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Ep 11 - Funnel Hacking LIVE From Inside ClickBank!!



All right, everybody, we are here inside of ClickBank. We've infiltrated. No, just joking. We're here today hanging out with these guys having some fun. Ghoopi is back, like Whoopi, but Ghoopi. Josh was here, Brad, Cal, what's up Brad? Brush for life. Dude. What's crackin Chad? All right guys, how's every one going? How's everyone doing today?

All right we're doing some tests right now. We're trying to figure out, Oh, Jason's live on the webinar now. Jason's crushing deals while he's hanging out on Periscope. That's awesome. Freaking awesome. What's going on?

All right, so we are here inside of ClickBanks, so this is one of the conference rooms you guys. We're trying to do a test right now to see, you know like when up and down, we're making fun of like, cause they all want me to start doing them like this, which makes sense on your phone, like all of you are going to tip me right now right? But I have no idea if it's going to work right web based. We're testing it out, we are testing it out.

So, hey hey, Aaron's here, Ken, so we're here doing some fun stuff. Check this out you guys, here at ClickBank in their conference room they've got a smart board, are you taking over ClickBank with ClickFunnels? Oh you guys will see, if you want to see I need some hearts unless I'm not going to share with you the goods.

Okay, so check it out, so this is their smart board here, so I can like draw with my finger, oh that's the box, oh I have to use their magic markers. So I can draw with this and make cool stuff, anyway that's kind of fun. But we're in the conference room today, what we are doing, what's homey, someone called me homey, oh it's Justin, all right you can call me homey, just cause you're cool.

All right, so here's the camera, what's up Pat, how's it going man? Yes, ClickBank is also in Idaho. ClickBank, ClickFunnels, we are Idahoans. Well, I'm the only Idaho, well there's most, well ClickFunnels is not Idaho based, except for me. The rest of the team is all over the place.

So, all right so what we're doing today is we are at ClickBank because some of you guys know that the ClickFunnels birthday bash is coming up soon. We are having our one year birthday and so, Periscope in the grocery store. People are like, what is he looking at, this is so weird. Okay so what is happening is the ClickFunnels party is coming up, so we're filming some really cool videos, some Funnel hacking videos and showing some cool stuff, and so right now we are at ClickBank because if you guys watch, who here has seen my Funnel hacking presentation, if you've seen it give me some hearts, give me some double taps.

Sam's Club? Oh, you're at Sam's Club, very cool.

All right, hearts are coming. You guys have seen it. Remember I talk about the way I find good funnels I go to ClickBank, I go through marketplace and I start doing a bunch of stuff. That's what we did today, we actually, instead of me talking about it, you know like, hey you should go to ClickBank, we actually came to ClickBank, so we're actually here, and Spencer here, you guys see Spencer back here. Spencer's my rep here and he came and we actually Funnel Hacked, and Brandon here, there's Brandon, he filmed this. So we just Funnel Hacked inside, we Funnel Hacked a ClickBank funnel inside a ClickBank, and it was amazing. You guys will see some of the footage behind that.

I learned some actually really cool things watching that funnel. They had this really cool thing when you bought each thing you have this progress bar on the top and a little shopping cart thing drove across as it was going, and they had this little thing pop up on the side that said, on the up sales that said 18,000 people in Idaho has purchased this up sale, or something like that. So I learned some good stuff by Funnel Hacking which was cool.

So now we are here inside Click Bank and we are filming some more stuff, do you guys want to see what we are filming? So this is Brandon's camera, he's got a ton of them. This is the one he chose for today. What kind of camera is this Brandon? This is a C100, and, oh wait, how do I, can you guys see that still? So here's his awesome camera that's filming the magic today. It's been fun. We started filming at this restaurant down, in the middle of Boise there's this cool new place called, I don't even know what it's called, but it's this restaurant and it's got glass windows around the whole thing. So we filmed the first two videos for the relaunch there today, it was really really cool, which was fun. And then this video we are filming here at ClickBank, which is cool.

So what I'm about to do in the video, so you guys see this, here's my book, and I'm going to be showing how we basically took my funnel and then we used that model to do that book funnel for Tony Robbins. We are building a funnel for Neil Strauss, but it's not his book funnel, it's his coaching funnel. So we're talking about his coaching funnel. And then we've got the bulletproof diet, Dave Asprey. We're flying out next week, actually next week we're flying out to film Neil Strauss in Utah and Dave Asprey in LA, and we're going to be filming their sales funnels and building them out in Click Funnels, and so what I'm doing right now, dang Jason you already closed fifteen people.

So Jason is on track to have his first $20,000 day today guys. It's been amazing. So everybody if you want to give Jason a congrats, just give him a triple tap. Triple taps for Jason making 20 g's today. When I met Jason he wanted to join the Inner Circle Program, and he's like, I can't quite pay the full $25,000, can I put a payment plan, and I'm like, sure. Boom, and now it's been like six months later and he's having a $20,000 day, and it's not one in awhile he's freaking crushing it week in and week out, he's amazing, he's been an inspiration to me. So give him triple hearts, triple taps, if you guys want to give Jason a good job. The cool thing is that he's not even doing the webinar, he's got someone else doing the webinar for him, crushing sales for him, so he can hang out on Periscope with you guys and with me, anyway it's kind of fun.

