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Ep 10 - The Secret To Being 'Coachable'



All right, we are live. All right, and there's the Segway. While people are coming on, I'm going to turn the Segway on. What's up everybody? Oh, check it out. Red light goes first, then it's going to turn green. When it turns green, we can start this party. Ooh, the hearts are coming. What's up Carl? What's up Josh? Why is it not turning green? Okay, so this is an old Segway I've had. I won it in a Philly contest a long time ago. What's up Bryant? It's been broken for like five years. We finally got batteries. All right, so I'm firing up the ... Oh, there we go it checks out.

The green light is on. That means we are live. Cal, flip this around real quick? What's up Anthony? It has been a long time. All right, okay, so everybody I'm actually broadcasting from a Segway today, so if you guys can see me, I'm going to go outside so we can be in peace. I want to leave everybody else alone, so I'm going outside, and if I kill myself, oh, oh, there we go, there we go.

All right, it's kind of like marketing in your car, but today we're marketing in your Segway. What's up Justin Williams? All right everybody, so I'm literally on a Segway right now because I thought, you don't see my face everyday, why not be driving around while we're doing this. Which is kind of ridiculous, but here we are.

I won the Segway in a Philly contest like eight years ago, and then the batteries died, and the batteries cost as much as a new Segway, so we haven't driven it like literally for five years I think, and today the new batteries came! Cal stay close to the door because apparently it's hard to hear me.

Oh man, and we've got some wind out here today. Can you guys hear me or is the wind too loud? If the wind's too loud, I'll go back inside. Okay, I'm going to do some tricks for you guys if I can. There's a good shot I'm going to get in a wreck and I might die, but all right. Okay, all right, well you guys are here. Are you guys ready for some fun? You're loud and clear Paul Blart. This is called the Paul Blart episode. All right. Oh man.

Okay, so marketing on your Segway. Today what we are talking about is being coachable. I'm curious, how many of you guys consider yourselves coachable? If you feel like you're coachable, give me some hearts. All right, we got some coachable people here. All right, cool.

I want to tell you guys a story about being coachable that ... Here, you're going to see my double chin now. Keep it a little skinnier today. All right, so when I was growing up a lot of you guys know I was a wrestler, and I wasn't a very good wrestler at first and I wanted to be really bad. I loved it.

Oh yeah. Hold on, let me step back. This is important. Have you guys seen the new shirt? Can you guys see it very well? All right, it says us versus them, there's a calculator, half iPhone, half calculator, and then down here it says, it's like comparing a calculator to a smart phone. Anyway, I got the first one, so we got a bunch of these. How many of you guys want one of these shirts? I think I'll do a cool free plus shipping offer. Someone tried to call in.

All right, Josh wants a shirt, Justin wants a shirt, who else wants one? Jimmy wants one, Mandy wants one, Adam wants one, Vince wants one. If you want one, I need like four fingers on both hands tapping away like crazy. Okay, cool. We got a bunch of them. We got I think 500 of them printed right now, and we're going to print out a whole bunch more, so we'll set up something cool where you guys can get these shirts, because I want everyone of you guys wearing this shirt every day, or at least once a week. Anyway we went expensive tuned, their way more expensive t-shirts so they're awesome quality, which is cool. Which is a big deal because I hate the wimpy t-shirts. All right, Jacob says he's gonna rock it. Sweet, so I will get you guys these shirts here soon. It will be awesome.

Okay, so back to ... What was I talking about? Being coachable. Okay, so I was wrestling and I wanted to become good, right? I joined this group. It was called Elite Wrestling, and it was these really good wrestlers, and I wasn't one yet, but I begged to get it and luckily they let me in, which was awesome, right? I got up there, and my coaches name was Greg Williams. He's now the head coach at UVU Wrestling, but he was my free style [inaudible 00:04:38] coach here at Elite.

I remember the very first time, my very first tournament I went to, I was like one of the worst kids on the team and we go to this tournament and he watches my first match, and he's like, "Ugh. You're a lot worse than I thought you were Russel. I thought you were going to be good. We let you in this elite program we call Elite and you're not even any good at wrestling." I was like, "Sorry man. I'm trying." He said, "Okay, this is what happened. You're not very good at changing your level." Wrestling's all about level changing, so dropping your level and shifting. He's like, "You need to level change." He showed me what he was talking about. He said, "So you need to move people around and then you got to level change. Drop your level and that's how you whatever." I'm like, "Okay."

