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Ep 34 - Who's Running The Decisions In Your Company? If It's Not ____ Then You're In BIG Trouble...



What's up everybody? I just heard a whistle in someone else's office. The whistles are going out to everybody. What's up, what's up? Let me flip this around.

What's up Joshua? Yo, yo, yo. Everybody say hi to each other. Our two groups hanging out again.

Whoo, another marketing quickie is happening! [inaudible 00:00:25], I hope you're working on your webinar. How's it going everybody? Christina from Pennsylvania. Where you guys all from? I want to know. Where's everybody at? We got Toronto. We've got New York City. We've got Denver. We've got Chicago, the UK. Look how much interaction's happening here guys. This is fun.

I wish mentions would do this as well. This is awesome. We'll get there you guys. We've got New Zealand, Alabama, So Cal, the moon. We've got someone from- Someone's from the moon's on our webinar, on our hangout! This is awesome.

Awesome guys. I'm excited to be here. I'm about to each lunch. I'm working on a project. Something just drove me crazy, I had to share with you guys. That's why we're here just to talk. This is important for all of you guys who are trying to run a business or make any money. I will share this with you guys in a few minutes here, but before we do, I got to have at least 100 people if we're going to do it. What's for lunch? I don't know. I think it's ... I'm not quite sure yet. We're about to find out. We will soon enough.

Alright, Maddy Florida, Netherlands, San Antonio. All right. Very cool. Those guys that this is your first time, this is the Marketing Quicky Show. We are finally giving it a name. I've got a logo design. We'll have that coming out soon. We are officially a show now. We are no longer just Russell's Ramblings. We are the Marketing Quicky Show. It's awesome. 2:30 A. M in Indonesia. I hope I didn't wake you up. If so, I apologize. Anyway, we've got Mary from Puerto Rico. Jay says come on Russel, coach me please. All right.

This is my rant for today. If you guys want to hear it, actually we need at least 100 people or I'm not going to get started. I forget how this works. Thanks. [inaudible 00:02:10]. I appreciate that. Thank you. All right. Here's my rambling. It's still rambling Michael, but we're just going to call it, we've got to have a name. Otherwise you're like, "Hey go to the Russel thingy where he rambles and stuff." This is the Marketing Quicky Show. Anyway, today what we're going to talk about, and if you guys want to know, I'll share kind of the concept behind it and then I'll show you guys the, I'll drop the bombs after. If you want to know, give me some hearts. If you guys want some really cool stuff, we need at least 100 people on here. If you scroll your thing over and click share, [inaudible 00:02:39] share with your twitter, your Facebook, get more people on and it'll be awesome. I was going to do Periscope in your car, but somebody yelled at me. They said that I'm a bad influence because I was on my phone in the car, so I didn't do that.

All right. Cool. Let's talk about today. All of us, we have our own companies, right? Or you're starting your own company. You're somewhere that you guys are in between, right? What's interesting is in different companies, like there's different people that make the decisions. Most of us, you get started, it's you. You are the entrepreneur. You're the one making decisions. Everything's working. Things are awesome. You're making decisions and things are good. Then what happens is then you start growing. You start hiring some people and you start doing some more things and it starts growing. Soon you got a marketing department and a legal department and accounting. All these other things start popping up. Soon, us entrepreneurs, we start getting pushed around by people in our company. They start making decisions for us. A lot of time they're stupid decisions. They make decisions because they want to make their lives easier or they want to do whatever.

For example, I don't normally do client work, but I've been doing a little client work just for fun. It drives me nuts. These clients, they start out as entrepreneurs. They're awesome and they make a great decision. They grow a huge company and then they hire a team of people. All of sudden they let this team start making stupid decisions. For example, we did this awesome thing for someone. It was amazing, like 1,000 times better than anything their company's ever done before. We gave it to them to go and roll out. They told me couldn't do something because their customer support department did not want to export a file and import it somewhere each day. That was it. The customer support department was making decisions in their company. I was like are you fricken kidding me? You cannot let the customer support department make decisions for you on how to make money, how to market your business. That is not how it works.

