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Ep 55 - The 3 Funnels


On today’s special episode Russell shares a secret about how he gets stuff done. He also talks about the upcoming Funnel University and the three core funnels.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Check out Russell’s sweet treadmill desk setup.
  • ​And see a walk through of the website for the upcoming Funnel University, including the 3 core funnels.

So watch now to see Russell’s awesome treadmill desk and why he likes to work while walking.


What's up everybody? Welcome to today's Periscope. Today I'm actually walking. I'm going to jump off this so you guys can see what's happening. Today I'm trying to focus on a project that I've been ... I had so much pain associated with it. I keep putting it off and putting it off, and putting it off and ... Oh,Elliot said, "You are my marketing hero," well thank you. Anyway, I've been putting it off. The way that I get stuff done is I have to raise my desk up, I've got to put on the treadmill, and I've just got to focus. I've been focusing. I've been walking now for 3 hours. Oh, 3 hours, I've been walking for 3 hours. I'm not going to lie, I'm getting tired and hungry, but I was about to jump off and you know what, I'm going to jump into a Periscope real quick so you can see the desk, the layout, the everything. I'll share with you guys the project I'm working on. It will be kind of fun, you guys want to see it all? If you want to see, give me double taps as fast as you can. Woo-Hoo!

Okay. I'm going to jump off the desk real quick, but before I do I need some taps. I haven't been getting you guys engaged as much. If you want to see my treadmill desk, if you want to see the whole set up here, I need some hearts as fast as I can. I also need you guys to share this because if I'm going to show off all my goods, then I need to show it. You guys need to scroll over and click share. I think let me flip this back around. We're at 112 people or so. We need like 130, 140 and then I can show you guys the cool stuff. If you want to share, and usually I do this later in the day. Usually in Australia. All of our Australians are asleep right now, so this is stuff that none of the Aussies get to know about because they're sleeping. Before all of you guys here in the states. UK right now it's 7, so it's 8 pm. They're probably up still hanging out with us. If you want to share with all those guys swipe over, click share, and they'll see.

I'm going to come off here and show you guys the treadmill desk. Here we go. All right, so I'm jumping off. All right, so here's my normal set up. I've got 3 monitors, but typically ... Then down here is the treadmill desk. Oh, check it out. Mark is awake in Australia having some fun. Okay, so there's the treadmill desk. It's still running, so if I jump back on you'll see like it's still moving. Okay, it's going to beep because I pressed slow down. There's the treadmill desk and I got this on Amazon. I don't know how much it cost. I can't remember. I have a habit of buying things not thinking very well. There's the treadmill desk. I don't want too fast. I walk about 1.5 to 2 miles an hour and then this is the desk that's awesome. It goes up and down. I can't do this.

Anyway, there's these little handles here. I flip these handles and then this whole thing will drop down to normal length where I can then have my desk and chair. Then when I want to walk, I pop it up, boop, and it pops it up. The cool thing is that typically I'm working. This is like my monitor where communication happens, right? I have Skype, I have chats, I have emails over here. Over here's like my music and my things that are kind of happening and then right here is where my work station is. When I'm down lower it's easy to be distracted by things happening here, and here, and here. When I have to get crap done, throw the desk up, throw the treadmill down, and I'm walking. All I can do is focus on whatever the project is right in front of me and that helps me to get more stuff done. That's kind of it. Want to see it again from the side? There's the treadmill desk. There is the treadmill down below and that's how it all works. There's a light back there so my face isn't so dark when we’re talking on stuff and yeah, there you go. We come back.

Alright was that cool? Did you guys like seeing that? If you do give me double taps as fast as you can. I need to see as many hearts as possible in the next 20 seconds because I got more cool stuff to share. I got one other cool thing to share with you guys today. What's up Tim? All right fast. You guys can go faster than that. Just as I thought you were crazy, now I know. Awesome. No, I'm not losing weight for wrestling match I'm losing weight for life. It's not so much losing weight. I read this thing talking about how like sitting is the new smoking. I was like I don't want to be a smoker, so I don't want to be a sitter. Yeah, anyway. It's kind of fun, so the hearts are flying. You guys have a good time.

What we’re doing right now is I want to share with you guys one marketing quickie because this is the Marketing Quickies Show. This is my marketing quickie for you guys for today. It has to do with the project I'm working on and trying to get done. We've got a bunch of amazing students and stuff and we have one of our main continuity programs. It's called Dot Com Secrets Labs and in December we're changing it to Funnel University, which is kind of cool right? With the change of Funnel University, I wanted to send all of our existing members a really cool gift and then I also wanted to have a really cool new free plus shipping offer to get people into the membership site.

I'm working on the project and one of them is ... It's not a report and it's not a book. It's somewhere in between there, so I don't know what that would be called if it's a re-book or book-betort. I don't know what it is. It's a blend between those things and I've been working on it. The book ... Let me see if I can show you guys here real quick. I'll flip it around so you can kind of see really quick what it is.

