hey, hey, hey. What's up guys? We've got someone asking if this is new tropics? We'll find out, I've got all sorts of good stuff to share with you guys today. Pink hearts for me. Steroids. Steroids give you these guys, right? Andrea is addicted to ClickFunnels, as am I. I was up all night, all morning, all night. Thanks Robert, you rock too man. Appreciate it. All right, wrestlers don't mess around. All right, very, very cool guys.

So welcome to today's Periscope, this one's kind of off topic, but I think it's important because I'm an entrepreneur, I'm guessing most of you guys are entrepreneurs, am I right? If you're an entrepreneur give me a click, and if you're like an insane entrepreneur, give me a double click. I need as many hearts as possible. So double click, all right double click means you guys are really serious. Single click means I am an entrepreneur, double click means I am a freaking hardcore entrepreneur who I just want to keep getting to the next level and the next level and the next level. We've got some triple clickers here, the hearts are flowing. All right, very, very cool you guys.

Well today I wanted to share with you guys my number 1 entrepreneur supplement, and ... Yeah, I know, I'm early [inaudible 00:01:49] I just got excited. What's up Marius? All right, cool. So I'm going to show you guys, real quick, my screen so you can see the bay. So I took this picture a little while ago, because nobody believes me. So I take all ... How many guys think anyone here can beat me, takes more than that a day? Now I don't take all those a day, I take most of those every day though. So if I take all those and I take them out of ... Mary said I'm crazy, and I put them into little buckets, this is what it looks like when all is said and done. I mix those up, I drink them, and I feel amazing. So that's what it is, it is a lot, I agree.

Before I go too deep, I want to say that I'm very careful about my supplements. I don't take anything that's ... I'm very protective. I only take things of the highest quality, I only take things that don't mix with each other, so some days I take some things and some days I take other things, anyway, it's not just me taking random stuff. So I'm not dumb, just so you guys know, I test my blood levels often and I'm very, very careful. So that's number 1, I'm not an idiot, I like them, and all of them have different effects and they do different things. I'm very careful with things I do not take, a lot of things I don't take, that some people think are amazing that I'm scared of. So, there you go.

There is 1, of all the supplements I take, that is my favorite, and I want to tell you guys the story ahead of time, before. So, how many of you guys ... [inaudible 00:03:07] need a beer. No, come on now. I only do things for performance. I'm very big ... yeah, not for hallucinations either. I'm very big on findings that give me the edge, right? When I was wrestling I was always looking for the edge, like, "What are the little things I can do to help elevate my performance, so I can beat more people, so I can get to the next level and get to the next level," and so what was interesting [inaudible 00:03:27] wrestling is that ... Wrestling's interesting because you put yourself in a situation where you don't eat or drink for like a week, right? So I literally have to cut ... In high school I was cutting about 30 pounds a week. When I got to college, they had changed the rules and the laws and how it worked, and so I had to change how I did it.

So I would average between 15-18 pounds a week I would lose, and so when you lose that much, you're not eating or drinking anything, and then you have an hour between weighing in and wrestling. So I found out really quick what you put in your body, the input you put in, gives you a very, very specific output right afterwards, right? So if I would ... I remember one match, I weighed in and I was like craving Wendy's for whatever reason, right? So I went and got a big bacon classic combo, the number 4, ate that thing before my match. An hour later I'm on the mat wrestling, and I was like puking and a whole bunch of really bad stuff, and I was like, "Okay, that didn't work." That was in high school. Then the next week I tried something different and tried something different.

So for 8 and 1/2 to 9 years, I was cutting weight every single week during the season, and then weighing in, and then competing right afterwards. So I got to test tons of different things, like what would hydrate me the best, what would give me the most instant energy, what gave me energy with ... Because a lot of food you put in you will actually drain your energy, it sucks energy from you. That's kind of where this is coming from, okay? So it's not me just popping pills because I like doing them all, it's I take them and I notice like what did it do, what did it not do, what's it supposed to do, how did it make me feel? So that's why I have all those, and again, all of them I use for different purposes, different reasons. So that's kind of ... There's a little background story so you don't think I'm a drug addict, because I'm not.

