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Ep 31 - About To Launch A New Funnel! Watch Me Launch LIVE Behind The Scenes!!!



Speaker 1: Hey everybody! How's it going? Welcome! Welcome! Today is going to be an awesome day. Oh man! How's it going everybody? The hearts are already flowing. Check it out today here with me guys. I've got Jimmy hanging out today. He's manning mentions. So the mentioned guys, there's Jimmy.

JImmy: How you doing?

Speaker 1: We got everyone coming on, everybody. Excited to have have you guys. We're about to launch a funnel. Who wants to watch? We're so excited. Jimmy and I have been up all night working on this and it's going live. I'm going to click send here in a second with all you guys here. It's going to be awesome. Patrick is ready for some funnel swag.

Patrick: Funnel swag.

Speaker 1: Funnel swag is coming, we bought funnel swag last night.

Patrick: We got the domain, so it's coming.

Speaker 1: It is on. It is on. You guys know Jimmy. Jimmy has been working on the [00:00:47] phone support forever and now he's coming to help me more with my funnels. He's here in Boise today and yesterday and tomorrow and we're working on stuff. We're working on a bunch of cool things. We're going to get started here in about 2 minutes. I'm going to show you guys. We're going to launch the funnel live but only if we have at least 150 of you guys on.

If you want to watch us launch a funnel live, scroll over and click Share with your Friends so we can get at least 150 of you guys on here. It's going to be ... I'm you boy at #Funnelhacker. Oh man. This one over here is mentioned. All the mentioned people check out everybody over here. I just like periscope more.

Let me show you guys. While we're waiting for the rest of you guys to show up, look what Jimmy and I have been working on. We've got 2 funnels live last night. Can you guys all see this? This is Dave Asprey's new funnel from the Bulletproof cookbook, which is awesome. We got that live last night. We've been up all night building funnels, which has been fun.

JImmy: It was great.

Speaker 1: This right here is Tony Robins. Jimmy is not quite used to pulling all-nighters every single night, so I'm breaking him in. We've got Dave's and Tony's and these 2 funnels are going live in about a day or so. We're real excited about those, which is fun and then we're about to launch our funnel and I need 155 or I'm not going to launch with you guys. I'll just hang up and do it on my own. I need at least 6 more people. If you guys want to see this, click over and share with your friends. Let's get at least 6 more people on here and then we can have some fun. Adam said "Tell Jimmy to quit being a little girl."

JImmy: Oh, I am so done with him.

Speaker 1: Adam's talking trash already. Is this looking at me, too?

JImmy: Yes.

Speaker 1: Awesome. This is the plan you guys. How many of you guys who are on here now went to last year's funnel hacking live event? We did Las Vegas. If you were there, give me a triple tap. I want to see who was here, who was at the event, hanging out with us. Oh, you guys can't triple tap but punch your screen or something fun. If you're on mentions. Okay. All right, we passed 151 people.

Last year we did the very first annual ever funnel hacking live event and it was awesome. We initially only booked 400 seats and we opened it for pre-launch and they sold out like that fast. We hadn't even have a chance to launch it yet. We were still at early bird pricing and all the seats were gone and I was like "Aw crap." We had to go to the hotel and they added another room and we had 500 and then they opened up 100 more seats that were gone overnight and then we ended up selling 600 and the fire marshal was pissed because we had sold way too many seats, which is a good problem.

Tons of you guys wanted to come and you couldn't come and it was sad but it was an amazing event and I think it was [00:03:18] were there. Was it not amazing? You guys had a fun time at it.

Funnel hacking is an event we're going to start doing once a year and last night not only did Jimmy and I get Dave Aspery's funnel [00:03:28] and Tony Robin's funnel, we also got the new funnel hacking event, Funnel Live.

JImmy: It's going to be a funnel day.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Our goal ... Jimmy is my new full-time funnel assistant, between me and him, we're going to be busting out a funnel every single day. That's the game plan. We did 3 last night but then tonight, we'll only do 2 or 3 and then it'll slow down to 1 day, which is going to be awesome, right? Today, we're going to launch it live with you guys right now. It's going to be amazing. I know you guys want to see it. I'm going to flip it around so you guys can.

This is the reflection of me showing you there. This is it If you guys come here, this is the page and if you didn't come to the event last time, just watch this video. This video right here, I don't know if you guys can see it all. Oh man, my heart's beating just watching this thing. It is amazing. It's exciting.

