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Ep 49 - My #1 Secret To Making Every Area Of Your Life More AWESOME!!



Speaker 1: Hi everyone. This is [Dallen 00:00:01]. He's going crazy too. Okay. You guys we got a really important marketing quickie show with you guys today. Today's marketing quickie show we got something really, really cool to share with you guys. It's something that's going to help you in your business, help you in your life, help you in everything. This is going back here ... This is [Dallen 00:00:19], these guys are twins. They don't look like each other though. They're awesome.

Dallon: Ow.

Speaker 1: Hey, be nice you guys. All right, before we get started, I've got to show you guys our intro, our title scene so give me one second, we're going to give you our title scene. Hold on guys, I'm going to flip you around so you can see it. Woo.

All right guys, that was the intro. Joel [inaudible 00:41], so Joe, maybe you were born like 8 years ago, he gave you a really cool gift that's up in your room right now.

Dallon: 10.

Speaker 1: Anyway, 10 years ago, so we got really quick show, and then we got to bounce, we are leaving, so I got a really quick thing for you guys real quick. My question for you guys is, how you make everything in your life more awesome? The number one secret is this.

Hey Dallon, how's your day today?

Dallon: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Hey Dallon, how was school yesterday?

Dallon: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Hey Bo, how was your day today?

Bo: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Hey Ellie, how was your day today?

Ellie: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Okay, that is the secret you guys, most people when you ask them how their day is, what do they say? "It's good".

Kids: Awesome.

Speaker 1: What do most people say though?

Kids: Good.

Speaker 1: Good. How you doing? Good. How's life? Good. Most people aren't good, as you know, good is the enemy to great. My kids we've been trained, when somebody asked them how you doing, say Ellie, how you doing?

Ellie: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Dallon, how you doing today?

Dallon: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Bo, how you doing?

Bo: Awesome.

Speaker 1: They're awesome. If you want to freak people out if you're at the airport, or you're at McDonald's or Burger King, wherever we're going, say, "Hey, how you doing today?". Don't say good, say, "Awesome", and what will happen is it changes them, and it changes you. It's amazing how it works. For us, that's kind of our rule.

It's kind of funny how much how you communicate has to do with how you feel and everything. Tony Robbins one time told me, he said that there was this study where they had all these people who were clinically depressed. They were not just depressed, clinically depressed, they were trying all these drugs and things, trying to make them feel better, and then one day they said, "Let's try an experiment". They took all these people and they put them in front of a mirror and they had them smile, in front of the mirror for 30 minutes a day. Within the 30 days, all of them were better.

There's some weird stuff happening in your brain when you start going, "I'm good...Things are okay", and you say something different. You say...what?

Kids: Awesome.

Speaker 1: Today, for the rest of today, and next week and the rest of the year, when somebody asks you how you are, do not say, "Good", cos good is the enemy of great. Tell them you are awesome, and yes, Jerry said people look at you so weird.

[cross talk 02:42]

Very cool, anyway, we gotta bounce, we're going on a trip, so everyone say bye to the internet world.

Kids: Bye.

Speaker 1: Bye.

Kids: And also ones in England.

Speaker 1: Good stuff, anyway, appreciate you guys, have an amazing day, awesome day, don't have a good day, because good is the enemy of great. Be awesome, say you're awesome, and we'll talk to you all again soon. See you guys!

Kids: See ya!

Speaker 1: Bye.


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