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Ep 16 - Time Management Secrets For World Domination



All right, we are live! And here comes everybody! The party is getting started; everyone's showing up! What's up Paul Fryant! What's up Kevin Madison! How's it going man? Hey Snowflake11! BearBearLove, what is up? Brian Garvin ... he's about to jump on a flight. I'm sorry I was gone the last few days. I've been having a weekend. What's up, Steve? How's it going, everybody? Right now, check this out. Can you guys tell what I'm doing right now? This might be hard to walk and talk ...

I am on my walking treadmill desk. You just got ClickFunnels. You loving it. sweet! Justin Glover got my shirt! Awesome, Justin! A hug from Brazil, oh! Hello from Japan! Belgium! Kyle's checking out the treadmill desk. All right, glad you guys are playing with ClickFunnels, having some fun! The flight attendant, Brian, is like ... Hey, make this guy turn off his thing. He should be paying attention on the flight. Just kidding. Flight video! Canada loves me? Aww, thanks, Canada! Hello, Brazil! From Oregon! UK! All right, so you guys are everywhere.

All right, so we can get started. We have a lot of you guys here. Man, we got a lot! This is growing every day. This is awesome! All right, so, if you want to see what I'm walking on right now, give me a double tap. Double tap, double tap! All right, if I don't see some hearts I'm not going to show you guys. All right, here they come! So I'm in my office right now, and- Ah! Sweet! Leonard's reading dotcomseekers. Sweet! Okay, so right now, I am walking on my treadmill desk. Can you guys see this very well? I'm going to jump off so you can see it so I don't kill us while we're here.

So here's my treadmill desk. It's going kind of crazy. Here's my little thing right here showing how fast I'm going, which is not that fast. My desk is a huge mess right now. We're in the middle of some craziness, but there's the treadmill desk. Yeah, see? Give me some taps if you see it. Oh, it's beeping! It's telling me I'm being lazy. It's like, "Get back on!". All right, back on. So I am on the treadmill desk, and I'm working. What brand is it? Ah, it turned me off because I wasn't moving. Let me turn it back on real quick. I'm not sure what brand it is. It's LifeSpan! I got it on Amazon, for- I don't even know how much it cost. It wasn't too much. I usually go at about two speed, so it's about two miles an hour or so. Whoa, when you first get on it feels a lot faster than that!

So there we are! We are working now! I want to talk to you guys about time management because most people I meet, almost everyone is- they have horrible time management strategies. A couple things I want to show you guys. First off- secret number one of time management. You got to do multiple things at once. Just kidding, I'm not a big multitasker, but it is good to be walking while you are focusing. Now this is the first thing. I'm going to turn my camera around so you can see what I think is one of the most important things about time management so give me one second. I'll flip this around.

What's up Darren? How's it going? All right, check this out. So the biggest thing first off is multiple monitors. If you look right here at my computer, I've got one, two, three monitors. I don't know anybody that gets anything done with one monitor. It's almost impossible. So check this out. So I got my treadmill that's happening here, and I've got this happening here.

Now, this monitor is is like "I'm working on a major project" monitor, so everything that's happening here. You see I'm in ClickFunnels right now, my whole email sequence in Actionetics which is cool.

Then over here, this is my communication monitor. So this is all the communications I'm having with developers, and programmers, and people, and stuff like that, but it's in a different monitor that way when they're talking and jabbering I'm not paying attention to them until I'm ready to. I'm over here working, and they're doing stuff over there. Okay? So I'm over here working, working, working, and then when I get a break I come over here and I'm like "Okay, what's happening? Hey guys. I can talk and I can chat." Then I turn it back off and come back over here and get back to work.

Over here I've got my music and my other little dorky things, and then back here working. Now the reason - Let me flip around again. One second. I just sold Jerry Burns on extra monitor. Do it man. You'll love it.

The reason why I like walking, is because I can sit down at the beginning of my day, and I can work, and I'm ready to get into focus mode. I pull my desk up. I've got one of these rising desks. You guys see this? Let me jump off again real quick. So, this is a rising desk, also on Amazon. I'm not going to do it one handed, but I can make it down and back up. It drops down, so that way it's down when I'm- back on- So it's down when I'm working like that and when I'm ready to get focused, I lift it up, get on the treadmill, and I'm focusing. Not paying attention to all the other stuff that's happening. I'm right there. That's number one.

