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Ep 30 - My 1 Simple Trick To Sell REALLY Expensive Stuff...



Hey everybody, we are officially live! How's it all going?

Welcome everybody to periscope if you're over here or facebook mentions if you're over here. Let's go in imagine how to.

How's it going Henry, what's up my man?

All my friends are here, I feel bad I was gone for the weekend, I took Friday off and I missed you guys. Do I [inaudible 00:00:32] I don't think so.

Welcome, we've got a first timer here. Hello, hello. What's up Liz Benny, good morning! I think it's a good morning, maybe good evening? Pretty sure it's morning. Very cool.

Awesome guys, I'm glad you're all here, we're already over 100 people which is exciting. We are cruising, I love it. I've got some cool stuff to share with you guys. How many of you guys want to learn my number one trick for selling really, really expensive stuff? If you want to know, I need some hearts.

Thanks. Lifelinksin8 thinks my book was awesome. If you want to know, let me know.

Shylow says she can't comment but she wants to. Triple tap you want to know.

It's awesome, I've got a story about this too, but I can't share it until we have at least 150 people on. We are at 123 on periscope and a little bit less on facebook. This is interesting, Facebook has less live viewers for me but way more replay watchers. It kind of made me a fan of both. For those of you I haven't met yet, mentions me periscope, periscope me mentions, you guys should all become friends. That's kind of what's happening here.

If you want to share it, I don't know to do it on Facebook, I don't know if you can do it on mentions, but periscope - scroll your finger over and share with your friends, your twitter followers or anyone. As soon as we get 150 people then we can start sharing some good stuff. We're close, we're at 144.

Jane thanks for sharing. Ipatrick thanks for sharing on Facebook. If you scroll your finger over and click share, I can get to the goods and the goods are going to be good today you guys, I know it, because I know what it is.

Guyarod to share, thank you Guy.

You can't watch periscope while you're driving! There will be a replay, periscope stores it, I don't want you to die!

Joshua says phone high has gave him so many breakthroughs. Thanks, man! I appreciate that.

Hello from Puerto Rico. Thanks rewardsforlocal for sharing, thanks to johnnybegood for sharing, thanks to Jen. We've passed 150. All right guys, we are in! Now it's time to have fun, are you guys all ready for this?

This weekend my wife and I took a day off, which was awesome. We went and got massages in the morning then we goofed off all afternoon. It was amazing, the whole day was just perfect. I had a good time.

We spotted this new house with this huge driveway. The driveway was probably an acre or two acres of cement. She said, "Hey, Russell, what's going to happen when it snows because I know that you are way too lazy to shovel our old walk", which was really small, "let alone this huge new walk".

I told her, "you're right".

How many of you guys agree that gets way too hard to shovel that much snow? If you agree give me a double tap. If you'd rather die than shovel snow then give me a triple tap.

Jay, welcome the first time.

I actually do like shoveling snow, but after awhile it's way too much. She said, "what if we go and get a four wheeler and we'll hook a snow thing to it and push the snow"?

I said, "that's a great idea!", I loved it. Yes, it does snow in Boise once or twice.

We went to the store to buy a four wheeler and put a snow plow on it. I want to talk about the sales experience because this is how the guy totally screwed it up, hopefully when he has a gift that shows him how we sell expensive things.

First off, we drive in our corvette, which is a nice car. You'd think a sales guy would think this dude's probably got money. Even though I look like I'm 13, I would notice something if I'm the salesperson who walks in like, "hey, they drove in a really nice car, I should probably sell them the most expensive thing".

I walk in, and the first thing the guy does is he starts shooting techno babble. I learned that concept from Kim Claver. He starts talking about how this is the new GRE 64E SE, blah blah blah. I was like, "I don't know?"

It's got x amount of horsepower, all these things that were just way over my head. I wondered what is this guy talking about, I just wanted to give him money for a snow plow in my yard. That's all I know. I'm not a car guy, I don't understand that kind of stuff.

Oh thanks! I'm your hero? You're my hero too.

Anyway, that's the first step - notice who you're selling to. That's rule number one. Rule number two is don't assume that someone knows what you're talking about. Usually, they have no idea. In your head, you know all these terms and techno babble that mean nothing to your client.

The first thing he should've said, "Hey what are you looking for?"

"I need something big to shovel snow."

He should've said, "is that a corvette? He has no idea what he's talking about, I'm going to sell him something really expensive." But he didn't.

