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Ep 29 - My New Project Management Funnel



Hey everybody what's going on? We are doing some crazy stuff over here. That's awesome! Okay, I think we've figured out a system for this you guys. We've got mention's pulling off of this monitor over here. These are seen behind the scenes magic onto a picture of my periscope, right there. If you guys want to say hi to all of the mention's people, give them a triple tap and say, hi. Kevin Maddison, I'm reading my comments, man. I'm just talking as fast as I can, sorry.

Hello from Vancouver. (vid-buzz) is busy, he just got his shirt. Good morning great art photos. Thank you for your time. Thank you.

All right guys, I'm really excited. Anyway, we're figuring it out. Hello from Denmark, from Vancouver.

Awesome guys, we'll get started in a minute. I created something really cool that I want to show you guys. It's my new project management funnel. Veer to success, I read your name, I read your name! What's up Jimmy? I want to know the diet bro'. Kevin this is the diet. This is the magic. But that's from today. Jonathan you can get a shirt, message our company. We can find out what's going on and send it out.

We're going to get started in a minute. I'm going to show you guys my new project management funnel to help you get more crap, a.k.a. more stuff done. And if you're interested ...

I wonder if there's going to be a lag because it's like lag there, huh? So might be a lag for mentions. Ah, we'll figure this out eventually.

All right, if you guys want to know more about my project management funnel, how to do it, so you can get more funnels done, more crap done, more stuff done. I need a couple more people, we need at least 150 people. If you want that, scroll over and click on "share". We are at 123 people, we need 150 or I can't get started. Because I got the goods and if you want me to share, I need you guys to share. Natalie just shared, thank you. Or (nat-ridge-way). (in-dog-uh-son) just shared. (an-nuh-mo-see-vuh) thank you for inviting your followers, I appreciate it. We got a 2 year funnel hacker here, very cool. (win-um) thanks for sharing. Natalie St. Tammy shared. Sword- thank you guys, thank you. They're coming in to fast, I can't even say it now. Dr. Stern shared on Facebook. Troy shared... Scott. Thank you guys, thank you.

All right, I'm curious as I'm waiting, we need another 12 more people and we can get started. As I'm waiting, and we got a brand new funnel hacker in the room, congratulations. I was waiting for the last 8 people to show up before we can get started. I'm curious, how many of you have a process for creating funnels inside a cliff phone? Not just a process inside of cliff phones, but a process of how you build the whole thing.

We just hit 150! I can share now you guys. I can give you the goods. What I've been doing is in my company, there's parts of the funnel process that I really like, there's parts that I don't like, there's parts that other people are better than me and things like that, right? How many of you guys when you're building a funnel, there's one part that's your favorite that you love, that there's one part that you love the most, give me a double tap. And if you are not just in love with it, you're obsessed with it I need a triple tap.

Mr. Thirteen yes, I am an ex-freestyle and Greco wrestler. Being happy, what's the funnel? Sells funnel. How we sell products online. Luke just likes making the money, so if you like making money, that's cool.

There's some parts in the funnel that I like, there's some parts that I hate doing. Adrian said "I hate adding tags for pixels lol". So if you guys hate ... There's a part of click funnels ... If there's a part of building funnels that you hate, give me a triple tap as well if you're like, "I just hate this part, I don't ever want to do it again, it's horrible".

How many sales funnels have I made? I've made well over a hundred. I'd say probably 200-250 somewhere in there. Sweet, Mr. Thirteen's a wrestler too. There's my cauliflower ear on this side, I got a little bit over here. Kevin wants to know what his packet is. It's amazing.

I did a periscope called, "The Number One Entrepreneur Supplement of All Time". If you go to and search for that, I talk about it.

I'm going to show you guys project management file. We all know what cliff phones are, right? Or funnel, you got your opt-in page, sales page, up-sell, down-sell; the funnel process. But today, I was like, there's people on my team that help me with this funnel building. There's parts that I like, there's parts that I don't like, there's parts that I wish I was good at but I suck at and people are more amazing. I'm going to show you project management funnel. How many of you guys want to see? If you want to see, give me a triple tap, or a quadruple hit, four fingers! You got to pound it out, four fingers if you want to see it. All right, cool.

Let me show you guys this. I'm going to go right here, I'm going to flip the screen around so you can see the other side here. Okay, if you asked to see this, keep tapping, keep tapping. You have 5-finger taps. But if you just slap it, it doesn't count. [inaudible 00:05:01] any hard, you have to pound it.

I use ... Project manager is a tool called Trello. Trello is free. They probably have a paid version but I've never had to pay, and I don't even know how they make money, because I've never paid and I use it for everything.

