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Ep 24 - Let's Talk About 'Funnel Catcher' - How To Get Buyers Into Your Funnel



Holy cow. You guys are seriously still awake. Good for you guys, you're still awake. I love it. What's going on everybody! What's up [Cooglefruit 00:00:19]? Hello from Mexico. Hello. Let's go. Let's have some fun you guys. It is 10:44 at night, my time. Funneling after dark. I should be sleeping. You should be sleeping, Steven. Someone's writing sales copy [inaudible 00:00:35] from Germany. [Inaudible 00:00:35] from Australian. What's up non-sleeper? It's not even 10 o'clock in California. This is what the night owl is like, huh? How's everybody doing? Hello!

Okay, so I am up late, because I'm working on a fun project. This is my fun project, can you see it right there? Says, Funnel Catcher. Funnel catcher! My connection sucks again. Sorry about that. Well, if you can see funnel catcher, give me a double tap, if that gets you excited. Anyone want to know what that means? Oh, man.

Well, welcome you guys. I can't believe that it's 10:45 at night, my time. You guys are still hanging out with me, so that's exciting. I appreciate you guys jumping on. We're going to get started here. There's about 90 of you. If we can 10 more, I can share some cool stuff. I need at least 10 ... I need just 8 more of you guys now. 8 more. If you want to share this flip over, and then, click on share with your fans and your followers. We'll get some more people in here. That'd be awesome.

What's up Steven, good morning! Yes, I am burning the midnight oil. Ah sweet, reading 108 Proven Split Test Winners right now. How exciting is that? Oh, man. Well, I'm excited guys. Okay. I'm working on a presentation now called, Funnel Catcher. I'm going to tell you guys all about, but we need 5 more people to show up before I can tell anybody. This is too good, I can't just share this with just myself. I want to make sure you guys are interested, and you're engaged. Thank you for sharing Philly Update and [Shawn 00:02:13], and everyone. Any [inaudible 00:02:13]? Yeah, I'll be in Australia next month. I'll definitely do some periscopes. Luke said, "Take my money." All right, man. Send it on over. I got no issues with that.

All right. We are working on Funnel Catcher, and when 1 more person shows up, we are in. If you're interested double tap. Yes, I'm eating ... Way too many supplements. She'll usually take me kangaroo riding when I show up there. All right. That's good. Awesome. 99 people, 1 more. 1 more, and I can share. I know I should be sleeping. I'm really tired. You can probably see my eyes. It's been a long week, it's only the first day. We actually had a 6 day event that started today. We had a Inner Circle Mastering meeting. It was today and tomorrow, with 1 of our groups. Then Wednesday, Thursday we have our funnel catcher event. Then Friday, Saturday we got to another Master Mind group again. It's going be awesome. We're right on like 98, 99 you guys. Should I just go for it? Oh, 101. Boom!

Okay. All right. I can show you guys now, so this is it. I'm working on a presentation called, Funnel Catcher. Anyone know the reference where that title's coming from, for bonus points? This is for bonus points for all you guys. This movie came out earlier this year called, Fox Catcher. How many of you guys have seen Fox Catcher? Yeah, Steve Carell was in it. Fox Catcher was actually about 1 of wresting coach at BYU. He was my coach, his name is Mark Schultz. It's about him, and his brother Dave Schultz. Dave was actually murdered by John du Pont, who was played by Steve Carell. Anyway, that was the movie. It's a good movie. It's really slow, and sad, and depressing. It's about my friends, so it's crazy. Anyway, I watched the movie. How many of you guys saw the movie, give me a double tap. If you didn't see the movie, give me a triple tap. Ha. See how I tricked you? I just want hearts. That's all I want.

That's what the movie's about. I was thinking about this. I was actually talking ... I was talking to 1 of my buddies who's a jiu-jitsu guy, named Nick. He was over my house, and we were rolling. He was tapping me out, which was really fun. Anyway, he came into my wresting near my house. He said, "This is like funnel catcher." I thought it was funny. Then, we were talking. I said, "I'm going to name our next event, call it Funnel Catcher." We were talking about how in wrestling, or in jiu-jitsu, when I go out there when I'm wrestling ... There's only a couple core moves. There's the single leg, a double leg, a [high-c 00:04:36]. That goes with the core take downs, right?

In jiu-jujitsu, it's the same thing, there's a couple of core things you do. That's about it. There are in ... There's a similar story, we should ask this. Similar to sales funnels, right? There's only a couple types of funnels. We've got triple wire funnels, webinar funnels, high ticket funnels. There's only a few types of funnels, but there's a whole bunch of ways ... In wrestling, there's a whole bunch of setups for every take down, right? For me to get a single leg on you, there's like 30 or 40 different ways that I set you up, to take you down single leg. There's like 30 or 40 ways to set you up, to get double leg. 30 or 40 ways to get a [high-c 00:05:15], right? The same is true with funnels. I may have a triple wire funnel, but there's like 30 or 40 things that I do, to get people into that funnel.

Yes, hand fighting. [Carmel 00:05:27], must be either a wrestler or a fighter. That's what funnel catcher is all about. All the things we need to get people into the funnel. In fact, can you guys see back here? This is my notes. Funnels, and then, this looks like this is the funnel catcher. See, it's all zooming into the funnel. Right there is the funnel catcher. If you guys are interested in funnel catching, give me a triple tap. Well, those of you guys who are in the Ignite, or Inner Circle program, we're going to be doing that. That's what we're talking about all day Tuesday, and all day Wednesday. I wanted you guys thinking about that.

