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Ep 15 - Funnel Building At The Bulletproof Store



All right, here they come, here they come. What's up everybody? We're 20 people already. Everyone. Hey, hey, how are you guys all doing today? Check out where I'm at. Do you guys see me? I know it's a weird hour but, Snowflake, how's it going? Randy, Bearlove. Dante here, Kevin Madison, what's up Kevin? [inaudible 00:00:41], he's departing with his wife. Josh [inaudible 00:00:44], what's up everybody?

Hey Simon. Sorry, it got loud in here. Boots on a sexy mother. The Newman's are packing. What's up guys? Sorry about the noise in here. We are at the first ever Bulletproof coffee shop, ever. What's up everybody? We got 80 people already, they're bouncing in. Yeah, can you guys see very well? We're kind of streaming from a bad connection. Gabe from Boise, I wish I was in Boise right now. Cam from Santa Monica. Yes, FATwater, here is FATwater.

So we're here, you guys, in the first ever Bulletproof store. You guys want to see it? Who here wants to see the Bulletproof store? If you want to see it give me a double tap. I want to see if you guys ... All right, here come the hearts, do you guys want to see it? Colorado's in the room. Oh, I'm in Santa Monica, you're right Kevin.

We just passed 100 people. Woo hoo.

All right guys, we are here. We're at the Bulletproof store, we were here for the last 8 hours filming Dave Asprey, building out his funnel. Having some fun.

This is one of their products, called FATwater, which is actually really, really good, but check this out, I'm going to take you guys on a tour. When you first come in, I'm going to go outside. You guys see me? Here we are, outside, there it is, this is one of Dave's favorite parts, check this out, you've got no GMO, no gluten, no sugar, everything's grass-fed, local and what's it do for you? Yes, so there you go. I'll take you guys in now.

Check this out, so you come back here, so you come back here, you got all the MCT oils, collagen proteins, all that kind of stuff, everything's happening in here, back here they're making us dinner, which is awesome. Then over here they got all the Bulletproof coffee and hot chocolates and everything else, which is amazing. We've been here all day, and check this out, this is some of the new stuff, this is called FATwater, you've got a whole bunch of FATwater here, and everything Bulletproof is here, which is kind of cool.

We are in LA, Santa Monica right now. Sorry we got a bad connection here, but all right, so that's where we're at. We've been here all day today, with Dave, filming his new funnel for the Bulletproof cookbook, so he already came out with the book, The Bulletproof Diet book, if you haven't seen it, so they've been using Click Funnels for the last 3 or 4 years, excuse me, not 3 or 4 years, probably 6 to 8 months, so we said, "Hey, do you want us to come build out a funnel for your new book, instead of Click Funnels, they said yes, so we came out here and it's amazing, so that's what we've been doing all day today. If you guys know about Bulletproof, if you're excited about it, give me a double tap. If you love Bulletproof stuff, give me a triple tap. If you love Dave Asprey and The Bulletproof Executive, and everything, all right, the hearts are flowing, cool.

We just ordered dinner, too, everything is super high-fat, no carbs, super healthy, so I just ordered, this is my organic, grass-fed beef dinner with vegetables, it's amazing. These are beef sliders on zucchini, with my FATwater. I'm a huge fan of Dave and everything he's doing.

It's kind of fun, when I first heard about him, I'm Mormon, so I can't drink coffee, so I'm like, "I can't do what he's doing, and then I figured out a way to make a Mormon version of Bulletproof coffee, and then just fell in love with what he's doing, had huge success results with it. I had a chance to meet him, thought he was amazing, yes, this is where Keto OS kind of stems from, is actually from Dave's whole thing, which is cool.

I became a huge fan of his, I hired him for a consult about a year ago, helped me a ton, and I wanted to give it back to him, so I always tell you guys the first step in successfully launching a business or growing is working for free, so working for free for Dave, flew out here on my own dime, spent the last 8 hours filming his funnel, we're building it out and we're giving him a killer funnel. When he launches the Bulletproof, that's kind of loud, ah, it's so loud, let's look at this while we can't hear anything, FATwater.

All right. While, essentially, we've been doing all day today, and it's been awesome, then yesterday, last night, we were in Eden, Utah. How many of you guys have heard of Eden, Utah? It's the mountain that was crowd-sourced by a bunch of these 20-year olds crowd-sourced this thing and built this huge, entrepreneurial mountain, which is cool. Yesterday, we were out there and we, Neil Strauss was there, and we filmed Neil Strauss' whole new book funnel, excuse me, his high ticket coaching funnel, and I was going to stream that to you guys there, but there was no internet connection up in the mountains, so I couldn't stream for you guys, so I'm sorry. You guys will start seeing some cool stuff in their funnels here soon.

We've got Neil Strauss' funnel for The Society, that's what we built yesterday. We film all the videos and we'll be building that up next week. Then, today we did all Dave Asprey's funnel, kind of fun.

So, you say, "What's a funnel?" Oh man, that's a conversation for another night, I'm too tired, we've been going hard for two days. Anyway, I just want to say hey to everybody, and say hi and [inaudible 00:05:52] got withdrawals from Periscopes. I just wanted to say hey to everybody and just kind of show you this place, because it's really awesome. I wish they would build one of these in Boise. It's just super cool. Check out my dinner, my organic, grass-fed dinner, with beef sliders on zucchini. If you guys want some of those veggies, give me a triple tap, because I'm going to be eating these in a second, and I'm so excited. It's going to be awesome. Sean, I missed you too, man.

That's about it, so if you guys don't know anything about them, Google Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Executive and study guys, it's worth it. It's really, really cool stuff.

Where's Brandon at? There's Brandon. There's Dave. They're already eating. That is it, you guys. I'm going to let you guys have a good night tonight, because I'm going to go eat, and then go pass out, because I'm tired, and I'll be back in Boise tomorrow. We'll do some more fun streaming next week with you guys, but we've had an awesome time here today with Dave and his whole crew and I think the funnel is going to turn out pretty amazing, so I appreciate you guys jumping on. Have an awesome night. Go study Bulletproof stuff, do your Keto OS, along with FATwater, that's the secret to getting rid of your double chins, which if you start Periscoping, you'll notice your double chins way more often, because it's like, "There it is, in my face," so I got to get one. Such a dork. Thanks, everybody. If you had a good time, give me a triple tap. I need some hearts, I need some hearts. I just want to say I appreciate you guys. Have an awesome, awesome night and we'll see you guys all on Monday for our next broadcast. See you, everybody.


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