Number two. This is the biggest one. If you guys can master this, you'll be able to get so much more done. You have to kill, at all costs, any type of what I call active communication. If you guys know what I'm talking about, give me a double tap or a triple tap. So active communication means people can call you on the phone, it rings, and you pick it up. It means you're focusing, and the phone rings, and you stop, and you actively communicating. The phone is a big one. Sometimes Skype. Someone Skype calls you, active communication. Horrible thing. With all of my partners, with my employees, with my coaching students, with everyone, what I have- Yeah, like periscope. Sorry guys. I am totally horrible. Except for my periscopes, everybody else.

No, but if you look at my whole world, I have to put up barriers around myself everywhere, because if not, I just get the life sucked out of me. So I only allow people to contact me with passive communication. So that's why I like Voxer, or people can Vox me, and when I have time, I can go listen and I can respond back to them. I like text messages, because I can listen and respond when I'm ready.

Usually, when I first start working, someone on Skype, they always Skype my incorrectly. What they do is they Skype me, and they're like, "Hey man. You got a minute?" And I'm like, "No." Or they're like, "Hey, what's up? Hey, let me know when you're around." I'm like, "That's the whole point of Skype. They don't have to be around. You message me, and you leave a message there, and it might be three in the morning when I finally have a chance to get back to, and that's when I get back to you. So, don't say "Hey, you there?" "Hey I have a question for you." Just throw the question in there, and they second I have the ability to get ahold of you, I'll get ahold of you."

For you guys, if you want to succeed with this, with business, with anything, that's the key. You've got to start putting up all these barriers around yourself, and really focus on that. And switching your communications from active to passive. I promise you guys that the more passive communication you guys are having, the less you're getting done. There should be more active. The more times you allow that to happen, the worse.

Okay. I'm going to stop walking. Someone's saying it's choppy, and I don't know if it's from the walking or the internet. I'm just going to turn it off while we're going so you guys can hear me better. I hope that's okay. I'm going to pull the emergency cord so they'll think I fell off. Aw. I thought it was going to beep or something.

Yeah. [inaudible 00:07:16] Try to get Dan Kennedy on the phone. Definitely. Dan's kind of funny. When I wanted him to write the forward for my book, I had to fax him, and he faxed me back, and then I faxed- It was just a really bad forward and backwards, and things like that. It was kind of a nightmare.

Anyway. The biggest thing with time management, you have to block yourself at every single- everywhere around you as much as possible. You have to start focusing on switching your communication style with your employees, with your customers, your friends, everyone, from active communication where you have to be the exact same time they are, to transitioning it to passive where you tell them- You figure out the communication tools that are you favorite. For me, I like Voxer. I like Skype. Those are the things that I can kind of protect my time on, and I train people to go and-

I hope I paid my internet connection. I might be going off my phone instead of my wireless. I'm not sure. So I apologize. If you guys are having trouble hearing me, give me a double hard tap. Nobody's double tapping, so everyone can hear me. Anyway, I apologize. I will definitely post the recording though so you guys can hear this from the direct feed. By tomorrow, if you go to, you can hear a lot better.

My favorite communications tool; I like Skype a lot, and I've trained most people who are working on Skype to just leave a message, and the second that I have a time, I will go back there and answer all my Skype messages. They're always kind of there. I love Voxer. From all of my high end coaching clients, we use Voxer, and people can Vox me questions. I take time, either once a day, sometimes a couple of times a day, sometimes if I have a long weekend, it might be three or four days. For the most part, they hear back from me very, very quickly.

John said he's read my book twice. Thanks man. I hope it was awesome for you.

So those are the core things about time management. The other thing is ... My computer's making noises are me now. All right. Cool. After you kind of master it for yourself, you got to kind of start doing the same thing for the people on your team. Most of you guys, you probably start your company as a one person entrepreneur, right? Then you go, and you add a second person, and a third, and more and more people, and if you don't train it, and kind of help your staff and your team understand that, then a lot of times, they will transition into active communication as well, and you'll never get anything done.

Now that's not always the case. For example, if you look at support people, they are always in a reactive, active communication state, and that's kind of their job and their role. But other people, they can't be and they shouldn't be.

