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Ep 42 - Behind The Scenes Of My New Supplement Funnel



Hey everybody on Facebook, and everyone over here on Periscope ... how's it going guys? Welcome, welcome. We are about to get started, have some fun. Oh, man. How many of you guys are interested in seeing my new supplement funnel? If you want to know, let me know, I'm going to be sharing it with you guys here soon, but only if we get ... I think between Facebook and Periscope, I think we can get at least 200 people, don't you guys think? Otherwise, what's the point in me showing my funnel, I've been working my butt off on it all day.

What's up CJ? What's up Curtis? What's up Sean Love? Wham-bam, thank you man. For-shizzle. Oh man, everybody over there ... say hi to everybody over there. What's up my friends?

We're almost 100 people already over here, on Periscope. Hope Facebook picks up, so we can get to 200. Good day from down under, Mark Crawford. What's up Rick Carlson? Bring it on Brunson. Hey Shiloh, how's it going? Very, very cool you guys. Well I'm excited for today, I've been working my butt off ... this week I'm travelling a lot so I had one day to work, so I've been focusing trying to get this new funnel done and it's turning out really, really cool. How many of you guys want to see it? How many of you guys are interested in seeing this new funnel? I think it looks freaking amazing, if I do say so myself.

All right, if you guys want to hear it, this is the deal, all right. Simon Krier wants to see it ... so if you guys want to see, I need some more love. I need some more hearts if you're on Periscope, I need some comments over on Facebook. If you guys are on Facebook ... our following is a little smaller there, but if you want to see this funnel, let me know. Comment, I can see your comments when they're coming in, so comment on Facebook ... I need some people. We're probably about ... between the 2 things, about 150, so we need about 50 more people, which means I need your guys' help to share this message or else I can't share it with anyone.

If you're on Periscope, swipe to the side and click on Share, you can share it on Facebook, on Twitter, whatever. Thanks Randomation just shared, SearchEnginePro just shared ... oh Newell's about to launch a new supplement next week. Very, very cool. Yeah wake up the Aussies you guys. On Facebook you can also share ... I think there's a normal share link, so click on share, let's share this and get this party started. Z-Ali on Facebook, what's up? Ryan Naylor is on Facebook, he said he wants to see it as well. All right, Steven, it's your birthday ... happy birthday man! [Clanquist 02:27] just shared, San Antonio Becky just shared, John [inaudible 02:29] just shared ... oh, sweet. Someone just finished Dot Com Secrets book, thank you. Mark Crossford just shared, Eric Vine just shared ... what's up Richie, how's it going man? Richie's got a really good book, you guys, you should read it. Search Richie Norton and buy his book. It made me cry, I read a chapter and I started bawling my eyes out, I was just like ... it was good.

All right, you guys having fun over there? All right, we're over 150 now between you guys ... Steven's got his short shorts on in Australia for his birthday. Oh man. Very, very cool.

All right guys, so this is the funnel. I'll show you guys the funnel I've been working on, and it's been pretty fun. Just some back story on this so it kind of makes sense, of the funnel and what I'm doing and why and all that kind of stuff. Some of you guys may have heard a little while ... excuse me, a little while ago I was in a company called Ripplin, some of you guys may remember that. We helped do the marketing systems behind Ripplin, we helped launch, it got to 1.5 million customers and then unfortunately the whole thing crashed. I swore I would never touch or look at or do MLM ever again for the rest of my life.

I didn't, for years. I didn't, and then some of the guys who were in Ripplin originally talked about this new company they're launching. They sent me the product and I was like, "No guys, I'm out. I'm not ever going to be in it again." They're like, "Please, we want you to be in!", I said "No. I don't ... no. I'm against it. Not happening." That was kind of what I told them. Then they sent me out some of the product, I took the product and had a really good experience with it, but I still told them I'm not going to be involved. They said, "How about this, Russell. You're the funnel dude. What if you came in and just do all the funnels for the company in exchange for some equity and being a partner in it." I thought, "That's something I can wrap my head around. If I don't have to MLM, but I can build the funnels and have some fun, and use the product that I'm in." That's kind of what happened, and so I'm involved in this company now from a corporate standpoint, and I'm building out the funnels for them.

Today I spent the last like, 8 hours building out the funnel for them! I'm excited, how many of you guys want to see the funnel? Okay, so I'm really proud of it. I'm going to figure out how to show you guys here. I know how to do it here on Periscope, I wonder if I can flip it around for you guys over here. If I click on this ... okay, it doesn't work that way on Mention, so Mention I'll have to turn you around and hopefully you'll be able to see it. Can you guys ... let's see. You guys can kind of see it there. That's as close as I can get, and on Periscope, let me flip you around, one sec. All right, cool.

