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Ep 54 - US VS THEM - The Strategy And The Shirt



Speaker 1: What's up, everybody? How you guys doing today? Everybody's here. How are you guys all doing today?

We got something exciting. Are you guys excited as I am? Oh, man, I am so excited for some really, really cool things to share with guys today. We've been having way too much fun over here. Can I share a Dean story real quick?

He's in our inner circle and he posted that he had a goal this month to try to break his high record. His high record is crazy, like two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. He put together like, "December's a bad month. It's going to be slow." All the excuses people normally have, right? He's like, "You know what, I'm going to do it any way!" He launched it. Right now, we are December ... What's the date today? December ...

Speaker 2: Seventh.

Speaker 1: December seventh. Seven days into the month and he's already like two hundred thirty ... Like, he's almost already broken his record and he's seven days into the month. If you put your mind to it, focus on money producing activities, you can be like Dean and make a crap ton of money, really, really fast. Which is awesome.

You guys are ready for today's quickie, so, how many of you guys have read the DotComSecrets book, by the way? If you have, give me a double tap or say, "Yes, I have read it." If you haven't, you're missing out on like, all the good value I can give you guys, because I jammed it all in that ... Not all, but as much as I could in that book. I'm actually working on book number two right now and it's hard, because I put everything in that first book. It's hard to like, "How do I make this one just as amazing and just as epic?" Anyway, in the book DotComSecrets, if you guys have read it, in there we talk about the attractive character. One of the things I talk about in the attractive character is really figuring out in your story lines how to use "us" versus "them". The more times you can use "us" versus "them" better, right? Because you want ... One of your goals ...

You are the attractive character of your business, right? You're trying to get people to bond with you as the attractive character. One of the most powerful ways to do that is to pick a common enemy and then, they say cast stones with your audience at your common enemy, right? It's by causing "us" versus "them". Us versus them can mean can be a lot of things. It can be a competitor. It can be, let's say it's the government. It could be the big, bad gurus. Or it could be whatever it is in your industry. There's somebody that the group, as a whole, hates.

Steven said ClickFunnels and LeadPages… We're going to get to that here in a second. For you, you got to figure out who is the common enemy that your customers all have. You have to basically draw a line and say, "Us versus them. You're either with us, or you're against us." You got to draw that line. Then you need to start dividing people. The more you can do that, the more strong of a following you will get. People will love more, you'll have a lot more fun. A whole bunch of really good stuff happens. That's why I talk about the "us" versus "them".

You got to think about, in your market, who's the "us'nes" and who's the "them'nes". Whoever the "them" are. Now you got to start figuring out, how can you congregate your audience around that idea and that concept.

We've been having some over here with our "us's" and our "them's". A little while ago when we did the birthday launch for ClickFunnels, we made these really funny t-shirts for all of our ClickFunnels partners. How many of you guys have seen those shirts? The us versus them ones? Here, I'll show you. This is what they look like right here. It says ... I'm going to flip the camera around so you guys can see a little better. Okay, you see it says, "Us versus them." Then, if you type on the screen, the hearts pop up. This is what it says, "Us versus them." Then it says, "It's like comparing a calculator to a smart phone." Because people used to always ask me, "What's the different between ClickFunnels and LeadPages?" I'm like, "Well, LeadPages is pretty sweet. It's kind of like a calculator. You can do math and you can do subtraction and addition and it's pretty awesome, right? But, ClickFunnels is like a smart phone. Like, yeah, we got a calculator app, but we do a whole bunch of other stuff, as well."

That's kind of how we felt. We thought it was going to be funny to make this shirt "us versus them". There it is, you got the calculator with the iPhone. It says, "Like comparing a calculator to a smart phone." It says, "Calculator" not "Aculator."

My question for you guys; how many of you guys are with me, with us? If you're with us, I need a double tap as fast as you can, because I want you guys on my side, on the "us's". If you are an "us" and the hearts are flying, I can see them, then who wants one of these shirts? If you want one of these shirts, you got to let me know. Nate wants a shirt. Simon wants a shirt. Who else? It's only Nate and Simon, we can ship out two of them. Marius wants a shirt, Brush wants a shirt, Steven wants a shirt, Patrick wants a shirt. Okay, Matt wants a shirt, Rob wants a shirt, Ian ... I can't keep up with it now. I need some hearts, too. It looks like all you guys want these shirts.

