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Ep 50 - The Practical Reason To Funnel Hack



Hey everybody, how's it going?

You're watching me through a mirror today. How's it going everybody? I'm sorry. I haven't been talking to you for a while. We've been traveling and going a little crazy. I'm going to show you guys the Marketing Quickies Intro, and then we'll get started on our Marketing Quickies for today. Just give me one second here.

All right. All right. I'm here for real now. Welcome you guys to the Marketing Quickies show. My name is Russell Brunson, and there's my intro. I hope you guys loved it. Today's message ... Yeah, actually it is behind the scenes. I'm going to post stuff pretty soon, behind the scene footage, yes, get off, see how it all works.

Oops. It's pretty awesome the way Ray and his team, excuse me, Ray from They built that out and did an amazing job, and they are awesome.

All right. Here's what I'm what I'm talking to guys about today. I'm in the UK. I'm in London, and today we've been going all over the place and going to stores. We did a bunch of cool things. We went on this bus tour around the whole City which was awesome at first. It started raining, and then we went to, I think it's called Henemans. It's the first toy store ever, which was pretty cool. It was huge, 7 stories tall. We went to there.

Yeah. We got an echo. Sorry, I'm in a hotel room. That was awesome, and then we went to, so much different stores and locations. It was interesting, and I don't know if it's everywhere, but almost everywhere that we went today, outside of the toy store. The toy store was amazing, but every other store we went to had a horrible process. They took people through and I started thinking about how in this business I got started.

One of the things that helped me. This is before we ever called it "funnel hacking." One of the original things is, I used to be really obsessed with the process of how people do things, how companies do things. How many of you guys like to go to GNC, the store GNC, General Nutrition Center? If you guys like GNC, give me double taps, fast as you can. I think GNC is one of my favorite stores because I love buying supplements. I love looking at supplements. I love just looking at everything, but the people at GNC, nobody's ever pulled them aside I don't think, and talked about their process, because their process drives me crazy.

I walk in all excited to browse and to look, and to buy. The first thing when you walk into GNC, somebody grabs you immediately, "Hi can I help you?" Every time it throws me off because they can't help me yet. I just walked in. I need to look. I need to be able to do something, but they just grab you, "Hey, can I help you?" It always freaks me out and, "Oh no, I'm good," and I always walk back out. Every time. Unless I sneak past that person, and then I usually spend an hour in there, and then I end up buying a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff. The problem is that they catch me really really quick, and they ask me that, and it just freaks me out. Okay. That's the process of GNC.

There's other stores that have amazing processes, there's a store that really big in Idaho. I think it's big a lot of places, but it's called "The Buckle." It's a clothing store, right? You walk in and there's always ... It breaks. There's a girls' side and a guys' side. Right? You walk in and they've got good looking guys on the girls' side, and good looking girls on the girls' side. You walk in and the girls grab you, and they pull you in, and they show you stuff, and they tell you how good you luck, and they try things ... and the experience is different. You walk in there, you feel like they want you there, and they treat you well, and they make you want to buy more stuff, and so you consume more. Right. If I ever start a clothing store, I would model what The Buckle does, because they do it perfectly. Right.

I start thinking about that. When I came here and we went to these different stores, I don't know, probably 10 stores we've been to the last 2 or 3 days. The processes are horrible in all of them. Again, I don't know if it's the UK thing, or London thing, or just the stores we happen to go into. I look at where we're from in the states. For the most part, most of these processes have been figured out. Right.

When you walk in, like a restaurant, you walk in, there's a menu. Usually on a menu there's 10 things, or 12 things. Right. We went to this little tiny Vietnamese restaurant, and it only had enough seats, maybe 10 seats inside of it, and their menu was 12 to 13 pages. Every page had 30 things. I don't even know what to get or how to get it. Then the process was broken. We know in America, you come, you seat someone. The first thing is you ask them what they drink, and then you go get the drink, and you bring it back. Right? It was this way, a guy sits down next to me and he's staring at me. I'm, "Hey." He's, "What do you want?" I'm, "Uuh." 10 inch mark because they worked at The Buckle 18 years ago. Yes, they're good.

The guy stares at me, I'm, "Hey can you get us a bunch of waters?" He's, "Okay," and he keeps staring at me. I'm, "Okay." He's, "What else do you want?" I'm, "We just sat down, you got 50,000 options here. Go get our and then come back." I'm trying to coach him through, "This is the process how restaurants work. This is how they're successful." Right. Every single step in this process was just so clunky.