I went to my next match and guess what I did? Exactly what he told me. He told me to level change. I went and level changed, I beat this kid. I came out, he's like, "Wow." He's like, "You did what I told you to do." I'm like, "Yeah, don't most people?" He's like, "No." I'm like, "Okay." He's like, "The next thing you need to do", he's like, "You need to move people more, so I need you to do this thing called push pull, so push pull. You push on their shoulder and pull on their head. Push, pull", and kind of walked me through. Spent like 10 minutes kind of explaining the concept to me. I'm like, "All right."

I went to the next match. I went out there. I did push pull, push pull, and I push pulled, and I changed levels, I did the two things he taught me, and I destroyed that guy. Then I kept going on. I ended up taking second or third place of that tournament. I remember afterwards Greg pulled me aside, he's like, "Man, you came in this tournament the worst dude in the weight class and you end up taking third." He's like, "I've never met a kid who was as coachable as you." I was like, "Well thanks man. I appreciate that."

It's funny because I just assumed that everyone, when you hire a coach and the coach says, "Hey, you should do this", that you would just do it, right? That just makes common sense to me, but how many of you guys are coaches out there and you've got clients who you tell them a million times, or a billion times, what to do and they want to cross reference a blog post they read about something different, or they want to think about it, or they want to do it, but they want to put their little twist in there, and they ... How many of you like does it drive you crazy? It literally makes me nuts.

There's Jason Oneal by the way, who just said, "Sounds right." Jason was one of the most coachable guys who's been our team. I say, "Hey Jason, you should try this." He's like, "All right", and he does it, and he makes money. It's so weird. I wish everyone could say that, but it doesn't happen that often. It's actually very, very rare to get somebody who really is coachable. It makes me laugh because I've had people join my coaching program and it's strange to me because they want to tell me how I should be doing things. I'm like, "If I would have paid you for your coaching, then I would love your feedback, and love your advice on how to do what I do, but you paid me, so why don't you just listen to what I have to say and do what I have to say."

I remember I hired, I'm not sure if you guys are big on having coaches, but I love having coaches in all aspects of my life. I always have at least one active coach, usually two or three in different aspects. Sometimes it's financial, sometimes it's business, sometimes it's relationships, just I like to pick something in my life I want to become better at, and then I hire a coach to tell me.

For example, I saw Mandy is on. I saw her commenting earlier. A couple years ago, Mandy is an amazing coach and she does a bunch of personal stuff, like family and personality, and so I needed help in that area, so I hired her and she coached me. Guess what? There she is. Woohoo. She owns Results in Coaching, anyway she's awesome, and so Mandy said, "Hey Russel, you should do this", and I was like, "All right." Then I did it, and guess what? We got good results. I didn't go to Mandy like, "Mandy, I understand the technique you're trying to teach me, but I would probably try to do it this way." Why did I not say that to her? I didn't say it to her because I paid her to be my coach, so I'm going to let her coach me and I'm not going to coach her. That's how it should be.

For all of you guys, and I'm sure that right now you probably wear different hats in your life. Some of you guys are coaches, some of you guys want to be coaches, some of you guys are being coached. My guess is that in every area of life, I believe everyone should be a coach and should be coaching someone at something because it's just important. As a coach you learn so much more.

I remember when I was in wrestling camp, I started my first wrestling camp in my senior year in high school. I would go and I would have these moves in my head that I just knew over and over again. I'm like, "Okay, this is how you do the move." I would go and I would show them the move and the kids couldn't figure it out. I'm like, "No, you do it like this", and they couldn't figure it out, and I'm like, "No, you do it like this." I'd show them like five or six times. Finally I was like, "Oh wait. This move works because my leg is like this. The angle of my leg's like this." I was like, "Wow, that's the reason why that actually works", and then I could show the kids and then all of a sudden boom, they go and they try it and they have success with it.