He starts rattling off all these numbers and letters that don't mean anything to me. Then I said, "well this one's nice, it's kind of a big one?"

He said, "that one's kind of expensive."

I said, "all right?". Then I look at this other one, they have the ruckus with two seats next to each other. This is awesome. I looked over and then there was one with 6 seats, I thought it was like its own little tank. I thought, "this is awesome!"

I ask how much is the 6 seat one, and he said it was a lot more, probably outside of what I'm looking for. I asked how much more is it, he said it's pretty expensive for one that big. I asked how much more expensive. Finally he goes and looks at the numbers and says that it is 1500 dollars more expensive.

I go from 2 seats to 6 seats, and I've got a handful of kids, for 1500 bucks is a sweet deal. I'm trying to convince him that that's a good deal for me. I'm excited about that.

Then the phone rings, so he walks away from me. I'm someone who's a hot buyer, in the room, ready to drop some money, and he sits on the phone for 5 minutes with somebody else - who knows what? He comes back and apologizes.

Third rule - if you've got someone who's trying to give you money you don't talk to anybody else, you shut off everything. You just focus on getting that money, they've got your money. I wanted to give it to him, we showed up prepared to give him money. He was off for five minutes, but finally comes back and sits down.

I tell him we need a snow thing for the front, how much is a snow thing? He says that it will be extra for that, so I ask how much extra? He needed to go talk to his guys and does a whole schpeel. The guy comes back with a receipt and I'm looking at it and there's a 5 foot snow thing and a 7 foot. My wife asked the difference between 5 and 7, and the guy said that the 5 foot is the same width as the 6 seater so you'd be driving over where it's scraping. I said all right. He said that the 7 foot is a lot more expensive, and I ask how much more. It turns out it's 70 dollars more for an extra 2 feet on the side.

I'm just going crazy, this guy is driving me nuts. Finally after that, my wife and I left saying we'd call them and he didn't try to close us, get our email or nothing. He just gave us his card and we left.

I was driving home and she could tell I was visibly annoyed. I love to be sold to and I hate when people suck at selling. I tried to explain this to her, this is the lesson for you guys and this is the trick to sell really, really expensive things. You guys want to know the trick? This the only rule that actually matters. Give me a triple or quadruple tap.

This is the big secret, this is what I told my wife when I was explaining it to her: When all of a sudden it was 15000 for the 6 seater an the snow plow and everything, well 15000 dollars is a lot for everybody, for him it was a lot of money. It's expensive for him he's freaking out about how no one can afford it because he can't. You have to realize that just because you can't afford something does not mean your customers can't or won't. They probably spend money on stupid stuff all day long. Not that I do.

This was the big thing that I told her: when you guy and buy a car, car people have figured this out - not many people have figured it out - you always see a nice car in the lot and you don't see a big sticker that says this car is 80000 dollars or 200000 dollars. What you see is a sticker on the car that says "payments as low as 297 a month". You start to think, "can I afford 297 dollars per month? I can! Sweet, I can buy this car". They never even tell you how much money the car is, right?

I'm curious for you guys listening, what's the monthly payments on a 2 million dollar home? When you think 2 million dollars you think aww, I can't afford that, that's way too much money, I can't buy a 2 million dollar house. If you think about it, and you do the math, payments on a 2 million dollar house is only 9500 a month, under ten grand. If you find this amazing house and its only ten grand a month, and you're making 20 grand a month then you're in the house. You can cover the monthly payment, it's not that hard.

When we sell our super, super expensive things this is how we do it. We don't come and say this is going to be x amount of dollars, that freaks people out a lot of times. You have to change the perception side of their mind, you have to help them understand what they're actually paying.

For example, when we used to sell business opportunity things, we were selling a 5 thousand dollar package, this was the key. People are broke, my people can't afford it. I said that people don't give you money because they're broke, they don't give you money because you suck at selling it - that's it. It all boils down to they're not not giving you money. They may be broke but the reason they're not giving you money is not because they're broke. That's the excuse that you or your sales person is making up. T he reason they're not giving you money is because you suck at selling - you don't understand this one principle.

If I started selling a 5 thousand dollar thing, I tell them the price is 5 grand and they can't afford that. I tell them I know you can't afford that, that's why you're in this program, that's why you're coming to this program. So, let me explain how it works.

