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Ep 23 - What To Do When EVERYTHING Goes Wrong



Hey everybody! Can you guys hear me today? I'm in a hotel. It's got hotel internet access, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be choppy or not. If you can hear me give a double tap, if I'm choppy give me a triple tap (laughs).

What's up, Mark? Simon, good morning, down under. MD Gooding. Candice from Perth, Australia. We've got all sorts of Australians coming. What's up, Jason?

I'm going to be in Australia next month, you guys. Come down to Sydney, I'm going to be in Sydney hanging out. Brent's in the house. What's up, Cory? John from Cali. Profit Here, how's it going? Everybody's here. Hey from Carolina, hi from Japan. Skiing in Australia, what?

All right, you guys. I'm going to get started. We've got 84 people already on, when we get 100 I can share with you guys a really cool story. I need your guys' help. If you want more people on, slide your thumb over and share this Periscope, and get your friends and family and everybody else on so we can talk about some stuff.

(laughs) Does your wife know about all these quickies? Um, what are you talking about? (laughs) Candice [inaudible 00:01:16] copywriter, very cool. (laughs) You guys have me laughing, I can't even get a Periscope if I'm laughing.

What's up everybody? Thank you, Scott, for sharing it. Anybody else wants to share, we've got 93 people. We get 7 more and we can get started, we can have some fun. If you want to share ... Okay, Shawn shared it, thank you man. Ron shared. (laughs) Oh, man. [inaudible 00:01:39] invited, [inaudible 00:01:41] invited. We're almost to 100, we can almost have some fun. Jason just shared. Profit Here just shared. 99. Aw, Candice [inaudible 00:01:50] in your car. [inaudible 00:01:51] listen to it. It makes me happy. Sandy from Australia ... We've got tons of Australians here. Must be morning time for you guys.

Anyway, very, very cool, guys. We're 99 people, one more person and we can get started. To share, slide your screen over on your phone and click the little button, and then ... Boom! We are over 100! All right, guys, you ready for some fun? (laughs) You're welcome for DotComSecrets, thank you.

All right, we can get started today. What I want to talk to you guys about is ... I want to talk to you guys about what happens when life gives you lemons, and then I'm going to tell you guys an actual story about it. In fact, there's a really good book ... Well, not all the book is really good, but the majority of the book's really, really good, and I remember one of my friends, I was in Kenya, and he's a big marketer, he's read probably like 8,000 books, and he's like, "Hey, you need to read this book. It's called The 50th Law, by 50 Cent." I'm like, "Okay. I'm going to read that." He's like, "No, seriously, it's one of the best personal development books ever." And I'm like, "He's got to be kidding me, there's no way that The 50th Law by 50 Cent's a good book."

Anyway, I'm flying home from Kenya, and before I do I download it on Audiobooks and I'm listening to it while I'm driving ... What's up, Troy? Anyway, it's amazing. While we're flying home from Kenya I'm listening to it. I don't agree with everything, but as a whole the book was amazing. Robert Green is one of my favorite writers, the dude is amazing. I'm flying home from Kenya listening to that book and it was awesome. Anyway, one of the chapters in this book talks about this concept, but it's really cool.

Here's my story. This morning, or last night I mean, I was going to bed, and I didn't get to bed until about one-ish, and about 1:01, my little baby Nora started crying. She kept crying, and she kept crying, and she cried from 1 o'clock until 4:30, so 3 and a half hours. I was bouncing her, my wife was bouncing her, we're trying to feed her bottles, I took her outside, I was like ... Anyway, at about 4:30 though, something happened, something very, very important. My alarm clock went off, because I had to be here in ... where are we at? We're in Denver or Boulder? We're in Boulder, Colorado. I'm in Boulder, Colorado. 4 o'clock this morning, my alarm went off which means I had maybe 10 minutes of sleep last night, right? Thank you, Candice on number 5.

Then, I get all ready, I'm so tired, my wife's tired, and we're just in an ornery mood and all that kinds of stuff, so I jump in my car, I drive to the airport, get in the airport, drive all the way here. We get to Denver, and I assumed that ... Anyway, we drove another hour to get to the hotel here, and I'm tired and beat, and before I left we transferred my PowerPoint slides for my presentation I was going to give earlier today. I get to the hotel, and I try to download my PowerPoint slides, and the download speed here's like half a meg, so it says 2 hours to download my slides, and my presentation was in an hour. I'm like, "Oh man, what am I going to do now?"

I'm trying to download my slides, they're not coming, so I found some old version of my slides from like a year ago that were on my laptop. I'm trying to edit those. I'm editing these slides, and then I'm supposed to sell Funnel Hacks at the end of the presentation. I asked the promoter, "Hey, do you guys have the order forms?" They're like, "No, we don't have any order forms." I'm like, "You don't have any order forms? I don't have any order forms. How are we supposed to sell?" and he's like, "Oh, by the way, you're supposed to be on for 90 minutes but you only have an hour." I'm like, "An hour? My presentation's like 2 hours long," so I chopped my presentation in half. We had no order forms, so Dave over here ... Where's Dave at?

Dave: Hey guys!

Speaker 1: Dave went and (laughs) opens up Microsoft Word and starts copying and pasting elements to make a credit card form. Just slaps it together in Microsoft Word, runs down to the hotel lobby, and prints off a whole bunch of these order forms. Did you know, somebody even said, "There's no price point on the order forms." We forgot price point, we forgot all sorts of stuff. We had the wrong date. Everything was messed up, right?

I'm on in 5 minutes, so I grab my thing and I put on the PowerPoints, I run downstairs. I'm like, "Okay, here's my slides," and we get up ... Again, he's like, "You only have an hour instead of 90 minutes. Good luck." I'm like, "Oh, man."

