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Ep 21 - Get My 3 Secret Funnels... FREE!



Hey, Everybody! Welcome, welcome! How's everybody doing today? I'm not sure of you saw yet, but have an official title. I even got a little image made. So we are official now. We are the marketing quickie show. What's up, Everybody? What's up? What's up? Good morning, Stephen. Check this out. I got a bunch of goodies. In fact, this one is from one of our Periscope listeners. From Andrew. Prophet here. Prophet here in the house. I hope he is. Check out what I got from him. A huge box 'o' goodies. Including the number one finger. Number one! Yeah! Quick follows as number one! Woo!

So anyway, this is the moral of the story. I got some cool stuff to tell you guys, but if you want to hear it ... We're only eighty-five people. We gotta be a hundred or we can't even get started. So, scroll over and share it with your friends. Get them on here so we can all hang out and have some fun. Then we can get started.

Curtis, you're number one. You are number one. All right, eighty-eight people. If you guys want to get started, scroll over with your thumb and click on share with your friends. [Guppie's 00:01:24] back! [inaudible 00:01:26] followers. Mary [inaudible 00:01:26] followers. Paul Evans, thank you. W.T. Hoover, thank you. Which gets us here faster, you guys. Jared shared. Eco Business Academy shared. Ron shared. Stephen shared. Thanks, you guys for sharing.

How do I do black and white? I don't even know what the means. What's up, Kevin Madison? You guys are amazing! Woo! Share the love! Paul shared. Steve shared. [Windham 00:01:50] shared. Curtis shared. Thank you guys so much. We should just get a hundred people already. We're getting there faster and faster every day. Some day, we're going to be in a spot where we have to have a thousand people and it'll be awesome. But, today we're a hundred, which is awesome.

Hey, Everybody! Simon, what's going on? Thank you guys for sharing. I love it! If you guys are excited for today, do a single tap with your big finger if you git a big finger. If you got a lot of fingers, then give me a double tap. If you're really excited, give me a triple tap. I don't know how black and white works. On my side, I'm color. So I don't ... I don't even know.

Oh yeah. If you're driving, please don't share. Simon shared. I appreciate it, Guys. All right. So, you guys ready for today? No middle finger. I think it's stuck as the big one. So, that's good. All right, guys. Thank you so much for being here. I'm excited. We have been killing ourselves over here ... Click [Funnel's Land 00:02:43] for a little while.

Getting ready for our product launch, which is finally live and there is some cool stuff happening in this one. This one ... A lot of cool things are happening. First off, if you guys are involved, we are giving away ... Our goal is to give away a hundred cars over the next two and a half weeks. How many of you guys want a car? I've asked that before. There is big strategy behind that. I'm not going to share it today. I'll share it on a future Periscope. Stephen wants a car.

Thomas wants a car. That's for another episode. That's another Marketing Quickie show, but I want you guys thinking about that, like, "How is Russel able to give away a hundred cars?". Think about that because there's a marketing lesson in there. So, we'll come back to that later. But, what I want to show you guys now. Have you guys seen the ... I have to email that out. I haven't done it yet. Have you guys seen the new funnel yet? It's live! I'm so excited!

All you gotta do is go to Extreme ... Olsen wants "I want click funnels for eternity". So, if you go to, you can see the funnel and on the funnel, I give you guys three of my funnels. I'm giving you guys the book funnel, the supplement funnel, and the high ticket funnel, which is awesome. So, if you guys want any of those, that's what you got to do. Go to and go through the training videos. If you like them, please comment because it just went live and it just makes me happy if some people comment. I'm going to read every single one ofr at least the next few days because I'm so excited about it. If you like the video, please comment. Let me know, Let everybody else know as well, which is kind of fun.

Like I said before, we are going to be giving away a hundred cars. In fact, I should add that to the page. I'm going to add that for the foot of the page. You know what's exciting? If I would have wanted to add that to the footer of the page a couple years ago, guess what I would have had to do. I would have had to Skype my programmer or my designer. I would have told him what to do. He would have done it wrong and then I would have got it back and when I told him to do it again, he would have done it wrong and five or six times it would have happened. Okay? Now when I get off [inaudible 00:04:37] I'm logging in, clicking a couple buttons and click funnels and boom! It'll be fixed. It'll work perfectly. It'll be awesome. If you guys love Click Funnels, give me a triple tap.

Mike said, "What's a funnel"? Good question. If you go to, you'll find out. You will find out. You're also going to see a really cool restaurant in there [inaudible 00:04:48] Boise. I'll take you to that restaurant. All right. What do you guys want to learn about today? What do you guys want to learn about? Focus, Marcus. I just got done hiding the crap out of your book. Very cool.

We've got a couple minutes and I can drop one bomb a goal for you guys, so I need to know what you're interested in. What do you guys want to know about right now? The people with the hearts using double thumbs. Give me double tap. Double thumbs. A bunch of you guys are coming next week out to our ignighter inner circle, which is exciting.

All right. What do you guys want to learn about? Marketing? [MLN? 00:05:51] Choosing a product to sell? Funnel marketing? Kickstarter? Heights we need to do? Best personal development program we've invested in. There's a lot of good things.

Let's do a ... Let's see. There's so many cool things we could do. Let's do this. I want to talk about this because this is important. We talk a lot about funnels with you guys, right? I'm going to give you some ... This is coolest on my head, right? Final Strategy. [inaudible 00:06:14] getting consulting clients.