Now I don't care if you guys are pro-MLM, post-MLM it doesn't even matter. Only thing that matters is this is the supplement funnel that I've been creating for an MLM, so if you have an MLM, it's a cool model for your MLM. If you don't, then don't worry about it. If you're in this MLM, use it, if not, just use it for your own supplement or your own book or ... it doesn't even matter. Don't get stuck on the MLM, get stuck on the amazing funnel you're about to learn ... again, this is probably 10-12-15 hours of brain power I've spent on this so far today, and I like it.

Okay, so let me show you guys it real quick. We're doing a free ... sorry it's kind of hard on Mention to show you guys this page, hopefully you guys can kind of see it here. Ah, it's kind of hard, sorry. I need my production crew, it's just me in here with these phones. All right, so there you go. On the left-hand side you guys can see, we've got Explain-er video which is going to be freaking amazing, so it's coming right there. Right-hand side will be the trial offer. Then we've got the headline top, "Want more energy, fat-loss and focus? Get free samples right now." That's kind of what the structure looks like right here, and as you can see there's a quick call to action, because this is a free + shipping style of funnel.

Where'd my mouse go ... there we go.

Okay, so very quick. Anytime you're doing a free + shipping type funnel, the top third is like ... you have to be able to sell the entire thing in the top third. Okay, I've seen people do free + shipping, when they go down it's like 18 page scrolls and then they offer it. You've got this finite period of time above the fold, you have to close the deal. Right, so that's kind of the beginning. The very top third, you see I closed the deal really, really quick on the sample. Okay? That's the key. I closed the deal really, really quickly there first, and then obviously those people ... there's two kinds of people, right. There's the scrollers and then there's the researchers. I'm kind of like ... I'm an instinctive kind of person, but other people, they like to see stuff. We have to kind of feed both personalities types to increase conversion.

Again, I have to be able to close this sale in the top third, so that's going to be done through an awesome Explain-er video, which I'll show you guys whenever it's done. Then down here, now we drop down and we've got testimonials. We've got Rutherford's testimony, Abigail's testimonial, my testimonial ... we've got 3 really good testimonials showing the product, if you click on any of this. If I click on Abigail's, it pops opens and boom, there's her video telling her story. There you go, then you scroll down, we've got some more stuff and then boom! Call to action number 2 happens. That's the second call to action for it, but now we need some more, so you come down here and then I've got another video here ... this is telling kind of the mission story. Then we've got call to action number 3, then it comes down here ... we've got a whole bunch of examples, weight loss, people losing weight in it ... then, boom.

Down here now we've got the 3 options right. We're leading with a 3 sample pack, then we're going to have a month-long servings or 75 servings, you get both. There's kind of the options there to add to cart. In this product there's caffeine and caffeine-free, so they'll be able to pick if they want caffeine or caffeine-free, whatever they want. Then when they click on it, right here, boom, it opens up the order form, I have an order form right here. Account creation and stuff all over here, everything on the same page. There you go you guys, there is the funnel so far. What do you guys think? Everyone's asking for the page ... I can't show you the page yet because it's not all live and all done. I just wanted to show you guys an overview glimpse, so hopefully I get you guys excited. You see kind of the structure of it, you're getting a free + sample ... notice I'm pitching really hard the free trial, but then on the page I'm trying to sell the more expensive one. It's cool when you have one of your options as a free trial, you can talk about the trial, you can push the trial ... everything's pushing to the trial, but if you sell the person on the concept, a huge percentage of them will upgrade higher. Does that make sense?

If I went straight and tried to sell a $300 version of it, it's not ... it's kind of difficult. It's not super easy to do, because that's an expensive thing ... but if I can sell you on the concept of what the trial is, and you're sold on the trial, then when you see the options ... you're already sold on the concept, in your brain you've already "yes" and now to get a discount for more, it's way easier to sell that way, if that makes sense. It's kind of this cool thing where I can get away with having a huge long form thing. That's kind of the first page, and then I'm still working on page 2 and 3 in the funnel. It's going to be exciting.

This is funnel number 1 I'm building for Pruvit, I'm also building a VSL long-form style funnel as well, and then a webinar funnel as well, so they're all coming. I told you guys the title of it so you can get this funnel for free. You can do that if you are involved in Pruvit, because these are not just for my team or my people, we're giving these corporate-wide. Hopefully I'll have these done by the end of the month, and live inside of your accounts, and you can use them to make a bunch of money. Which is kind of cool, right?

One second, let me flip this around. All right, I'm flipped back around, now I can see both of you guys. I can see everybody now, we can all have some fun. How does that work? Anyway, okay, so that's it you guys. Was that pretty cool, was that kind of fun to see? I want to mention this okay, because some of you guys in the comments are like, "Well I don't have an MLM, Russell." Doesn't matter if you have an MLM or not, okay? This is about a free + shipping trial product. One of our guys in our Inner Circle, his name is Dean. He just barely launched his free + shipping USB offer, where they basically get a free USB drive with a whole bunch of stuff on it. He launched it and he's getting 18% conversion right now, he's freaking out in our Facebook group saying "How in the world is that even possible?". He said, "Back in the day I'd have these big product launches and pray for 2 or 3% conversion, I'm at 18% right now!" I'm like, exactly!

