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Ep 18 - You Need To SELL Everyday - Let Me Show You Right Now!!



What's up, what's up, everyone? Good afternoon. How's everybody doing today so far? It's not even noon over here yet, and we're already here. What's up, John? What's up the biz guy? Bad references. Amen. It's a great day in Texas sounds like. Where's everybody from right now? WE have people from everywhere, hopefully? What's up Josh [Be-den 00:00:35]? We got someone from Israel. Yo Michigan, Missouri! Oh, boy a quicky. I'm going to start calling these marketing quickies because I just want to go fast. [inaudible 00:00:46] is back! Baltimore is in the house. Colorado, Belgium, someone from Boise, Jamaica, Missouri, Lehigh Pennsylvania, Boca Raton. Tom Bills in the house. What's up my man? New Mexico, Vegas, Ireland, California. From Mars. Someone's here from Mars. We got Atlanta. We got Utah. Let's start this crap says Whoopee. I can't swear on TV, right? Texas.

All right, all right. You guys ready for this? I don't want to take too much of your time because I have to get back to work. You have to get back to work, but we're going to do a marketing quicky and have some fun. If you guys are excited, before we get into it, I need a double tap. I need some hearts. I need some hearts to get me pumped up; otherwise, my energy level is going to be low. If you guys get me excited, it's going to be way better. I promise you, so give me double tap or triple. Remember just smacking 3 fingers doesn't work. You've got to put in the effort, put in the work, and just start clicking like crazy and then we'll see the hearts flowing. I'll have the energy we need. We are at 99 people, 98 someone left. 99, so we get 100 I can go. One more person, one more person we can go. Some more hearts. We're going to be stuck at 99, just never get to talk. Jonathan triple tapped and clicked that. All right we hit 100 people. Boom! We can go.

First off you guys, it's on like Donkey Kong. I'm ready for this. Are you guys ready? This is the game plan. I want to talk about something that drives me freaking crazy. People all the time come to me, and they're like, they're trying to sell something, right? They want to make some money. They get on and then they're like, "Russell, I'm going to make an automated webinar, and I'm going to record it that way I don't have to give the actual webinar. It'll be awesome. That way I can sit at home in my underwear, and I don't have to sell anything and I can make money." Okay, now, obviously, that is a beautiful dream and someday it will come true for some of you guys, maybe. I've got auto-webinars that do work that make me money, so that concept works, but what I want to stress is that you have to just freaking get good at selling. You have to sell a lot.

For example, take it right here. This right here is my [inaudible 00:02:50] webinar. I just made 8 tweaks to it from the webinar I did last night. Last night I did it live. I'm doing it live again in about 20 minutes I'll be on live again. Guess what? I keep changing it and keep tweaking. Guess how many times I've done this thing live. This is from Russell who is one of the initial inventors; in fact, we had a software called Live Webinar Reply which was the first commercial webinar replay service on Earth. I'm a big fan of all the webinars. [inaudible 00:03:18] has auto-webinars. Even with that, guess what. I'm doing it live again. I've done it live, I would say, conservatively speaking, at least 40 maybe even 50 different times.

So, Russell, why do you do it live every single time? Because every time I do it live, a couple things happen. First off, I get better. I've got to get better. My skills need to get better. Your skills need to get better. If you do an auto-webinar once, and you put it out there. You don't get any better. That's number one. You've got to get good, sharpening the saw. You're right, bad references. You've got to sharpen the saw. Every time we do webinar, I get better and better and better. Right now, we consistently close 15% every single time like clockwork. Every single time. I can watch and see how many people on the webinar. I know exactly how much money I'm going to make consistently, and it's because I've done it over and over and over and over and over again. I didn't take the shortcut. I didn't wuss out. I didn't say, "oh, I'm not going to sell today." I freaking got on there and just sold, and I keep doing it.

You know, every time I do the webinar, guess what happens. I learn some stuff. First time I did it, I did it live at an event. I did really well. We closed 38% of the room which was great for me. People were running to the back. Next morning I'm about to jump on my plane and some lady's like, "hey, your presentation was awesome, but the problem is I don't have a supplement company, so it doesn't work for me." I'm like, wait, what? This doesn't just work for supplement companies, it works for anyone. She's like, "really?". I'm like, well, what do you do. She's like, "I'm a coach." I'm like this works for coaches, too. If you're a coach, this works perfectly. She's like, "I didn't even know." So, she ran over and she bought it real quick. She told me 3 of her friends didn't buy it because of that, so they went and all bought.

I was like okay, my presentation obviously makes people think they have to have supplements for this to work. Let me change my slides a little bit. I added 4 slides in there. 3 days later, I did my very first webinar webinar to one of my friend's email list. We had a lot of people on. I did the webinar. I think we closed with like 30 or 40 thousand dollars in sales which is good, but not great. We sold it, and I had another webinar happening 4 hour later with less people. It was happening in 4 hours. I'm like what can I improve on? So, I went through and I exported all the questions that everybody had asked during the webinar. I read them all, and I'm like people are so confused about this part and this part and this part. Went back to my slides, tweaked it, changed it, added a whole bunch of things in there. 4 hours later, did the exact same webinar to a smaller group. Instead of closing 30 thousand dollars in sales, we did 120 thousand in sales.

Now, you think, okay I've got this thing perfect. Now, Russell is going to automate it. Heck no! I did it after that webinar was done, I exported all the questions, looked at them all again, saw where people got stuck, saw what the questions were, rebuilt the PowerPoint slide again then guess what. Did the webinar the next day. Boom! 150 grand and I did it again. I did it again, and we built an 8 figure business within 8 months by doing the webinar live over and over and over and over and over again.

