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Ep 19 - How To Keep Your Focus ALL DAY LONG!!



Hey, everybody. How everybody going? How are you guys doing today? Oh man, I love the fact you can click a button and within a minute we've got a hundred people hanging out. We're a 40 people ... Yoo-Hoo Mr. Entrepreneur-Doer ... Major 10, hello Live-by-Choice ... FocusMark, he's ready and focused ... super-duper, Greetings from Poland ... Tom from San Diego ... [inaudible 00:36] ... what's cracking Michigan? Hello from Morocco .... hey Tom, what's going on my man? How fun. Okay, we're at 70 people ... 30 more and we can get started. Hey Mike ... what's up Stansick? Okay, yo-yo, Garret, what's up dude? Okay, so I can't share this unless I have at least a 100 people here, so I can't, so we have 25 more people that we need. If you guys go ahead and you move your thumb to the right, you can share it with people, so if you want to hear this good idea, move your thumb to the right and share it really quick.

Michigan is in the house ... Florida's here, what's up Thomas? Okay, Mark shared it, Vince shared it ... if you guys ... we're only at 81 people, we need 19 more if you want to get the goods ... Scott just shared it ... Taylor Smith invited his follower ... Sean Williams shared it ... where focus goes, energy flows. All right, keep sharing! Just scroll your thumb on your phone over to the right and there should be a little share button.

Oh by the way, Vince, I just saw the Operation Awesome video ... freaking amazing! You guys will see that soon enough. Vince just hand-sketched out a video for this new app we have coming out, it turned out so good. So good. Yeah, I was going crazy, I wish you could've seen me, I was jumping around like crazy over here. All right, very very cool ... all right we're getting closer, 87 people, we can almost share this you guys, I can almost drop some bombs here ... I've got a meeting in like, less than 5 minutes, so we've got to go ... I'm actually live right now, I am on ... what's up Justin Williams? ... I'm on a decade a day, so inside my high-end coaching program, for those who joined my inner circle, it's a really, really cool ... what we do is, you do initial intake call with me, so we spend an hour on each of their business, going deep and deep, and having fun so ... this is the stack I've been going through today, we've been having a ton of fun and I'm about to hang out with Dean from the UK here in a minute, so it's going to be awesome.

[inaudible 02:30], if you're at my house right now ... 93 people, we need 7 more, so just scroll your thumb over, share it ... 7 more people, I can drop some bombs you guys. All right. If you guys are getting excited, give me double-tap. We're getting close, we're getting close you guys, I can almost share this ... all right, we're getting close, we're getting close.

Okay, all right, so I'll set this up while we're waiting for the last 5 or 6 people to join us so we can share some cool stuff. What I want to talk about today is one of the biggest things with entrepreneurs, to make us a lot of money and get things moving, is our energy, am I right? ... [Tom Chalon 03:07] dude, you've got come back for sushi ... he came to sushi with me, it's the best sushi on planet earth, am I right? I actually went there 2 days ago, we went to the Shania Twain concert, right before there we swang by Raw Sushi and had the Rattlesnake roll, so it was amazing ... Tom's been there, he's had that ... when you guys come to Boise next time, we've all got to go ... we're actually having a Boise event here at the end of September, for [our Ignite 03:31] and our inner circle members, so it's going to be awesome.

Alright, 3 more people, we're almost there ... yeah, Garret Pearson's been there. Justin Williams is coming Friday ... so yeah, when you guys come, I'll show you the best place, there's one place, it's the best sushi on planet earth, I've been everywhere and it's the best. Tom ... I remember when you were there, and you're like "everyone says their sushi is the best" and you had it and you're like "oh wow, this is the best." I'm like, "I told you."

99 people ... one more person and I can drop some bombs, you guys ... double-tap if you're excited, triple-tap if you're really excited ... 99, oh we're so close, we just need 1 more person ... alright. Screw it, you know what, I love you guys, I'm going to go anyway. We're not going to wait for 1 more person ... oh Tom invited ... boom, 101! Alright, we're in you guys, okay!

As entrepreneurs, the one thing we've got that's going to help us to dominate the world, make a bunch of money, serve some people, change their lives, is our energy, right? I remember when I was going to school and I was not a good student by any stretch of the imagination, I would go to school and I would wake up in the morning ... my parent would give me Cheerios and then I'd go to school and I'd be running on Cheerios, and then I'd go to lunch and I'd have like, a sandwich with a bunch of stuff, and then I'd go to class and I couldn't keep my eyes open ... then I'd go to wrestling practice, and luckily for wrestling practice I had some energy, [inaudible 04:48] right?

