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Ep 35 - Hanging Out With The Queen Of Kapow (Liz Benny) In New Zealand!!!



Russell : Oh, sweet! What's up everybody? John Lenard Live. Jim Bunch is on, Mark Boehner. What time is it right now back home? Hey everybody! It's 11:45 back home? Oh, here. What's up everybody! How are you guys all doing. Everybody say hi to Liz.

Liz : Hey Mark, how you doing man?

Russell : We are in New Zealand. We just had an American breakfast in New Zealand. I'll be in Australia tomorrow. Today, we're in New Zealand. We have Liz. Everyone tell Liz hi.

Liz : Hey world!

Russell: Can you guys hear us at all? If you can hear us give a triple tap.

Liz : Hey, hey, hey!

Russell : Mark Hall's on. What's up Mark Hall? Oh, cool you guys can hear us. Awesome, well I've been on the plane for the last ... How long was the flight?

Liz : It was like 24 hours.

Russell : 24 hours. Just got here and Liz and Christie ... You guys see Christie over there?

Christie : Hi!

Russell : We're here with Brandon and Randy. So, we are all ... Look at how red my face looks. I got a sunburn? That's the light.

Liz : It's not as bad as it looks.

Russell : Anyway, we've got 130 people on already. Awesome, awesome! You guys want to hear ... So we were making fun of [inaudible 00:01:32] accents today. So, Liz is going to tell you guys her American accent. Say something in American.

Liz : "Hi, everyone. My name is Liz Benny. I am like totally from New Zealand and I love all of you, like forever. I like butter. Butter, butter on my toast. I like butter." Hey, do you guys want to see ... This is too fun. Do you guys want to see where I'm going to take Russell today? You see cheers? You've got to give us some ...

Russell : Triple tap if you want to see the party where we're going. I need more hearts than that or ... because we got to know where we're going. Triple tap if you want to see where we're going. We're going to Middle Earth for those of you guys who've seen Lord of the Rings. We're going to Middle Earth. Check out the scenery behind here too. It's kind of cool looking on. Anyway, I want to tell you guys a story really quick, okay? So, how long ago was it? A year and a half ago? A year?

So, a year and a half ago, Liz was sitting here in this table right here, probably. Were we in this table? Probably not.

Liz : There's no harm that I hung out here a lot.

Russell : She use to hang out here a lot and she started this annoying ad of this 12 year old kid that kept popping up on Facebook that's like, "Click on my ad, click on my ad."

Liz : Actually, I need to tell you a story about that. Sorry, so this guy was in my Facebook newsfeed all the time and I was like, "Who is this pretentious person that thinks I know who he is?" I was like, "I watched the advert. I was like, yeah 108 Split Testing whatever, whatever. Then he keeps coming back into my newsfeed, into my newsfeed. Great targeting [inaudible 00:03:04] beautiful thing. So, I answered the advert. I got the 108 Split Testing Secrets in the mail. Do you want to tell the rest of the story?

Russell : I don't know the rest of the story. So, she a thing in the mail, our book. So, this is the front end offer. So, walking us through the process by the way, because we should all be doing [inaudible 00:03:19] So, you got the book in the mail, what happened?

Liz : I got the book in the mail and I'm waiting for it, waiting for it and there's this little brochure in it. I was like, "Oh, cool. What's this? Apply to work with Russell Brunson. Who is Russell Brunson? Okay, I'm going to go to the website anyway." Went to the website and next thing you know, I'm putting in my application to work with this guy and one and a half years later, we're sitting here in New Zealand. I've flown around the world a couple of times to see you.

Russell : Yeah.

Liz : Yeah.

Russell : Talk about ... everyone just for perspective. Where is your business at right now? As much as you're willing to share.

Liz : Oh my gosh, we're talking 600 percent increase minimum. We're talking a lot of fun. We're talking freedom. Where was I a couple of years ago? Literally, I would take in a contract and I would have to spend the next month working just to actually fulfill on this [inaudible 00:04:11] There was no scaling. There was no leverage in my business whatsoever. So, we've worked a ton on leverage. I've got a 997 product. I've got [inaudible 00:04:19] coaching as well. So, it's a ton of fun now but my gosh it wasn't. And guess what, guess what, guess what? Should we tell them what the good news is?

