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Ep 20 - Fastest Way To Double Your Sales In YOUR Company



Oh man. Good morning, good morning, everybody. This is what we're talking about today, as everybody starts joining us. Here it is. All right, I'm jumping around. Hey, everybody. Welcome, Welcome! You're all showing up again. That means you must have had a fun time yesterday, right? If you had a good time the last time we talked, give me a double tap. I want to make sure we're all having fun here. What's up, Joshua? Unique Designs. I'm guessing that's Henry. What's up my man? Oh, [Kugel 00:00:35] Fruit's got 5 fingers hitting. Boom! Chef Tony just joined ClickFunnels. Welcome to ClickFunnels. Hey, hey, hey, everyone. How's it going guys and gals?

Awesome, excited to have you guys here. Chad, whats cracking? We're almost 100 people already. You guys are getting better every single day, I love it. If you want to share this so we get to 100 faster and I can share with you my marketing quickie, scroll your thumb over and you can share it on your feed. Just be like, "Hey Russell's doing something cool. Come check it out you guys." All right, so I'm excited for today, you guys. But I can't share with you my new marketing quickie until we get at least 100 people. That's the plan. All right, John [inaudible 00:01:13], just invited his followers. If you guys want to follow just click the little thing over, click on follow, and share this. That way we can get to 100 people, we can have some fun.

I've officially titled this show, it took me a while to figure out what we were going to call it. But I'm going to start calling this the Marketing Quickie Show. Do you guys like that? Every day we're giving you some marketing quickies to help blow up your business. It's going to be fun. Thanks Chef Tony, thanks Jimmy, thanks Ad Tunes, everyone, for inviting your followers. Thank you, thank you! I love it you guys. We're almost to 100. You guys are ready to have some fun, give me a double tap. If you really want to have some fun give me a triple tap, and we can share some exciting important things. Joshua's getting funnel hacks this Friday. Time to ramp his [shiz 00:01:51] up. I love it. I do not have the specific [inaudible 00:01:55] supplements yet, but it's coming. We just passed 100 people!

You guys get faster every day, I love it. All right, so this is what I'm going to share with you guys today. Here it is right here. This is the secret. I promised you guys that I was going to show you guys the quickest way to double your sales, and it's only going to take you guys about 2 minutes, and boom it'll happen magically. That's it, it's not that hard. This is the goal. Before ... For you to really understand this I got to get some back story. Melanie loves pie charts. Mmm. Pie. Okay so this is your typical day, am I right? Thanks Chef Tony. He said I'm getting skinnier in the face. It's all the ketones. All right, so this is your typical day I'm guessing, right? In that day there's a bunch of stuff that's happening.

Like for example, the purple stuff, what's the purple stuff in your life? That's like checking emails and doing weird stuff. Then every day you got brown stuff too right? What's the brown stuff do? Brown stuff, it could be talking to your employees, or trying to come up with a new logo design or something, right? Then over here you've got the blue stuff. Who here has a lot of blue stuff in your life? If you've got a lot of blue stuff give me a double tap. I want to see the blue stuff. Blue stuff takes up everybody's time every single day. A bunch of blue stuff, then there's some red stuff, and right here this little tiny thing, this is the green stuff. The green stuff is the only thing that actually makes you any money. That's it. That's it right there.

In most people's day guess how much of their day is consumed with the green stuff? A little, little, tiny bit here. Right? Yeah, my periscope's the blue stuff. No, my periscope's the green stuff for you guys. Okay? So if I was to ask you right now, in your business, of everything you do all day long, what's the one thing that actually makes you money? You're going to tell me what that is right? For me it might be doing a webinar, or blogging, or selling something, or calling someone on the phone, or whatever that one thing is. Everyone's got one thing that actually makes them money, right? The problem is that we're spending all this time doing all this other crap that does not make us money, for some reasons, I don't know why, because were busy, or we want to be busy, or it makes us feel good to be busy.

This is what I want you guys to do. Okay? This is the secret, it's called an eraser. You take this eraser. You come over here and you erase the purple crap. You erase the brown crap. You erase the blue crap. The red stuff is all gone too. Check this out. Now you get your green marker out. Take your green marker and this whole circle here, you paint it all green. That's it, that's the secret. I know it sounds too simplistic. It sounds stupid, but that's it. That is the secret, you guys. You're wasting, all of us, are wasting too much time on stuff that does not help us make any money. Okay? If you guys agree give me a triple tap. Okay.

It's the key. That is really, really, it. I was talking to Mike Filsaime one time, and he was talking about in his business he's like, 'We make money when we're in front of the camera. If the camera's going and I'm teaching and talking in front of the camera we're making money. Everything else we're doing is just stuff." There's people that can do stuff for you. There's good people, probably people that are better than you at that stuff. Do you know that? They're a lot cheaper than you, too, most of the times. What you got to start focusing on is this, the green stuff that's making you money, okay? My opinion for you is if you're going to work at the office or whatever, and you're not working on the green stuff, you should just go home. Go home and be with your family. Be with your kids.

