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Ep 45 - Marketing Quickie From My Hotel Bed



I wonder if animals chirp early in the morning. You just got the chirp. People are going to be pissed like, "what are you doing waking us up this early". Good morning everybody. You still showed up this early in the morning. I love it. What's up Troy Ols? How are you doing my man? I'm literally laying in bed right now you guys. I just thought, you know what, I want to Periscope. I miss you guys. Good morning Antonio. Good morning Kimberly Tilly. Good morning everybody. Where are you? You guys all in bed still? Or is it afternoon for you guys yet?

Good morning from Wilmington, Delaware. We got Manila. Cleo's calling from Manila. [inaudible 00:00:50] in Colorado. I was in Colorado yesterday. It's an awesome morning in Florida. [inaudible 00:00:56] working on video edits, headed to breakfast with family. Good morning, good morning everybody. Good morning from Quebec. San Antonio from Sydney. Awesome. I'm impressed you guys are waking up with me this early. Usually we do this in the afternoon. It's 3 p.m. in London so London you're actually at a normal time, which is awesome. Very cool you guys. You guys from Colorado. Where else are you guys from? Good morning from Botswana, Africa. That's exciting. New Orleans, where else you guys from? Stacy Highlands up in Montreal. What's up Stacy? How you doing? Good morning. Jerry is in Ohio. It's not raining in Manchester. My hair looks too good to be [inaudible 00:01:37] from bed. Yes, I keep it nice and short so it doesn't go crazy. We got a couple from New Hampshire. Tennessee, Lithuania, New Jersey, Finland.

We are in Phoenix right now. I've been kind of on a little jaunt around the world over the last few days. I'm in my bed and I don't even want to get out of bed. I'm like, "I just want to say hi to everybody". I'm going to do this from bed. I'm literally sitting in my bed right now. Hope that's not too weird for you guys. Suzette from Utah, very cool. I'm going to get started here. It's supposed to be 100 people because its early so we got 4 more people. If you guys want to share this scroll over and click your little Facebook - or share it on Facebook or Twitter and then we can get started. Lisa from Vegas. How's it going Lisa? Great to see you.

I want to talk to you guys about what I think is one of the best marketing tips on earth. It kind of has to do with what I'm doing right now. Right now I'm actually in Phoenix at Armand Morin's new event. It's called Learn University. Before here, yesterday ... two days ago we were in Denver. I was at Brumfield at GKFC's event, which was their info summit. I spoke there. It turned out really good. I spoke and it's kind of crazy like I asked the audience ahead of time like, "how are you guys on Click Funnels lf their arms went up and I was like, "Oh, man". I was going to speak and then sale Click Funnels in the end which is always scary. If half of the audience already owns Click Funnels I'm in big trouble but we still closed ... We're still closing deals right now. When I left we were over $100,000 in sales. That's awesome right? That's cool. Someone said, "who's in the goddamn bed?" No one's in my bed. I'm in my own bed. Brent's on the other side of the room.

I spoke there and sold. It did awesome and then we flew here. Now we're here at Armand's event. My marketing quickie for you guys today was talking about events so ... Todd and Ashley just texted me a picture of them ... So Todd the guy who built Click Funnels just texted me a picture of him and his wife are in bed right now. They just texted me a picture of them watching this from their bed. That's awesome. We should just have every morning everyone in bed we meet together and talk about cool stuff, right. Bran said I was in his dreams the other night and he told me my struggles and I literally walked. I'm so sorry man I wouldn't walk in real life. That's awesome. We were in the airport yesterday and I'm walking. This lady comes up and she's like, "Are you Russel Brunson?" I'm like, "Yeah, who are you?" She's like, "I'm on your Periscope. I read your book". Anyway, it was crazy. That was kind of fun. That's awesome.

Now I got caught off guard by Todd and Ashley sending me their ... Sleep is for slackers. Sleep are for people who are broke. Just kidding. Why I started this business? I was online I thought I was the only person in the world doing this stuff. Like I was the internet entrepreneur and I was in my house in my little basement doing this. It's kind of lonely being an entrepreneur. Nobody else understands your world. You talk to other people and they're stressed out about things that don't even seem to matter. Where as, we're worried about changing the world and about helping people. We have employees and teams and ... entrepreneurs issues are bigger than normal peoples. I'm just going to say it flat out. I don't know about you guys but its hard for me to relate to other people a lot of times because they're freaking out about things like dude your issues they're just not the same level. Being an entrepreneur is real lonely at least for me. I'm sure its probably the same for you guys as well.

One of the guys I used to follow a lot was Armand Morin. In fact, I used to funnel hack him. I remember he had an E-cover generator, sales letter generator, all these different generator software programs and I used to buy all those. I loved all his stuff. My very, very first product ever created was called Zip Brander. It was a software product. It looked like the sales for Zip Brander looked identical to all of Armand's sales pages. I funnel hacked it as close as I possibly could. Anyway, so I funnel hacked it and I didn't know it was called funnel hacking back then. I just knew that Armand was rich and I wanted to be rich. I was just modeling everything that he was doing as close as I could which is cool. If you guys are all funnel hackers still give me a double tap. I want to see how many of you guys are funnel hacking because that's how I started this whole business. I was just looking at people who were successful like Armand and I modeled them. With modeling Armand, that's how I got started.

