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Ep 32 - You're Not Really A Marketer Until You Spend Your Own Money



The messy guest. Can you all see each other? Hey guys, you ready to play? Have some fun? Welcome, welcome to the marketing quickie show. I'm working on some cool branding. I've got a logo now. You guys will see it soon so we've got a marketing quickie show logo that's going to be awesome and right now we're hanging out with you guys, have some fun.

Inception scoping, nice. Very, very cool. Awesome. Simon Crash is a great title. I will explain the title here to you guys all in a minute. Nate Dog is in the house. Scope within a scope. Yes, this is a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream. As you guys know, for those of you who have been hanging out recently, we've got Mentions playing over here, because I was to get some Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew.

Then we've got Periscope over here so twitter people, I don't even know. Where are you guys all from? You guys who are here, say hello and where you're from. Jill from Florida, how's it going Jill? Good day, Mister Russell. I'm hoping from down under somewhere. Sweet, Joe is launching killer funnel tomorrow. We've got the UK, Texas, Houston, Montreal, Michigan.

How about over here from Facebook? Where are you guys all from? Terrell said hello. We've got Ricardo from Jamaica, you've got Utah, Wasabi, South Florida, Arizona. All right you guys, you ready for some fun today? We've got someone from Boise, sweet. All right, Curtis from Pauls, Florida, we've got Faith in Florida. We've got hashtag click funnel hashtag funnel hacker.

Okay, guys, all right, Terrell's from Atlanta over here in Mentions. Okay, guys, so I want to have some fun with you guys today and Rob says he's reading dot com secrets book when I interrupted you. Sorry, man, so if you're not reading the book yet, get the book. Dot com secrets book dot com. It's a free book. This book will teach you everything to know about how to make a crap ton of money on the Internet and crap ton, I'm going to trademark that word. It is a real word, so there you go.

All right, so we're at 117 people on Periscope. We are at, a little less on Mentions. If you guys want me to share this tip, this secret, this marketing quickie, then you should ask really quick. If you're on the phone right now, you can slide your thumb over and say, "Share with Facebook or Twitter," or whatever. You can share with some people. We've got 120 on right now. We need at least 150 or I'm not going to have fun. I won't even share. It wouldn't even be worth any of our time. Sweet, all right, thanks everyone for sharing. Sweet.

Melanie shared. Stacy shared. Rewards for local shared. Marisso shared. Cabriz shared. Stacy shared on Twitter. Thank you, Stacy. Stacy is one of my favorite people in the world, you guys. Kodonka, R Storm, Tammy Savage, Windom Educationally, thank you guys, thank you for sharing. Poop shared. Dump button just poop shared. Curtis has shared. Natalie Nader Ridgeway has shared. All right cool, so, all right you guys, I don't want to spend a ton of time but I want to go over some thing that's really, really, really important.

It's the title of this periscope or its mention, wherever we're hanging out at, wherever you are folksing on this with. Nader, you will become my favorite soon too don't worry. All right, okay so if you guys want me to drop some bombs and share this marketing quickie with you I need some hearts over here. Give me a triple tap if you guys want to hear it. If you give me a triple tap, we will have some fun and I'm going to talk to you guys about what's important. All right, I am getting double tapping.

You can't just double tap like this if you just click like that it doesn't get any starts, you've got to pound it out like going back and forth, three fingers if you're really excited. If you are fired up and you're just ready to rock and roll, give me a quad tap. Dump button's called it a quad tap. All right, cool. The title of this, of our meeting today, this is very important, our marketing quickie today was ... How did I phrase it, I wish I could see my own title. It basically says you're not really a marketer until you've spent your own money. Here is my rant.

We had a chance to interview someone the other day which was really cool and this person was talking about how they're a marketer and has a degree in marketing and all these marketing things right? There was one example, and this was like four or five things that have happened in the last month. Then I was helping some people build out their funnels and I had a chance to work with their marketing team. This is three different companies and I was shocked at the incompetence of these marketing teams. These guys are, "I am a marketer. I have a degree in marketing. I'm a marketing person." Right? Some of them like, "I've read all the books, I've read the copyrighting courses, I'm an amazing copyright." All these things, right?

They're using this as their street credibility on why they're an amazing marketer, right? When push comes to shove, we sit down. Okay, let's figure out a campaign, let's build something, let's do something. They've got nothing. Zero actual skills, okay? I reference that with me on this side. Right now I'm a self proclaimed marketing dude, I've got no degree in marketing, but guess what I do have? I have spent from my own wallet, and on my wallet I've got click funnel sticker so for those of you who want some click funnel swag, the swag store is coming soon. This is my credentials.

I have freaking spent a crap ton of my own money testing marketing and I found out what worked. Guess what else I found out? I found out what didn't work. The things that didn't work, I stopped doing and things that did work, I kept on doing. You want to know why? I was gambling my own freaking money. This is the difference between marketers like all of us and the rest of the marketing world out there who they read books and they talk about it and they spend other people's money and they've got no actual consequence if they screw it up. I got a friend who got a job in a marketing company and they have a budget, like here's our budget it's 30,000 dollars a month.

You need to go spend it and your goal is to get as many impressions as possible. That was it. He's out there spending 30,000 grand a month on ads and he's like, "Man, I am a marketer." You are not a marketer. You've got no accountability whatsoever, all you had to do was just spend money and there's no ... All they wanted was impressions, they want to brand you. That does not make you a marketer. What makes you a marketer is you spending your money out of your own wallet to find out what actually works and until you're willing to do that, you're never going to become a marketer, okay?