Anyway, I'm not going to show you the whole event video. You can go watch that in a second now but this video will show you what you guys missed last time, what happened at funnel hacking live, why it was amazing and again, if you guys were there, give me a triple tap or 4 tap or if you had a great time, because I want everyone to see from all these little hearts you guys are [00:04:41] how much fun this was, right?

Here's funnel hacking live. This is the new page. This video talks about it and then you can do 1 of 3 things on this page. You can either just get the recordings from last year's event or you can get a ticket and the recordings or [00:04:55]

Oh yeah, Morgan's there in the front row. Can you see? We've Vlad right here. We've got a whole bunch of rock stars in there. Right, so take my money out [00:05:05]

This is live right now, so if you guys want to get in, it's not Las Vegas this time. This time we are going to San Diego, I think it's at San Diego.

JImmy: Sheraton Hotel.

Speaker 1: Last time it was Las Vegas, this time we're at San Diego. It's going to be amazing. All you have to do if you want to go is go to, which is cool, right? This is what I want to show you guys. Right now I'm inside Actionetics and I am about to promote the live event. Check us out. We're sending this out to all ClickFunnels members. It's going to say, "Are you coming this year?"

How many of you guys have played an Actionetics so far? This is me building email in front of Actionetics. It is awesome. Are you coming this year? Last year was our 1st ever funnel hacking live event. We still got few a weeks before we ever had a chance to promote the event. This year we pre-sold over 350 of our tickets during last year's event. We only had a few hundred left. You see how I'm underlining this. You get to see me edit something and click in Actionetics. Boom.

We're opening up are early-bird pricing right now. The price will be going very soon. If you missed last year's event, watch this clip to see what you missed. Boom, there's the video and this year we're going to be in San Diego. It's going to be bigger and better than ever. Go reserve your ticket for you and a guest here and there's the link.

That email's been done. I'm going to save it right here. Check this out you guys. We're going to launch this together. Here it is. There's the subject line, Funnel hacking live are you coming this year?. I got to change the name. I'm going to have it come from Russell at ClickFunnels. There's the email you see right here going out to all the funnel hacks members, all the ClickFunnels members, all the ClickFunnels main list and all the extreme funnel make-over lists.

I'm going to send this now and check this out. This is going to go out to a lot of people and hopefully, the page was filled out. There we go you guys, we just launched this. This email should be hitting most of your in-boxes, if you're a ClickFunnels member, any minute now. [00:06:50] couple emails and then you'll go here and you will have a chance... Aw, I gotta go up there. Sorry, I missed the wrong button.

JImmy: So now...

Speaker 1: I clicked the green one. I got too excited for you guys. I'll click send now. Check this out. Boom! Now it's right here. It says scheduled emails and it is going live here in 3 minutes. In 3 minutes, this email will start going out. All right you guys, was that exciting? I know that was just me clicking a button but that is like a whole bunch of hard work to get this funnel live and going and it is awesome. Brian said he has already sold.

I don't even care. I want you guys to come to the event. It's going to be amazing. It's out next funnel hacking live event. If you can't come, at least get the recordings from last year's event because they were amazing. Nate just said he's got on his funnel hacker tee shirt right now, which is awesome.

JImmy: So does Brent and John

Speaker 1: Half our office is wearing out funnel hacker shirts today. Very cool. The dates are March 31st through April 2nd. That's cool. I got a questions for you guys, though. How many of you guys on Facebook or you guys on Periscope, how many of you guys would want to come and actually speak at our next ClickFunnels event. We're looking for 3 ClickFunnels members who are killing it with their funnels, who want to get on-stage and share what you're doing and share your funnels and share everything you're doing? Yes Actionetics replaces Aweber.

Mr. Reiner, what is funnel hacking? Funnel hacking is the process we go through to find people who have successful sales funnels and we model them inside of ClickFunnels.

We've Nader wants to speak, Shiloh wants to speak. If you guys are interested in speaking, there's a little secret thing on this website and this is only for you guys to even know about because you're here with me. Check this out.