122k hearts total wrestle, that's awesome! Anyway, so it killed me, and then I started my business and same thing ... I'd wake up in the morning, I'd eat whatever was there, and then I'd be tired all day ... then I'd eat my lunch and I'd come out from lunch and I'm just like ugh. It's hard to take over the world when you're tired, have you guys noticed that? If you guys have noticed that, give me a triple-tap. You guys know this, you can't just slap it 3 fingers, it gives you 0 hearts, you've got to pound it, you've got to do the extra effort, the extra work. It's hard to take over the world when you're tired, and all of us as entrepreneurs, that's our job ... take over the world, serve people, help them, and give to them, right?

All right. How do you do it? How do you keep focus and energy throughout the day? [Snowflakes, bulletproof 05:34] there's a lot of cool things, but this is a little hack ... it doesn't have anything directly to do with marketing, but it does have to do with you being able to market and being able to serve, and being able to change people's lives ... this is the thing, the big thing that's killing us, the thing that makes you tired is a thing we call "bread". There you go, you guys.

Have you guys read, there's this book called "Grain Brains", one called "Wheat Belly" ... I read those books first, and I was like, really skeptical, and I'm like, how about I stop eating bread and see what happens? Check this out. How many of you guys have Jimmy Johns where you're at? I had Jimmy Johns today, check this out ... this is what you call ... oh can you see, how do you see ... this way ... this is call "un-which". This is a sandwich with no bread in it. Guess what happens after I eat this sandwich with no bread in it? I don't pass out, I don't go "I'm tired" for the rest of the day. You stop eating bread, you don't get tired. This has nothing to go with losing weight, I don't care, you guys can be fat, you can gain weight, does not matter to me at all ... all I know is that you've got a message, you want to serve people, you want to change the world, that's why you're an entrepreneur, right? If you're eating bread during the day you're going to be like, tired all day. If you're eating Cheerios for breakfast, you're going to be tired.

You can have as much bread and pasta as you want when you go to bed at night, because you want to be tired anyway. I give you permission, eat as much as you want. But during the day when you're trying to serve, and to help and to grow your company, and to get your message out there and you need focus and energy, and clarity? You've got to order sandwiches without bread. You've got to order things without carbs in it, and that is the key. There's a little hack for you guys ... I know you're like, "Russell, I listen to you for marketing advice, what does this have to do with anything?" It has everything to do with it, okay? I cannot tell you how much my business has grown since I started getting more energy, since I started cutting out carbs. It's just amazing.

If you guys want to eat carbs, that's completely fine, but again, do it at night. Do it at night, then go pass out, then it doesn't matter ... but in the morning, in the morning don't eat Cheerios for breakfast ... don't eat toast for breakfast. Eat eggs, and if you want to go a little step further, I put butter and fats in my things ... when I have my sandwiches, I eat it without bread in it because I need to have the energy so that I can help change the world in my little way. That's it you guys, that's all I've got for you.

I've got to jump back on, because in 2 minutes from now, I'm starting back up on Decade a Day, with a bunch of people who I love and I care about, and I'm trying to help their businesses grow. I got to go ... what about McDonald's breakfast? ... yeah, no good. No me gusto ... steak and eggs, all the way. That's it you guys, I just wanted to jump on really quick and give you that thought, because I was eating this and I'm like, "you know what? I bet you right now someone's out there having bread and they're like, I'm so tired, I can't get anything done." People say, "Russell, how do you get stuff done all the time?" I don't eat bread. My brain's alert, I'm awake, I can focus, I have complete clarity! I can serve at the highest level when I'm feeling that way, and so that's it for today.

All right, Joshua's going to be in the Inner Circle before the year's out. I'm keeping you to that man, it's coming close ... we have our next inner circle meeting is the end of this month, and then the one after that is in January. It's coming soon.

What on my bread? I get the beach club, I'm a big fan of the beach club, so whatever comes on there ... it's jammed with lettuce and ... the one thing I found was the bread fills you up, so I've got to eat 2 of these things to fill me up now, so that's the only one caveat, I've got to eat a little bit more, but it's amazing.

All right, that's it, appreciate all you guys, you're all amazing. Whoa, something's happening over here. I've got to meet someone, okay, all right, thanks everybody ... give me a triple-tap if you had fun today ... all right, awesome, I will talk to you guys all again, what day is today? Today is Friday, so not till Monday ... so Monday, I will talk to you guys back.

Can you tell me the best way to sell tanning lotion? I can, but not today, I've got to bounce ... one minute until my next call starts. I appreciate you guys, thanks everybody! We'll talk very, very soon. Bye!

All the good hearts come at the very end ... I don't even want to click it ... all right, I got to go. Bye guys!


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