Russell : I'm not sure what the good news is but I'm excited. Who wants to hear the good news? If you guys want to hear the good news we need a triple tap or a quadruple tap or 5 if you can go crazy. If you really want to hear it. It's weird up close. Can you guys hear us? We need hearts faster if you guys want to hear this. This is really good. I hope the connection's connected good. All right, let's hear the good news.

Liz : Okay, the good news is ...

Russell : Jazz hands, spirit fingers ... Spirit fingers as fast as you can go.

Liz : I wish I can do it. I just bought a house. So ...

Russell : Wooh!

Liz : Honestly, if I could tell you how incredible that is after the struggles ... I would tell everyone the story some day about how far I've actually come over the last 4 years. This guy is helping me out so very much to get to where I am. So, if you want to work with someone who actually gives a c-r-a-p about you and your business, then make sure that you apply because life changes. Okay? Life totally changes when you work with Russell and his team. I promise you that.

Russell : That's awesome. So, that's what we're doing today. So, today Brandon's going to be filming some of Liz's story. Has Clickfunnels been useful for you at all in your business?

Liz : Yeah, kind of. Yes it has. Check this out. I took great pleasure in canceling my PLUS list account. PLUS list was something that I had to use in order to connect. Go to webinar with Infusionsoft and to get everything talking and to get my follow up series the way it should. So, I might [inaudible 00:06:03] people after my webinar who had been on the webinar was different from the people who weren't on my webinar. I'll tell you what, the number of headaches that I had before [inaudible 00:06:13] and Clickfunnels, honestly, I'm a Clickfunnels for life user now.

Russell : Triple tap if you are also. Anyway, that's the game plan. So, we ... they want me to [inaudible 00:06:28] your accent.

Liz : Oh, yes please.

Russell : Okay, I'll try it. "Today we had some butter on our, on our" ... How do you say toast?

Liz : "Toast."

Russell : "Toast. Some butter on our toast."

Liz : "And a cup of tea."

Russell : "And a cup of tea."

Liz : No, this is English.

Russell : Oh, that's English.

Liz : Where are you right now?

Russell : We're in New Zealand.

Liz : No, what city are you in?

Russell: Oh, we're in Christ Church. I put the [inaudible 00:06:52].

Speaker 4 : Say malary, what's malary?

Russell : Malory, malory ....

Speaker 5 : Molery.

Russell : Molery?

Speaker 5 : Molery.

Russell : It's malory in America. I can do the Haka. Who wants me to do the Haka?

Liz : Yes.

Russell : I can do it. [inaudible 00:07:07] Anyway, that's the plan. We're hanging out here. This is where it all began for Liz, in this coffee shop. This is where she built her business and we were lucky enough 18 months ago to cross pass. We've had a ton of fun wit her and it's been so much fun to watch what they've done and see how she's serving the world and changing peoples lives now. That's what it's all about you guys. First off, building your business to help yourself but more importantly to help some other people. When you do that, you'll be amazed. It's amazing, huh?

Liz : Yeah.

Russell : The more people you serve and change their lives, it just ...

Liz : You change your focus from, "Oh my gosh, I need money, I need money, I need money, to how many people can I help with my God given, with my universe given, whatever your beliefs are. Hi Keirin!

Russell : What's up Keirin!

Liz : He's like 15 minutes drive away from here right now.

Russell : Oh, really? We've got to go see him. We'll come visit you Keirin, I promise. Anyway, I think we're going to bounce. We've got some fun to do. Justin said you'd rock with us.

Liz : What's up?

Russell : All right, we'll see you guys later. Have an awesome day and I think tomorrow I'll be in Australia. So, I'll be reporting from Australia. So, thanks everybody have an awesome day! We'll talk to y'all soon. Bye! Everybody say bye.

Liz : Bye!


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