So that's step number 1, very important for everyone to understand. Do you guys agree with that? Click, give me a tap, and if you really agree with that, give me a double tap or a triple tap. Can you guys do 4? I wonder if you can do 4, anyway. All right. All right, so now you guys got ... There's kind of the back story behind this. Now over the last 10 years, [inaudible 00:05:21] I've done wrestling obviously, I've been focusing ... I wasn't looking so much for performance for me not eating for a week, I eat, how do I get the most energy and most impact immediately. For me, it's more like how do I get the most out of a day. Every one of us have the same amount of hours every single day, and I'm competing with a bunch of you guys, you guys are competing with other people, like how do we have ... like what do we have to give us the next level, right?

A lot of this is energy. Energy. [inaudible 00:05:49] focus, it's mental energy, it's a whole bunch of different things like that that impact you, right? So that's why I take these things now, it's like how's this impact me, do I have more focus through the day? Am I able to work longer and get more done while I'm working? How are my energy levels when I go home? I want to make sure that when I go home, I'm alive enough that I can play with my kids. I know, for example, if I eat carbs during the day, by the time I get home I'm like passing out, I can't even keep my eyes open, right? I'm a horrible dad. So how do I do it so I can be an amazing entrepreneur, and an amazing dad, and an amazing husband, and fit that all in in the same 24 hours that all of us are given, right? So that's why I use supplements, like that's my main purpose. I'm trying to figure out, for me, what gives me the edge and lets me accomplish all the things I want to do so I'm not passed out on the couch at 6:00 at night when my kids are running around having fun, and I'm not there with them, okay?

I want to be jumping on the tramps, swimming, having some good time with them. So, and I want to do it in a way that's natural, that's not going to mess me up, because I'm not a big fan in most kind of ... Anyway, so there you go.

All right, so there's my setup, right? Now, of all the supplements I'm taking, about, I'd say almost 2 years ago now, is the first time I heard about Dave Asprey, you guys ever heard of him? The Bulletproof Executive? If not, he is amazing. He's worth studying. I'm actually flying out next week to go help film and we're creating their book funnel, which is cool. So huge fan of him. First learned about his stuff at one of our mastermind groups, and these guys came in and they're like, "I feel amazing, I'm on Bulletproof Coffee." I was like, "That's pretty cool, but I'm Mormon, so I cannot drink coffee. I do not drink coffee." So I'm like, "Well, how does this work for me?" So for a long time, I just kind of ignored him, because I knew it was amazing, but I was like, "I can't do it. I've got really strict standards on what I put into my body, and that's something I don't do." But people kept talking about it and talking about it, so I'm like, "I've got to figure this thing out."

So I went to the site, and I started studying it and learning about it, and I said, "Okay, how do I make, for me, a Mormon version of Bulletproof Coffee?" We can ... what's up Darren? Good seeing you man! Anyway, so I was like, "How do I make a Mormon version that I'm okay with that gives me the same effect?" Right? So it took me a little while and eventually I invented that, and maybe we do another call another day where I can share with you guys the Mormon version of it, but I invented my own, and it was amazing. Like mental focus, clarity, like it was one of the best things I ever did. So I'm a huge proponent of the concept. For most people, when you do that, you're supposed to lose weight, right? That's one of the big benefits. There's a lot of like mental benefits, but then you lose weight and things like that.

For me, I had all the mental clarity and energy and those kind of things, but I didn't lose weight. In fact, the opposite happened. I did Bulletproof for about a year straight, very consistently. In fact, I even hired Dave for a 1 hour consult and was trying to tweak things, and that's kind of what was happened. Thanks Barton, thanks for reading the book man. Anyway that's kind of what was happening, but I loved it. So after a year, finally, I was like, "You know what, as much as I love these benefits, I'm getting fatter." In fact, I got my body fat tested in January, I was weighing 222 pounds and I was at 26% body fat, and I was like, "I'm getting fatter when I'm drinking fat." Weird concept, right? So finally, I gave up and was like, "I have to get off this." I got off it, went back to more of a traditional body building diet, and I started slowly losing my weight, but I lost the mental things. I was tired more often, I didn't feel as good, so that's kind of what was happening. So there's some back story. I'm a big believer in that concept, but for me, it didn't work.