All right so what I'm going to be doing next, and you guys will have a chance to actually see this when the birthday launch comes because we're going to be, I'm going to be mapping out, I can do this, I'll be mapping out, kind of my book funnel and how it works, and then how we did it for Tony and Neil and everyone like that, so you will see that phase in the funnel hacking process.

Step 1 is finding the funnel.

Step 2 is buying their product, seeing the process.

Step 3 is mapping out to get your blueprint, and after your blueprint, who knows what we do with the blueprint? After you have the funnel blueprint of where all the pieces go, if you know what that is, let me know, or give me a double tap, give me a double tap if you know what it is. I see a lot of hearts, but no one's willing to comment.

All right the next step is you model it, boom, you model it in ClickFunnels, you go to ClickFunnels, and take that blueprint and build it out.

So, that's what we're going to be sharing with everybody on these videos, which is kind of fun. So I'm having a good time. These will hopefully be coming out towards the end of the month, but it will be fun.

So I just wanted to show you guys, this is ClickBank, so this is the green belt right here. So this little road right here runs all the way along the river back behind me is the river, it goes all the way across all of Boise. So their office is right here on the green belt. You can see people all day long walking past here, and they got the river there.

When I was wrestling at Boise state, the stadium, the football stadium, which actually there's a big football game tonight happening in Boise State, you guys should all watch it, our first home game, our first game of the season. Anyway, the wrestling room is underneath the football stadium so what we would do during preseason is we would run out the restroom, we'd come to the green belt, we'd run up the green belt four or five miles, and then we'd jump in, and we'd float all the way back down to the wrestling room. That was our workout, man probably three months before practice started every single year, which was awesome, so anyway that's beautiful. You should all move to Boise, because it's amazing. If you think Boise's beautiful give me a triple tap, as fast as you can, as fast as you can.

All right, very very cool. So that's the core, I just wanted to kinda show you guys off, I wish I could take you on a whole tour, they took us on a tour of the whole place, it's really cool. It's three stories tall, the top two stories are ClickBank and then the third story is a company called Count who is actually ClickBank's sister company, they do fraud protection and stuff like that, which is really cool.

In fact, we're working on a deal with them inside of ClickFunnels, to build a plug count into ClickFunnels, which will help give you guys more protection from the bad people who are out there trying to scam people. So that's kind of what's happening.

So do you guys have any ClickBank or ClickFunnel questions for me today? While we're here live? Because then we're going to jump on and start filming some stuff, so if you've got any questions let me know right now, or forever hold your peace.

Okay, did you guys figure it out, can we go sideways or not?

And then they can't comment?

Oh, so it's kind of weird, all right so 

All right, very cool. Okay so what is Funnel Hacking? So Funnel Hacking is, great question, that's the process of you find somebody, like let's say you want to be in the weight loss industry right, or you want to sell supplements, so what you do is you go and your find someone who's already got a supplement similar to yours, might now be in your market, but someone's got something similar, and you buy their whole product, okay we call it Funnel Hacking. So you can see, what are they doing? What are their up sales, what are their down sales, like how's, like what's the process look like? So that's kind of what funnel hacking is, is really finding out exactly what they're doing, how they're doing it, why they're doing it.

You buy their product and you see like okay for this product the first thing was the supplement they sell for $67 and the up sell is four more bottles of that supplement, and the down sell is two bottles, and then the next up sell is a different product, and you kind of see what' they're doing, and what you do is you take, we map out the funnel right, so we say, okay, for this one, this is what their funnel looks like, it goes from here, then goes over here, and then this is a $47 product. Here's a $19.97, sorry the smart board is kind of hard to use. Anyway you map out what it is, you say, okay, there's the model, now I know if I want to create a successful business similar to theirs, that's kind of what I need to sell, something kind of similar to that, similar price point, similar model, and then you can go to ClickFunnels and you can build something similar.

Now, obviously we don't copy. We don't steal headlines, or images, or anything. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about modeling the layout, modeling the process, modeling the price points that they have proven has worked and you kind of go and do that, that's what funnel hacking is.

I saw a bunch of questions pop up while I was talking and I missed them. So if you guys have another question.

What's the best place to find niche funnels to hack? Looking for killer home remodeling funnel.

Well, so good question. So, I love going, that's why we're at ClickBank right now, I love looking at ClickBank for funnels. But ClickBank funnels are traditionally like, full product funnels, which you may not be able to find one for like an offline business, and a lot of times it hard to find ones for offline businesses because a lot of them don't have funnels yet, they don't even know about the process. You've got to kind of be creative, like I look at, what am I selling? If I'm selling expensive home remodeling, let's say, what I'm going to do is first off I'm going to change my position because most people are out there, like we've had people, we've hired people to come remodel our house. They come to our house, they look at everything and they give you a quote and then they try to compete with other people on pricing, which is the stupidest thing in the world.