Tonight we went to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was an amazing show. Everything was awesome about it. I started watching the process, which was really weird, right? My kids wanted to buy a bunch of stuff. Right. They wanted cotton candy, and chocolate, and all these things. These things were there but they were in such weird locations, and place. It was hard for us to buy. I kept trying to go and get them a treat, but the process was just weird.

Then we did buy a bunch of stuff, and I had a bunch of tubs and things like this, so I had 4 or 5 jars of stuff that's empty, and I'm trying to find a trash can. I walked around the entire place and there's no trash. I went to the bathroom and there's not trash cans. I walked around, I asked the people, "Hey, is there a trash can?" They're, "No." I'm holding all this stuff and I'm ... If someone came up to me in a store, and I had a handful and asked for a trash can, I wouldn't say, "No." I would either take the trash out, or I'd find a way. Right.

It was just interesting to me. I definitely understand these people are calmly saying, "Well things are different in part of the world." I get that, but people are people, and people like to be treated good no matter what. I just feel ...

I just dropped the camera. Hopefully, you guys are still back here. Someone said no trash cans because of bomb security. Sorry, I dropped the camera and ... Anyway, what I was just going to say is, and again, I understand there's different cultural things and all that, but if I owned a restaurant, or if I owned anything, I would go and find the best people in the world who are doing that thing. Right. I would go and I would funnel hack. I would watch their process and see what they're doing and why they're doing it. If I had the show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I would go to Broadway and see, "What are they doing? How are they doing, and what are they doing to extract money from customers in a way that's cool that the customer's love?" Right.

The opposite side of that is we went to, I think it's called Henemans. Let me see, I have the bag here, no Hamleys Toy Store. Hamleys is the original toy store, and the very first toy store, ever. I think it's the biggest one. It didn't used to be the biggest, now it is. We walked in and their process was amazing. I was so impressed. It was like if you go to the fair and you've got the people who are out there doing the demos, trying to sell stuff. Right. They had 5 or 6 demo people every single floor in Hamleys. What was cool was that every single one of these booths. It wasn't just like a booth from the demoing, every person had a script, and they had a process, and they had something they took and they made a pitch at the end.

It was amazing. My kids were going insane. They wanted every single thing. It was crazy. That's why we spent so much time and so much money in there, because they mastered the process. They were the best in the world. If I was going to open a toy store, the first thing I'd do is I'd fly here, and I would spend a month walking through and hearing the pitches, and I'd be trying to hire the people doing the pitches, because they were so good. That's what I'd do. That's what you should do. That's the practical approach. You should be funnel hacking, no matter what business you're in. Okay.

I'm not making anything rude against anyone here in London. It could have been just the places we went to. Ray asked if we did The Magic Pack. I almost got sold on the Magic Pack. What I'm saying for you is whatever it is you're selling, if you're selling online, or offline, or whatever, I don't care what you're doing, just assume that you're not very good at it first. Even after you're really good at it, assume you're still not good at it, and find the best people in the world. There's a reason why I funnel hack about 20 different funnels per month. Okay.

I realize I think I'm pretty good, but there's people that are better than me. I'm funnel hacking and I'm buying their product just to see, "How are they doing it and why are they doing it?" It's very important for me to keep up on my game and see what's working, and keep evolving that. The same thing for you guys. Whatever business you're in, or the business you want to be in, go out there and find the best in the world and funnel hack them. Funnel hacking can be online buying the product, or it can be offline, or it can be calling their phone number. Whatever that is for you and your business, you got to do that and that's how you're going to become the best, and it's a lot of fun.

I hope that helps. That's my thought today as I was watching some people execute amazingly, and watching others who didn't, and wishing I could talk to these guys about funnel hacking. I can talk to you guys about it because you guys understand and you care. The best tool for hacking online is called, "Click Funnels." Boom. Anyway, that's the process you guys. That's what I got for you tonight. I'm going to go to bed now, because it's late.

If you guys had fun, give me a double tap, give me some hearts if you had a good time tonight. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. We appreciate you guys. Thanks for participating in these, hanging out with me, and hopefully, you are getting value out of them. I appreciate you guys, and we'll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye.


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