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Ep 39 - Tony Robbins Just Told Me A Secret....Want Me To Tell You?



Justin: We are now officially live ... hey! All right Dave, they're all coming in!

Dave: Sweet!

Justin: Hey everybody, what's up what's up? How are you guys doing tonight, or tonight, depends where you're at I guess ... Simon, what's up my man, it's probably afternoon for Simon, it's night time over here. We've got [Zatiyo 00:26] from Toronto, Luke Charleton, hey mate ... good day mate. How's everybody doing? If you guys are excited give me a double tap ... I'm so excited! Very, very cool.

All right, where are you guys all from today? Oh, there's Henry, what's up Henry? Good day, we've got a lot of good days, I think Australia, New Zealand is in the house. We've got Myron here, someone's from hell ... that's interesting ... Gold Coast, Hotlanta, Jamaica, Silicon Valley, Lake [inaudible 00:56] Corpus, Vancouver, Malaysia, New Hampshire ... you guys are from everywhere!

Guess where I'm from right now, guess where I'm at right now. Who knows? Who knows where I'm at right now? I'm in ... Steven X, Steven's wearing his short shorts. All right, I'm towards the end of my whirlwind week ... so we went ... that's why my Periscope's been a little sporadic, because we started in Boise and then we flew to San Francisco, and then to New Zealand, spent a day in New Zealand where we did a Periscope ... then flew from there to Australia, spent 3 days in Australia ... and Luke is watching this while he's on the toilet. That's awkward. Somethings you don't want anyone to know about ...

Justin Williams, jumping off another Periscope for [inaudible 01:41]. My headline is better, right? Anyway, now I am in ... what city are we in? We're in Phoenix, Scottsdale ... we were in Phoenix at the Genius Network, at Joe Polish's 25k group, which has been good. The craziest thing, check this out you guys ... they've given us many books have they given us?

Dave: Oh my gosh, here ...

Justin: Check this out. This is how many books we've gotten in the last day. Like, it's like duffle bags and duffle bags of books. Is that crazy? That's more books than I can read in like, the next ... and they keep coming. Every speaker speaks, bring out their book, and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger ... anyway, it's nuts. That's awesome.

That's Dave, everybody, if you guys don't know Dave yet.

Dave: Hey everybody.

Justin: What's up? Michael said he read my book and got so much value, thank you ... well guess what Michael, and for everyone, today I got an announcement. Can I announce this?

Dave: Absolutely!

Justin: I swore I would never write another book ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again, and today I changed my mind.

Dave: Who-hoo!

Justin: We just signed something, and now the next book has officially begun as of today, so you guys were all here for that ... anyway. It's going to be awesome.

Dave: Awesome.

Justin: What we are here today about, and we've got already past 150 people, so we can have some fun ... what's it called? I can't tell you what it's called now! You guys have all started Google bombing it and getting ranked before I can even get in there. It'll be awesome, I promise. All right, so some cool stuff. Genius Network was great today, the best part by far, Tony Robbins AKA "The Man" came and spoke to us ... if you guys love Tony Robbins, give it a double tap or triple tap as fast as you can ... if you think Tony Robbins is the most amazing person on earth ... I honestly think he's one of the most ... anyway, the guy's freaking amazing.

Am I drunk on root beer? Maybe. No, I'm ... anyway. Give me a double tap if you want to hear Tony.

All right, so Tony's stuff ... just amazing. I could listen to that guy speak forever. A couple of my big huge takeaways that he said ... we just probably got out of there, what, probably 5 minutes ago?

Dave: Yeah.

Justin: He's probably still within ... I could go run around and try to find him. You guys want to come find him with me? Let's go catch him and we'll corner him. Just kidding.

Okay, so a couple of things that he talked about that were really really cool ... he said, he asked like, what we consider ... what we do, your business, right. What you consider that. He said some people ... let's see. Some people ... you can consider it work, you can consider it career, or you can consider it a mission. He says, if you consider it work, that's what it's going to be, it's going to be work. If you consider it career, same kind of thing ... but if you consider it your mission, it changes everything. No longer is it like, I've got to go to work ... when it's your mission it's bigger, it's broader, it's way better.

Someone was asking about like, work-life balance, how do you balance everything, like that. What was cool was he talked about ... that there's no such thing as balance. You're not going to get work-life balance, but shifting it trying to figure out how to get work-life integration, which was kind of cool, and how do you integrate you life with your work and your mission and everything together, so that as you're working, you're with your family, and as you're doing ... how all these things can tie together, so that everything as a whole is being serviced, not just like, something like that ... which was really, really cool. Especially for me, I was thinking about ... he was talking about how when he traveled his whole life, for this business, he'd bring his family wherever they were going, and things like that, which was cool.

I love that, because I'm actually flying to the UK later this ... next month, with my entire family. It's going to be amazing, so that was cool. He also said that if you think your business is a sacrifice, you shouldn't be doing it. Okay, because if you think sacrifice, there's going to be pain, all those kinds of things ... if you think it's a sacrifice, then it's not the right business for you ... which was really, really cool.

All right, if you guys like these ... I've got a bunch more, if you guys want more give me some hearts, give me double tap as fast as you can. By the way I was on my very first Periscope the other day, and I was trying to triple tap, and it was way harder to triple tap, and the hearts came way slower than double tapping. Have you guys noticed that? I'm just going to have you guys do double tap from now on, because I need more hearts ... double tap as fast as you can go!

All right, a couple of other things. He said things are impossible until somebody does it. Somebody says, "I can't do that, it's impossible", he says, "Yeah, of course it's impossible, until somebody does it." Which was awesome. I was like, I want to make a t-shirt that says that. Henry, if you're on here, we should make a t-shirt my man.