I want to tell you another story because this one will help you understand the opposite side. I got hired by one of the coolest guys I've ever met. His name's Tim Schmidt. He owns a company called the USCCA. They sell gun insurance. If somebody breaks in your house and you shoot them, you can get in trouble for that. You can go to jail. They insure you if that happens. Anyway, they're really, really cool. They hired me. They paid me $100,000 to come up to their office, spend 2 days with them and help teach them these marketing things. I'm out there. There's a team of about 25 people in the room. They had their marketing team, their programming team, and their accounting team. Everyone's there. I'm going through and I'm sharing all this stuff. Everyone's getting excited, all these things. Every time I share something, I see their tech guys over there like, nervously tapping. I see their accounting guys nervously tapping. Everything I'm saying, I'm dropping all these bombs and the tech guys and the accounting guys are all nervous.

Finally in the middle of it, I keep sharing stuff and tech guy's like oh we can't do that. We can't do that. The accounting guy's like well if we did that, we'd have to do double this. We'd be more work on our side. All these decisions to be made because the tech guys and the accounting guys. I'm sitting there. I'm like man this is frustrating. Tim, who's the owner of the company, the entrepreneur who started this, he's listening to tech guys and the accounting guys kind of rant back and forth to each other. Finally he slams his hand on the desk and he stands there and says, "We cannot allow accounting and support and tech guys to run our business. Marketing has to make the decisions in our company if we're going to be successful." I remember sitting here listening, I said, you are right! The marketing has to drive your business. It cannot be tech or support or accounting. It has to be the marketing. That's what drives the company. That's it.

For those of you that have a company, as you start growing, there are going to be people who are going to try make decision because they don't want to work so hard or they know it's going to be more effort. Program it that way is going to be harder. Or whatever it is, you cannot let those people run your company or your company will suffer and eventually fail. Okay? Yes I fist pumped. We fist pumped.

Anyway, if it's not you, the marketer, the entrepreneur making those decisions, you're going to be in trouble. There's your warning. For those of you that have a business that's growing, you might be feeling that right now. You need to come back and stop it and say look, we're a marketing company. Every company should be a marketing company. If you're not, than you're not a real business I don't think. You can be selling knives, but you are a marketing company. You are marketers marketing this knife. That's the real business. Maybe it's because I'm a marketing guy who, maybe I'm biased because that's all I really care about, but that's all that business is is marketing. The product is incidental, I can sell knives. I can sell oil. I can sell cars. I can sell USB drives. I can sell whatever. It doesn't matter. You give me anything, the only thing that matters is the marketing. Us as marketers, that's the goal is how do we sell. If we're not the ones driving decisions and doing things based on what's best for the marketing to get more people to see our message and to buy our products, then it doesn't even matter.

I hope that resonates with some of you guys today. Yes, Fernand, any business is just a marketing business. It doesn't matter what it is. I get caught up people like, yeah what's your business. Oh, I am a financial planner. I'm like no you're not. You are selling a financial planning product or service, but you are a marketing company. You're only goal is to get clients and service those clients. That's business. That's all that really matters. I hope you guys agree with that. Periscope, do you guys agree with that? Do you all give a triple heart so Mention can see it. Give a triple tap if you guys agree with that. I need a show mentions how much you guys agree with that. Okay, all right. Check it out mentions. Look at all that. Everyone in Facebook land. That's how much these guys agree. Look at all those hearts. We need more hears. Give us some more hearts everyone can see over here. Check that out. They're coming like crazy!

All right. I hope that helps you guys. Anyways, it's a weekend. I'm going to go take a break, have some fun. I'm flying out to Australia to hang out with some of you guys in Australia, which will be cool. It's going to be awesome and I'm talking about, guess what? Marketing and how to market your business because that's all that really matters. Appreciate you guys. Thanks. Have an awesome day, an awesome weekend. I'll talk to you guys all again, my next Periscope, I'll probably do the one from Boise and after that we're going to be on the road. I'm going to be down under. I'm going to show you guys ... How many of you want to see me flush a toilet in Australia? I've heard that we flush a toilet in Australia, it goes the backwards way. We're going to find out live here on Periscope and on mentions and you guys will be here but only if you show up. If you miss it, you'll miss it. Anyway, appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day. I'll talk to you guys all again later. Bye!


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