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Hey everyone. I got a quick message for you but I'll wait for everyone gets here. Twenty of you guys are here. Yes, I'm cool, but I wait for you guys to all be here. How's it going? What's up Jason? What's up Marius? By the way, I found out our internet did suck two days ago so we got it all fixed up. Now, we're all fast again. What's up Joseph? What's up [Feli-coach 00:00:30]? How's it all going everybody? What's up Shawn? Getting down to click phones right now, getting down and dirty. Hey from Brazil, what's up Mark Bartenger, we got Liz [Bang 00:00:44], yo yo Liz. Liz about to start her Periscope. You guys come check her out. Potatoes for Mark Williams. All right, all right. Simon [Crash 00:00:51], you're from Australia. What's up man? In New York here. All right, everyone's almost here, we can almost get started. We need a hundred people, we can started. We got five more to wait for and we get started.

San Diego says hi, Australia says hi, Denmark, Cali, Texas, Miami. Man, this is awesome. We're dropping numbers, we're at ninety two. Wrestling, my favorite sport, come on. There only is one sport. All right, do you guys what to hear what my marketing quick gimmie? Double tap or triple tap. I got wrestling, Ju-Jitsu, then bowling. All right, triple tap. All right, [VL-coach 00:01:31] has finished another quick funnels. All right cool.

Okay so I'm going to get started because I got to go. I'm late. My wife's going to destroy me here if I don't leave in about one minute. I got a message for you guys and this is important one. I've been telling people for a long time that if you want to be successful in this business ... We're at ninety nine people, now we're a hundred and one. Now I can share it.

Okay, now we're over a hundred, now we can share the goods. I've been telling people for a long time if you want to be successful in this business, the first step is not go and create a product. It's not writing an add. It's not even building a phone, for crying out loud. The first step if you want to be successful ... How many of you guys want to know what it is? Give me double tap if you want it. You can't do double tap by this, it doesn't give you any stars. You got to pound it, switch it back and forth or triple tap like this. It's not mindset, [Tony Ritchie 00:02:20], but you're close. What's up Danny? What's up [Hussle-Mafia 00:02:24]? The number one thing you got to do is you got to go serve somebody first.

You got to go work for free. I got a buddy here, he's a eighteen or nineteen year old kid. He's trying to get a summer job. Nowhere would hire him. Could not get a job. What he did is he went down to the Buckle and he's like, "Hey, can I fold these clothes for you?" They're like, "Yeah, sure, fold these clothes." He spent like three hours folding clothes. Next day, came back, said, "Hey, can I fold clothes again?" They're like, "All right." He folded clothes again. Third day, came back, they're like, "Hey, do you want a job?" He's like, "Yes, I would love a job."

What did he do? He served first. For you guys, I see people [inaudible 00:03:01] products, right. I'm going to pick on network marketers just for fun. Who here wants me to pick on network marketers? I'm a network marketer. There's all of us, right? We all are in it somehow. If you want me to pick on me, give me a triple tap.

All right, I'm going to pick on you guys for a minute because this is what happens. You get all excited about a product, you sign up, and then you go start trying to sell it to everybody, right? That's not how this works. You got to serve someone first. What does your product do? Does it help people lost weight? Does it help them increase their skin? What does it do? Get a bunch of people and serve them. Give them the product. You pay for it out of your own pocket, not theirs, and serve them. See if it actually gives them a result. If it does, then guess what's going to happen? You can take that story and you can leverage it to make a crap ton of money.

Every time I say crap ton, we're going to click the button, okay? When I watched my new coaching program, guess what I didn't do? I didn't go and start selling coaching. I found someone that I wanted to work with, a guy named Drew Canole, Fit Life TV, called him up. I said, "Drew, can I come work for you for free?" He said, "Why would you do that?" I said, "Because I think you're cool and I want to work for you for free." He's like, "all right." I flew out there and I served him for an entire day. We helped him build out the funnels, I came home, I served him through Voxer, and then at the end of it, we made him a whole bunch of money. We made him how much money? How much money did we make him? We made him a crap ton of money, with a click right.

We made him a crap ton of money and then guess what? I took that story and I leveraged it and from there, we built a coaching company that has just shy of ten million bucks this year. If you guys like that, give me a triple tap. You got to scroll it, again, three taps doesn't work. It'll negate all your hearts. You got to triple tap it.

Another thing, some of you guys say, "Russell, what were you doing last weekend?" I was flying all around the country on my own dime to serve some people, okay. First, I flew to Las Vegas and I worked for free for Tony Robins to serve him. Simon, yes you can work for me. Then, we flew to Utah to go work for Neil Strauss for free. I worked for him for free then I flew to LA to meet with Dave Ashbury to work for free. Even at this point in my career, bringing in over eight figures a year, I'm still working for free. Why do I do that? Well, part is because people are awesome and I want to get to know people so it's a good way to get to know cool people. That's number one.

Number two, I want cool people to think I'm cool. That's number two. Number three is because I'm going to give them an amazing result and I can leverage that for a lot more stuff. That is probably more than two minutes. That's the marketing message. If you guys do that, you'll make a crap ton of money. You make a crap ton of money, you click the button. That is my message for you guys today. Quit trying to sell something, go, stop right now, take your product, your service, your idea, your coaching, your mentorship, whatever you got. Go find somebody, work for free, blow their minds, give them results they never even dreamt was possible and if you do that, the money will come. I promise you that.

That's what I got for today. I got to bounce, everyone. Have an amazing day. If you had fun today, give me a triple tap. I will be back tomorrow and we'll give you a bunch more tips to help make you a crap ton more money, right [Profit-Here 00:05:45]? Yeah. May the funnel be with you? I'm so using that. May the funnel be with you. Awesome guys, I appreciate you. Thanks for hanging out today. I hope you had an awesome time. I'll see you guys all tomorrow. Bye everybody.


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