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Ep 26 - The Secret Of Creating DESIRE In Cold Traffic



What's up everybody? How are you guys all doing today? Great to hear from you guys. Man, the hearts are already flying. That's a good sign, it means we are ready to have some fun today. Very cool. "Zappy is in the hour", whatever that means. What's up guys? Hey Garrett, how's it going man? We've got Aussie's here. We've got ... Every body is here in the house. Very cool. Welcome from So. Cal. Tony Sinclair. Oh man, very very cool. Sorry, he's watching a sales video and I interrupted him. Watching a webinar of mine from three years ago? Dang, wonder what I was selling way back three years ago? Hopefully it is still relevant. What's up Corey? Man, this is fun, a lot of you guys on here. Ben Atkins, what's up dude? How's it going my man? All right. We are already over one hundred people, we haven't got started yet.

All right. Before we get started, how about this ... When we get to 130 we will get started and I will share with you guys some stuff. So if you want to get to 130 you got to share this. So move your little finger over click on 'Share' and I can give you guys my big idea for today. But you got to share. Otherwise ... We are at 110 right now, so we need at least 20 more people. So William just invited. Toby and Lala just invited her followers. "Survey Strategies". Morgan just invited her followers, thank you Morgan. Garrett ... Thanks guys, thanks for sharing. More and more people are coming. Awesome. While we are waiting, Jim Bunch just shared, thanks man. James, everybody is such good sharers. Preston Taylor just shared. Cory Boatright just shared. We've got a click phones virgin on the line. Awesome. Next Funnel Hacker event is in March. We will be promoting that coming up soon, and it will be fun.

All right guys we are almost to 130 people, so I can almost get started, but I need some hearts too. The hearts give me more energy. So I can either be boring or I can ... Awesome, "made the first five grand in Click Funnels and disappeared". Dang, well congratulations on that. That's exciting.

All right two more people and we can get started guys, two more people. Thank you everyone for sharing. I need a whole bunch of hearts, the more hearts the better. So the fastest way, you click once, I get a couple hearts. You double tap, I get more hearts. You triple tap, I get a lot. But if you just go like this, it doesn't get any hearts. You got to pound it out, you've got to have some fun with it. "Killing infusion soft".

All right cool, so welcome guys we are 130 people we can have some fun now. I actually started a Periscope on this on ... Friday? I was at my daughters soccer game and started doing it and a bunch of you guys jumped on and then ... My wife kept calling through my phone and it kept kicking you guys off and so we never got it finished. But, I was talking about a concept called Creating Desire in your customers. Because if you are looking for cold traffic or if you are looking for cold leads, and you want to get them to buy your products, there's one thing that really really matters, okay, and it is desire.

You got to create desire. If they don't have desire they are not going to buy. Typically if they have no idea who you are, it's like how do we create desire in a product or service or in you, in your brand enough so that someone is going to go "hey, where's my wallet, I need to pull it out. I got to give Russell, or you, or whoever that is some money". Check it out, I've got a Click Funnels logo on my wallet, just because it's symbolic. So I always remember where ... Anyway.

If you guys want a Click Funnels wallet logo sticker, give me a triple tap, I want to know. Anne you should see some hearts when you click on your screen, it has to be on your phone screen though [inaudible 00:03:42]. We got a bunch of these stickers come out, actually they're made to go on your ... laptop. If you got a MAC like this one right here and you the sticker on it, then when you turn the MAC on the sticker lights up. Anyway, we got a bunch of those, they are kind of cool. We are making some more Click Funnel shwag, everyone keeps asking for it.

The big key that I am talking about here is creating desire. So we [inaudible 00:04:03] six day event last week. I am a little tired, actually you guys can probably tell I'm a little worn out from that, in six days live. We spent two days on a concept we call ... I'm going to erase this board for you guys so we can talk about it ... On how we convert cold traffic. That is what two of the entire days was about, because most of us are really good at convincing our warm traffic to buy, right? Somebody that is on your list or somebody that is in your world and you ask them to buy something, it's pretty easy right? You're like "hey go buy this thing", and they're like "sweet, I'm in". So that's hot traffic. This is Hot Traffic. Okay, these guys are very easy they just want to give you money. Not very hard at all. If you have been like "my list buys it, but I advertise it on Facebook or Google and nobody gives me money", that's why. Your hot traffic loves you, they will give you money for almost anything. For some of you guys "hey can you just wire me some money?". I believe some of you guys do it, you wouldn't even ask. Because that is how it works after a while. Your hot traffic, that's not what the event was about.

Then we've got our warm traffic, right? The warm traffic, these are all the people that are not so much like your exact customers, but they are in your world. They are on your joint venture partners list or they are reading blogs about this topic or they understand what it is you are selling. All you have to convince them of is that your stuff is awesome. It's pretty easy to do. It's not that hard because they probably already like you, like you or love you. I talked about this a lot, DotCom Secrets. If you guys don't have this yet, go to and basically I read all those books right here and then wrote this book based on all the best stuff. You get the book and that's warm traffic. These ones are easy pretty easy, not quiet as easy, they are still pretty easy. A little dollar sign.

Then over here you have cold traffic. These are the people that don't know who you are, they don't know anything about you, they are like the cold hard masses. So these guys you are coming out ... It's the equivalent of, I always tell people like, this is how you know if your offer works to cold traffic. You go down to the food court at the mall, and let's say I'm in the food court and there's all these people walking around. If I stand up on my chair and I say "Hey everyone, stop right now" and then yell out what it is your product, how many of those people in the audience would want to buy it? So for example, if I walked out into the food court and I was like, "Hey, I've got software that builds funnels, how many of you guys want it?". What do you think would happen? Not one dude in the food court would look at me right? If you guys agree give me a double tap. Nobody cares. No body in the food court is going to know what a funnel is.

