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Ep 14 - Want Me To Help "Ignite Your Funnel"?



Speaker 1 : All right and we are live. I hear the chirp ...

Speaker 2 : Jeremy's number one. Maser, Matt coming in. Who else we got? Robbie, Beck and Clyde. Jimmy, MP, Russ Davis, Alice Fonney's here. Winham. Look at that. They're coming in fast. They want to hear you Christian, they want to hear from you. Hey everybody. How you guys doing today? What's up Matt. I'm here today with Christian. Everybody say hi to Christian.

Christian : How's it going guys?

Speaker 2 : If you guys love Christian give him a double tap. By the way I found out you can't just double tap like this, you've got to alternate or it doesn't count. Winham from Denmark's in the house. Art Boyd so what's up?

Christian : Fantastic.

Speaker 2 : What's crackin? All right you guys. We're excited for today. Jimmy James Alan said yo. Tim Barry, what's up. Lisa from Vegas, Russ Davis. Funnel hacker is in the house. Christian the funnel hacker is hear today you guys. We got funnel hacking from Jamaica coming in.

Christian : That is way cool.

Speaker 2 : Bucket, or Buckley Bar want's me at a show. I'd love to man. Contact my assistant Kelsey, she can set it up. Zingy from Singapore. What's crackin lackin. Awesome guys. Christiano, we got people from Texas. Atlanta is in the house. Go Dawg. Maser's in cliff phone right now as we speak. In Singapore we got you. 3 am in Singapore and he's waiting for the parascope. That's amazing.

Christian : That is awesome.

Speaker 2 : All right guys. I want to tell you guys what's happening behind the scenes. You guys interested? Well first actually I'm going to tell you two things behind the scenes. First off, check this out you guys. Actually let me make this really big. How many of you guys want to win my car? This is ... can you guys see that? There is my car. In fact you can see it sitting out there, out the window, can you guys see it? It's right there. My goal in the next 30 days is to give away a hundred of those cars. We've got less than a hundred of you guys on right now. Everyone of you guys could win one of these cars. Is that exciting? More royalties have been reading the dot com secrets book. Thank you.

All right so it is a corvette. I'm not a very good car guy. I don't even know. Last time we did a car contest we gave away a Ferrari. This time we're trying to give away ... because I don't want just one person to win. I want everybody to win. I want Lisa to win. I want Habeeb to win. I want snowflake 11 to win. It's a real car win. Shawn Suples wants a blue corvette. We're giving away 100 of these in October is our goal. It's going to be awesome. That's one think we're working on behind the scenes. You guys will find out more about that. If you want to see ... in fact I didn't test this so it might not work, but you guys will be forgiving because you guys are my people.

If you go to what' you can see what's kind of happening. I'll show you the link right here. Can you guys see it? I don't know if you can see it very well. What' and you'll see this page right here. It's cliff Funnels first birthday, and you'll see me holding a cheesy birthday cake. That's what you hear about the dream car contest. Paul says this is perfect timing for my midlife crisis. All right. Very cool. That's kind of what's happening.

What I want to talk to you guys about today is something even more important and more fun. Christian ... how many of you guys know who Christian is? If you know Christian give him some hearts. There's a lot of hearts coming for you.

Christian : All right. Awesome. You guys rock.

Speaker 2 : I think people love you man. If you love Christian give him at least a double tap, or a triple tap. You have to alternate I found out. If you do it at the same time, it doesn't give you any taps so you've got to alternate. We'll send one to Brazil for you man. I don't care. He can drive that thing in Brazil. Lisa knows Christian. She loves him. He's awesome. Noah says I love that man. I love Christian too. Christian lives in Idaho as well but he's up north. How many hours is it?

Christian : Way up north. It's like 8 and a half hours away from Boise.

Speaker 2 : 8 hour drive, and it's awesome. He doesn't come down very often but he's been here yesterday and today. He's been working behind the scenes. He is one of the main players in our dot com [inaudible 00:04:06] coaching program. He is in there day by day working people to build out funnels, getting things live and everything.

Christian : All kinds of cool stuff. HAPPY Speaker 2 : Mark says I know [inaudible 00:04:15]. I know, we got that really long thing that goes all the way to the top. All the way to Canada.

Christian : It's not Iowa, it's different. Different state.

Speaker 2 : Christian lives at the very top of that thing. Almost in Canada. How far are you from Canada?

Christian : Like 20 minutes away from Canada. Yes, I'm wearing a sweater because it's freezing in Canada right now. That's why I came to Boise with a sweater.

Speaker 2 : He could jump to Canada any time he wants which is exciting. Yes, what' Sorry no, what' Not my dream car, your dream car. What' Eco bus academy said when's click phones 2.0 coming? It tells you on that page. All right. There you go. App updates got it for me. Sweet man. What Christian and I've been working on is the new dot com seekers ignite. It's been obviously an amazing program. Of course we've had insane amounts of success stories. We've had people like Liz Benny and Jason O'Neil and I gave you two or three dozen other people who have gone through the program, having amazing success. It's a year long program typically, and a lot of it's kind of self directed like you have to go in and do stuff and then you have issues, you contact us. Christian or me or someone on my side will help get things moving. We decided we wanted to make it even better and so right now we've been working on this. How do I show them this?

