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Ep 27 - Reverse Engineering Your Success- Simple Guide To Make Exactly How Much $ You Want Everyday!



Hey everybody! Oh man, I'm doing double duty. We've got Facebook Mentions going, and we've got Periscope happening. (Laughs) Okay, I want Mentions, I want Facebook to meet Periscope and Periscope to meet Facebook. You guys are both hanging out right now, so I have no idea if anyone on Facebook is actually watching but Periscope we've got 50 people already on. I try them both. Everybody keeps telling me, "Hey Russell, if you do Facebook Mentions you get more people. If you do Periscope you, you get more." I have no idea, so we are trying them both out today. I've got two different cameras happening, and we will see what happens. Right now on Periscope, Periscope is crushing Facebook right now. We've got 3 viewers on Facebook, looks like and 82 on Periscope. So, I'm a big fan.

So [Jeek 00:00:53] keeps asking how do you apply this in the auto business? You've asked me that every single day. So what do you think? It's all the same. Do you want leads? Follow a lead funnel. If you want sales? Follow a sales funnel. If you want to do Periscope, deal with your clients, your customers. It's not that hard. You've just got to bridge the gap. Yes, I do one-on-one coaching if you go to dot com you can find it. Good, I'm glad you've got that.

All right so we are at all most 100 people right now. Again for those of you jumping on ... So Periscope, meet Facebook Mentions. Facebook Mentions, meet Periscope. We are all hanging out today. We are doing two cameras to see what's going to happen. I'm excited to have you guys all here today. So we have 115, I need 15 more people on Periscope then we can get started with our marketing quickie for today.

So this is the marketing quickie show. I've got some cool stuff happening with the marketing quickie show, you guys. We've got a lot of cool stuff. We've got a cool intro coming, a theme song and music and it's going to be really, really fun. If you guys want to learn today's marketing quickie which is how to get 100 clicks a day, or how to reverse-engineer whatever it is you want, then I need 10 more people on here. You can click over right here and you can share, and then more people can jump on with us. "Hi Russell a.k.a. the funnel-meister." (Laughs) That's awesome. Very, very cool. So thanks for sharing everybody. Someone said they are watching both of them and they are not synced. Very, very cool. I will do a think to talk about quick division funnel here on a focus one. Thank you Stacy for sharing. [Cabree 00:02:38], thanks for inviting, Far ... I can't say her name [mak 00:02:38] with for sharing. All right, we are over 130 now so we can get started.

All right, so again, this is going to be one of those weird things where Periscope and Mentions are hanging out. So there's both of you guys for you. All right, let's have some fun.

What I want to talk about is ... Most of you guys probably have a number in your head, right? Every time somebody asks me, like, how much money do you have to make to be successful in your mind, right? So you guys know what that number is? If you do, give me a double tap if you are on Periscope. If you are on Facebook ... I don't think we've got anything that Mentions ... Can you guys punch the screen? I don't [inaudible 00:03:00]. Periscope we've got taps, or triple taps. You know your number. Okay so what's the number? I bet you, my guess is 95% of you guys, your number is $10,000 dollars a month. Am I right? That's like, if I make 10 grand a month, I'm done. Oh, Max marketing threw me off because he said 20k. Well, I bet most of you guys ... 10k a month is like the sweet spot, right? All right (laughs), so someone 100k a month, all right. Whatever. Everyone has different goals.

Now what's hard is [inaudible 00:03:32] then they start going working , we just start working like crazy, right? How do you get to that goal? It's funny, whenever I start working with personal clients one-on-one, that's one of the first things I find out. What are your goals? First off, I want to make sure people have realistic goals because I hate it when people are like, "my goal is to make 18 million dollars a month." I'm like, okay. I get that, eventually but let's make a goal right now we can focus on. So that is the first step, so we figure out a goal.

At our last event we did last week here, I was showing people, if you want to live your dream life ... Like right now, I live in an amazing house, 11,000 square foot house. It's amazing. I drive an awesome car, all of these kinds of things. My cost of living, it's under 20 grand a month, by far. Like, a lot below that, right. So let's say my cost of living, 20 grand a month times, what, a year. You are looking at 240 grand a year. 240 grand a year to live like, pretty crazy, right? So let's just say, that's your goal. 20 grand a month and you are set, right? So let's just say that is your number, right? So if that is your number right now, 20 grand a month? For 20 grand a month you can live like a king in America. At least in Boise. Who knows about New York. That's like, probably not good, right? All right, so there you go.

This is how you've got to reverse engineer. This is a graph I just kind of drew out, but you need to figure this out because this is going to be your blueprint for what you've actually got to do, right? This is just a sample one. This is not the perfect one. No, I'm not like RJ. I'm pretty humble and I'll set that outside of my wrestling room, which is kind of crazy.

So, here you go. This is like the blueprint right. Just kind of, how am I going to do this. I've only got one hands, I got two things, k. This doesn't have to be for you, like this doesn't have to be exactly what yours is, but something here we say, what is your per month goal, right? You have to figure that out. Here is my per month goal. I got to be making at least "X" per month to be where I want to be. So that is the first step.

Then you've got to reverse engineer that okay. Reverse engineer that . Well, how many things do I have to sell to be able to make that much per month. Well, if I'm selling a $1000 dollar program, I have to sell 20 of them a month. So you have to figure out, is that what it is for you? Is it 20? You sell a $1000 dollar program, you have to sell 20 of them. If so, now you have that number, so you reverse engineer.

