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Hey, everybody. All right you guys, welcome to today's Periscope and Mentions. I hope you guys are having a good time today. We'll begin starting here in a few minutes, just as soon as we have a hundred and fifty people. I got some cool stuff to share with you guys. My new favorite resource. Sean Phillips told me he found my haircut yesterday, he asked me how spiky I got it, so I got it cut. It's short now, so no more making fun of my hair. What's up, Lisa? What's up, Winnem? Welcome. We got hello from Canada, from Australia, from Malaysia. Good morning. Good morning from Oz.

The thing about Australia, it's like our biggest number one group right now 'cause everyone else is already cut off and they quit working, and you guys are just getting up, having some fun. Dewonce is literally going through funnel catcher stuff right now. Sweet man! You're watching my stuff, and I buzzed you and you answered. I love it. Hey, Darren, what's up my man? I'll see you in a few days. "Put your phone on a stand, it's driving my crazy." I can't, 'cause the Mentions app is on the stand so I only have one stand.

We got to go crazy. Check out all the comments. I'm not sure what you guys are saying. What's up from San Diego. We're at a hundred people! Welcome, Michael, to your very first Periscope. All right now, Boise, it's four thirty in the afternoon. Okay, we're at a hundred people. If you guys want, I got to share, my top favorite new website, I'm going to share with you guys. It helps me do some amazing marketing stuff for a dollar. Do you guys have a dollar? I don't have a dollar here, actually. I got some change, though, a whole bunch of change. Four of these quarters, that's all it takes. Four quarters and you're going to make some money. It's awesome. If you guys want- I need a hundred and fifty on or we're not going to share it, 'cause I just need a hundred fifty people. For you guys on Periscope, if you want to do that, scroll over and click on share with your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, you can tweet it or whatever you guys call it. Let's get a hundred and fifty people on and then I will share with you guys my new website.

Maury, thank you so much for sharing. Profit Here just sitting down here at the market place. Aaron just shared on Twitter. FreedomofJim just shared on Twitter. Winnem just shared, BeenBusy just shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, if you are on Periscope and you're having a good time, double tap to give me some hearts or triple tap if you're really excited and having a good time. Devon, thanks for sharing, Andrew for sharing, Justin Glover just shared. Profit Here shared, Anthony is sharing. You guys want the goods, obviously.

Okay, we're starting to get a crowd. What's up, Simon? Good morning, man. Russel, my brother, is featured on click photos on today. Aw, sweet man. That's awesome. Very cool.

All right guys, we're getting closer. This is a new website that I found out about during my mastermind group, and so we've got high rankers. You guys know that. In fact, a lot of you guys are in it. If you're in it or you want to be in it, if you're on Periscope, give me a triple tap and if you're on Mentions, just say, "I want in! I want to be part of this thing. It's going to be amazing!" Right? Okay, so if you're in it, then you know some cool stuff happened two week ago. We had our big event, and one of the mastermind groups- we sat down and we were just sharing cool ideas and tips and cool stuff we're doing, and somebody dropped a bomb. I didn't realize how big a bomb this was going to be at the time. I wrote it down, just like, "Oh, I'll write it down," then I went home and started looking at it closer and I found out this website, for a dollar, has changed my life. If you guys want to know that, I need a couple more people on. We got a hundred forty. Ten more people and I can share with you guys that website.

More importantly, I'm not just going to show you the website. I'm going to show you how I'm using it, 'cause that's all that really matters, right? If you want that, share with your friends or give me some hearts. We're close. We're ten people away! It's awesome. Okay, so before I show you the website, I will share with you guys- J. Fitbit, thanks for sharing with your followers. I'll share with you how I'm using it, 'cause this is important.

Our event that we did, our workshop, is all about a tactic called funnel catcher. I'm going to show you guys. This is one of my slides from the event. You guys see this? There is a slide from the event, so that's funnel catcher. This is like the new focus that we're doing inside of our company here, right? For building content, for distributing and for getting people into your funnels, right? Lisa was there. She said it was amazing. Thank you, thank you.

Anyway, so I'm trying figure out how can I do this but put it on steroids and mass produce things and get things out faster and better and more efficiently, right? A lot of the content creation is hard, like, there's different ways I'm creating content. Like this, I talk and communicate with you guys here through Periscope or through Mentions. That's kind of cool. I like recording podcasts on driving. I like doing videos. Some of that's good, but what's hard for me is writing. I'm not a horrible writer but it takes forever. I got to sit down and I got to write, and the thoughts in my head are moving a million miles a minute, right? You guys think I talk fast. I wish you could hear the voices in my head. I can't even keep up with them, they're going so fast. I talk at half the level that are coming in, and it's horrible. I can't talk as fast, but I know I need to be writing 'cause there's some platforms that need to have written text. It's the world we live in now, right? I don't know about you guys, but video gets harder and harder to get people to watch. In fact, I'm seeing a huge trend and a transition now where longer form cells that are converting video cells, which is interesting.

All my ADD brothers are saying, "I feel the same way, Russel." The voices in my head are talking even faster. If you guys have ADD like me and you're feeling that, give me a triple tap. Let me know. On Periscope, everyone's got ADD. Check out the hearts, you guys.

Anyway, so that's where I'm at. I can talk fast, I can think fast, but I can't write fast. When I'm writing, my brain's thinking so fast. I'm writing it so slow and I can't keep up with the thoughts in my head, right? So I've got to figure out a way to do this efficiently and effectively. So these guys in our group- we just passed one fifty one, so I can share with you guys now. They dropped a website, and the website's simple. It's www dot- you guys ready for this? Get out a pen if you want to know what it is. It's rev dot com. You see, R-E-V, if you guys can see that. It looks like a rocket ship. It's rev dot com. R-E-V dot com. Okay? Simple, and first thing I almost thought, "Oh, rev dot, whatever." This is what rev dot com does. It converts audio or video into text for one dollar per minute, which is insanely cheap, especially when you talk as fast as I do. That's like a book for a dollar. Okay?