Then fast forward about 3 or 4 months later, one of my buddies calls me up and he's like, "Hey man, we've got this new thing where we created," he's like, "You've heard about Bulletproof," I'm like, "Yes." He's like, "There's this whole bio-hacking community and we figured out ... We met this dude he was on ...," dang, Jimmy's at 14% body fat. Congrats Jimmy. So I met this guy, or excuse me, one of the guys who was on the Bulletproof podcast, on Dave Asprey's podcast. He's like, "This guy invented this new technology that can supposedly get you in Ketosis within 15 minutes of taking this stuff, but it tastes like acid, like the worst tasting thing on earth." He's like, "We got the patents from whatever and we made this stuff taste good, do you want to try it out?" I was like, "Sure man, send me some stuff."

So he sends me 3 little white baggies of powder, right? Totally sketchy, shows up in a priority envelope, literally zip-loc baggies with white powder in it, and under magic marker it had the date written on it. Like as if like that was something official. I'm like, "I can't believe I'm going to put this in my body, I don't even know what it is." But he told me, "Just try it and," he's like, "I'm just curious what you think about the taste." So I'm like, "All right." So it sat there on my desk for like a week, I didn't have time to do it, and then one morning I woke up, it was Sunday, I was heading out to church, it was like a hectic day, didn't have time to eat anything, running out the door, and last minute I take the magic white powder, stir it up, and I drink it, and I was like, "Oh man, this tastes like candy. This is amazing." But then I had to run to church and I'm gone.

Now, Mormon church, it's not like a little short thing. 3 hours long, plus you've got to serve and you're hanging out with people. So I was there until about 4:00 in the afternoon. Come home that night, and I'm playing with the kids and I'm having all this fun, and my wife's making dinner, and all of sudden I stopped, I'm like, "I'm not hungry. I feel amazing. I'm not tired. I've got energy. I'm playing with the kids." I was like, "Something's in that magic white powder and I'm hoping that it's legal, because this is awesome." Then he had ... Vince says I'm not supposed to drink. So anyway, so I take the stuff, right? [inaudible 00:11:00] He sent 3 little baggies. So the next days I take baggie 2, baggie 3, and I'm addicted. I mean, this stuff is awesome. I call my buddy up, I'm like, "Send me some more." He's like, "We can't." I'm like, "Why not?" He's like, "We're out. We sent out samples, that's all we have." I was like, "Dude, I need some more like tonight." He's like, "Well, we can't."

So it took 30 full days for him to send me some more. 30 days later I start taking it, and I know that it has to kind of do with the high fat stuff. So I'm taking this stuff, and I kind of switch back to the high fat diet, but this time as I'm taking it, I start actually losing weight. Which is the opposite from what I did when I was doing Bulletproof, my version of Bulletproof, right? I start losing weight, and I call him up, and I'm like, "how is this possible?" I kind of told him my experience before that I shared with you, and he said, "The reason why people typically who are on Bulletproof but don't lose weight is because their blood sugar level's too high." He said, "The magic white powder we gave you also let's you drop ... It drops your blood sugar, so that all the other stuff you're eating has more effect on you." I'm like, "Okay, that's pretty cool."

Anyway, so I started taking it, I started losing weight. So if anyone can tell, can you guys tell that my double chins smaller than it used to be, if you go back to my old videos. So I'm down, this morning I was alike 197, so I've lost 20 ... A lot of weight. I feel amazing, and of all of the stuff that I'm doing, again this is my favorite supplement. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I run and I get this, and so I'm addicted. So let me show you guys some cool stuff.

[inaudible 00:12:19] some of you guys just logging in. This is typically the supplements that I take on a normal day, okay? Which is kind of fun, and if you mix those all up, this is what it looks like afterwards. I take that, and it's amazing. So there you go. Tim came in late. Sorry, it's kind of a long back story, if you missed it, I will definitely ... It will be posted on Twitter again here in a minute, you can go back and watch it. All right, so there's kind of the back story. So now I'm going to tell you guys what the new stuff is. How many of you guys are curious what it's called? What it is?

All right, and I'm showing you guys this now because you guys can get a sample right now of it, just like I did, and if you go to the site right now that I'm going to show you in a second, check this out. There's my video! It's me telling my story that I just kind of told you guys, because it's amazing. So basically, you take it, you mix it up, you drink it, it's like drinking candy. Within 15 minutes of you taking it, your body is in Ketosis. Which, if you learn why Bulletproof Coffee and Dave Asprey and all that stuff and why it works, is you ... High fat, low cards, low everything, it gets your body into a state of Ketosis, where basically your body starts kind of eating itself. Your body starts eating it's own fat, and it turns that fat into instant energy, which is called ketones, which is awesome. So that's kind of what the supplement does, and it is amazing. So, I'm going to give you guys an opportunity to get ... how many of you guys want to try it out and just test it out like I did?