I want to talk about where the evolution of funnels and where this concept is going in my mind because this is the future, okay? So, if you guys want to know the future, here it is. This is 1998. What do we have? We had ... Can you see this? We had websites, right? That's what it was. You had a website. Then turns out that websites stopped making money because everybody jumped in and it became really hard. There became the evolution.

This is '98's websites, right? Then the evolution jumped and we transitioned from websites over to sales funnels. Can you say it? Now we've got a sales funnel, so 98's dead now we've got 2010. We're in the era of the sales funnel, which is exciting, right? This is really cool, but where are we going now? Where are things migrating to? If you read the DotCom Secrets book ... I hope that you have. How many of you guys have read the DotCom Secrets book? If you have read it and you liked it or you loved it, give me a double tap. I want to know. Give me a double tap if you've read the book. If you haven't yet, go to you get a free copy of it. So go to the book. Triple tap if you loved it or double tap with your thumbs if you loved it. Thumb, thumb, thumbs.

So, the book is talking about funnels, right? I started talking about the different kind of funnels. You got front end funnels and you've got middle funnels and back. We call this trip wire funnels. This is like webinar funnels and up here is high ticket funnels. Today on, I'm giving you guys a book funnel. I'm giving you guys a supplement funnel. I'm giving you guys a high ticket funnel. I'm giving you guys a whole bunch of things, right? This is like ... There's different types of funnels depending on what your goal is. I think the future us putting funnels together. We call it funnel stacking or things like that.

For example, when somebody bought my book, they buy by book and then 7 days later, that funnel then promotes them into my webinar funnel and 14 days later, they get promoted to my high ticket funnel. In 21 days, this little process is happening right here. You may be thinking , "Oh, this is three funnels, Russ". But, in my mind, this is one funnel. This is the funnel. These are all little pieces of the funnels, which is kind of cool, right?

Now, if you watch ... Then again, while you guys are going through this process over the next two and a half, three weeks, is what we're doing here with the Click Funnels relaunch. I want you to go slowly. Buy things slowly. Do things slowly because when you do that, you're going to start seeing some stuff. Watch this funnel. If you go to and you register for it, you will see that there's multiple funnels inside this that are embedded inside. There's a product launch funnel that's the outward facing one that most of you guys will see. Behind the scenes, there's a webinar funnel happening. There's the tee shirt funnel happening. There's a couple other things happening and you'll see them all, but you will notice that this campaign is not a funnel. This campaign is multiple funnels stacked together and weaved together in a really cool way.

Not everybody in the world knows this.Only the 124 of you guys that are hanging out with me get to know this. My biggest key is just watch the process, you guys. Watch what we're doing. This is not me just making something up. This is 12 years of study and trial and error all culminating to today to this point where you're seeing the next funnel we're coming out with. Pay attention. Thank you. You're amazing too. So, pay attention to what we're doing and watch the process. Stephen says I'd staple the funnel [inaudible 00:09:53] all over my chest if I cared. That is awesome! Anyway, love you guys too!

I just want to say pay attention. The other cool thing we're going to be doing is we're going to be trying to build up our Periscope following, so you'll notice during the launch we're going to have a big push on getting people on Periscope. One of the big bonuses for this launch is I;m going to be doing an extreme funnel makeover for somebody. How many of you guys would want me to do your whole funnel for you?

Typically, if I do that, it's a hundred grand up front plus ten percent of the profits, but I'm going to do it for one person for free! If you want that to be you, you've got to go be engaged in this launch. This is not about, "I signed up for the launch and I sat back at home and I didn't do anything". You've got to be engaged in this thing. This is step number one for all you guys right now. Go to ... Where is the link? Can you see it? Extreme ... I don't know of you can even see that. Probably not. Watch the first video, opt in, and you'll be entered into the contest to win the extreme funnel makeover and then just participate. Watch what I'm doing.

It's funny. When I first got started, I had my other businesses and I started doing the marketing coaching businesses, hire teachers and stuff and I started doing things and I had somebody who emailed me after they got some emails for me and they were annoyed and they were upset or whatever, right? They were mad about it. They were mad that I was marketing to them and they yelled at me and I said, "Look, you joined my list because you wanted to learn marketing, am I right? Why are you yelling at me for marketing to you?" That is the best education in the world.

So, if nothing else, you guys, realize that ... Go through this process because that's the best education in the world. You can go and buy someone's product launch for a couple grand or you can watch one in action and see what's happening. That is the game plan, you guys. It's going to be a lot of fun with by big finger trying to pick my nose real quick. That's really awkward. Just kidding. I'm not ever going to do that again ever. Go to Check it out. Have some fun, you guys. Thaat's it for today. I'm going to check off. I have been in the office since about ... I went to bed last night at 1 and I got here at 5 am, so my eyes are a little bit tired. But, the funnel is pushed out. No, I cannot switch to landscape mode. I am sorry. The reason why is because then it jacks up all the comments. People are trying to comment, so ... I cannot do that. Sorry. I tried it one episode and it was a really bad thing.

Yes, I got your package Prophet here. I was showing to to everybody before you got here, so make sure you watch the replay. Jeff Walker won the Ferrari. Very very cool. All right, Everybody I am going to ... Email ...

I wanted to let you guys know first that you guys got the first access, so now that you know it's live, go check it out. Go have some fun then I'm going to email my list now and I want you guys to have a head start. So, go in there and check it out. Comment. Watch the videos. Have some fun. Watch the process over the next two and a half weeks, you guys. It's going to be a lot of fun with Periscope each day as we're going through it. Appreciate you guys. Thanks so much for everything and I will talk to you guys all again soon. Thanks everybody. Bye!


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