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Hey, everybody. Welcome to Periscope and Mentions, depending where you're at. All right, everybody. Hello, hello. Excited to have you guys all here. Thanks for jumping on. All right, we got Nat Ridgeway said, "Yo, yo, yo." Peter just joined. All right, they're coming in fast. Hard and heavy, you guys. "Hi from Cornwall, England." Hey, Sarah. I'm going to be in England next month. Peter, what's up? Kevin Madison, how's it going? How do you do that? Look at that going in this thing; it's kind of cool. What's up, Jessie? Yo, yo, yo. All right, you guys, good morning. What's up, Tim? How you been, man? It's been awhile since I've seen you. Very cool. We got Brisbane Nicky. Hi, Nicky.

All right, guys, I'm excited for today. I've got something really, really cool to share with you. Then I'm heading out to my kids' Halloween party. I got to get myself a costume still, or they're going to be very disappointed in their old man. I got to get one soon. Tim's in the trenches, building. Good, good.

By the way ... oh, sweet. Someone said they're using my Australia idea for their new book. That's very cool. Juan said they're going through their Dot Com Seekers book right now. If you have not read the Dot Com Seekers book yet, you guys, go get it. It's free, plus shipping. It's 3 am in Jakarta. Dang.

All right, you guys, I got something cool to share with you, but we need some more people, or I can't share it. It's not worth me just whispering into the wind. We got a little over 100 people. Max said I'd make a great Donald Trump. Thank you. All right ... oh, we are Mentioned. We got [Adish, Adeesh 00:01:37] from Deli, India. Welcome. Awesome, awesome. Yeah, there's a Kindle version. If you go to the ... I don't know how to get it ... if you go to, I think there's a Kindle version as well. There's an audio book version. I don't have an Audible yet though. If you buy, go to, the order form bump is the audio book version, which is kind of cool.

All right, so we got over 100 here on Periscope. We got a bunch on Facebook as well. If you guys ... sweet, PGTooLive just bought the book. Thank you. Suzette from Utah ... if you guys want me to share the number one secret I learned for closing people in masses, I need you guys ... Yes, Ricardo, I did read the book ... I need you guys to share this, so we can get more people on. If you're on Facebook, share this post. If you're on Periscope, scroll your thumb over, click on the little share button. You can Tweet it, you can Facebook it, whatever you want. We can hang out. If you guys are interested in learning what this is, give me a double tap. This is a good one; this is one I picked up over the weekend that I think is going to be hugely valuable for you guys.

[The-cheap-side-to-shit 00:02:34] invited followers, thank you, thank you. Oh, on Facebook and Twitter. PGTooLive just invited invited followers, thank you. Ricardo invited some followers. Jimmy Allen, Jimmy just did. [Qua-ten, Quan-tee-nee Rob-er, search-engine-pro 00:02:44] just shared. Flying bats are so cool. All right. Ian just shared. Cedric just shared. Jessie shared. Guadalupe just shared. Free retail ... thank you guys for sharing. I appreciate this. I hope that you guys keep showing up and I keep giving you guys some awesome stuff.

All right, I'm ready. I got to go to my kids' Halloween thing, so I got to bounce. I want to share with you guys really quick, because it is super, super, super important and it's really cool. I told you guys before I was in Genius Network on Monday and Tuesday. One of the guys I was really looking forward to meet in person is a guy named Jason Fladalin. Now, I actually had met Jason way back in the day. Rewind back to ancient history, before he was an internet marketer. Stu [Mick-clar-en 00:03:24] and I put on an event called the Affiliate Incubator. It was out in I think Dallas, or Denver, or one of the D ones. Anyway, we were out there and I met Jason initially. I didn't realize; he told me later on. Then we met online. We talked a bunch of times. It was the first time I met him in person since I really knew who he was and kind of have gained so much respect for him as a marketer.

If you haven't gone through any of his stuff, it's amazing. In fact, if you guys have my Perfect Webinar script, a big portion of how I do the content structuring in there with the belief patterns and things like that, I learned that from Jason. He's brilliant. I gave him credit in the Dot Com Seekers book for being brilliant, and for someone I borrow a ton of ideas from, and grateful for him.

I'm sitting there talking to him. We're hanging out; we're having fun. We're talking about world domination with click phones. How do we take over the world? How do we get everybody on earth with a click phone's account? Which is a good thought. If you guys like that thought over here on Periscope, give me a double tap. If you think everyone on earth should have a click phone account, I want to see the hearts flying. Okay. Okay, Jonathan asked ... Jason Fladalin, I don't even know how to spell that, but it's Jason Fladalin. F-L-A-D-A-L-I-N, I think. A dude who's brilliant. The Amazon Selling Machine scores that came out, so far he's done 25 million dollars in affiliate commissions for that offer so far. I don't know someone who makes 20 million dollars period, let alone affiliate commissions for one product in the last three years. Dude's brilliant.