All right, Vince wants a shirt. Everyone wants a shirt. Okay, awesome. If you want a shirt ... We weren't going to sell these. These were just for our initial five hundred partners. We printed five hundred and they're gone. I've got the last stack of like, four, five of them here. We weren't going to ship anymore because, we did have the really nice like, American Apparel, if you guys like ... I love the American Apparel shirts. They cost way more money and they're made ...

Someone was calling right before I let you guys know. Hopefully I didn't lose you all. Somebody was calling through on my phone. Are you guys still there? All right, if you guys are still here. What we're going to do is ... We printed out ... We figured out a way to give you guys some, but it's only for you guys who are awesome. This is a short window, this will not last forever. This lasts for seven days and then we're pulling it down for forever.

Todd wants to have it. Todd just had a baby, so he wants one. That's how excited he is. I guess his wife had a baby. If you guys want a shirt, we just put up a promotion, and if you guys go to, you can get a shirt. It's for twenty bucks and then we cover shipping for free. I don't make any money on this deal, because I'm giving you guys the nice shirts, but I wanted you guys to have a "us versus them" shirt because you are the "us'nes". You are on our team. You guys know the power of ClickFunnels and so we want you guys all to have a shirt. For twenty bucks, we'll cover shipping. Just go to and get the shirt. That's it. It's been kind of fun.

Use this as a way, guys, to start thinking about your business like, who are the "thems" in your business? Who is the common enemy? Who can you guys have some fun with? Oh my God. You guys' comments are cracking me up. Anyway, that's it. If you go to right now, you guys can get your very own "us versus them" t-shirt. Let me know if you like the page. I designed the page today. I'm really proud of it. I think it turned out really cool. We may, in the future, share that Funnel with some of my faithful friends and followers. As of right now, just go check it out. Go to, get your shirt ASAP. We'll ship it out to you. What happens is the cart will be open from now until Sunday. Sunday we close it off and then our t-shirt printer's going to print them and ship them out to you. You will have them very, very soon.

That's kind of the game plan. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet for FunnelHacking, the live event, it's time to get them, you guys. They are selling out. We're planning everything. I'm going to be announcing our guest speaker here, hopefully this week and it's insane. I can't tell you guys yet, though. I'll get in trouble because contracts are still mid-sign. As soon as I can tell you, I will. Get your tickets also at, for our live event.

Other than that, you guys, us versus them. Get your shirt. I appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and I'll talk to you guys all ...

"What about UK for t-shirts?" Yeah, we'll ship to the UK. We'll ship anyway, man. I'm not making money on these, though. I just want you guys to have these shirts. I want you, at every internet marketing seminar you guys go to, I want you wearing these shirts. I want, every single time you do a podcast or an interview or a Periscope, I want you guys wearing these shirts. We're going to bring out some really cool shirts. This is the very first one in the FunnelSwag series, but we got more coming. Get these ones while they're hot, because they are going quick. Then we'll have some new styles and ideas and brands coming for you guys.

"FunnelSwag for life." If you want some FunnelSwag, go to because the shirt is gone, because I promise you, when it's gone, everyone's going to want it.

That's it, you guys! Us versus them. Add it to your marketing, add it your business and get the t-shirt. That's it. I appreciate you guys, love you guys. We will talk to you guys all again soon! Oh, right now, I got this shirt. "It's on like Donkey Kong." We might make a ClickFunnels version. In fact, I'm going to see Henry. Henry, do you want to make a t-shirt like this? We could put it on FunnelSwag. This is like, my favorite t-shirt of all time. It's on like Donkey Kong.

"How do I join the inner circle?" We are almost sold out at inner circle, but if you want to get in before we close down, go to and you can get the link there.

That is it, my friends. I'm out of here. I'm going to go have some fun with my kids. I'll see you guys all again soon. Bye, everybody!


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