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Ep 40 - My $25 Million Dollar Lesson I Got Yesterday - Time To Focus On The Ascension Process...



What's up everybody? We got the Abrasive Entrepreneur. Hello, hello.

Wow, you guys are coming in fast today, you guys must be excited! We've built up some aggression, some ... I've not been doing these for a little while, because I've been traveling, but I'm home now, you guys! I'm home to hang out with everybody. Preston Taylor, what's up my man? We've got breadandbutter16, from Charlotte, North Carolina here. Kevin just bought my book, thanks man. I'll ship it out to you right now. Joseph is releasing a book on click funnels today, ooh. [inaudible 00:00:33] Simon's got his skinny jeans on.

Okay, so this is interesting. We found out that in Australia, men wear one of two things, either really, really short shorts, or really, really skinny jeans. In America, we don't do that. Nope. We got to go past the knees if we're men, and they got to be baggy.

It was just shocking to me. I was teasing everyone, who was down there. Ed Steven's was wearing short shorts and I was teasing him. Awesome. Seriously, half way through the book it just keeps on getting better. Keeps on getting better and better. I just introduced myself to the entire library, sorry about that, I don't ...

Awesome guys, hey, I got something really cool and I gotta bounce out of here quick. We are at only 120 people, we need at least 150 or I can't share with you guys. It's a good one. This is my 25 Million Dollar lesson I got, two days ago, that's huge, so if you want to know what it is, I recommend, slide your finger over if you're here on Periscope, and share it with your friends, your family, whoever it is. Share it on Twitter. Share it. We need 22 more people before we can get started. If you want that, let me know. Joe [inaudible 00:01:36] loves my stuff. Thanks man. I appreciate that.

Cedric just shared. Breadandbutter just shared. All right, Alex Jeffrey is logging on. What's up man? He's on vacation. Very cool. Gary Wise in Scotland, all right Myron just shared it, Debbie just shared it, Joseph just shared it, all right, double tap guys, my channel is back, you guys can't make fun of my hair.

This is kind of funny, one of my friends, her name is Julie, she helped write DotCom Secrets book, she told me that she was watching a video of mine and her, 14-year-old or 15-year-old daughter came by and said, "Whoa, he's really hot in a 1994 Abercrombie and Fitch way." I don't even know what that means, I don't know if I should be offended or if I should be flattered.

Any who, we just passed 150, so are you guys ready for some fun? Henry thought that was funny. JosephRS, I was 165 in college. All right guys, so if you guys will get started, have some fun, give me a double tap over here as fast as you can. Thanks Mark for sharing. Aww sweet, Jeff has been enterprising Click Funnels, sweet.

All right everybody, so this is what I want to share with you guys. This is really cool. One of the speakers at Joe Polish's group, some of you guys may know him, Brandon Bouchard, and he was talking and he talked about his process, talked about how in the last 12 months they have done over 25 Million Dollars online, which was amazing, it was exciting.

The one thing he focused on, and it's something that I talk a lot about in the DotCom Secrets book, we talk about value ladder, we talk about ascension, we talk about everything like that. What he talked about, he said, and I mentioned this today in my podcast, but he said, he asked, "I can tell how much money you are all making by how many auto responders are in your sequence." He asked, "How many people are," be like, "3 days, 10 days, a month," he's got 190 weeks. I was just like I can't even believe that's possible.

What he talked about, which is really cool, he said, "You bring someone in on your front end, which typically is you're inspiring them to take action on something, right? DotCom Secrets I'm helping you to like start learning this funnel game, Perfect Webinar, I'm teaching about a webinar, I'm teaching you a topic, right, and after you come in, my goal as a leader, as an entrepreneur, is not just to sell you that thing, but it's to start taking you through this process, where I'm trying to help you.

The way he said it, is to help your customers scale their competency and their aspirations, right, which is cool, like initially come into my world and maybe buy Perfect Webinar, because, "Hey, I want to write a webinar, Russell's got a script for it," and then my next goal, after you come into my world, is how do I help you to increase your competency to make you better at all aspects, not just your webinar, if you are getting a webinar, you are probably an author, a speaker, a coach, you're selling something, I need to help you become more competent, and also help scale your aspirations.

What do you want to become? Not just, I'm buying this product because I'm trying to learn this thing, but what do you want to become? That's what I've got to figure out, as the leader, as the entrepreneur, as the thought leader trying to lead and guide you guys, right, which I thought was kind of cool. He said, he showed us this process, like someone comes in any of his funnels, and over 190 weeks he is taking them and he's scaling them through this process, and getting them deeper and deeper into his training to help them, again, to help scale the competencies or aspirations, which I thought was super cool.

That's kind of why I started, so if you look behind me, check out back there, these are my product offerings, you guys all see these, these are kind of my front-ends, these are some of my webinars, this is my mid-level back end and then here's my super back end. I'm trying to map that process out and just figuring out where I'm actually taking somewhere. If you buy Perfect Webinar, or if you buy my book, or whatever, what's the next thing I need you guys thinking about, what's the next level of enlightenment, or whatever you want to call it, that I need to give you. The next tool, the next skill set, the next thing for you to be more successful in that process? So, I'm thinking that process through and it's, so right now I've been mapping this out all day, kind of putting that through there, and now my next goal is then, figure out a sequence. I don't know if I can go for 190 weeks, that's kind of crazy for me.

Hold on, I just got, oh it's paused for a second on Facebook, okay, I'm back Facebookers. I'm going to start mapping out a process so that someone comes in here, where do we take them? I'm excited, so I'm going to start figuring it out and that's my goal, but for you guys, I want you to start thinking about that, right?

You've probably got 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 products you're selling, if not, you need to start thinking, what are my next products in my product line? How can I help my customers scale their competency and their aspirations? What's the next tool, training, system, process, product that I can create for them to help them become better, to help them be able to serve more, give more, do more and that's what you guys got to start thinking through. I'm thinking through my business, so you guys got to think through on your business, as well. I hope that helps.

That's all we got for today, guys, because I got to bounce. I'm going to my kids' Halloween bash tonight, we're dressing up, we're dancing, we're eating candy, except for me, oh, I'll probably eat a little candy, I'm not gonna lie. But I'm going to be drinking my ketones to help counteract the sugar balance. So, everyone here on Periscope, you had a good time, give me a double tap so everyone on Facebook can see you. Everyone on Facebook, tap your screen, punch it, whatever it takes, but that's the game plan.

All right. Very cool, guys, appreciate you all. Have an amazing time. Of course I'm dressing up, it's Halloween. Halloween is, it used to be my favorite holiday, until 2 years ago, when we started the firework wars, now 4th of July is definitely my favorite. It used to be Halloween, so Halloween is my second favorite holiday. If you want to see why 4th of July is my favorite, go to and you'll see why that's now my favorite holiday. Anyway, I don't have a Halloween war yet, but maybe if I do, it can become number one. All right guys, I'm out of here, have an amazing day. We'll talk to you all tomorrow. Bye everybody.


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