What I want you to think about, is with your sales funnels ... Okay. We all see that you triple, then it's done like more of our ... Okay. I'm going to try Facebook ads. Facebook ads is 1 setup, right? Chances are Zuckerberg eventually is going to block you. He's going to sprawl, he's going to take you out. That move is going to be gone, right? You've got to figure out other setups to get people into your funnel, right. That's been our big focus, in our company recently. What are the other things we can do?

In fact, how many of you guys have seen our YouTube ads? We've got YouTube ads running. We've got Twitter ads running. We've got Native ads running. We've got a whole bunch of stuff running. A whole bunch of things getting people into our funnels. That's what Funnel Catcher is all about. Start thinking your guy's side. We getting the live events happening Wednesday and Thursday. I'm sure sometime in the near future, we'll release this as prize, so you guys can go through it. Just think about it.

Again, this whole presentation, the whole 2 day workshop is about me thinking about. What are the things we can do? How can we do them? If we are driving somebody from a Native ad platform, who doesn't know what a funnel is, how do I get that ... What do I do to convert that person? What's the process I need to take somebody through, right? It's a funnel catcher. It's not just like, they click on a Native ad, and they come to my Quick Funnel sales page, and they're going to buy it. Most people won't, because most of them don't know what a funnel even is. We've got to come back, and take them through that process.

That is what it's all about you guys. I'm working on my presentation. Part of my presentation I was talking about ... Mr. [Inaudible 00:07:28] ... Part of my presentation was talking about the concept of just 1,000 true fans. I was reading an article about it. I was thinking about you guys. I was like, I wonder if my true fans are hanging out? If I click on this, if I can get 100 people to show up again. Low and behold, you guys are here. It works. It's working. It's awesome, and I appreciate you guys jumping on. Yeah.

Anyway, if you had fun tonight, give me a triple tap. If you guys are going to be dreaming tonight about funnel catchers, and about what are there things that you should be doing to get people into your funnel. Can you guys see that I sprayed it? To say it, don't spray it. That's embarrassing. Yeah. Anyway, but I want you guys to think about that. Think about all the different things, okay? If I asked you that question ... Ff Facebook disappeared today, or if whatever the 1 way you drive traffic through right now disappears, what are you going to do? Okay.

I don't know about you, but I've been around this business for 12 years now. I remember when Google came out. Everyone's like, Google's the greatest thing in the world. They all are making a bunch of money. Then, all of the sudden 1 day, boom! The Google slap happened, and then, everybody got kicked out. Most of those dudes are unemployed now, or they went back and got really jobs, in the real world. I was like, oh crap, Google slap. What's the next thing? I was trying to learn SEO. Then, we got the penguin slap, and then, the hummingbird slap. All these slaps, right. Then, we're onto the Facebook slap. I went through a merchant account slap. You're going to get slapped around this business.

The question for you to start thinking through with your funnels is ... Funnel Catcher, right. What other ways, can I caste people, and bring them into my funnels? What else is there out there? I'm not going to give you the answers to that, because you're not going to be here. If you're at the event, I'll give you the answer. I want you guys thinking about that. Who creates the employee slap. Anyway, I want you guys thinking about, because you start thinking that question is going to open up some really cool answers in your mind. Get you really excited. The Instagram slap is coming.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys. You should all get some sleep. I'm going to get some sleep, hopefully the next couple hours after I get the framework done for this. We've got our Inner Circle meeting again tomorrow. Had an amazing time, to hang out with some awesome guy and gals today in our group. It was just super cool, so I'm excited to get this done. Get back home. Hang out for Inner Circle tomorrow. Then, we're looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday, for all the Inner Circle people are coming for the Funnel Catcher event. We've got a logo, and everything. Anyway, reward for locals, so this is a priceless sharing thought process. Yeah, good. I appreciate. Hopefully, that will get the wheels in your head spinning. I've been thinking about a lot lately.

In fact, I had a conversation with the guy doing our YouTube ads. I'm like, "What is it going to take 1,000 registrants into our auto webinar a week?" That's my number. If we can't get that, I don't want it. What do we got to do? He's like, "Well, we have to of this, and do this." I'm like, "Well, let's do it! What are you waiting for? Let's do it!" That's the thing. I want you guys thinking through that as well. What can I do? Start focusing on all that stuff.

All right. Guys and gals, thanks for hanging out. Thanks for being on these. I hope you enjoyed them. I'll do my next 1 maybe, tomorrow. I probably won't be doing it from the hotel. The internet down there was horrible. I couldn't even upload an image, so yeah. Is it too late to become an Inner Circle member? Well, we got 2 inner Circle groups. First 1, is Monday, Tuesday. The last 1 is Friday, Saturday. If you want to fight [Aboise 00:10:43] real quick, then let us know. Very cool. All right. Thanks everybody! Have an awesome night! Go catch some funnels in your sleep tonight! If you had fun, give me a double tap. I'll talk to you guys all again tomorrow. [Foreign language 00:10:57]. Bye.


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