So this is Trello. I look a the funnel process; what's happening. For me, this is my ... Check this out, this is the project management funnel. Okay? So this is kind of what's happening in my business to get a funnel done. Over here, this is called "projects", "funnels", "idea" or "phase". These are all Russell's ideas of stuff I want to build. I just come in here, and this is like me daydreaming. I don't know about you guys, but entrepreneurs, we have a million ideas, right? And typically we're trying to do 30 ideas at once. For me I don't try to do thirty ideas at once, I try to do one or two. Well, you're not going to believe me here in a minute when you see everything. For me, if I get the idea out of my head and I put it somewhere, then I'm not like stressing out about like, "I need to do that thing!" So step number 1 is get it out of my head into an idea phase where it's sitting somewhere.

So there it is, there's the idea phase. And I started doing this today so there's actually probably two or three more screens than this, but I've been working on this today and I just want to show you, that's why I'm here. Here's the project phase, here I'm dumping all my ideas get out of my head just so they're somewhere so I can sleep at night. I don't know about you, but when I'm excited about something, I can't sleep at night until it's somewhere tangible so I don't want to forget about it. So I throw it in here, I might like add comments of things. Stuff like that. So the software I'm using is called Trello. And again, it's free, I think. So there's my project ideas.

Now we're [inaudible 00:06:30] projects for me. And I know everybody's different, but for me, first to have the idea out there, and then for me, make the idea real, I have to have a logo, or brand name, or something ... Like I have to have a logo design or else it's not real to me. I don't know why, but that's just how my brain works.

When I'm ready to move something from idea phase to turn it into a project, I got to get a logo design. So the first thing is I move it over here. I drag it and drop it over here to the brand name. There's a guy on my team named Rob, he is a ninja, one of the best designers I've ever met in my entire life. I drop it over to here, and Rob comes and grabs them and he does the logo and the branding on all of these different things. He sees some of the projects we're working on here. We got bio-hacking secrets he's working on logos right now. Life-hacking secrets, funnel capture, cliff doodles, instant survey, gener- How many of you guys are curious about what instant survey generator is? Mark getting (quick-ee) show. This is the logo he's doing for our podcast show. Then we got funnel scripts, "Oh what's funnel scripts, Russell?" So these are things that he's doing a design on.

So that's my first step. I have to have logo or else I can't ... The rest of the vision for me is invisible until I see logo. When I see logo, I'm like, "All right, I'm in. Now I know what to do." So that's the second step is the branding phase over there. And I apologize for you guys who are on mention, I know that you are probably hearing everything delayed. So I apologize, we'll figure this out eventually.

After you get the logo then, for me now, I can get started, I can do the next step. Then I move people from ... I move the car from this. If I say, "I'm ready to work a life-hacking sequence I grab it, and I move it over here to the Russell design section. So this is the part where I get to play with it. Now my favorite thing about cliff funnels, I go in there and do the initial page design. And I'll spend hours on the header and the background image, and the colors and the padding and the look and the feel just until it's perfect. And I'm super picky about that. I just do it until it's just amazing. And as soon as I have the first page done, that's where I get bored and then I'm like (sighs). And I don't like the next phase, I don't like doing that all the millions of pages that go ... I just like design the initial look and feel and structure and layout of the funnel.

So my project is I come in here, I do the entire funnel ... The initial page design, all that kind of stuff there. I detail on it as long as I want until I'm done until I'm like boom, I've got the framework now, I've got the look the feel for it. How many of you guys is this your favorite phase too? If it is, give me a triple tap. Or how many of you guys is like the branding phase, you like doing the branding. I wish I had the skill set to do this, that would be my favorite. But I'm not good at it.

So here's the initial funnel design. I do that, because if I can do nothing all day except for anything, I'd do this all day long. That's where I would live. So I love it. If you guys agree with me, triple tap.

So now the funnel ... The page design is done. For example, those who've seen our recent launch, Let me show you this first page. How many of you guys have seen this page before? So for this one for example, Rob did this logo right here, and he also did this sweet background image right there. Those are two assets. I don't know how to use Photoshop so I'm not do that. So he designed those for me. That happened over here in the branding phase, then I came over here, and I built out this page. I did the top thing of the cliff funnels, I did the red color that matches the color of the wheel. I did this where the headline kind of popped. I did the shading, I did the layout of here, I did this, I did the color there. I did the four videos under here, I did this, I did the footer. That was me, I did that. I spent hours and hours doing that and then it was done.

Now in this launch sequence, there's a whole bunch more pages. For me, after I've done that, the other pages aren't as exciting for me. They still are, but not quite as exciting. For me though, extremefunnelmakeover, I did all those pages, and it was awesome but it was also kind of hard. What I just recently did is ... One of my friends, I brought him on my team to become my funnel assistant. Now in this process, this is what I'm excited for is ... when this part's done ... Sometimes he'll be doing this part as well. Then we'll move it from the initial funnel design over to funnel build out. Jimmy will be running these and taking these funnels and building out all the pages and linking and the structure and all the other things, and making it so that it's not just one page, but an amazing whole funnel.