Now for me to get my goal, I've got to sell 20 $1000 dollar programs a month, right. Now you've got to do that, so how am I going to sell that? Let's say I sell on a webinar, okay, so I sell on a webinar. Let's say I close 10% of my webinar. That means, if I'm going to sell 20 people I've got to get 200 people to show up live to a webinar every single month. You are trying to get people to show up live, how many people have to have registered. Well, if I get 30% to show up, we are looking at 2, 4, 6, oh maybe 700 people have got to register for webinar. 700 a people a month need to register for webinar. Okay, so if I know that, then how many people do I have to click to get to register and how many people do I have to, how many ads to get people to register.

So right, I have reverse engineered the whole entire process. Does that make sense? So I know, again the title of this little hand out is 100 clicks a day. Right. It's like how many clicks a day do I need to get, to get where I want to go. Right, I know if I need 700 opt ins, I might need, let's say 7000, an opt in pays at only 10%, I need 7000 clicks a day right. So that's it, or a month. For me to hit my goals I need to get 7000 clicks a month. 7000 clicks will give me 700 webinar registers, which gives me 200 show ups, which gives me 20 customers which makes me $20,000 dollars. If you don't know that, right now, in you business, or whatever your personal goals are, you are probably just, like, shooting stuff in the air and you are going, like crazy, and you don't even know. You have no idea, like, if things are even working or not, right. That is the hard thing. You have no idea if it's even working.

The best thing to do is you map that out and then you start driving in traffic and you start going through and say okay well, I'm driving the clicks and, lo and behold, I'm not getting 10% opt in, I'm getting 50%. So wow, I'm getting way more people to register. But then, my show up rate is only like 5%, so my show up rate sucks. So my close rate is at 15%, so that is higher but my ... If you look at what's following based on your plan, and what's not, right. So you look at those two things. This is working and this is not working. You can kind of see those things and then based on that you come back, and you can tweak.

So say, okay, click rate is awesome but opt rate's horrible. How do I fix that and you keep tweaking until it gets to about, what you were imagining and whoa, now it's where it needs to be. So this is going awesome and my close rate sucks. So you tweak that, and you kind of go back, and you get exactly what you want. Okay. The reality, guys, if you know what you want, reverse engineer and just do it. It's pretty, pretty, pretty easy when you look at it that way. All right.

So, [inaudible 00:07:50]my web says, "my very first Periscope." I'm glad it was you too. Thank you. (laughs) All right, so cool so, How many of you guys want this little handout thing right here? This little booklet's got a whole bunch of cool handouts on cool stuff. So maybe we will cover some everyday. If you guys want this book, this is something I do give away as part of an integral pack for a continuity program. If you want it just go to, I think this is the domain. So Then we have a whole big info, you sign up for a continuity program and you get this little booklet plus like 5 DVDs. A sweet book and a whole bunch of other cool things. So If you want this book, just go, again it's and there is an offer there. Yeah, that's about it you guys.

That's what I had for you guys today. I hope you guys are having fun. If you had a good time today, if you are in Periscope give me a triple tap. If you are in Mentions, I don't know, this is my first Mentions so I don't even know what you guys are supposed to do, like click or comment, or something. I don't know. We got 15 viewers here. 150 of you guys. We've got 10 times that many people in Periscopes. So Periscope people say hi to people in Mentions. Show them what it's like to have some fun. Give them some hearts. Give them a ton of hearts. The more hearts the better. Maybe we get Mentions. Maybe we get Zuckerberg to start pumping some more people here because the twitter dudes, I don't even know who, twitter Periscope, who the dudes are. But Zuckerberg's slacking. He's only got 18 viewers here. We've got 153 live right over here so ...

Oh yeah, I screwed up. Forgiveness. It's not Somebody's going to [inaudible 00:09:23]redirect as an affiliate. I totally messed up. (laughs) Sorry, I should have prepared, I should have looked at that before I got on here. Very, very cool. So, again, if you guys, this is your homework assignment for today. You've got to reverse engineer what you want. Counting the process we just went through. I did it in a very fast, like, off the cuff thing, but you guys can do it as well. You should be doing that. So, that is the goal for you guys. Again, if you want this thing right here go to You get this booklet with a bunch of cool stuff as well as a bunch of other cool things as well.

How many hearts till I hit my goal? I don't even know. I don't even know if I have a goal so give me as many hearts as you can. Oh yeah, it's not dcslabsmonthly over on Facebook line, it's dcslabsmonthly. All right, very, very cool.

All right, appreciate all you guys. If you had fun today make sure you show up tomorrow. Tomorrow we dive into something else and we will see if we should keep Facebook, or not. I'm going to go log into my Facebook account to see if I can see how this whole thing works. I think I figured out Periscope finally. I'm getting it! So that's kind of fun. The marketing quickie show, you know, we've got some cool stuff coming. We have been doing this for a little bit now, and some really fun things are coming for you guys as well. We've got Kevin and Kristen are hanging out chatting on our ... I think that's exciting. This is like a hang out for you guys now. So you guys can use this as that platform if you need to come and hang out with your friends everyday. Anyway, appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day! I am going to go and hang out with my kids, and have some fun. We will see you guys later. Bye.

Look at this, for Facebook, look at these hearts coming in. That's like, that's what we need. We need more of that in Facebook. All right. See you guys. Bye.

I've got to figure out how to turn these things off.


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