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Ep 44 - Star, Story, Solution - The Secret Formula To Selling Almost Anything



Hey hey everybody, I hear whistling in the other room. Oh I got a hair cut, my hair is short today. Hey everybody, how's it going welcome, welcome, welcome, to Periscope or Facebook mentions wherever you guys are at today. What's up CSG doing it, what's up Biz book, Hey Julie how's it going. How you guys all doing? Oh wow, Sean Williams is already sharing this, he must be excited. I'm excited. Liz good morning. Jesse how you doing? We got Funnel Hacker in the house. We got Ray from Lithuania, what's up Ray? How's it going everybody? If you're over here on Facebook, I want to say hi too. Let me know if you're here too. Say hello, hello in the comment box down below. We have Periscope hanging out, I want to make sure you guys over on Facebook are having fun too. Where's everybody at so far, we got a lot of new people coming on today. What's up Troy? Ipatrick just shared, thanks you guys.

So we've got a lot of new people. I just actually shared Periscope to my list for the first time. So I'm betting a lot of you guys, this is the first time you've ever been on my Periscope or even on a Periscope. Probably ever right? Moody Shaw's from Alaska, we've got Singapore. All sorts of good stuff. Very Very Cool.

All right. This is how this game works you guys. This is how we play it over here. For those who it's your first time. Every day about whenever I'm in town. Probably four, five or six times a week. I get on here and I share a quick marketing tip. I call it the Marketing Quickie Show, and that's what it is. So a Dean Hall what's up man? Howard Burg is here, how's it going Howard? The world's fastest readers on with this day you guys. I'm excited. I don't share my good marketing quickie unless I get a lot of people on, right now we've got 143 people on Periscope, we've got 20 or 30 on Facebook. It's grown. So I want to get. We just passed 150. We're doing good. Let's get to 175. If we get to 175 I will share with you guys one of my best marketing quickies and if you're liking what we're talking about on Periscope you got to give me a double tap over here, you've got to give me some hearts. And if you're excited over here on Mentions just share or comment or whatever and that will give it to more people. So more people will be hanging out all right?

So if you guys want to help me get a couple more, if we get about 20 more people I can share with you this Marketing Quickie. All you got to do if you are on Periscope is slide you finger over and there should be a button that says share with your fans or followers. Dean just shared, Vlad Dmmc just shared, so if you share that will get some more people on here that I can share with you guys on of my favorite marketing tricks, tactics whatever you want to call it.

Gannie just got his Funnel Hockey t-shirt very cool. Sam over here on Mentions said nice on Mentions again if you're on Facebook. We had four of you you guys on Facebook just share, click the share button that will get a few more people here. Jessie shared, Nikki shared, Emmanuel shared, Malcolm shared, Mandy Pratt just shared, Bruce just shared. Thanks you guys. All Right Matt Ridgeway just got a shirt. Very, Very, cool. Howard Burg just shared over on Twitter. All Right you guys.

Well we just passed 180 over here, and we're at 40 okay we're doing good. Suzette from Utah, all right. So I'm ready to share, you guys ready for this?

So everyone over here on Facebook is say hi at Periscope, Periscope is say hi to Facebook. We got two channels we're streaming through to make sure everyone is having fun. So what I want to share with you guys today, is a formula to help you sell pretty much anything if you can master this. And people always tell me like when I talk to them, you're like just speaking copy the whole time you closing me and you're just talking. Have you guys ever noticed that before? Like when I was talking sometimes you're like how is he just just talking in copy like he's just closing me and he didn't even write this right. So if you ever wondered this give me a double tap. Okay, because there's a method to the madness, it's not just random.

When I talk to you guys and I share stuff I follow a process almost every time. And you can probably watch this if you look back at any communication style with me from webinars, to video, to Periscope, to anything it comes down to a basic formula. I learned this originally from a dude. His name was Vince James. And he actually created a supplement, I'm going to try to find this in the book because it's in here as well. He created. Wow, Jason [inaudible 00:04:17]has 12k for today, what's up Jason? He's one of our inner circle members. Crushing it every day. He's going to pass a million bucks soon and I can no wait. So I was, Vince he created a supplement. He sold over 100,000,000 dollars of supplement in 23 days, or excuse me 23 months. And I had a chance to interview him for six hours. One of the things I asked him was how in the world do you sell that much stuff? Right? Pretty good question for someone right? And so, and ... someone asked how to double tap, yeah you have to double tap, you can't just tap light. You got to pound it back and forth. The hearts aren't going to flow.

So I asking him, and I'm like how do you write, and so he gave me a little formula. I'm trying to find it real quick here in my book. If you guys have not read the Dot Com Secrets Book, the script is contained in it's entirety inside the book here. But it's a really basic ... 181 page 181 sorry I'm trying to find it for you here. If you don't have the book, yeah, you guys can get it for free go to, you guys can get it for free.

All right, so here it is on page 183, this is what I learned from Vince. A concept he called Star Story Solution. All Right do you see that. We've got a lot of fans who like that book that's awesome. So he talked about this, he said I wrote sales letters. All my sales letters followed the exact same process he said, [inaudible 00:05:41] Star Story Solution. That's the scrip. Every story has to have a star, so you start by introducing the star. And the more exciting ... hey Pete says it's the best book ever ... He said that you got to to intro your story with a star. That's how it begins it there's somebody that it's that this story is about and typically it's someone that's in the exact same spot that your customer currently is right now, okay. Sam says it's his favorite book ever, thanks Sam.