One of the things that we ... that I was talking about, I was trying to figure out new ways to help click phones grow and how do I take to different markets and stuff. I love as I'm talking to him just hearing his brain, like the way he thinks. I asked him a question and the question I was saying is, "What's going to be their objection? What's going to be their objections?" He's like, "Okay, the objection would be this. This is how will smash it. What's another objection? It'd be this. Okay, this is how we smash it." Every time I would talk to him, the number one thought on his mind over, and over, and over again was what's the objection they're going to have? ... hey, Darren, how's it going, man? ... what's the objection, what's the objection?

Most of us don't think about that while we're going through and we're creating our offers, writing our sells letter, or our webinar, whatever. We're just following a script. We're just doing what we instinctively know. Listen, Jason is one of the best sales guys, especially mass sales guys, webinar pitches, and stadium pitches, stuff like that. One of the best in the world. The question he kept asking, I almost heard him say it 20 or 30 times in our hour long conversation, was "What objections are they going to have? What objections? They're going to be objecting about this, and this, and this." He was so concerned with figuring out what their objections were going to be, because he knew that in his scripts, and the pitch, and everything he was doing to sell that thing, he had to overcome those objections.

If you don't overcome all the objections that they're having, they're going to say no for whatever that reason is. If you're not thinking through that, there's a good enough reason why people aren't buying from you. That was kind of my big ah-ha takeaway from sitting there. I was just like, "What are the objections that my customers have?" If you want to buy this book, what's the objection you're going to have? You're have an objection like, "Oh, this is a hard book to read" or "Is this actually a good book for me?" Or "Is it really free, Russel? What's the catch?" Objections like "Most internet marketing books suck." What else? "The name is kind of weird. Dot Com Seekers, oh, like that's really cool." You have all these objections going through your head. You got to think through those things if I'm going to start selling this book. If I don't know what your objections are going to be, it doesn't serve me. I can't close you; I can't get you to buy what I need you to buy.

That was the big key I learned from Jason. Again, Jason Fladalin, if you want to search him up. As I was hanging out with him, talking to him, it was just really figuring out the objections. Figure out what you're selling. This is one of my new supplements I'm selling. What objections would somebody have to buying this? I got to go through those and figure those things out. If I'm selling paracord bracelets, what are the objections I'm going to have? If I'm selling ... I got all sorts of weird crap here ... if I'm selling knives, what's the objection people are going to give me for this knife right here? You got to start thinking through all the objections. When you have those objections figured out, now you can go back through and try to figure ways to resolve those objections throughout your sales presentation. It can be a sales letter, sales webinar, video sales letter, whatever the thing might be.

It was just kind of a really good reminder for me. I know I've heard similar things like that in the past, but to see someone who is at the top of his game, someone who has made more money in affiliate commissions than most people make in ten lifetimes, it was just a big ah-ha for me, thinking, Okay, I got to really start thinking through this. I got to dig deeper and really get deep inside their objections. When you're selling to someone on the phone, it's easier. They tell you their objection, like, "I don't think" ... whatever and you can resolve it. If I'm selling on a webinar, I got 100, or 1,000, or 5,000 people. I can't resolve all of their objections one at a time. I got to think through of what you think those might be. As you start those things out, then it becomes really, really easy.

I hope that helps you guys. I know it's been helping me. As I've been crafting some offers today, I just keep thinking through that over, and over, and over again. I hope you are over on Facebook, and you guys are over on Periscope as well. We got to close in the masses if you want to really scale your company. There you go. Everyone over here in Zuckerberg land, say hi to everyone at Periscope. Vice versa. If you guys got some good value today, give me a double tap as fast as you can. Check it out, guys. Can you see all the hearts flowing over on Periscope? You guys need to come to Periscope and hang out if you're not yet. We got a lot of people on Facebook though. We're at almost 100 people on Facebook. That is awesome. All right, guys, so everyone go back to work on your funnels. Get those things cranked out there. Think through those things. Have some fun. The guy I talked about, again, is Jason Fladalin. Adrian's giving me a heart attack on that. So many hearts flying. We're having a heart attack over here.

Anyway, guys, this is the Marketing Quickie Show. I hope this was a value to you guys. Come back. I'll probably be gone this weekend. I'm trick or treating, having fun with the kids, so I'm going to be out. You guys should be as well. Turn the computers off. Spend time with your friends, your family, people that actually matter. These computers, they don't matter that much. I promise you. This game that we play, called business, is a game. Get home. Be with your family. Appreciate you guys. I'm heading home. I will talk to you guys all again soon. I'll see you Monday for our next Marketing Quickie Show. Thanks, everybody. Talk to you guys all again soon. Bye


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