I did a webinar last night live. Today, I exported the questions. I changed my slides. I'm doing it live again here in t-minus 18 minutes with the updates. Why do I keep doing this? Because it keeps getting better and better and better.

Hopefully this is motivation to you guys. You've got to work hard if you want to make a lot of money, if you want to change people's lives, if you want to grow a company, you've got to work hard. If you guys agree with me, give me double tap or triple tap.

Yes, the biz guy said he wants to break 100,000 heart. 100,000 hearts you got to do like 5 taps like 5 fingers going nuts like crazy. So, you guys have got to start selling. Business is about 1 thing: making offers to people. What's cool about it is you start making offers and sometimes people are going to be like, huh and they're not going to buy. You're going to find out, man, that offer sucked. Nobody wants it, so let me make you a new offer. You make a new offer and the second time, guess what. It sucks again. You're like, okay, people don't want that. What else can I do? You make a new offer and a new offer and you keep doing it over until eventually, you get one that works. When it works you make it better, and you make it better, and you make it better. Eventually, you've got something amazing.

As, I can't pronounce your name, [sit-ah-shuh 00:07:01] said, "webinars raise your profile as an industry experts." [inaudible 00:07:05] webinars or whatever you're doing, but you guy, you've got to be. We're in the business of selling stuff. If you're not...Brad said he's [inaudible 00:07:16] your niche back in the day.

If you're not selling stuff, you're not going to make any money. If you're really bad at selling stuff, you've got 2 options. One is hire a salesperson for you or number two, start working hard. Start learning how to sell. Sell over and over and over again. If you watch videos from me 10 years ago. How many of you guys have ever seen a video of me 10 years ago? This was me. This is me all nervous, shaved head. "Hi, I'm Russell and I've got to..." Yeah, I was scared to death. Guess how I got good at it. I did it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for the last 10 years. I could do this webinar in my sleep. I don't even need the slides. I can close my eye and do the whole webinar because I've done it so many times. But again, I'm doing it live again because I need to make it better. I've got to figure out the new tweaks, new ways to do it.

For those of you guys who are like I suck at selling, it's because you're not selling enough. I suck on videos because you haven't done enough videos. I suck at webinars. You haven't done enough webinars. How many webinars have you done this week? If the answer is less than 1, if it's less than 2 or 3, that's your problem. You're not making enough offers. Not enough people are seeing what you're selling, so go an do it.

What's the best book to learn how to sell? There's no book to learn how to sell. Just go sell. That's it. If you want to learn how to sell on the webinar, go to It's $4.95, I'll ship you out my webinar script. It's a webinar script we built an 8 figure business off of. It's amazing. You plug in any product, any service, and walk through how to sell in that. That's going to be your best thing. It's less than 5 bucks. Get that. That's all you need to learn how to sell, and then you have to go out there and just sell

I remember a while ago, it was probably 5 or 6 years ago, I was in this mastermind group. This guy was trying to figure out how to generate more leads, and he was like, I wrote an article and get leads. I'm like how many article did you submit this week? He was like, this week? I'm like yeah. He's like, oh, we've written one article. I'm like that's the problem. You've got to do a lot of it. If you want to be successful, it's a lot of consistent effort. It's not like one thing every once in a while.

That's it you guys. If you want to dominate and succeed, you've got to sell and sell and sell. Even if nobody shows up, do a periscope if nobody's on, I don't care. Just sell something. Do a webinar. If nobody shows up, that's fine. It's going to teach you how to sell. One of my buddies, Anthony, he was trying to do his very first webinar. He promoted on Facebook, got some registrants, he.. Oh, thanks, focus said DotCom Secrets book was scary good. Anyway, he gets on the very first webinar. 1 dude shows up, and he's like screw it, I got to learn this anyway. He did a 2 hour long webinar with 1 dude. The worst thing is about 90 in, that 1 dude disappeared. Do you think he stopped? Heck no! He kept doing it. Why? He's trying to learn how to sell. That's way more important than you actually selling. Learning how to sell will serve you way more than actually selling because if you learn how to sell. Do a webinar. If nobody shows up, pretend like there's a million people and just do it over and over and over and over and over again. It's not as much fun, but it'll work.

What's up, Damien? How's it going my man? All right guy, I've got to go. My webinar is starting in 13 minutes, but I need some more hearts. If we're going to keep doing this everyday, I need some more hearts. If you guys are having fun right now, you need to double tap. You learned something new or got excited or motivated, give me a triple tap. If you, yes by the way [inaudible 00:10:38] the exact same webinar, the exact same thing, over and over and over and over again.

Shaun is ready for webinar time. Appreciate you too, Thomas. You're awesome. By the way, got your gift man. I didn't thank you, but thank you. That was awesome. All right, cool.

One last thing, if you guys want to see the past periscopes, all you've got to do is go to You can see all my old periscopes, blog posts, [inaudible 00:11:05] podcasts. All my cool stuff is there for free. You guys will love it. Appreciate you all. Say goodbye with a triple tap. Thanks everybody! Have an awesome day! Go sell something. By tomorrow when we do this periscope if you guys haven't sold something, I'm going to be kicking your butts. That's it. All right, love you guys too. Thank everybody. Have an awesome day, and I will talk to you guy all again soon. See you everybody. Bye.

I don't want to stop. My hearts are still coming. I hate stopping these things because it's so much fun. All right, I really got to go. I got to go guys. Bye. everybody!


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