Eventually after a year or two, I was making some money. I was making about 100 grand a year or so and he came out with this event he was doing called the Big Seminar and I was like, "Oh, its a big seminar". Thinking now its the worst name ever for an event but it was called The Big Seminar and I was like I want to go to The Big Seminar. I went and it was like 2,000 bucks and I went to the event. It was so cool. I got in this room with all these other people who are just like me. These other people who are freaks like me. Who thought it was cool to talk about SEO and PPC and graphic design and headlines. I was like, "I'm not alone in this world". I found a family there. It was awesome. I found partners and business partners, people to network with and other people who thought the way I did, people who had similar businesses and my little business. I really feel like that was like that shot of adrenaline to help my business and my company to grow because now it wasn't just me. Its lonely to just be you. That's kind of how it all started.

I'm a big fan of events and if you guys haven't been to an event you need to come to an event. If you're looking at what event should I come to its only one that's worth you guys buying flights and tickets and hotels and coming to. That's our Funnel Hacking Live event. How many of you guys that are on Periscope were at the last Funnel Hacking Live event? If you were there give me a double tap. I see Henry. Henry was there. Tim Springer's coming this time. Sweet. I don't want to toot my own horn because it wasn't me but the event was amazing. It was awesome. In fact, if you go to If you go there you'll see the video recap from last year. It's nuts. Its one of the coolest videos I have ever seen ever in the history of all time. Go to and you can see it there. You can watch the video. On there it has the dates for the next one.

Next one is happening March 31st and then April 1st and April 2nd. Its April Fools Day. Jason said it was the best event he attended all year. It's See the video of last year you'll see kind of what it was. This year's in San Diego which is awesome. We did it in Vegas last year which I didn't know Vegas is horrible. After we got everything booked we found out about the union which I didn't [inaudible 00:09:18]. The union, we had spent an extra $80,000 because of union fees to have union people standing around doing nothing. It was horrible. This year we're doing it in San Diego so there's no unions. We can have an awesome time. Last year's post is

If you guys are going to come to the event give me double tap. I want to see who's going to be there. I know we pre-sold I think about half the tickets are already gone and we haven't even started marketing it yet. It's going to be amazing. If you haven't got your tickets I recommend getting them because we're going to sell out like we did last year. Last year was sold out like a month early. People started flipping out because everyone on Facebook was talking about going and everyone was like, "I want to go". We ended up getting 200 people on a waiting list begging us to get it. We had to call the hotel and we had to change seating arrangements. We got rid of the tables [inaudible 00:10:04] 600 people so that's 600. We had over 100 people who were pissed at me because they wanted to come. I was like, "I told you guys about the event for like 4 months. You had warning. Don't get mad at me". For you guys, you have warning now. Don't not come.

So the event, a couple things, you're going to network with other entrepreneurs just like you, other funnel hackers, other people who are obsessed with ClickFunnels. They love it as much as you do. You need to be there. We're all going to be there. For 3 days we're going to be talking about it and its cool. This event I've got some amazing stuff up my sleeve you guys are going to love. I got some guest speakers. I can't announce them yet because they haven't signed the contract yet. I would come just to have a chance to see one of these speakers because they don't speak. Anyway its going to be nuts. We're going to be bringing in a whole bunch of ClickFunnels' members who are going to be sharing their funnel. What we're going to do is we're going to talk about a funnel type. For example, I might talk about memberships sites.

How many of you guys want to learn about membership sites? I'm going to come up and show my strategy how we're building an insanely huge awesome membership sites and then what we're going to do we're going to bring up people like you in our community who have membership sites in different strange markets and have them show you their business model. What they're doing is showing your funnels which is going to be awesome. Then we're going to do another one. I don't know, trip wire funnels or author funnels. It's going to be awesome. You guys want and need to be there. You will have a chance to network and if its anything that happen in my business after my first event it changed it. It was totally a huge trajectory for my business, my life, my family. I'm so grateful I was there. I'm here now at this event.

This event is going to be a callus for a lot of people partially because they don't have a lot of ClickFunnels for the first time which is huge as you guys know and partially because they get to network and get to know each other and its awesome. Funnel Hacking, be there or be square. It's going to be awesome. Regardless ... Thanks man. Jake said he was able to quit his job thanks to me. That's awesome dude. Thank you for that. That makes my day. Now I can go on and have a great day today. You guys all have a great day too. I would make sure in your business that you are attending at least one event a year that's in your industry. Let's say you're in the fitness industry. You need to attend at least one fitness event a year. You also need to attend at least one marketing event a year. You have to. If that's not in your budget yet you need to make that part of your budget. Its insane not to.

If you're going to go to one you have to go to Funnel Hacking. I'm not biases but its going to be amazing. I'm going to be serving you guys at the top level trying to change you guys business, your lives. I want for you guys what you all want. You can sign up at Plus you can go see the freaking amazing video from last year's event. I'm going to start really seeing speakers info and pictures on a page. You want to get tickets now before we raise the price before we sell out just go to Get your tickets. Be at the event. Come network. Come hangout. Come have some fun. That's it you guys. I have to go get dressed. I have to go shave. I have to go get my slides ready because I'm going to be speaking downstairs I think in an hour and a half or so. I'm going to go drink some kioos, take my Onnit vitamins and get ready for some fun. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day. I'll talk to you all soon. Bye. You better be at Funnel Hacking Live. you guys. All right see you guys. Talk to you all soon


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