He said, the other thing ... when people have success with the problem. If you're not having success, the problem is your story. That's what keeping you back, it's not that you don't have the resources, it's not that you're not smart enough, you don't have the money, whatever the excuse you tell is ... the problem with you getting what you want in life, and you helping people and changing the world in your way, is 100% your story. It's the story that's in your mind. He talked about like, if you want to be successful, you have to divorce the story of your limitation. That limitation is what's keeping [inaudible 06:37].

It was like, a powerful ... it wasn't just like, you need to break your story, you have to divorce the story of your limitation, which I thought was powerful language and really, really cool ... because our story is what keeps us back on everything. It's the thing that propels you forward, or it keeps you back, so you've got to step back and really ... I think, become aware of what that story, because most of us, it's on autopilot ... your brain tells you all the time, it's like, I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm scared, I've got fear, I've got whatever ... if we don't divorce ourselves of that story, become very aware of it first off, and then divorce it, it's going to keep going through your head and keep you there. That's awesome.

What's my story? That's a story for another day. You guy's aren't my shrink, unfortunately, but maybe I'll tell you my ... I've got my own stories that keep me back, but it's all good. All right, what else do we got ... You guys want more? If you guys don't want more, we can end these marketing quickies now, or if you guys want more we can keep on going. If you want more, keep tapping. Hearts are flowing, you guys want more ...

All right, what else, what else? There's two things we have to understand, two things we have to master ... he said number one is the science of achievement, which a lot of what we focused on with you guys, right, with [funnel hacking 07:46] and modeling and growing it, and the strategies and how to execute and how to get those things, right? The science of achievement was number one, which was really really good. The second part ... and if you don't have this, then the science of achievement is useless. Number two is the art of fulfillment. Learning how to be fulfilled. The science of achievement is a science, right, it's the stuff that ... it's the tactics, it's the patterns, it's the blueprints, the thing we got to do. Next is the art of fulfillment, it's different for all of us, and that's usually the harder part. Most people in this group we're in right now, we're all successful, things are happening, yet there's still people in that room who are miserable, right?

There was a guy from Idaho, recently, named Speedy ... I can't remember his last name. Olympic gold medalist, who then killed himself. Someone who had mastered the art of achievement but not the art of ... yeah, the science of achievement but not the art of fulfillment. We talked about Robin Williams, Robin Williams we know is was one of the most amazing people on earth, everyone in the room loves him, everyone in the world loves him ... everything he put his mind to, he achieved, and then he hung himself. He said that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

How do you transition yourself so that you can be ... you can have fulfillment. How can you be happy just because you woke up in the morning, not because ... a lot of people, like, "I'll be happy when ... my business is launched. When I'm making money, when my ..." whatever, and we're waiting to give ourselves that gift of happiness, where we can be happy today. We can be happy, every time Russel does a little chirp on his phone, I should be happy. Every time I wake up and see my wife smiling, I should be happy. When I see my daughter jumping up and down ... we've got to learn how ... we've got to learn the art of fulfillment for ourselves. It's personal for each of you guys, and you have to start ... we also are giving ourselves permission to feel that fulfillment in every step along the way, not just the whole ...

In fact, there was a guy earlier who spoke on happiness ... he was talking ... oh, I can't remember the guys name, but this was really cool. He said that most of think that joy is like this destination, I'm going to have joy when I get to this thing ... he talked, I think it was the Greek definition of joy or something back in the day said that if you translated it back then, it said that joy is what we feel as we move towards our potential. Joy is not like a destination, it's the feeling we get as we're moving towards our potential, which is kind of cool. Kind of ties back here to the whole art of fulfillment.

Is this good so far? I've got one or two more, if you guys want one or two more, let me know, give me some taps. All right, all right. Okay, one or two more for you guys, then we'll be done for the night, then we're going back to go watch a documentary.

All right, this was kind of cool. One of things says, life is not happening to you, it's happening for you. As trials and temptations and issues come up, realize it's not like these bad things are happening to you, it's things happening for you. If you could step back from the emotion that ... a tragedy happens or something bad happens, there's emotion, there's fear, all these things that come up and if you can step out of that for a moment and say, you know, this isn't happening to me, it's happening for me. What's the gift that's within this, and we can kind of figure out, you know ... so stepping back from there. Which was kind of cool.

This one was actually not from Tony Robbins, I'm going to end on this one ... this one is from Peter Diamandis, who was on stage as well with him. This is what he said, he said ... all right, you guys actually ... if you guys want to hear this, I need some hearts. This is probably the best thing then we're going to wrap up for the night. If you guys want it, let me know, let me know! As fast as you can go. I have to see a river of hearts flying, or else I'm not going to share this with you guys.

All right, this is what Peter said. He said find something you would die for, and then live for it. Which I think was really, really cool. It comes back to kind of what we started this Periscope about, with ... you know, is it work, is it a career, or is it your mission? If you find a mission, you find what your personal mission is, and find something that you'd be willing to die for, and then go and live for that. That is the key.

Anyway, I hope that you guys got a couple good things from this. I had an awesome time so far today, and anytime I hear Tony speak, it's amazing so I wanted to share some of these things with you guys. Hope you loved them. If you had a good time give me a double tap.

I'm going to head out and get some dinner, I'm ready to go, I'm starving. I'm kind of jet-lagged from my flights all over the place, but thankfully for a little caffeine, some [inaudible 12:03] and some Ignite, I'm feeling good, which is really, really good. It's awesome, you guys. Appreciate you, have an amazing day, I will try to shoot you guys out a Periscope tomorrow, and I'm finally tomorrow going to be home with my wife and my kids and it's going to be amazing, I cannot wait. Appreciate you guys, have an awesome day, and I'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye.


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