There's the little thing that we have out there called Visa and Mastercard, and they'll actually finance this for you, is that cool? This is how the financing program works at Visa/Mastercard. You put the 5 thousand dollars down on Visa/Mastercard and they're gonna finance this for you over the next however long it takes you. What do you think your monthly minimum payment is on a 5 thousand dollar program? They decide 5 thousand dollars is maybe 100 bucks a month.

So, you pay 5 thousand dollars right now to Visa/Mastercard, it doesn't cost you anything. Visa/mastercard pays it, they give me the money, and you get involved in my program. We start working. Lets say after the first 30 days you can make the minimum monthly payment, 100 bucks. You think that 30 days is a short amount of time, so lets just say you don't make any money in your first 30 days - do you have the means to cover a 100 dollar bill this month? They say they can pay for 100 bucks.

Now you're in the program, you're on month number two. You're going through month number two, and at the end of the month you've been 60 days in the program. You'd think at the end of 60 days you could make at least 100 dollars. They say, they think so but maybe not. Lets say you don't - could you handle another 100 dollar minimum monthly payment on month number two? They say they can cover 100 bucks, so they cover that.

Now on month number three, 90 days, end of 90 days you have a business that is making at least 100 dollars per month. They say yes they can. So, month number three, from your earnings you pay the minimum monthly payment on your credit card, now that's paid off. It didn't cost you any money out of your pocket, this business we created in the last 90 days paid for that. In month two it should still be making at least 100 bucks per month. From the money that business is paying you, you pay out that minimum monthly payment and you increase that until it's paid off.

All you're really looking at purchasing today is 100 per month until your business is making at least that, then it's free. Can you afford 100 dollars per month right now to get started? Yeah, they can. Right?

That's it you guys, that is the secret. That's how you sell really, really expensive stuff. That's why car dealerships can sell 100 thousand dollar cars. For me, it's 400 bucks per month. Can I afford 400 bucks per month? Sweet, I'm in.

A house, the house keeping market has not figured it out yet, the rental market has. This guy, he could've came to me and said they'll finance and you're looking at 30 bucks per month. If you get the 6 seater it's going to be maybe 32 dollars per month. An extra 2 dollars a month when you go from two seaters to six seaters? I'm in. Then they should say if I want the big snow plow it's going to add another dollar a month, so you're looking at 35-36 bucks a month - you pay 35-36 bucks a month to have this beauty in your house tomorrow. Heck yeah I can!

Boom! That's how it works. You guys getting this? I'm trying to drop some values so you guys can make some money. So you can invest more money with me. That's the game plan.

If you guys like that, give me a triple tap. I hope this has been fun.

I had some fun. Our scopes I bought 30k car but write a check for 30k why waste money on interest? You're right, if that guy would've closed me I would've paid cash too. That doesn't matter, the majority of people are not going to drop cash on this. How do you sell to the masses really, really expensive stuff? That's it.

Look at my webinar pitch, in the q & a section at the end, people say they can't afford 1000 bucks. I explain what's the minimum monthly payment on 1000 bucks? Like 10 bucks a month? I'm not asking you to pay 1000 dollars, I'm asking you to pay 10 bucks a month right now. Do you think you can afford that? When that's the pitch, it's not hard to sell. I want to make sure that you guys are understanding that that's the magic, how we make this stuff happen. That's how we sell 5 or 6 or 7 million dollars a year just on high ticket sales. Not counting all the other stuff we're doing. It's kinda cool.

I hope that helps you guys out a little bit. How many of you guys want to learn more of this cool stuff? I'm telling you this because we just got a call from our ignite members - we're doing a 10 week night challenge right now, and we're crushing it. We just did the week number 2 call and it's been amazing. If you guys want to be apart of the ignite program I'd jump in quick before we're too deep in. Actually we're a week and one day in, so you can jump in now and catch up quick. Just go to Here's the page, you'll see a funny video of me. I almost wore the same shirt today, but it's not.

Can you guys see that? I hope you can see it on both periscope and Can you guys all see that? It's hard to focus these things. If you go there you can apply, jump on our ignite program. We're dropping bombs like this all day long, helping you guys sell a ton of stuff. That's how it works.

Thanks you guys, hope you had fun today. If you did, share this periscope or the mention, we're on mention also and Facebook as well. Mention it or periscope it, if you're periscope give me some hearts, show some love. If you're on Facebook share this. If you got any kind of value out of it I'd really appreciate it. I appreciate you guys.

That's it for today, stay tuned for the marketing quickie show tomorrow. We'll have lots more fun and drop some more marketing quickies on you guys. Thanks everybody, we'll talk soon. Bye.


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