I get up there, I start doing my presentation, and I thought that there was going to be 100 people in the room. There was about 60, so way smaller. I'm like, "Oh man, I'm so tired. I should be home sleeping right now." I get upstairs, I do the whole presentation, and it was fun. I got the hour mark, and I was like, "My time's up, they're trying to kick me off stage, but you know what? I'm here, I flew all this way. I believe in what I sell so much, we've got to sell it." I'm like, "All right, guys. Normally my pitch takes another 30 to 35 minutes. They're giving me 5 minutes, so let's go." I went through, and did a 35 minute pitch in 5 minutes. Then Dave goes and hands out these order forms that are totally ... Yeah, you can kind of see them here. Just kind of like ...

Dave: Black and white. Cut and paste.

Speaker 1: The logo's all stretched funny and everything.

He hands out the order forms, and then I do the pitch and it's not even making sense because I'm going so fast. Then one dude stands up and runs to the front and hands in the form. He's like, "I'm in!" Then the next person, and all of a sudden the entire room starts rushing the stage with our little ghetto order forms, throwing it at us. 50 people out of 60 is what percentage? Who knows the math on that?

Dave: It's like 85.

Speaker 1: 85. We closed 85% of the room, which still doesn't make any sense to me. Look, there's the stack of forms. Anyway, it was crazy. That is what happened, I got done. I forgot we hadn't eaten lunch yet. We were starving, and we're like, "We should go get something to eat." Then, we're eating, I'm counting the numbers, and I'm like, "I can't believe that that happened." It just worked, and I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful for Dave. I told Dave, if he wouldn't have been here today ... If they had told me I only had an hour and no order forms, I'd be like, "Fine, I won't even sell, I'll just teach." And he's like ...

Dave: Well, we met at the airport. You're like, "If you're not coming, I [crosstalk 00:07:51]. I wasn't even going to come today."

Speaker 1: I almost was going to call in sick, and I'm like, "Oh, I've got to go," so he saved my butt. We came and did it, and it turned out awesome. We served everybody here. People were going crazy, and now people have ClickFunnels. Almost the entire room has ClickFunnels now, which is awesome.

It turned out awesome, but it just has to go with ... Even when stuff sucks sometimes, you just go for it and do your best, and it may work. Anyway, it was fun. I just wanted to share that story with you guys, so if you guys liked that story, give me a double tap. If you could relate, give me a triple tap. If your life is as chaotic as mine is right now, just go crazy and start slapping this thing like nuts (laughs).

Anyway, we had a good time, and now we're just ... You can see my eyes, how tired I am. I really need to take a nap. I have a flight back home in like an hour or 2. We're flying back home tonight, so it'll be a crazy 24 hours. Anyway, I had a lot of fun. I just wanted to share with guys because you guys are all awesome, and I hope that gives you some inspiration, and helps you through all of the times that just suck sometimes. When all these things happen, and people give you ... They literally give you something, and it's just less than ideal, and you're like, "Great, now what do I do?" Well, let's just go do it, and sometimes it just works out. It was awesome.

I appreciate you guys hanging out today, if you had fun let's see some hearts. I want to make sure you guys are still liking these. You keep showing up, so that's a good sign, right? You want me to keep doing this? Money don't sleep (laughs). I love it.

Anyway, appreciate you guys. I'm going to go ... I don't know what to do. Are we taking a nap right now? I should take something. Anyway, we're in this little green room up here, so we're hanging out for a little bit. Champions adjust. Ooh, we should make a t-shirt that says, "Champions adjust."

Oh guys, we've got some cool shirts coming out. We have the Us vs. Them one. Who here has seen the Us vs. Them ClickFunnel shirt? It's "Us vs. Them" with the lead pages and the calculator. That one's cool. We're going to make a really cool thing where you guys can order them. We're launching a whole ClickFunnel t-shirt line, and we're going to do free plus shipping on all of them, because we want you wearing them. We don't want to make any money on them. So that's one of them, the next one we have, it says, "We are not Confusionsoft, we're ClickFunnels," and it's awesome. Oh, yeah! I need to do the finugly one. It says, "We are not Confusionsoft, we are ClickFunnels." We've got one that has a big ... The ClickFunnels logo is a big cookie, and there's a bite out of it. It says, "ClickFunnels, we hate cookie cutters." Anyway, we've got some fun, fun, fun ones. They're coming out soon, and everybody wants them.

We figured out this place, these t-shirt guys who'll do print on demand for us, and they're making little widgets. We're gonna have a page, and you can go and order one or as many as you want, which will be kind of cool. It's funny, because they're like, "How much do you want to charge for them?" I'm like, "Nothing! I don't want to make any money." They're like, "T-shirts are really profitable, you could make a bunch of money." I'm like, "No! I want everyone wearing my t-shirts, so they just cover whatever it costs you to print and ship them. I'm not taking a penny of profit." I want you guys all wearing my t-shirts, so if you guys want my t-shirts for free, you've just go to cover the hard costs like ... Tap it up. Friends don't let friends use Infusionsoft. We are not Confusionsoft, we are ClickFunnels. Infusionsoft equals harder software, but ClickFunnels equals best (laughs). Very, very cool.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys. Thanks for hanging out. I had a lot of fun today, and I am beat and ready for a nap. Just wanted to share that story with you guys. Hopefully it helps out a little bit. Have an amazing day! Thank you everybody. I'll talk to you guys all again on ... Maybe on Monday. We have our mastermind meeting here, so maybe I'll Periscope live from the mastermind. That would be kind of fun. We will see. Anyway, talk to you guys all later. Have fun! Bye!


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