[inaudible 00:13:38] podcast today. So this is what it looks like right here, and you guys can get 3 samples, along with some ketone strips. Yes, I do stay low carb with it, but I have been able to cheat a little bit more and I have better success. So I'm going to give you guys a link to get 3 free samples, and this is what it looks like here. So check it out, it's on my desk. So this is the tub if you guys do want more, cause what's going to happen ... Okay, I'm flipping the camera around. What's going to happen, what happened to me is I took the 3 samples, and then it was a month before I could get any more, and I got some more and it was awesome. Then they ran out again, and I think they were out for like 6 weeks, I couldn't get any for 6 weeks, and then I got it again. Anyway, so I actually ended up ordering 6 boxes of it about a month ago, and they all came today. So I've got a ton because I don't want to run out again, and all my friends always steal it and everything.

Okay, so I'm flipping it back around. So this is what a tub looks like if you guys get a month order. If you get some sample packs, this is what samples look like, and there's sample that have ... This kind has caffeine in it, it says charge, so you get like an extra little boost, and this kind does not have caffeine in it. So yes, I workout. So what I do is I take one of these puppies in the morning, first thing in the morning, puts my body in Ketosis, take it all throughout the day, and then at nighttime before I go to bed, I take this one, which has no caffeine, and then all through the night my body is in Ketosis. Burning fat, eating itself. So that's how I do it. This is the page where you can get a free sample. See, I think it sends you 3 samples and you get some ketone strips, so you can actually pee on the strips and try it.

So here's the link. This is my affiliate link, so if you sign up I get paid, but I'm the one telling you about it, so that's how it works, right? So if you go to try [inaudible 00:15:16] ... someone said Dr. Oz talked about this. You're talking about a raspberry ketone, a little different than what we're talking about today, but thanks for playing. All right, so if you go to, you guys can try it out. Get a free sample, and it's awesome. So I'm going to do it now, how many of you guys want to see me ... And this is not a funnel, I'm actually building out a funnel for these guys, so you guys will see a sweet funnel here, coming out pretty soon. But this is the way ... Today, they just opened it up so you can get free samples, that's something new, now you guys can go and get some samples. Brenda's been taking it for a week, it tastes like candy. It is amazing.

So if you want to get a free sample, just go to, and then you pay $14.95 to get a sample, and if you come down here and click on this little button, you can watch the video here. This is me telling my story, this is my front yard actually, and this is me kind of telling my story that I just kind of told you guys a little bit. So it will make sense kind of what it is and how it works. Oh, there's me. All right, and you can see some of the other ones here. I had a bunch of people [inaudible 00:16:17], I saw your picture on the site, are you involved in this? And I'm involved as a fan, because it's awesome. So you can get the 3 serving trial, or you can get a bunch more if you're like me and you know you don't want to run out of it. So, but just go to

Okay. So how many of you guys want to see me make some? To see what it looks like? Okay. I can't see [inaudible 00:16:39]. If you want to see me make some, give me some hearts. I need a double tap if you want some, a triple tap if you want to see me make a bunch. [inaudible 00:16:47] it's only available in the US, some of my friends who are not in the US, there's places you can go where they'll ship it to them, and they'll ship it to you. Anyway, I'm not sure how that works. So, it's not free, sorry, it's $14.95 for the samples. They send you 3 samples and a bunch of ketone strips.

All right, so Brenda's going to hold this real quick, and I'm going to make some with you guys right now. So like I said, we've got charged, which has got caffeine, and we've got not-charged. So I don't want to be ... I'm already charged today, so I'm going to do a non-charged. So this is the caffeine free one, and you basically take it right here, throw it in your drink. This is the white powder, like I said, the first time I got this was like just in the plastic baggie. This shipment's the first one that came that has actually all the nutritional stats on the back, which is exciting. You take some water, mix it in, stir it on up, and the side effects that I've found from this, which is why I love it so much, fat loss, which you can tell I've lost some weight. My double chins are disappearing. It gives you more focus, clarity, and gives you more energy. Which are 3 things that all entrepreneurs need. If there was only 1 supplement I could take of all the ones I do, I would take this. In fact, there have been a lot days where I don't have time in the morning, so I just take this, and I am good to go.