Christian : I don't know.

Speaker 2 : Okay, let's see. You hold it that way.

Christian : Let's see if that works. Yup. There it is.

Speaker 2 : This is the ignite calendar of what's happening over the next three months. October, November and December. All my inner circle ignite people get to go through this process. Instead of us kind of doing like a passive where it's like we give you training, you go do stuff and come to us. We're trying to make this a lot more where every single day there's something pushing you forward so we can ignite your funnel and get you to where you want to go. That's what's happening now. The new ignite program, we're going to be talking about it for how long? Probably until ... when's the first thing.

Christian : When we start. The fifth.

Speaker 2 : October 5th. October 5th is when it starts. We're going to be doing 10 weeks of live hardcore training. It's not just 10 one on ones, or 10 calls. It's like 10 intense weeks where every Monday, I'm doing a call with you. After you do the call, you go to the members area, there's another probably anywhere from an hour to three hours worth of homework stuff in there. You get that done on Monday. Tuesday if you come in, if you get stuck, Christian's on there for 3 or 4 hours, then you come in, he helps work on the funnel. Get things forward. You've got that Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, happening. We've got special calls focus on different topics like, if you are doing high ticket sales, we have our high ticket sales guys on there, critiquing your calls. Tweaking your calls. Same thing as if your webinars there. Webinar guy, and they're critiquing, looking over, giving you feedback.

I'm going to be going on there building out funnel. It's going to be a really cool program. A lot more hands on than we've ever been in the past. For everyone who is already in the inner circle or ignite, if that's you guys give me a double tap. I know there's a lot of you guys who are on this right now. If you are already existing ignite or inner circle give me a double tap. All right for all of you guys, you get it for free so don't even worry about it. We will be sending out emails and stuff for you guys as well so you guys are all part of this already. Don't worry about ... it's not going to cost you anything, but it's going to be 10 weeks and October 5th is when it begins, and it's going to be intense. It's going to be where ... the only excuse you could have for not being crazy successful is you just didn't even try.

Christian : That's it.

Speaker 2 : That's all I got. Other than that ...

Christian : It is rock solid. Dynamite.

Speaker 2 : Check it out.

Christian : It's all mapped out. 3 months right here.

Speaker 2 : Everyday something's happening.

Christian : All of it. It's fantastic.

Speaker 2 : You can't not succeed if you join us. It's going to be awesome.

Christian : That's right.

Speaker 2 : Now a couple of things. First off, is I'm a big believer in leading people two ways. One is with a carrot and one is with a stick. The stick is me kicking your butt and pushing you to where you need to go. Number two is the carrot, where you've got this carrot that drives you and makes you want to go towards your goal, right?

Christian : Carrot's the best.

Speaker 2 : I'm going to be a stick kicking your butts. That's one thing I guarantee to you. No it's not free, I'm sorry. One thing is I'm going to be kicking your butts, but then we also have the big carrot. What we're doing is anyone who's in the ignite or inner circle program, starting October 5th is when we go live. We are also doing a 25 thousand dollar prize. During that 10 week period of time, all of you guys are going to be building out funnels and then the end of it, the end of the 10 weeks, everyone will submit their funnels and everyone is going to come and vote on it and someone will get 25 thousand dollars in cash. Who wants 25 G's in cash?

Christian : Yes.

Speaker 2 : The good news is if you follow this process, you'll end the program with the funnel that's working and making you money, and you'll make a crap ton more than 25 thousand dollars, but for one of you guys, you get 25 G's. Lisa's going to win it. She's already calling her shot right now.

Christian : All right Lisa. Fantastic.

Speaker 2 : Maser want's to know how do you get more info, so this is what to do. If you're already a click funnels member, if you're already in dot com secrets ignite, or dot com secrets inner circle, this contest, this program is for you guys. You guys already have it. We'll be sending out more updates for you guys here in the next couple days and you'll see it. It will be inside the members area and you'll have access. You're already in. Don't worry, just get prepared for October 5th when it begins. If you're not in our ignite or inner circle program, you've got a very small window to get in to enter into the contest. This is not something that we let everybody in. It's not free. I decided a long time ago not to work for free and you should not work for free. Christian doesn't work for free. I got to pay for my office. Nobody works for free, especially me. It's not a free program, unless you win. If you win, then you're going to make more than twice your money back, which is awesome.