When that's done, then ... So now we have all the pages and all the funnels done. We just finished, then we move over here to this guy named Chris on my team. Chris is a designer, he also is encoding and CSS, but what I have him do is have him go through all the pages, and you know I can click funnels ... By default, everything is mobile responsive. Your pages just are. But just because it's mobile responsive doesn't mean it's good mobile responsive. It's not always perfect. And cliff funnels, every single element you can it turn it on or off in mobile. So Chris does, is he goes out and gets his iPad and his phone and he looks at every single page in the site that way. And he goes in element by element, and he either turns it on or off, so that if it's mobile design it goes and turns off the ones that when it is on phone, it doesn't have everything on the page, but just the things that are essential to actually make it look good.Chris does that mobile optimization part just to make it so that everything is kind of in line there. That's what Chris does.

And when Chris has done that, making sure all the pages all mobily optimized then it moves over here, where we got two guys Jimmy and John will go through the page and they test it all and they try to buy, they try to break it, they try to opt in, they try to make sure everything works across the whole process. Nothing doesn't work ... All the links are linking to the right pages ... All that stuff is just perfect. The worst thing is launch a funnel not tested, you've got to test everything, right? Every scenario. We test it all, and then when it's tested, then it gets [inaudible 00:12:18] completed. And when it's completed, then we remove it from this board, which this is our project management funnel board, then it gets moved over to our traffic board and we got a process kind of like that called the funnel capture process. It happens in Trello as well.

That is how we do ... Again we do all inside of Trello which is a free tool. Let me flip this around real quick. Trello is project management software. Again I say it's free as far as I know. I think you can pay, but I don't know how ... They give you everything for free pretty much. I keep wanting to give them money, but it's so good, the free version, I don't know how or what I would get if I paid. Yeah, so I use it for free. Again I don't know how they're making money, but there you go. Adam is like, "You stole Jimmy from me!" Aww, Adam, I'll share him with you, don't worry.

That's kind of what's happening on my site, because I'm trying to increase the production of funnels in my company. And it's really really cool ... Yes I am coming to the U.K. Check out my calendar. I'm going to be in the U.K., right there. What is that? November 15th or something like that.

That's kind of the process again, how we're doing the funnel [inaudible 00:13:36]. I was talking to Trey Luell and there's a hu-

Somebody tried to call through, I hope I didn't lose you guys. I'm also going to Australia. Stephen's got cold root beer for me. Sweet.

What was I saying? Sorry, the phone call threw me off. I was talking to Trey, and Trey is a cliff phones user, he's one of our inner circle members, he's awesome. He's killing it with the funnels. And one thing he told me, he said, "In our company, we have a rule, we have to launch a funnel every single week. A new funnel every single week, a new funnel, a new funnel." Not like a whole new business, it's like a new front end funnel that gets people into his world. I thought, "Man that awesome, I need to make that a part of my process as well." I need to be producing more funnels. How do we do that? How do we do it consistently? How do we make it awesome? This is how we're doing it, is through this project management software. Making project funnels, so that we can crank stuff out. And like I said the next one after it goes through the project funnel then it'll transition to the traffic funnel. Maybe I'll share that another day. Not today, because I haven't finished building that all out. I'm trying to systemize all of our processes here on our side.

(vid-bizzy), how do you find my Australia visit? I'm speaking at (mel-emry)'s event so if you search (mel-emry) and then event in Sydney that's happening October 23, 24, 25th. Other than that, I have no idea how to do it.

Any tips on how to set up funnel for beginner? Yes! Go watch all the funnel hacks training. And that's it. That will teach you everything you need to know.

How many people do you have on your team from [inaudible 00:15:04] funnels? So right now if you looked at my process here, we've got Rob who designs the logo, Russell, that's me, who does the initial build out. Jimmy does the big build out, Chris does the mobile optimization, and then Jimmy and John that do that. So a lot of people doing little things and I say me and Jimmy are more full-time on it. Two and a half, three people on my time. Yeah, hope that helps.

How many of you guys found this useful where you're like, "Wow, now I understand Russell's process, I can make something kind of similar." I'm curious if you are. If you like that, you got some good info, got you thinking a little differently, give me a triple tap or a quadruple tap.

Dang, Adam said periscope dropped from a little bit. Hopefully it hasn't missed too much. But we got the recording, so we should be good.

Bunch of questions coming out of traffic stuff but that is outside of the scope of this scope. So we will cover that later. For now, hopefully, that gives you some ideas of how you can structure you project management wards.

I hope this awesome ... Oh, recording. I posted recordings on our blog. If you go to I'll pull that up right here. Can you see it? If you go there we post all of them here. There's one that I did yesterday. So they're all there on the blog.

All right guys, that's all I got for you today. Hope you had a fun time, hope you learned something new, something well. (Win-um) thank you for tapping away, his fingers are bleeding, I appreciate you man. Thanks everybody, have an amazing day, and I'll share some more cool stuff with you guys tomorrow. That's about it. Have a fun day, go make some funnels, have some fun, and we'll talk to you soon. Bye!


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