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Ep 28 - Awesome Advice I Read Today That YOU (And I) Need BAD!!



All right, we've got mentions again ... Hey everybody, what's up Simon Crier! I love that even though it's late at night, Australia is here. Simon is in the house. We've got mentions again, we're doing mentions on Periscope. You guys can all hang out again, which is kind of fun. What's up Troy Holds! Troy and I beat each other up today in the workout room which is awesome. How's everybody doing? Thank you Stan, who said marketing quickies are the best. Harris, I'll roll anytime, man. Oh, and Ann just bought Funnel Hacker, congratulations, welcome! If you guys want to welcome her to Funnel Hacks, give her a triple tap, because that's exciting. What's up Morgan? I wish there were taps on Facebook. I don't even know what to do on Facebook. You can flick it or something. On Periscope, there's all these hearts that come up. It's so exciting!

Thanks everybody. Dang, we're already over 118, which is exciting! I've got some cool stuff, and I've got a call I've got to be on in 6 minutes, so this will be kind of fun. Christian, what's up? This is the first time you've seen me here, welcome! Sorry about interrupting you, Tim, on your funnel, keep working. Happy birthday [inaudible 00:01:17]! What's up dude? All right guys, I am so excited. Kevin's in Boise, awesome. Troy said "Dude, you're my hero." You're my hero too, man. I'm excited.

All right, we're going to get started. I was going to wait until we got 100 people, but we're already over 100, we have 136 on Periscope, we are at 14 on ... if you guys, if you Periscopers thing Dimension is slacking, give me a triple tap, because they are slacking. There's not very many people on there. I don't even know if it's worth doing, but we're there. Zuckerberg, you've got to help me out, man. We want you guys, but everybody's over here on Periscope.

All right, cool. Let's jump into this because I've got to be off in 5 minutes. So, there was a post that David Davis made today in the click funnels group, and it was awesome. I wanted to read part of it. It's kind of long, so I'm not going to read the whole thing to you, but it was really good. He gave a whole bunch of advice to beginner season people, and it was amazing. I'm not going to read the whole thing because it's kind of long, but if you go to our click funnels facebook group, so if you want to see the group right here it's Join the group and search for David Davis's thing, and you can read the whole thing, but I'm going to read part of it because it's really good. Oh, for mentions, there's the link. I don't know if you can even see that.

So he said, "I see a few people struggling to get a few core concepts, and I hope this makes things a bit clearer. Here are some of [inaudible 00:02:44] and lessons I've learned in the past few years. I believe this will add money to your bottom line." Which by the way, it was amazing. I don't know, David, if you're even watching this, but this was awesome advice. I was cheering when I saw this. So he said "Number 1, lead magnets do not really increase my opt ins." Interesting, huh? But if you keep ready, he says "But, they do increase the sales on the back end." Interesting, and he explains why, so that's important. "Number 2, frame your traffic. It starts with an opt in page." And he kind of goes through. What he just said is huge.

If those guys who are in Boise last weekend we did the funnel catcher event. It's all about this, framing your traffic, the pre frame you take them through, and how adjusting the frame will do everything on conversions on everything. In fact, every page in your sells flow, your landing page, your sales page, your upsale page, every page is a pre frame for the next page. It's very important to understand, and I spent 2 days talking about it, and he nailed it right here. "Number 2 is you've got to frame your traffic. 2B, do not be lazy." I love this one! This guy speaks my language. "Do not be lazy. Most people are looking for simple solutions to complex problems. Don't do that. You're not going to get all the Facebook traffic with one ad. Build your creative, then your landing page, based on the ad with marketing modality in mind. Then build another, and another. Build out your funnel scenario, and get all the leads you can take out of the marketing modality you're using, and by default your funnel will have a wide mouth for said marketing modality. Most modality's get enough traffic to fuel your business. You are not optimized to get it."

What he just dropped there, that bomb? That's worth a million bucks, those who read that and listen. That was huge. Read that one again. "2C, use thank you pages as a segue." He's talking about pre framing from your thank you page as a segue to your next funnel. It's the next place you want to take your audience, which is awesome. I'm giving him a 5 tap because this guy's awesome. For those who missed it, it's on the click funnels facebook group., and it's a post by David Davis. It's super long. 2B was don't be lazy, 2C was your thank you page.

"Number 3, you do not have a traffic problem, I promise." This one I laugh, because I get it all the time. "I just don't have any traffic!" No, your landing page sucks, your product sucks, nobody wants to buy it. If you have a good offer and a good funnel, you don't have a traffic problem. I'll flip it around here so you guys can see it real quick. There it is again. Where are we at right now? We are at "You do not have a traffic problem, I promise." Which is so true. "Number 4, sell one thing at a time. This is huge. Do not sell a million things." I wonder if I could do this so you guys can see my face through this one while we're reading it. "Sell one thing at a time." So every page in your funnel you're selling one thing, not 5 things. Your opt in page you're selling one thing, your squeeze page you're selling one thing, your upsell page is only one thing. This is huge. This is very important.

"Number 5, make things clicky in your emails." If you notice that every one of my emails has a video image with a big play button, there's a reason why I do that. Take note, make clicky things in your emails.

"Number 6," this is beautiful, this made me think. "Number 6, you are building a newsletter. You pick the news, but it has to vary. If you're sending the same things, video sales page, video sale offers, it's not new. Send them different articles or videos." I want to print this thing out and put it on a t shirt that I have to read every single day. It's good for me, it's good for all of you guys. It's amazing. I've got one more minute, I have to keep going fast. [inaudible 00:06:35] filling links. "Number 7, stop trying to figure everything out. Number 8, you don't have a traffic problem. Number 9, test everything as fast as you can. Number 10, have a back it. Number 11 scale up yesterday." And number 12, which is the best part of all, this is why I love this guy, "Buy all of Russel Brunson's stuff."

Anyways, it's awesome. So, this is where you guys have got to go, to read this post, it's amazing. Just search for ... it's from David Davis, who I am now his biggest fan. This post was amazing. All right, I'm coming back. So this post is amazing, if you haven't read it yet, read it. If you guys agree, give me a double tap. We should all buy David a gift. It was amazing. There's a triple tap [inaudible 00:07:24] an extra thousand bucks just like that. That's awesome! All right, anyway, go read the whole thing, guys. Again, I just read over the bullet points, but it is worth its weight in gold. Print it out, read it every single morning when you're trying to figure out and get the right mindset to win this game, because that is what it's all about. What's up, Stacy? How's it going? I am one minute late for my call, I've got to jump out of here because I can't miss that. I appreciate you guys, thanks for hanging out. Hope you had some fun, and again go read that, and I will talk to you guys all again tomorrow. Bye everybody!


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