Then I was like, "Wow, now I know that, now that I've become very aware of why that thing works, then I can say, well the reason why this works is because my leg's here. What if I move my leg here what would happen? What if I did that?" All of the sudden, boom, light bulbs went off in your head. I learned more from wrestling when I became a coach and started coaching at wrestling camps and younger kids, than I ever did as an athlete, so I was grateful that I had a chance while I was still an athlete to coach other kids, coach wrestling camps for younger kids. It was one of the biggest ways that I learned ever. That's why I think all of you guys should be a coach first off.

Second off, you all need a coach in multiple aspects of your life probably. Right? You guys are hanging out here because I am a marketing coach. Some of you guys need help in your marketing, so I'm here. I'm not a weight loss coach, so don't hire me for weight loss coaching advice, but if you need help with weight loss, find a weight loss coach.

This is the secret. I'm going to reemphasize this. When you find that coach and when you pay him money, or her money, and you are coming to them saying, "I need your help." When they tell you to do something, just do it. That's it. Just do it. Don't deviate from it. Don't try to put in your spin and your twist, and try to figure out a better way and like, "Yeah, that might work, but I'd rather blog post about blah, blah, blah." That's not how you're going to be successful. The way you're going to be successful is find the coach that you believe that what they do is right and they're doing it the right way, and then don't deviate from that.

Couple of really good examples of this. There's a guy in our coaching group named Anthony Declemete. Some of you guys may know him. Anthony is amazing. I have so much respect for that guy. He joined the coaching program and he's been trying for over a year now to really get this offer working. He's been amazing because he realizes this is how it works, right? I'm a coach, this is the process, so he comes to me, he's like, "Hey Russel, I'm trying this. What do you think?" I'm like, "Oh yeah, but change this, tweak this." He tries it and gets a result. Okay, he comes back and then goes back to the drawing board, tries the next thing, comes back.

I remember a week or two ago, he left me a message, he's like, "Hey, I have like four or five people telling me this, this, and this." He's like, "My only question for you is who's advice do you think is best because whatever you say I'm going to do." I was like, "Man, how refreshing is that, that he looks at me as a coach and says, whatever you say, I'm going to do." Because that's how I look at coaching.

When Greg Williams told me I needed to change my levels, I said, "Greg, you are a better wrestler than me. You've coached tons of people and you've had tons of success with it. I hired you because I wanted some success like that, so I'm just going to do what you say", and it just works. I hope that helps you guys.

Yes, Aaron said, "The [inaudible 00:11:45] a great way to way to be coached." It is. Anyway, I just wanted to drop that for you guys because it's funny, I think that there's a couple morals that today I want to get. One is that you got to become coachable and you got to quit stepping in your own way. Most people step in their own way and that's what keeps them from having the success that they want, so learn to become coachable, humble yourselves. That's a big part.

It's hard because especially if you are a good coach. In your mind, in my mind I'm like, "I could coach someone on weight loss. I could coach someone on financial investing. I read a book on it." Maybe that's true, but that's not my calling. Right? There's other people, that is their thing, so hire those people and have them teach you that thing, and you got to humble yourselves, which is hard. It's a really hard thing to do, number one.

Number two is that you guys all need to be coaching. The fastest way to become better at something is to coach other people at it. Become a coach in any aspect of your life. Whatever it is that you're learning, or you want to learn about, whatever you're mastering a craft right now, the fastest way to amplify that is to start coaching other people on it. Again, do it for free at first. Don't do it to get paid, just go help and serve people, and who knows, it may turn into a big business for you.

The last thing is to make sure you have a coach in all the aspects of your life that you want change. Find a coach. Hire Mandy if you can. She's probably too expensive to hire nowadays, but hire a coach. If you need help with your relationships, get a relationship coach, if you need help with business, get a business coach, if you need help with marketing, get a marketing coach. I don't care who it is, but there are people out there who have done what you want to do and know the shortcuts, know the pitfalls, they can just say, "Do this, or don't do this", and just make you so much more successful so much faster, and that is the goal.

All right. Here you go guys. I'm going to pull over on the Segway. I hope I don't fall off while we're here. Getting on the Segway and getting off the Segway is where all of the scary stuff happens, so I'm going to try ... By the way, those who got on late, did you guys see the shirt yet? This is the shirt, us versus them. It's so funny. It's like comparing a calculator to an ...

