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Ep 48 - The Only Real Thing You Need To Understand To 10X Your Company



Hi everybody! I'm here today with my little marketing partner. We've been working on a project all day today. Can you say hi to everybody? Say hi. Say hi to Aiden.

What I want to do to begin with, is I want to show you guys the new intro, which Ray over at Raynimation did this intro for us along with Arnius ... I always call him Arnie, but Arnius. They are amazing. They just finished it today. I'm excited I'm going to be able to see it. It's kind of cheesy, but it's kind of fun and it's amazing. I love it. Okay, should we show it to them? I'm going to flip this around. Give me one second.

Can you guys all see this?

What do you guys think? Did you guys love it? It was awesome. Cool. When we do the ... My brother takes these and re-renders them out and we put them on our blog over at You'll see, everyone's going crazy for it. The graphics are awesome, the animation. If you guys saw it, I posted some b-roll of how they did it all. It was amazing. I'll post that again soon, but it was awesome, awesome, awesome.

You keep paying attention to this show, you'll keep seeing those. Oh, and there's Aiden's giraffe. Awesome, awesome. Justin said he's glad we're teaching you at young age. Can you say hi to Justin? It's Justin and Tara, hi!

All right, guys. Are you guys ready for our marketing quickie for today? This is one that I'm actually really excited ... I just lost it. I had it up here. I'm really excited for ... Because I think it is the key that we all need to understand. Let me find it real quick.

We're talking ... Let me see if I can find it real quick here. Okay, I found it. Oh wait. There we go. Okay. This is it. We're talking about some of our friends who have been in the marketing business for a long time. They're making, I think two to three million dollars a year right now and they're stuck. They can't get past where they're stuck at. If you guys like Aiden ... You got a lot of hearts. They think you're funny bud.

Anyways, they've been stuck. We were talking about how you get unstuck. Today I was talking to my partners and some of my friends, just talking like, "What is it? Why are they not progressing? Why are they kind of stuck right here in their business?" W e started thinking about it. We look at what were some of the ... Because we were in a similar spot a few years ago. We got stuck too. A lot of people get stuck, right? I was like, "What are we doing different now, right? How do we go from being stuck at seven figures and get into eight and beyond? What was that big thing that was different?"

Dylan, who was one of our partners in Clickfunnels, an amazing dude. He made a comment. When he said it, it was one of like mic-dropping. If I had a mic, I would've dropped it. I was just like, that was it. That is the key to everything. You guys want to hear it? If you guys want to hear it, give me double-tap. Or if you know what it is, actually let's get ... Let me know what you guys think it is first off. This will be fun. Andrea thinks it's a product you want and need. That's good, but not quite it. Justin wants to know what it is. If you guys want to know what it is, guess, let me know.

Sweet, we got a new inner circle member here. [inaudible 00:03:13] tomorrow happening, awesome, awesome. Okay, a hungry crowd, good guess, another good guess but it's not it. Actions, good but it's not it. A little kid making funny faces. Stories, good but it's not what I'm talking about. Okay, those are all very, very important.

Let me tell you guys what it is, all right? This is what Dylan posted. I'm going to read it and then I'll explain it, okay? Dylan said, "They really need a core passion to fix just one problem and just do that." That was it. He said, "Right now they're all over the place like most people. They can't be an expert in every dang trend that comes up." That's it. It's the key. You've got to figure out what's the one thing that you have that you can change somebody's life with. Just do that one thing. Okay, for me I spend a lot of time too when I was trying to do a million different things and have a bunch of stuff. It wasn't until we really finalized and said, "What's our thing? Our thing's funnels. That's it, right?" We build Clickfunnels. Our coaching program's based around funnels. Everything now is around that one core concept, that we want to be the best at in the world.

That's the key you guys. The key is not trying to be a million things. I'm going to read this again. He said, "They really just need to focus on one core passion to fix one problem and just do that." That's it. Liv said, "You talking to me?" I'm talking to you now. If that got you, it means we're talking to you. It means it's important.

Anyway guys, that is the key for today. I hope you guys enjoy today's marketing quickie show. A lot of cool stuff's happening that we'll talk about in the future, but I've got to go now to go out and play with Aiden. Got some fun stuff to do. If you had fun today, give me double-taps as quick as you can. All right, ooh, they're coming fast. Aiden, want to say bye to everybody?

Speaker 2: Bye bye.

Speaker 1: Aiden says bye to everybody. Come say bye.

Speaker 2: Wait a second.

Speaker 1: Oh, he'll say bye in a second. Remember, I would attach that all to your foreheads. You really just need a core passion to fix one problem and just do that. That's it you guys. That's the secret for today. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing time. Bye!

Speaker 2: Bye bye!

Speaker 1: I don't want to stop it. Bye guys.


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