Some of you guys want to see some cool stuff I've been working on. If you want to see, at least give me a double tap. Or a triple tap. It can't be three at the same time. That doesn't work. You got to be going like this. All right. Faster, faster. I've got to see a lot of them. You guys want to see it. All right. Cool.

Back here, is a bunch of cool stuff that's happening. This is our ClickFunnels 2.0. How many of you guys are excited about ClickFunnels 2.0?

Russ, what's you relationship with Tony Robins? I am a friend, and he is a mentor, and a super cool guy. And we're building ClickFunnels.

So over here's ClickFunnels launch. If you guys want to know about ClickFunnels launch, I need as many clicks as possible, like five or six- If you've got six fingers, tap it on the other side too. So this is the ClickFunnels launch. A whole bunch of cool stuff happening for those who are interested. 20 seconds where we start the prelaunch.

Do we get them as a free upgrade? Depends DivineLisaLong. Depends on what kind of count you have.

This is where the ClickFunnels 2.0 product launch is starting. We have a bunch of really cool prelaunch videos that's going to get you and everybody excited about the new ClickFunnels.

How can it get even better? That's what- I agree with you GreatArtPhotos. How could ClickFunnels possible get any better than it is right now.

So, that's the prelaunch, and then over here on October first, we're doing big webinar, and we're going to make a very special offer on that webinar. I can't tell you what it is yet, but it's going to be really, really good, so those of you guys who are already Funnel Hacks members, you can use this as an additional upgrade. You'll see. You'll see. I'll just keep it there.

But for those of you who are Funnel Hacks members, or you are enterprise level members, on October first, you'll get everything upgraded in your account for free. So yes, that is definitely there. If you're not a Funnel Hacks member or someone, you'll have the ability to upgrade either now or to upgrade here so you can start playing with Actionetics and everything else. So it'll be cool.

Yes, Actionectics will be part of your account if you're a active Funnel Hacks member, coming out October first. That's all I'm going to give you. As far as dates and time, I don't know yet. Come one now. I'm still preparing for this you guys. I'm doing my best for you guys. I do know this though, I do know September twenty-third we're going live with the prelaunch stuff. Over here we're doing this.

Now a couple other things, over here on the ninth, we're going to be doing a full day ClickFunnels Hack-a-thon. It's going to be a blend of Oprah and Home Shopping Network I guess. It's going to be really fun though. So if you are a ClickFunnels person who loves ClickFunnels, we may want to have you on live this day, so I'm going to send out something in the near future where you could let me know, and we could bring you on live for that day. It's going to be really, really cool.

John Dry Dema says "I can't. Your screen's frozen. I'm still excited.

Cool. So that's happening there. This is a whole bunch of other stuff. This white board's blank. This one's showing a sneak peek what the cell phone's going to look like. That's all you can see. It's going to be awesome. What else have we got. I think that's all the boards.

Do you guys want to see the cell phone again give me a triple tap. If you want to see, let me know. If not, I know what's back there. All right. Simon Cryer. You're right.

I'll just give you- And this is obviously sketched out so you can't see it all, but this is what it looks like. What we're doing is what we call Funnel Stacking. It's going to be a blend of a product launch Funnel with the webinar Funnel all wrapped into one amazing thing. So it's going to be really fun. I would just say, when we do this, pay attention. Go through the process slowly. You guys will learn about funnel hacking. Watch what we do. Watch the process. See how we're doing it. What we're doing. All that kind of stuff. And you'll see this all coming to life here in the very, very near future. I'm killing myself for the next ten days or so to get this all up and rocking and rolling. It's turning out pretty good so far. It should be a lot of fun.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys getting on here. I got to get back to work. You see my setup right here. There's a monitor. There's my working monitor, my communication monitor, and over there is my other monitor with stuff. There's the treadmill I was just running on before.

Yes. Definitely. Hack my funnel. It's going to be a lot of fun.

All right. So that's it for today you guys. I'll post this again on the blog if you want to get a replay of this because I heard it's kind of choppy for some guys. Go to You can see all the replays there. Or I think it's on Twitter for twenty-four hours. Either of those will work.

As far as time management you guys, again, start shifting your communication with everybody else around you from active communication to passive communication. If you start doing that, that's how you're going to dominate the world with your time management secret.

That's it you guys. Appreciate you all. Hope you have an awesome day, and I will talk to guys all again very, very soon. Thanks everyone. Bye.


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