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Ep 53 - Want To See My Vision Board



Hey, everybody. Welcome, welcome to the Marketing Quickie Show. I want to share this vision board to show you guys my goals I started earlier this year, because some of them we're getting close to reaching. Some, we haven't reached yet, but it's kind of exciting, so I'm going to show you mine, but I'm going to show you this cool thing that Vince Palko made for me which is awesome.

New Year's is coming up and I’m guessing that some of you are thinking about, 'What do I want to do next year?' I remember 3 or 4 Christmases ago, I got a video from Tony Robbins, probably towards the end of December, and him and his wife, Sage, were in Fiji and they were sitting there and Tony was talking about how New Year's is the time when we can figure out new things, what we want to do and it's kind of cool. He said that we can change any time we want, but New Year's gives us an excuse to be willing to change. As New Year's is coming, he said, "I want you to look at your life and look at things you're not happy with. Like, let's say, you're not happy in your relationship. You're not happy in your business. Change it. If you're not happy with whatever, just change it."

I remember at that time, I was not in love with a lot of things I was doing with my business and stuff like that and I thought, 'You know what? He's giving me permission. I'm just going to change it', and so I did and it was awesome, and so I look forward to New Year's as a time for me to start reflecting. I know it's not New Year's. You got another month, but I'm just excited already about the change and future and what we're going to be doing and how we can change the world in our little way and I'm excited.

Last year about this time, one of my friends, Vince Palko, who's on Periscope right now hanging out with us. Vince, if you're there, tell everyone, "Hi." He is an amazing friend and partner in our business and doing tons of stuff for us. He's been doing ... He is the inventor, he is the godfather of those hand-sketched animated videos that you guys have probably seen before. You're probably seen them all over the place, but Vince is the one who invented those. He had an idea one night, and Mike Geary had this videos sales letters working and so Vince sketched the whole thing, Mike ran it, and just 3, 400 times increasing conversion, and people found out about it and then a bunch of people hopped up trying to copy Vince but he is the best. There's no one better because he is a marketer. He understands the marketing, the logic behind it, and just amazing. I think he's probably done ... Vince, you probably know better than me. Probably 15, 16 different videos for me in the last couple years? Anyway, he's amazing.

He messaged me and he's like, on his Facebook or something, like, "Russell, what are your goals for next year?" I was like, "That's a good question. Let me think through it." Oh, if you want to meet Vince, go to That's his site. You can see all his work and he's amazing. Anyway, I sat down. One of my goals ... I wrote out my goals. I sent it to him, like 'Here you go.' Then, like a week or two later, he sends me this gift and it's one of my favorite things in the whole world and so I'm going to show it. How many of you guys want to see it? Who wants to see it? If you want to see it, let me know on Periscope. I need double-taps as fast as you can if you want to see it. If you're on Facebook, I need some shares, or some likes, or some comments, or something to know you guys are alive. There's a lot of you over there. I know.

All right. Let me know show you guys. Hopefully you can see this well. Let me try to show it. This was the gift that he gave me and it is amazing. It says, "Russell Brunson's Vision Board." You guys can see that? Actually, can I borrow you guys to hold these cameras? It might make it easier. Sorry, I got people that can help me. Let me flip it around and then you want to grab one, too, Nora?

Nora: Yup.

Russell Brunson: All right. It's like a whole production crew in here now. This is my vision board and my goals are obviously different than yours, but he took all my goals and made it this amazing thing that shows everything tied together. It's kind of cool now. The bottom's got my family. He sketched out which ... This is my kids' favorite things because they're always like, "Look it's Nora! Oh, look it's Ellie" and they all have their pictures on there which is really fun. This is why I do what I do, and then kind of went through everything, so in my life, I have goals in different aspects of my life, right? I have my spiritual goals, and it's ... so he kind of drew some of my spiritual goals here. I've got my relationship goals, my wife over here, so he made those and he [doodled 00:03:37] little images for me to remember like my 4 goals around my relationship with my wife. Down here's my fitness goals I wanted to hit, so it's got me wrestling. It's got my body [inaudible 00:03:48] goal, and things like that. It's got my family, my kids, with us playing.

There's goals here, you know, family stuff and then, here's our click funnels that says, "Okay, we're going to funnel-hack some serious stuff" which is kind of fun. There's my funnel-hacking goals. We've got one of our goals. We get 50,000 active members in ClickFunnels. We haven't quite hit that yet this year, but we did pass 10,000 a month and a half ago, almost two months ago. This is more of a realistic goal for next year, which is pretty cool. Then, let's see ... This is me balancing my work and family life, and this is a cool one right here that I want to mention because this is one of the first of the year, I gave him as a goal. I didn't think how that was going to manifest itself, and right now, this month, it's happening. It says, "I work with a core group of 100 entrepreneurs in my inner circle and give them each a million dollars a year more."

Initially at a time we had a couple different coaching programs, but this month we actually just shut down access to our lower ticket continuity program ... or excuse me, coaching program. The only coaching program we still have is my inner circle and we set a gap of only having 100 people in the inner circle which, I didn't think, at the beginning of this year, that would be possible. It's not a cheap program, and we are, I think, last number is less than 30 away from hitting that goal and I think it's pretty realistic, by the end of this year, we'll probably actually hit that. We've sold 4 people this week alone into the inner circle, which is a year-long program, so this is getting close to being filled up and then it's done. Then I'm basically shutting down all my coaching programs which will be cool. I'm just going to focus on these hundred people and growing their companies, and if or when one of them leaves, we'll open up a spot, so that's going to be it and that's the way I'm working on and then click funnels.

It's kind of cool. These are something that a year ago, I knew I wanted, but I didn't know if or how it was going to happen, and it's kind of manifest. This is, again, the cool things, and I know Vince does these for people. It's not free, but you basically give him your goals and stuff and if you guys hurry, you got ... it's December. I'm sure if you go to AdToons ... I don't even know where he sells graffiti or what he does, but if you go to AdToons, just contact him like, 'This! I want all of these!" Because amazing things will happen when you have your goals. A lot of times they talk about having your goals written out is one thing, but having them somewhere you can see is another thing and I think having a visual, like, this is just amazing.

Those are my goals. I encourage you guys today, for your Marketing Quickie, is to set down and think in goals. Again, for mine, I had spiritual goals, I had relationship goals, I had my family goals, I had my nutrition or my whatever-you-want-to-call-it goals, my business goals and then ... He illustrated it and it's amazing, so yes you get one, but if not, at least write down your goals and start thinking about it through next year because if you start thinking about it, that's how it actually happens and it comes to pass.

That's it for you guys. If you had fun today, give us a double-tap or a share, or a like, or whatever, and we'll hang out with you guys all again tomorrow. Again, check out Vince, He's amazing. Tell him, "Hi" and yeah. That's about it. Bye, everybody.


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