So you mix it up, and literally when you drink it, it tastes like ... Do you remember when you were a kid, you had those little orange creamsicles that were really good, right? It tastes like someone took an orange creamsicle, put it in here, and melted it; and that's what you're drinking. So it's not like ... Most supplements I take I have to gag down, this one's just amazing. There you go. So that's kind of how I do it.

All right, I'm going to flip the camera back around so I can hang out with you guys. Give me one second here. All right.

So there you go. So [inaudible 00:18:36] said it lasted 22 hours yesterday. Yeah, if you take it, you feel amazing for a long time. My wife took one last night, I think at like 4:00 in the afternoon, she was up until 1:00 working, she's like, "This is amazing!" Which is pretty cool. So, yes. You can mix and make less sweet. I've actually put in a whole bunch of water to make it less sweet. But it's amazing, Adam's on it, he says it's fantastic. So right now, most of my office is all on it. Most of the ClickFunnels team is on it. It's fueling ClickFunnels. My wife does not sell, she's not a good salesperson, but she's on it. She takes it [inaudible 00:19:08], she's loving it. I have my kinds on the caffeine free version one. So in the mornings, before school, instead of like all the other kids are eating Cheerios, they go to school and they have this big carb crash and their brains are dead, my kids take the caffeine free stuff in the morning. I do about a third of a pack. So I actually do 1 pack, and I mix it up for all 3 kids, so they get a third dose, and that gives them energy and mental clarity through the day.

So my kids are dominating the other kids when they get to school, just saying. So, it's awesome. Adam says his wife doesn't like it, but even she takes it, which is kind of cool. All right. So that's kind of what it is, you guys. There's a ton of other supplements, so maybe another day I'll a thing showing my Top 10 favorite supplements, because there's a lot of good ones. But this one, hands and far and way, is the best, and as of today they've given you guys the ability where you can get a free sample, so I would do it. So go to try, T-R-Y, dot just prove it ... Or here, I'll show you the link again, so you can see. Right there, can you guys see that? So, that will give you a link. I have a bunch of people saying, "Russell, are you promoting this?" So a couple things.

First off, I have retired from network marketing. I am not doing network marketing, I am not building network marketing team, I am not doing that kind of stuff, so no. The second side is, am I promoting this? Yes, I am. I'll probably do 1 or 2 more shoutouts just to my own internal audience. But more so as I'm trying to show a bunch of case studies in ClickFunnels about how we build network marketing programs and how we sell supplements through ClickFunnels. How many of you guys are interested in learning how I build a network marking program in ClickFunnels and then how I sell supplements through ClickFunnels? If you're interested, give me a tap. If you're really interested, give me a double tap, and if you're going crazy, because you're like how in the world is this possible, give me a triple tap. As fast as you can go. Okay.

Anthony said that [inaudible 00:20:48], when we were at our certification program I gave everyone a free sample, and it was awesome. So, okay. So that's my goal, so again, I'm going to share with guys just because, again, I believe in it as a product, so if you want a cool product, there you go. I will also, in the future, be sharing how I am marketing this, and so if you guys are in my team or whatever, all the funnels I build inside of ClickFunnels to promote this, I will just give them to you. I've actually been running some really cool campaigns. Who here wants ... Actually, I'm going to share the headline, because I'm really excited. So again my goal, just to be as transparent a possible. I'm not trying to recruit you guys into this, I don't car, but if you want a really good product, you should. Then I will be sharing case studies of how I'm promoting this outside of my world. Because it doesn't really matter, like, "Hey Russell promoted his list, he made money." That doesn't matter. What matters to you guys is how can I use ClickFunnels as a tool to sell the crap out of either supplement or a network marketing program, or both?

So I'm going to be showing that kind of stuff, and when I share it ... Again, any funnel I create, I'll just give it to you guys for free as a share funnel, because some of you guys are going to be promoting it, and that's awesome, and if not, I don't really care. Just take the product, it's awesome. So, that is ... Someone said a funnel is an upside down pyramid scheme, weird. Or an upside down pyramid. Anyway, that makes me laugh.