That's the key, that's why ... everyone says "Russell, why do you always want to do free + shipping offers?". Okay, there's a reason why I always do free + shipping offers, conversion is through the roof. It gets people into the buying motion, it gets them wanting to upgrade and to buy more, because again it's not hard for me to sell you on the concept of "you need this book", right? It's free, just cover shipping + handling, it's yours. As soon as I sold you on that, now a part of your brain has said "yes" to that concept, that idea, whatever that thing is about. If you take the free sample here at [KETO-OS 11:00], you're saying, "Yes, I believe that these Ketones will help me." It's a free book ... if it's with Dean it's this free USB with all this information on it, whatever that is for me, the person says "yes", now they've just committed, they've said "Yes, I'm putting enough stock in this thing I'm going to pull my credit card out of my wallet." Right?

Check it out, Dean's on here ... what's up Dean? His offer's crushing it.

Now that they'd said yes, everything else I now offer people in this sequence, they're way more likely to say yes because they've already said yes to the concept ... they said yes, they sold themselves on the concept. Everything else past there becomes easier. That's how it works you guys. Free + shipping stuff is amazing.

Now for those of you guys who are on Pruvit, if you want it, I posted a link there, I don't know if you can see it on Mentions, but if you go to ... can you guys see that? Try.pruvitnow, that is my affiliate link for Pruvit ... I don't care if you use it or not, because it gets ... anybody in Pruvit gets it, but if you go try.pruvitnow ... and you do sign up, I get some money. If not, it doesn't really matter to me, again it goes to everyone in the company. I'm just having fun building out funnels and that's the game plan. Anyways, that's what I wanted to share with you guys today.

If you haven't done a free + shipping yet, then do it.

[Vick-Busy 12:19] asked a good question, "Russell, have you tested the order form being on the same page much?". Yes I have. Every test I've ever done it in, order form on the sales page has always increased conversion. I'm not saying that will stick for forever, but so far I have yet to have that happen. If you look at [inaudible 12:32] our old supplement funnel, it went from that page and opened to a new page ... I'm trying to get this one, this Pruvit funnel to have the order form in-page, which is kind of cool. It actually ... actually, I'll show you guys this real quick.

If I refresh this page ... the way to do it correctly is you don't show the order form by default at first, so if you come down here ... okay, I'm going to show you guys this again one more time. Hopefully everybody can see. All right, let me flip this around, hold on.

Okay so you see, you scroll down, there's no order form there, right? You've got the buttons here but there's no order form underneath it? Then when I click on the button, that then opens the section and scrolls it down. I can do that in click funnels really easily, and there the order form is there. I keep them on-page. That's kind of how we do it. For those click funnel nerds who are wondering, "Russell, how do you do it?", I'll show you real quick the secret, because it's not that hard to do. I've never trained click funnels on this.

All right, so here's your click funnels. All I do is, I made a section over here ... this is for the nerdies like me, right? I made this section and I just hid it, it's the order form and I made it invisible, do you see that? I made the little "I" so it made it invisible, and then I made it when you click on this button here, it says "button action", it shows show/hide, and it shows the order form. That's how you do it. There's the techy thing. Again, guys, here's the ... if you guys do want to join Pruvit and get all my funnels for free, just so you can even funnel-hack me, go to That's how you get it.

CJ said, "I love it you nerd!". Very cool.

When is my next book out? I just started on the book, so it's going to take a little while to write. It's a lot of work. My goal though is to have it launch-able by the funnel-hacking event. How many of you guys are going to be at the funnel-hacking event? Hopefully soon. Marketplace goes live this month, so we are very, very, close. I know I've been in the testing process with it. Marketplace goes live this month.

How do you get a one-on-one with Russell? Go to, and you can find out how to get one-on-ones with Russell. Anyway.

How do you remove click funnel tags on your site? It's really easy, there's a little button you turn on and off in the settings.

All right guys. All right. I'm out of here, guys. I need to get home and be with my kids. Appreciate you all, thanks for hanging out. Hopefully you guys got some good ideas, hopefully you had fun checking out the funnel. I'm excited for this puppy to go live. I know everyone in the Pruvit community is really excited for it as well, and it's going to be awesome as well. If you're in Pruvit, go and use it when it's live ... if you're not in Pruvit, go get Pruvit. Go to, and if you think MLM is horrible and you're scared of supplements and you just want to funnel-hack me when it's live, don't worry I'll post a message, you guys can funnel-hack it when it's live. I've got no issues with that at all. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye


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