Most of you guys are the same way. You got your product, your service, your thing you sell. So you walk out to the food court and you yell "Hey, who wants my blah" and nobody looks. You're like, "why is nobody buying?". The reason why is because you are used to speaking to your warm traffic, you are using techno-babble, I learned that from Kim Klaver. Using other words that your market cares about but the masses don't know about. It is easy to sell those people. It is easy to sell people that are in your market that may not know you yet, but they know your partners and stuff. But if you want these guys, the cold hard masses to give you money you have to change the process.

So that is what the whole event was about for two days. We called it the Funnel Catcher event. It was all about how to build bridges, these pre-framed bridges that create desire. Desire is the key. If I can get you to desire something, then over here you will give me money. The goal of this pre-frame bridge is to create desire. That's what the event was all about. It was really, really fun. We showed a bunch of kinds of pre-framed bridges. You guys want me to share with you some of them? If you want to know, I need a triple tap or a quadruple tap, or like a five tap. But again you got to pound it out. If you are just like hitting it, your screen, no hearts are coming guys. You got to go crazy on it, I needed a whole bunch of hearts if you want to know some of these pre-framed bridges. I know what they are. I don't need to know. This is not for my health. But if you guys want it. Alex is tapping away, he wants in. All right I need some more hearts you guys.

All right, I am willing to share with you guys a couple of these if you want. Again, we spent two days in the event going through this, so I can't like in a five minute Periscope give you everything. I want the wheels in your heard spinning so you know where to kind of go and what to be looking for.

For desire right here, I got to create something that is going to cause desire, so something before I sell my thing right here. A couple examples of these, surveys are really good for creating desire. I create a survey where I ask people certain questions. Let's say that I go to the food court and I say, "Hey, how many of you guys ... Would like to get rich on the internet?". I yell that out at the food court, how many people are going to be interested? Most of them. They are going to look at me and be like, "What, I want money! I want to make money on the internet!". Oh cool, if you want to know how to make money take this survey. Boom and the desire bridge. They start taking the survey, they start going through this process and at the end of the survey ... Throughout the survey or throughout this pre-frame bridge or whatever it is, I can start educating and I can help them to bridge the gap on different concepts I need them to understand. By the end of it, If I do the process right, I've created desire. Now they want to give me money. Now they have been warmed up to where I need and want to take them.

Surveys are one way. Contests, giveaways. Article pages. Blog pages. Videos. There's a whole bunch of pre-framed bridges you can design. But all of them the goal is to create desire in the mind of your prospects. That is what we spent two days on, it was amazing. I had a good time, I think most everybody else had a good time as well. For you guys that were there at the event and loved it, give me a triple tap. I know a bunch of you guys were there, we talked about Periscope on it. Yeah, you guys were there, you had a good time. That's what we talked about. If you guys didn't go, you need to start coming to our events. We go deep in the fun stuff. The stuff that really really matters. A lot of you guys again, like I know, you are already converting to warm traffic, so don't worry about that that's easy. Converting cold traffic, that's your dream one hundred. That's the things that we always talk about. That's not that difficult, but if you want to start getting cold traffic and start expanding your business and growing it, you've got to be able to learn to change your language patterns, after you do that to attract the masses, bring them in through pre-framed bridge to create desire, to get them to want to buy your product or your service. That's the magic you guys. That's how it all works.

Just want to share with you guys. Again ... I wish we could spend two days right now on Periscope and go through everything but we can't. Hopefully it gets the wheels in your head turning, you start thinking, "Man, what do I need to say to get the cold hard masses into my world and then what process can I take them to, what kind of pre-frame bridge can I take them through to cause desire, so they'll want to do it".

Sweet, "that's why my group is worth every penny, that was epic", thanks man I appreciate that. "We had an awesome time". "What is my vision with Click Funnels?" That is a good question. My vision with Click Funnels is to take over the world. No, you can see ... I did a podcast on this a little while ago. When we first launched Click Funnels it's funny a lot of people were like, "When did you come to the idea with Actionetics and Backpack?". Those were from day one. We had the Click Funnels explainer video, the Actionetics and the Backpack explainer videos all created the exact same day. That was the vision from day one. You guys will see ... More fun stuff is coming very, very soon.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys jumping on the Periscope. Hey, it will be an awesome time. You know I like keeping these short and giving you guys some ideas and some things to think about. If you had fun today, give me a triple tap. Mark said "I'm super human", I feel tired right now though. After a six day event I had a day off yesterday, I had to come in today to get some stuff done. I'm going to go home and sleep. Actually I'm going to the corn maze with my kids tonight, we are going to go have some fun, it's going to be awesome.

Very, very cool. Anyway, I appreciate you guys. Thanks so much for hanging out today and ... Man, are so many questions coming through. I wish I could answer them all right now, but I can't. I got to go. You got to go, get back to work. Get back focusing, get back changing the world, serve people in your way and it will change the world, it will be amazing. I appreciate you guys, thanks so much for hanging out today and I will talk to you guys all again tomorrow. Check it out tomorrow. Bye guys, bye. Mike said "Of course the wrestler knows about tapping out". See you guys. Bye.


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