So this is kind of the game plan, just so you know my side. Prove it, corporate Prove It asked me if I would build a funnel for them. The funnel that I just showed you guys is not the one that I built. We have one that will be live in about 30 days that's amazing, we've created really cool explainer videos. So we've kind of did that. So we built a really good funnel for them, so that's step number 1.

Step number 2. I'm going to be building a bunch of funnels in ClickFunnels that are kind of pre-funnels for that. So for example, the way that I am going to sell this, I would have a pre-sell page. If you read the doc on [inaudible 00:22:37] book, you know what I'm talking about, a pre-sell page. So we create a pre-sell page that kind of goes through and pre-sells this as a supplement, right? Like the benefits of it. Then I'm going to go and do a lot of native ads. So sites like Taboola, and a whole bunch of sites like that, where you can promote content on, we'll promote those massive pails.

So how many of you guys want to hear my headline? I was brainstorming headlines last night. Yeah, ecobiz, you haven't read the book, you are missing out. Where's the book at. This is the book, you guys. If you don't have it yet ... Also I'm doing cases in how this works, I'm just going to do it. Okay, so not available on audible, but if you buy the book from [inaudible 00:23:15], the up-sell, one of the up-sells, is the audio book version. So you can get it there. Anthony says his books falling apart, cool.

Anyway, so how many of you guys want to hear the headline? I think it's a good headline. If you want to hear the headline, I need like a quadruple ... I need 5 taps. If you want the headline, you guys can just steal this headline if you want, because it's just really good. So here's the headline. So this stuff right here, it's a type of salt that's in there, that causes this whole thing, and so my headline's going to be something like "weird salt makes your body eat its' own fat." How many people would click on that anyway? Boom, there you go you guys, that's going to be my headline. So, we [inaudible 00:23:51] build all my pre-sell pages. I'll get a little [inaudible 00:23:55] and do my ads, I'll give those to you guys. I don't even care. I've got a ... I'm not a scarcity mindset. The opposite of that, an un-scarcity mindset. So anything I create, I'll just give to you guys, you can have it.

Anyway, with that said, go get the supplement, go try it out. Get this free sample, just try it, and if you like it, get a bunch more. Yeah, mic drop.

Brenda said she lost [inaudible 00:24:16] within the first week of getting this stuff. Cool, yeah. So you lose weight, you feel amazing. So let me flip this around real quick, and you can see it again.

Derp derp derp derp says this is a scam, so keep on thinking this is a scam my man, and you will miss out on amazing stuff. You're in-salt-ing us. Sorry, Jenny, sorry it's not free. I apologize, I keep saying it's free, but I'm wrong. It's $14.95 shipping. So it's the shipping. Yeah, I apologize, I messed up on that. It's not free, it's $14.95. You get 3 sample packs, ketone strips to test it out,, and there you go. It's worth trying your free sample, I promise you guys you will love it, and if you don't love it for some reason, then you're crazy.

Oh, I just got a text, saying Sean Williams just got a free sample. So Sean Williams, congrats. So that's kind of cool. Eco mama said I'm a holistic practitioner, and this is the bomb. It is, it's the bomb-diggity yo. Yes, Larson, I do do the Ketone diet with this, with intermittent fasting and low carb, yes I do. What percent [inaudible 00:25:22]. I don't know. I drink it, it tastes awesome. It gives me energy. [inaudible 00:25:28] warrior is ordering it now. I'm already keto, I'm going to take it to the next level. So I tried to get to Ketosis before, not easy. It is really hard to do it the good old fashioned way. Take this and in 15 minutes your body is in Ketosis, so it's awesome. Where's your double chin just now?

So there it is you guys. Try it out. Again, just take my word for it, it's awesome. Hope you guys like it.

[inaudible 00:25:57] productivity use? I'll show that another day, I don't want to detract from this message. There's other ones. Oh, cool. You guys see me? This is the reflection of me in the screen. Very cool. Yes, I don't know what Laric Acid is, guess what? Doesn't matter. Guess what does matter? I take this stuff, I've lost weight, and I've got a ton of energy. Why are you still fat? This guy's awesome. Very cool. Okay guys, get a sample. You will love it. Appreciate you guys, and I will talk to you guys on the next hangout. Thanks everybody.


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