If you go to and scroll to the very, very bottom, I don't know if you guys can see this, at the very bottom there's a little link that says speaker application. I don't know if you can see that. Anyway, at the very bottom, there's a link that says speaker application. Click on that and tell me about your experience with ClickFunnels, talk about 1 of your funnels. We're looking for a couple of people to show off their funnels live on stage.

Nader said they made 5 grand last month on ClickFunnels with their very 1st funnel. That's awesome. If you're interested in speaking and showing off 1 of your funnels and ClickFunnels, this is not like a selling event, this is not like I don't believe in those, this is an event where we come and we share. I'm going to share with you guys the cool stuff that we're doing with our funnels. Other speakers will be sharing what they're doing. Those who went last year, you will see that it is amazing. It is the most giving group in the world, everyone kind of shares and it's awesome. There you go.

It looks like the email, let me see if its in my inbox. How many of you guys got the email so far?

I'm curious if any of you guys have the email. If you have the email, let me know. I'm checking my email right now. Boom! I just got it, so check it out. There it is inside my email box. I got the email. It's officially launched. Next year's funnel hacking event is officially live you guys.

JImmy: I've got it on my phone.

Speaker 1: Jimmy got it on his phone. We're live, baby. Sweet! That's on. I hope you guys all come and hang out. It's going to be tons and tons of fun. All you have to do is go to to go get your tickets. These will sell out very, very quickly. Last time, like I said, we sold out during the early-bird special. Early-bird is on right now, the price is going up very, very soon.

If you can't come to the event but you want to get the recordings from last year's event, you can order those at as well.

I hope that was fun for you guys. You got to see behind the scenes of us pushing play and letting a funnel go live. Jimmy's got the email. I'm excited here and so, we're going to start optimizing this page and watching it and seeing what happens and that's about it for today you guys.

What I want you to do right now is go to and check out the video. If nothing else, go watch the video. The video is one that I'm most proud of. I think it's amazing.

Yes, you do get instant access to last year's recordings. If you buy a ticket or if you buy just the recordings, it gives you access to all of that and that's about it.

If you want to be a speaker, scroll down to the footer. There's link that says speaker application, click that and let me know why you think you would be a good speaker and other than that you guys, the event is going to be amazing. We're putting on all the behind the scenes stuff right now and I think you guys are really, really, really going to enjoy it. If you had a good time last year, it is going to be even better this time.

Morgan said "Great sellumentary." I like that. She is on the site right now.

Brian said "Woohoo Russell, keep on rocking. Love ClickFunnels, can't wait to meet the community in person. Well, here's where you will meet the community.

If you guys are coming to the event, give me a triple tap. I want to see you guys all there. I know that most of you already have tickets, we've pre-sold over 350 at last year's event, so most of you guys who were at last year's event already have your tickets, which is awesome. We are excited to see you guys. Those of you who haven't come yet, it's time to come.

Ask Shiloh, she said you're going to love it. It is the best event that anybody has ever done. It is not a pitch-a-thon. It is a funnel hack-a-thon and we have a lot of fun and you will get access to some of the coolest stuff ever. That's what's going to happen you guys. It's going to be cool. That's all I have for you guys today. I've got some more funnels. Jimmy, I got 2 more funnels we have to get live tonight.

JImmy: I'm psyched.

Speaker 1: We're having a lot of fun right now. We're going to go funnel hack it up and I appreciate you guys. Give us some hearts if you had fun today, if you had a good time watching us launch this funnel.

Mr. M: Do I need ClickFunnels before I go to the event? Only if you want to make a crap-ton of money. If not, then wait until March to come to the event and then I'll convince you that you wasted the last 8 months waiting. Go get ClickFunnel! If you don't have ClickFunnel at this point...

JImmy: Sorry.

Speaker 1: I'm sorry, it'll change your business. It'll change your life. I can say that, which is very, very true. I've been talking about we have passed over 10,000 active members in less than a year. I don't know any other software company in our industry that has ever done that. We were watching some of the big start-up Sass companies who took 5 to 8 years to become profitable. We've been profitable since day #1 and we had over 10,000 members the 1st year, 10,000 people can't be wrong, right? I guess they could be at something but not this.

Aversion group said it's the Go to and get your account but then again, go to right now and find out about the funnel hacking event and it's going to be awesome.

Appreciate you guys. Have an awesome day. I'm bouncing out of here. We got some funnels to build. Jimmy and I will talk to you guys later.

Thanks everybody! Bye!


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