There's no point of it, and I'm guilt as everybody, but if you're not doing the green stuff, then there's no money coming in, so what's the point of what we're doing, right? That's the key, you guys. The better you get at doing that, the better. I look at ... In ClickFunnels, as we launched it, we have these charts to show each month how much money we make, right? There's this really, really weird correlation between how much money I made and one thing. Okay, there's only one thing. That one thing is how many webinars I did that month. That's it. I do a lot of webinars, I make a lot of money. I do not very many webinars, I don't make very much money. For me, the one thing that's green here is webinars. Me doing webinars, that's it. There's nothing I should be doing besides doing webinars.

In fact, guess what I'm doing now, you guys? I'm working on my webinar, the webinar for the ClickFunnels launch that's coming up. That's it. That's why I was sort of thinking about that, because that's the only thing that makes me any money, so why not do it all day long? The rest of the time I should just go home and be with my kids. That's it. That's it, you guys. That's it for me. That's it for you guys. That's your marketing quickie for today. I want you to diagram out your life. Draw a circle like this and if it's not green and making you money, you should be home with your family. That's it. All right? That's the game plan. Real Russ Davis, we may or may not open the certification in the future. I don't know.

All right, if you guys had fun so far, give me a double tap. If you want to see a sneak peek of something cool, give me a triple tap. I got something really, really cool I can show off. I need lots of hearts or I'm not going to show it to you guys. Who here wants to see it? All right. I need way more hearts. I'll pull it up though while I'm waiting. I have faith that you guys will do it. You guys will do what you need to do. Okay, so check this out. When's [ActionX 00:06:59] coming? Funnel Hacking members will have [ActionX 00:07:00] by Wednesday. Crazy, huh? All right, so check this out. Oh, wait. I can't show you yet, because I got to find the right slide. This is for the October 1st webinar that's happening soon. I'm going to be doing this real quick here.

I'm taking the Funnel Hacks webinar and dramatically upgrading it. It's going to be amazing, all right? Okay, so check this out. I'm going to flip it around so you guys can see. Give me one sec. Okay, so here I talk about Organify, and check this out. I got B roll footage of us in Drew's office whiteboarding stuff on the wall. You guys like that? If you guys think Drew's a good-looking guy, give me like a million taps. A million hearts. He was drinking green drinks and we're mapping out the Organify funnel. Then we come back down in the PowerPoint slide. It's going to come back and then I come and check it out and [inaudible 00:07:51] my supplement funnel. How many of you want my supplement funnel for free? The one that sells over 368 bottles a day. Do you guys want that funnel? Make sure you're on the webinar coming up, because I'm going to be giving it away, which is cool.

All right, and then I go to this and then, Neil Strauss. Check it out. We built his coaching funnel, so in the slides I show some B roll of me working with Neil Strauss on his funnel, which is awesome. [inaudible 00:08:13]. This is me and Neil hanging out at dinner, plotting world domination for him and his society. What's up, Kevin Madison? That's kind of cool. Then it comes here, and I'm going to give away my high ticket funnel for free, if you're on the webinar. This is my high ticket funnel. Then my book funnel, and check this out, I show some B roll of Tony Robbins hanging out with me in ... Which is kind of fun, right? Is this cool, you guys? Really seeing behind the scenes? Then some B roll for Dave Asprey as well, doing what he does.

Anyway, if you think that's pretty cool, give me a triple tap or a quadruple tap, or a billion taps. I don't know how it works. Okay, I'm flipping back around. All right, so that's what's happening, you guys. I don't have a link for the webinar yet, because I am still creating it. Actually, I have a webinar tonight at 4 a.m. my time for the Australian crowd, so I'm going to be up from now until 4 ... Or 4 a.m. I start my webinar. I'll be done at 5 a.m. and I'll be going to bed. Hopefully by the time I go to bed tonight, I'll have the pages for the webinar registration up and you guys will see them all coming very, very soon. Anyway, I wanted to show you that all because I'm excited by it, and it's a lot of fun. If you guys are excited, give me a triple tap. The faster the better. Mario said that his funnel finally ended today and now he's a full paid Click Funnels client. Congratulations.

All right, you guys. Well, I appreciate you jumping on. Thanks for hanging out. I don't take this too long because I want to make sure that you guys are excited for the next time we do it, so we'll come back. If you had fun today, give me a double tap if you had a good time, triple tap if it was amazing, and four if you are so excited, you just wish that you were doing these all day long and we never had to go back to work. But now we know we got to focus on the green zone, so I apologize, you guys. You got to be in the green zone. All right everyone. Have an awesome day. I will talk to you all again tomorrow. Thanks everybody. See you guys. Bye. Thanks Kevin Madison for noticing my weight loss. Appreciate you, man. I can document my weight loss through all my periscopes. You'll see [inaudible 00:10:13], hopefully, right? Or maybe the other direction around, but hopefully it keeps going small. All right, I'm out for real. See you guys. Bye.


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