That's it. It's very important to understand that because you are going to learn what works and when it's your money and you're gambling your own money, you make difference choices. You think through things. You look at your funnel two or three times like, "Man, is this worth, is someone going to click on this or not? Is someone going to actually give me money or not? Is someone going to give me like?" It makes you think through things way differently when you're gambling your own money and until you're willing to do that, you're not a marketer.

I don't care how much school you go to, how many, how much seminars you go to or whatever. Until you're willing to gamble your own money on your funnel, your project, your dream, you're not a real marketer, okay? That's where we're at. Now it's time for all of you guys to become marketers, okay? I know some of you guys are doing this stuff, projects for other people, which is cool but I want you guys to be good, not ... Actually, I don't want you to be good. I want you guys to be freaking great, okay? The only way for you to become great is for you to take this money and to gamble it on your own thing and try because that is the test.

That is where you figure out what works. I was sitting in this copyrighting things with all these famous copyrighters and they're talking about stuff that they believe and, "Jean Schwartz said in 1913 that a headline with a quotation mark blah blah." All these things that they've heard and they say, but none of you guys have tested out their own money, okay? How do I know these things, right? People are like, "Russell, how do you know so much about marketing?" Because I'm freaking obsessed with it and I spend my own money.

The 108 proven split test, all those tests come from me gambling my own money. The reason why it was important for me to test and find out what works is because that money's coming out of my pocket. If I screw it up, this money is going to my kids, or it's going to the ad network so I've got to make sure that I am good and that I'm sharp and if things aren't working I've got to test them and tweak them very, very quickly and figure out what's going to work. Until you're willing to do that and gamble your own money, you're never going to become great. You could be good, but if you want to become great, that's what it takes and that's the game plan, you guys. I hope that inspires you and gets you motivated and gives you ...

I'm sure it makes some of you guys nervous and like, "Oh, I don't want to do that. I don't want to become a real marketer, then, I'm out." Some of you guys are like, "Man, that's it. If I'm going to become good, this is how we sharpen our ax. It's not just by studying and learning but it's by doing and testing it and that's the way it works. Who needs [inaudible 00:08:11] marketing? Exactly. This is a little bit scarier than blackjack because blackjack, there's a good chance of coming back but you think about, people ask me, "Russell, how did you get so good at building funnels?"

I knew that it was my own money going into this and I didn't have a lot of it at first, so I had to be very, very careful, so I am looking at 1,000 little stones to figure out what do I think is going to be the best possible way to build this? I heard this story one time from Gary Halbert, when he was out there before he launched the Code of Arms sales letter and at the time people were, the big thing was big envelopes with, "Teaser copy," on the outside of it and all of these things. He sat back and said if my life depended on this campaign being successful, or my wife and my kids were taken away and if this campaign's not successful, they're dead, what would I do differently? He started thinking through, he said, "Well, if my life depended on this envelope getting opened, I'm going to make it a normal envelope and I'm going to put the stamp on crooked.

I'm going to hand write the address, because I need someone to think that is real, right? He thought through that and really put himself in that thinking like if this is the end result, either I win or I lose, what am I going to do different? He built this campaign which became the most mailed sales letter in the history of the world, made hundreds of millions of dollars off it, okay? That's the key, you guys. That's the key, okay, because as soon as you're spending other people's money and you're not spending your money at all, it's okay, it's like, "Eh, that's good enough. Yeah, it looks great."

When you start gambling your own money it changes everything. That's when you become a marketer. That's when I'll give you guys the degree, when you start spending your own money, just email me, I will freaking write a degree and send it to you because you will deserve one at that point, okay? I'll give you Master's in Marketing from Bruntson University. It will be awesome so anyway, that's about it guys, I'm going to bounce. It's the end of the day, I'm going to go play with my kids and it's going to be a lot of fun so I hope you guys had a good time today. If you want to keep doing these periscopes and these mentions, I'll do them every, not every day but most days so I'll keep jumping on with you guys and someone asked about dot com secrets. If you want more coaching from me, if you want me actually yelling at you personally instead of you guys as the group to make sure you're doing this right, like coach Jason. I have to rock my son to bed. Sorry, my energy's high, I probably just woke him up.

Anyway, if you guys want more, if you want to get all of our coaching programs, we're in the middle of a ten week coaching program right now, help people to build out what we call their break even funnel. If you're interested in more information about that, go to dot com secrets ignite dot com. That's the game plan. Otherwise, do what mastermind web city's back to funnel hacking, go back there, you guys. Again, if you want info on coaching, dot come secrets ignite dot com, otherwise, get back to work, go gamble some of your own money. See what's going to work. You will find out if you do it that way. Put your mindset in the right spot and you'll have some fun.

Did you guys have fun? Give me a triple tap over here. Appreciate you guys. Someone said, "Where's the collection of all these videos?" If you go to blog dot dot com secrets dot com, I post all of these on my blog afterwards so you can check all those out there. Stacy's in our coaching program, she says I don't really yell. I actually yelled at Stacy just so you know, I yelled at two people yesterday and it's funny every time I think that I'm going to get yelled at back, they always say, "You're right." Then they go and they do it and then they have success, it's awesome. I do yell sometimes but there you go.

Yes, blog dot dot com secrets dot com, Malcolm F you've got it. All right, everybody, I've got to go, I've got something important I've got to do. Talk to you guys very, very soon. Have an amazing day and I'll talk to you guys again later. Bye everybody.


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