Double tap. All right, so it's called the Three Funnels Book and it's talking about the 3 core funnels into business. Tripwire, Webinar, and High Ticket. I was looking recently at my stats because we talk about a lot of cool funnels and this kind, and this kind. All these different funnels, but recently I was like, "I wonder what ... If I broke down where my money comes from. Where does it come from?" We broke it down. We found out that all our money ... Not all of it. I would say probably 85-95% of all our revenues comes from 3 funnels. Is that interesting? It's all pretty basic, simple, not super confusing.

A lot of my marketing, a lot of other peoples we talk about the cool, flashy, all those kind of things. I wanted to kind of get back to the fundamentals. I don't know about you guys, but like when I was wrestling there's a bunch of cool things you can do. There's head throws, and soufflés, all these amazing fun things. These are fun to talk about, and to teach, and to show, but like if you go to like the world tournament or the Olympic tournament basically matches are won with single legs and double legs. That's it. At the higher levels, the fundamentals are what wins and I believe the same things in business. While we can talk about the flash, the fundamentals are what actually win the matches. This booklet, or report-ook, or whatever we're going to call it is focusing on those core fundamentals. I'm going through the 3 core funnels Tripwire, Webinar, High Ticket, and I'm breaking them down in excruciating detail. I'm showing you stats, and numbers, and it's pretty awesome. Do you guys want to see it?

I'll scroll through. If you guys want to see give me double taps fast as you can. I can already see. I don't need to see. You guys will have to see it if you want. Alright, flipping around. Here we are. This is the 3 funnels, but you’ll see the design gonna be awesome. It's similar to DCS Labs book. You come through here, we kind of talk about the overall concept of it, and then I'm going to come down here. Then talk about the movement from funnel to funnel. Then come in through here and then I start showing you guys ... Boom, there's the Tripwire funnel and then this is the ... Here's my Tripwire. Here's the pages. Now I go into the actual stats of the pages and then I go through the order form bump and the stats. I show you all these cool things and I show the order form bump happening here. The stats where it is from there and then we go through and break down page by page everything that's happening. When it's all said and done ... Check this out. Yeah, all right.

Check this out. For average Tripwire, from this funnel right here the average cart value, all the metrics, everything, for every single free book we sold we averaged $32. I show you step by step exactly where all that income came from, which is kind of cool. You guys want to see that? We break down that, and then we transition over to the offer wall, and that's just some other examples that are kind of cool. Then we relay it back to Dot Com Secrets Book how that whole process works. Then chapter number 2, which is what I've been working on for the last like 3 hours is for Webinar funnel. We go through and I show all the stuff here, walk you through the process, show you the pages. Oh this is a new one coming out soon. I show you the pages, what's happening in the sequence, why we're doing what we're doing, and all the stats and numbers that are important.

In fact, check this out. This is the most exciting part. I kind of wrote this out right here. This is something for you guys all to ... Let's see. This is the metrics here, right? If you did a Webinar funnel, folks said it's 3 dollars per registrant, a thousand registrants per week. 3K ads spent. 25% will show up on the webinar which is 250 people. Close 10% of the 98 sales that's 25 sells meaning 25K and double your sales on the fault for an extra 25K. Basically, you're putting 3K in and you should be getting 50K back out. That is the formula you guys for an awesome front end legion funnel through Webinars. We went through that, and I'm almost finished writing this chapter, and then I'm going to be focusing on the next chapter which is the High Ticket funnel, and then I'm focusing on funnel stacking. Hold on let me flip.

Myron said, "You are a bad boy Russell." Anyway, so that's what I'm working on right now. That's why I had to get the treadmill desk so I could focus so I could finish this gift for all of you guys. It's turning out really, really cool. I'm sharing stuff I don't normally share, but everyone was asking, "What are the numbers? How does it work?" I'm just giving you all numbers. I hope that's okay. Not many people do that, but hopefully it will help you guys and really help you guys begin to focus on the fundamentals because that's what wins wars is the fundamentals and that's what wins matches and wins in business. This book is kind of a gift and it's one of those things that I think you guys are going to love. It's exciting. If you had fun today, if you learned something cool give me a double tap as fast as you can. I used to have you do triple taps, but I did on someone's Periscope and the triple tap was actually harder to get hearts out, so we're just going to go double tap because as fast as you can to get these things flying, which will be awesome.

So awesome. I appreciate you guys hanging out today. I'm going to get back to work, jump back on the treadmill. I got another 2 hours before my next meeting, so this is my little break to hang out. Thank you guys for giving me this stress relief to hang out with you guys. Now I'm going to get back to work and get this book done. Everyone who's in DCS Labs will get the book as soon as it's finished. I'm guessing a little bit after Christmas. Those who are not is DCS Labs yet you can either get in it or we'll have an offer coming out probably around New Year's or I don't know. Sometime. Whenever it's done. Alright guys that's it. Have an awesome day. Get some work done folks on your 3 core funnels and we'll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye!


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