So, the story, the star of the story is typically in the exact same spot as your potential customer is in right now. So if your product is about how to loose, a hair loss product, the star of the story is someone that's bald right now and struggling with hair loss right. So first, there's the star, and then you transition to the story. This is the story that takes you through that process that the person is going through. What's the pain, what happened and what got them to this point that they had to make a change, right? Because that's where your potential person probably at right now. Right? If they're on your video or on you webinar or on your periscope and the know they need to change something in their life, their business, their health, their fitness. Whatever it is you're selling. And they know that, like that's what the story your taking this person on the same journey they're on.

And then the third step is the solution which is the product or service. So this star of the story goes through the story talk about the pain the backstory they went through and they found the solution which is your product. And then the solution you know solves all the problems. And that's basically the format. Okay, so the book for those who are asking, my book is Dot Com Secrets. You get it for free at then inside the book at page183 I talk about star story solution. So Vince told me that and I'm like that's awesome. I started trying to teach and talk and doing it that way. And I tried to say okay. First I'm starting this story this webinar, who is the star of the story and let's start from there, and I say now I know the star now, I switch the transition over to the story, so now I have the story and I'm going through the story and I transition to the solution right?

And sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't work right? It's [inaudible 00:07:49] you gotta pay me 7.95 shipping and handling anywhere in the United States that's it. It's free, but you got to cover shipping and handling, because I got to spend more than that to print it and ship it. So I thought it was really cool, but I started thinking like, how can sometimes my story convert and sometimes they don't convert do you ever wonder that. What am I doing wrong? I'm following Star Story Solution I know that's it. So I went through about ten years worth of sales letters and I tried to figure out the ones that I had the worst success. What was the process or path, and check this out. If you flip over to page 84. This is the diagram we used to introduce the star in the story. So I take him through that process right there so I start with pattern interrupt and I go through the core desire questions, from there I adjudicate past failure, make a big promise, promise him the one thing, and then I introduce the attractive character. That's the first part in here.

And then as you go through the book, he transitions to section number two, which is the story and this is how I diagram and break out the story. Again I went through ten years of my sales letters and sales video and webinars and figure out what's the commonality common thread in all of these and figure out that's what it is, that's the path right there. So that is is how I diagram how I break out the story of my script.

And then the last one is how do I introduce the product and that is the solution. Here's the diagram we broke out for how we introduce the solution and the product okay? Now obviously I don't have time during a marketing quickie show to go through every single thing in the book. But I want you guys to start thinking in star story solution, because that's how you start communicating, when you get on a Periscope, or you're on Facebook or you're on a blog, or you're on a webinar, or doing sales video, whatever. That's the process. Star Story Solution, you think it through. Who's the star of the story, then what's the story that person had to go through okay? Then what's the solution you product or your service kind of has at the end.

And that's the process. It's pretty simple. And if you guys want more diagrams get the book. It's all inside the book you get it for free. You guys that was how Marketing Quickie Show works for those who it's been your very first time. And holy cow on Facebook we have 250 viewers. And about 200, so we're about 550-600 people or so on right now, which is awesome, so every single day or so. I try these every day when I'm in the office, we to Marketing Quickie Show. I come on and share one Marketing tip, trick, idea. Something to get your mind thinking about your business a little bit more. And if you like it, I ask you on Facebook to share it, if you're Periscope give me a double heart or a triple tap, give me as many hearts as you can, check it out you guys on Facebook you see how Periscope guys are doing? Those hearts flying so they are excited which is awesome. So that's it for today, you guys.

Someone asked how my dad's induction went, so yesterday my dad got inducted into the Utah wrestling hall of fame. So I flew to Utah and I had a chance to introduce him and then he came up and accepted the award which was which was awesome.

Good question. So here's our Q and A section of the show, what's better Facebook live or Periscope? So it's been interesting that Periscope for me traditionally for me has people show up faster. I get more people on quicker. More people watch it live. Except for today today Facebook is killing it for some reason. John must be driving ads You guys are sharing or whatever is happening. But Facebook Mentions has a longer tail for me. I usually get ten times the number of people that watch the long tail on Facebook as they do on Periscope. So it's kind of blend of both, which is why we're both hanging on on both of these. We've got you guys on both sides here. So that's kind of what's happening here.

We're also going to test out Blab, Blab seems pretty cool because you can have multiple people on. And Jesse is helping us get ton more fans which is cool. Miguel asks is my supplement training coming out soon. I'll do that soon. I'm getting we're creating a new supplement line right now, which has been fun, so we'll do that soon. And Mal says the quality on Facebook looks better than Periscope. So you guys can jump back and forth whatever make most sense to you.

Anyway that's how the Marketing Quickie show works. You guys we're going to keep growing these as we have some fun exciting things coming up for it. If you want to see any of the back past episodes if you go to my blog. you can see all the past Periscope Marketing Quickie we have done in the past. And it's pretty cool. Real Rough Davis, yes I did sell my old supplement company. Yep. All right guys I want to keep you short because I respect your time. I want to hang out for five to ten minutes each day with you guys. So thanks for hanging out for the Marketing Quickie show stay tuned. Make sure you subscribe here on Periscope. Get it on your phone. And tat way every time I start with these you'll twirt [inaudible 00:12:24] and you'll know that I'm here live and it will be a lot of fun. And if you guys want the book again it's free. Just cover $7.95 shipping and handling. Go to Appreciate you guys, have an amazing day and I will talk to you all again later. Bye.


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