How many of you guys feel that way, that click funnels versus all the alternatives, it's like comparing ... I always tell people that are like, "Well how is click funnels similar to lead pages, or instapages, or megaphone, or I don't know all the other ones out there?" I'm like, "Well those are all good. It's kind of like having a calculator. You can do math and addition and subtraction, which is pretty sweet, but click funnels is different. Click funnels is more like an iPhone. Yeah, we got a calculator app, but we got a whole bunch of other stuff too."

Anyway, yeah. If you guys love click funnels, give me a double tap, or if you really love click funnels, give me a triple tap. I need to see some hearts, as many hearts as possible to show me how much love you guys have for click funnels. Yeah, here they come. Here they come. The more the merrier. Oh, I got all sorts of colors coming out now. I'm engaging a lot of you guys now. Okay, click it up, just click.

If you're not ... Oh, you're probably watching online so you can't click your ... Some of you guys are probably clicking your computer screen like, "Why isn't this working?" If you're on your phone and you click, those little hearts pop up here. Anyway, I appreciate you guys. Hey Heather. How's it going? I actually jumped on Heather's very first Periscope this morning, so very cool.

All right everybody. Appreciate you guys. I'm going to dismount from the Segway. I actually, I think I told you at first, I haven't driven this in five years or six years and the tires are kind of flat, so that's why I can't go cruising down the highway yet, but it's coming. It's coming soon. Oh yeah. I'm like everyone's first, I'm getting into Periscope, so I'm following all the cool people I know, and then getting on and supporting them, which is kind of fun.

Oh yeah. Who wants to see the car? This is the click funnels car. My goal in the month of October is to give away 100 of these. I think we can do it. The plan is in place, so if you guys are interested in winning one of these cars, give me a double click, or actually if you want to win a car, I need a four tap. The first way to qualify for a car, the first step in qualification is you got to do the four tap.

There's the car if you guys can see it. It's the dream car contest, so we're trying to give away 100 of these during the month of October. That's number one. I won the first one. Sorry, my head's in the way. I'll give you guys a better view of it if you can see the side. It's a beautiful car. Can you guys see it from there? There it is. Who wants to hear a funny story how I almost destroyed this car last week?

Okay, so the parking brake inside these, there's a little button that you flip up and it sets the parking break. I started the car and I took it out of neutral and then I had to run inside real quick. Typically in an automatic, it's in park, so you just run back in. This is a manual, so I had it in neutral because if I put it in first gear, so I had it in neutral and I thought it would just sit there, so I run inside the office to go grab something. I'm in my office right over here. My window's right over there, and all of the sudden I hear an alarm going off. I look out the window and this car had slid all the way back and smacked into the car that was right there in that stall right there. Their alarm was going off, and is that the most embarrassing thing in the world?

If I can have success in this business you guys, and I can't even freaking put on my parking brake, you guys can as well. Luckily the car remained unscathed. It just slowly rolled and touched hers, and the alarm went off. It didn't scratch hers or mine, so I was relieved for that, but there you go.

That's it for today you guys. I appreciate you guys. Who do I follow on Periscope? I don't even know. I'll have to go through and look. I was just going through finding people I'd heard of that I knew. Maybe I'll make a list for you guys. That would be kind of fun. All right, so that's it you guys. I'm out of here. This may be the last episode from the Segway because I'm going to take this to my house and play on it, so it won't be here at the office anymore, but I appreciate you guys and I will be on here same time.

Oh, tomorrow I'll be calling you guys on location. We are filming tomorrow at click bank, so maybe I'll Periscope on location from there. How many of you guys want to see the inside of click bank? We're filming for the new click funnels birthday launch, so we're going to go down there and it's going to be awesome. Maybe we'll do a Periscope from there. I'll have to get permission though. They're like a real corporate company. They're not like me on a Segway, so I have to get permission for all those kind of things, so I'll see if I can stream from there. If not, we'll do it afterwards, but it will be awesome.

All right everybody. Thank you so much. I appreciate you guys. If you learned something cool today, give me a double tap or triple tap on the screen. If you had fun. If you show up again tomorrow when we're live again. Awesome, awesome. I appreciate all you guys and I will talk to you guys all next time. Thanks everybody.


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