I would position myself as the best, most expensive home re-modeler on planet Earth, we take two projects a year, and if you want one of those shots you need to apply and I'd have people apply and I would follow my high ticket funnel application funnel. Then they go and they can apply and then I can charge whatever I want, because they are applying and begging me to take their money, I no longer am fighting on price, which is a really really nice thing. All right.

All right, let's see, let's see, okay, all the questions are coming in. What if you are offering service they can't pay for in advance, i.e. real estate sales. Okay, so here's a good one, here's a real estate one for Anthony, because I love Anthony, so, I'm giving you some gold. There's this dude here in Boise. He created a very simple opt-in funnel, and all he did on his opt-in funnel is say hey, put your name, email address in here and every single week I'm going to send you pictures and videos of the most expensive homes in Boise. Right, and he advertises that all over the place locally, so all the sudden he's got this list now of like five or six thousand people who all they want to do is they want to see the most expensive houses in Boise every single week, right, it's exciting. I get an email every week and I'm like, oh what have they got? And it gets, you get excited you see all these cool things right?

So that's kind of the model, and so he built this list of five or six thousand people and once a week he emails out, he's a real estate guy right, here's the five most expensive houses in Boise, there's pictures of them, here's why they're awesome. If you want one of them, give me a call. And guess what? He sells only the most expensive real estate in Boise, and everybody who's buying expensive real estate buys from him and he makes a crap ton of money. And crap ton is his official income claim. Like that's how much he's making, a crap ton. Because he's got a list of buyers and he just sends out cool stuff and people come to him. So if I was in the real estate market, I would do something like that. If I'm selling anything like that. Is that a good idea? You guys get some good ideas from that one? Yeah, there's some hearts, if you like that give me a triple, if you like that one a lot, give me a quadruple tap, triple tap or quadruple tap, ah Liz Benny loves it, what's up Liz. A crap ton, boom.

All right, so that's just one idea for like a local business, which is awesome man. And the cool thing about like, when I see a cool house, guess what I do? I forward his email to like all of my friends and I'm probably sold ten houses for him and I don't even know it. So, it's kind of fun. Kind of fun.

All right so I need to get back to filming guys. I've got a long days work. I've already filmed two vid, no wait, one, two, three, three videos for you guys, I've got number four hap, not last of number three happening right now and four and five I'm going to do later. And then next week I'm actually flying to Utah cause we are filming out the book funnel, or not the book funnel for Neil Strauss, but some of you guys don't know, Neil Strauss wrote the book, The Game, and his team was actually at the ClickFunnels event, and they said, hey would you like to help Neil with the funnel, I'm like, heck yeah I would, that would be awesome.

So, I've never actually read this book because I'm married and I don't need to know how to pick up chicks, but that's what this books about. He's about to come out with part two of the book which I guess part two is going to be, after you are in a relationship how do you like amplify that relationship, which is kind of cool. But we're going to be helping him build out his, he's got a high end mentorship program. So we're going to help him build out a high ticket funnel which will be kind of cool.

And so I get to meet him I've never met him in person, which will be kind of cool. He was awesome on the phone, so we are going to go hang out and film him and kind of build out his funnel, which will be fun, and then the next day we're flying to LA to film, boom, Dave Asprey, actually not this book, this book is already New York Times best seller, we're not doing his book funnel for this book, but he's about to launch his new book, which is like a cook book. So we're going to help him film that, I'm super honored and excited. And like two weeks ago we went out and we actually filmed Cody's book funnel, which was fun too. It's been a fun week meeting a bunch of celebrities who are using ClickFunnels, and recording their videos and just kind of going through the process. So it's been super fun, I'm having a good time with it.

I'll probably stream for you guys from Utah and LA, I think that they have the first bullet proof like coffee shop or something like that in LA, so we're going to be there, so maybe I'll Periscope from inside of there, I can't drink coffee, you guys know that, but I'll have the Mormon version. We'll mix up some Mormon bullet proof. It will be amazing. So I'm excited to meet Dave in person and Neil in person, so it will be fun.

So if you guys want me to stream from there, let me know, give me some, I need triple tap if you guys want me to stream from there. Otherwise I can keep it all for myself. All right, you guys want to see it, Liz says, kapow, we're in, boom, so triple tap if you guys want in, I need more hearts. I'm not streaming for like just two people's hearts. I need a lot of hearts if you guys want me to film from there. A lot more, oh here they come. All right. Triple tap, as fast as you can, faster, faster faster, as fast as you can click it. All right, cool, awesome, that's what we're going to do. So that's it for today you guys, we're here inside of ClickBank, like I said, this I their conference room, which is kinda cool, but it's just one piece of their whole operation, and it's amazing. So you guys will see some of this on the upcoming videos coming out in about a couple weeks so the ClickFunnels birthday relaunch.

So I'm excited you guys, but I appreciate us hanging out again from Periscope, I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you do, give me some hearts and tonight I'm going to be playing with my kids, don't expect to see me over the weekend, I shouldn't be Periscoping on the weekend, I should be with my kids and family, so that's the game plan. So I'll be back Monday, broadcasting to you guys, trying to drop some bombs of gold for you. And giving you some good ideas and showing you some cool stuff we're doing. That's it you guys, thanks everybody, have an awesome day, and we'll talk to you guys all soon.


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