Excuse me, my voice is going a little bit. Yeah, that's how it works. How many of you guys want to be in this contest? How many of you guys want first off to ignite your funnel? If you want that double tap. Get alternating double taps. We need a lot of hearts here. You guys want to ignite your funnel. If you want to win 25 thousand dollars triple tap. Olsen want's to ignite, app update wants to ignite, snowflake is igniting. Jep Barnes is already in. Habeeb says absolutely. Lisa is going nuts over there. She's got fireworks and hearts. I don't even know how you do that.

Christian : All right Lisa.

Speaker 2 : Quadruple tap if even if you don't win the 25 thousand dollars, the fact that at the end of the 10 weeks, you will have a funnel that's up and live and driving traffic and making money. How many of you guys in for that one? Give me a quadruple tap. Winham said I'm tapping so hard my fingers ... just start punching your screen. All right cool. If you guys want to be part of it, again in the application process we do not accept everyone. I think we turned down three people this week that I know of, because they weren't good fits. It's very big if some of my team's going to talk to you and if you're the kind of person that's like, na na na na, and you blame your excuses on other people, or you don't take ... things like that, we don't want you.

Christian : You have to be a rock star to join.

Speaker 2 : Yes. That's who we work with. Yeah. Jimmy just broke his screen. I'm going to pull the screen up real quick so you guys could see where to go. All you got to do is go to Let me show you right there? You guys all see that hopefully., you go there, you'll see this page right here. You'll see a video of me talking about the program, talking about how you can win 25 thousand dollars. There's a button right here to apply. Click on that button. This little thing is going to pop up and it's going to ask you some questions, so we kind of get to know who you are. After we find out who you are, then someone on my team will call you and if you're amazing, we'll let you in the program and you'll be working with me and Christian pretty much everyday.

Christian : Yes everyday.

Speaker 2 : For 10 weeks. At the end of it, you're going to come out with one of two outcomes. Number one you're going to have a funnel that's amazing, that now can and will be your business and be your future. Number two someone's going to win 25 grand. It will be awesome. Is this suitable for a funnel selling consulting? Heck yes Winhan. I don't know many people that have made more money through a funnel selling consulting than me, so we will definitely be covering that. We're going to be talking about front end funnels, webinar funnels, and high ticket funnels. If you have a front end product, webinar or high ticket product, that's what we will be focusing on during the ignite program. If you have any of those three. If you don't have any of them yet, well it's time to get one. Time to quit sitting around waiting. I wanted to mention for those guys that are on there now, that this is going to be a fun program. A lot of energy, a lot of excitement.

The biggest thing is, I want you to understand, this is an investment. Right now, I've been focusing on where to invest my money at right? We're buying real estate, we're putting money in stocks. We're putting money in different things. I'm actually in the process right now of potentially buying a bunch of websites. I'm putting 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars to buy a website that's cash flowing 3 grand a month, because I know that within a year I break even. That's pure profit right? That's what you got to think about this is. There is an investment okay, but I promise you the investment is about a 4th of what I'm spending on some of these websites. By the time it's done, you will have a funnel that's making you money. Let's say that funnel only makes you 300 bucks a month, or 500 bucks a month. Within a year, you break even. After that, it's pure profit. It's better than real estate. It's better than any other way that I know of to make money.

Christian : Exactly. That's right.

Speaker 2 : It's going to be awesome. That's what Christian and I are doing, starting October 5th. If you guys want in, now is the time. Do not wait. Go to dotcomsecretsignite.

Christian : Go over there now. Make it happen.

Speaker 2 : It's going to be awesome. That's it you guys. If you had fun today, give me a double tap. If you guys know that you are going to win one of our cars, or the 25 grand or something cool we're doing for you guys, give me a double tap. First end out the day. I need some hearts.

Christian : There we go.

Speaker 2 : Now they're flowing. Okay.

Christian : Fantastic.

Speaker 2 : The faster the better. Awesome you guys. Tomorrow just so you know, I'm going to be parascoping to you guys from an undisclosed location. I'm going to be hanging out with a group of people up in the mountains where we are going to be building out a really cool funnel for somebody. I will be broadcasting from the mountains tomorrow if I get access, I don't even know. If so I'll be there, if not then I'll let you guys know. The site again is That will get you there. Appreciate you guys. I'm excited. This is going to be insane and intense and fun. We've been going through this like crazy and it's been awesome.

Christian : It's been nice.

Speaker 2 : Eco bus says how did you get me to spend 600 dollars when I only meant to spend 7.95 on dot com secret shipping. That's what we're going to teach you in ignite! That is the thing.

Christian : That is awesome.

Speaker 2 : Real Russ want's to see the car. Here's the car next time. There it is. You see it? That's mine. I won that for being a click phones affiliate and we're giving away a hundred more of them this month hopefully. All right. That's it you guys. Christian's heading out of here today so we're going to miss him. He will be here. He will be working with you guys soon so ... all right thanks everybody. Have an awesome day!

Christian : Fantastic. See ya.

Speaker 2 : See you guys soon. Hearts are coming. I don't want to stop it. Keep coming, keep coming


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