I wanted to test this out earlier this week, and I was like, okay. I had a a whole six email Fallout sequence that I needed to write, and that would've taken me four or five hours. I'm like, uh, I had so much pain associated with it so I didn't do it, and I didn't do it, and I didn't do it, and I didn't do it, 'cause I had so much pain associated with that, right? You guys feel that way sometimes, right? You know you have to do stuff but there's so much pain that you're just like, "I'm not going to do it." So I thought, I'm going to try this rev dot com and just see how good it actually is, right? Oh, somebody said they have an app. I didn't even know that. Well, crap, this is going to change my life even better. I didn't know they had an app.

Anyway, so I get out my phone and I click record and then I said a six email Fallout sequence. I'm like, "Email number one. Subject line is this. Here's the body copy." Then I talked very conversationally, like I would talk to a friend, right? Which is how your emails should be written, by the way, not all edited perfectly like we normally do and it doesn't sound like you're writing an email to your friend. I just spoke my email the way I would write it to my friend, and I said, "Email number two. Subject line." I said that and then I just said the next email. I did number three, number four, number five, number six. Took me nine minutes to get my six emails said. Okay? I then sent it to rev dot com. They billed me nine dollars, a dollar a minute, then they sent me back this huge PDF or a Word document with all my emails. I then copied the emails, pasted them, added a couple images, and this task that would've taken me, I don't know, a day, I got done in fifteen minutes. It was amazing, right?

Then today, so we do a print newsletter. How many of your guys are members of our print newsletter? Dot Com Seekers Labs Monthly. I think it's dcslabs- what is it? Dcslabsmonthly dot com, right? In fact, if you guys go there- yeah, dcslabsmonthly dot com. You get a free book. I showed you guys a little while ago. I do a newsletter each month, right? It used to take me like, I don't know, it's a fifteen page newsletter or something. I write a whole bunch of stuff and there's a lot that goes into it, and normally it takes forever. What I did instead is I sat down and I wrote an outline for everything that was going to be in my newsletter. I clicked record and then I just talked for like fifteen or twenty minutes, and it all became an audio file. I sent it to rev dot com, and a few bucks later, I got the newsletter back. Now I got to edit it and clean it up and make it nice, but the hard work's done, like, the brain power.

The problem's like, when you're writing, at least for me, maybe I'm just the only crazy person, and my brain's going so fast. I'm trying to write, I can't keep up with it, and the editing part of your brain keeps trying to edit it. The editing part's like the non-creative, right, so it keeps editing, trying to fix things and make it look nice while your creative's trying to run and it keeps getting smushed by the editing part of your brain. It just ruins it, right? I just completely destroyed the editing part of my brain. I just have the creative part going out there, dropping bombs as fast as I can, and then someone else for a buck a minute does the editing and then we clean it up, and it's awesome.

That is what we're doing and how we're doing it, and it's awesome. For those of you who missed the domain, it's rev dot com. WWW dot R-E-V dot com. If you like rev dot com, give me a triple tap. If you're going to use it in the next twenty-four hours, give me a four tap or five tap. Check out Mentions. You guys are fired up. Look at how many hearts are dropping. I wish you Mentions guys would give me some hearts. I knew how excited you guys were, as well. I just found out from Brett there's an iPhone app, so I'm going to try it. Dcslabsmonthly, I think it is. Let me check.

BrushForLife just asked. There's so many domain names. Yes, dcslabsmonthly dot com. This is what it should look like when you go there. There's a picture of me and this huge gift you get for free when you join the newsletter. Dcslabsmonthly. Awesome. That's it.

Anyway guys, I hope that's fun. I hope you guys can use rev dot com. I don't make any money for sharing this. I just know it's amazing, and if you guys want to see the newsletter that I wrote today- I wrote in quotation marks today, just go to dcslabsmonthly dot com slash free gift, or just dcslabsmonthy, it'll pull up. Cool stuff's happening there. That issue will be going out here in a couple weeks. In that, I happen to share some ideas, some thoughts and things about funnel catcher which is the concept we do the whole event on. I kind of broke that down in the newsletter, so if you're interested, if you couldn't make it to the event but you're like, "What this funnel catcher thing Russel's talking about? It sounds amazing. I want to implement it," start diving into it in this month's newsletter. Go get subscribed, and that should be coming to you soon.

Anyway, that's what I got for you guys today. I hope you had fun. This is the Marketing Quickie Show. I probably forgot to say that at the beginning. That's our new name. I'm trying to brand it out, so the Marketing Quickie Show. I hope that Marketing Quickie was awesome for you guys over there in Facebook land, on Mentions, everyone over here in Periscope land. If I get two or three more phones and I add Blab and all the other ones we use as well, but right now we're in two spots, hanging out, having fun. Appreciate you guys! If you had a good time, give me a triple tap over here, and if you're on Facebook and you can't triple tap- you're probably clicking, like, punching your screen and stuff and nothing's happening. Just share it or like it or something. Let me know that you guys care, that you're enjoying this. BrushForLife, I'll try to get some more stands. I don't want to be the dude ordering like twenty selfie sticks. People see my Amazon receipts and be like, "Oh, you're the guy who orders all the selfie sticks."

Anyway, awesome guys! Have an awesome day, and we will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye!


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