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Ep 56 - The 'Inner Circle' - Why I'm Locking The Doors


On today’s episode Russell talks about his Ignite and Inner Circle groups and why he has decided to close one and to lock the other down at 100 members. He also shares some of the perks of being in his mastermind group.

Here a few things you won’t want to miss in this episode:

  • ​Find out which group is shutting down and which is locking down at 100 members.
  • ​Find out how you can join the group he’s keeping before it’s too late.
  • And hear what kind of perks you get in Russell’s Mastermind group and find out how to apply to join.

So watch now to find out how you can be a part of Russell’s Mastermind group before it’s too late.


Hey, everybody. Welcome, welcome. Flipping this around on Periscope. Hey, everybody, how's it going today? I apologize, it's been a couple of days since I've done Periscope. I've been working really hard, the weekend, just how stuff happens, but I'm back. I'll be a lot more consistent this week, because I've got some cool stuff to share with you. Every day, something fun's happening. Alright. We'll get started.

If you saw from the comment from my message, what we're talking about today is something that is called my inner circle. I've got a lot of you guys who are on here who are in my inner circle, and it's kind of interesting. I started this a little while ago. In fact, we first ... Let me give you my back-story. I started this business twelve years ago. Twelve years ago, we were selling software and potato guns, a whole bunch of fun things like that. It was awesome. Then, some of my friends started asking me, "How are you making money? What's happening?" I told them, and they all got excited, so then I told some more friends, and they got excited. It kept happening, and it was really, really cool. Eventually, I found people wanted to know more about that, so I started doing seminars and workshops, and boom, I created this little guru coaching business.

A little while later, that kind of took off, and it started growing way too big. In fact, check it out, Adam over here on Facebook, he just joined the inner circle today, so he knows what I'm talking about. Adam, welcome, by the way. I don't know where this company just blew up, this coaching business. We were doing seminars around the world, I spoke at a Tony Robbins event, Dan Kennedys events, all over the place. Spoke in Dubai, spoke in Australia. It was just crazy, I wasn't even expecting it. We ended up building this big company, had over 100 employees at the time, and we were selling coaching. I was doing coaching, it was awesome. There's kind of a long story behind it.

If you listen to the Marketing In Your Car podcast, you've heard it. If not, I don't have time to go into it today, but we ended up shutting down the whole coaching program. For four years, I was like, I'm not going to coach anymore. I'm getting back to my roots. I'm going to just do this whole internet marketing thing we keep talking about, because I'm pretty sure it still works, but I just want to make sure. We spent four years back in the trenches, just building companies. We built up our supplement company, we built up a weight loss company, we built a dating company, we built up a network marketing business, we built up another network marketing business. We just kept doing it over, and got back into doing it hardcore, and it was awesome.

Two years ago, I kind of wanted to get back into coaching, because I really enjoy working with people. I kind of went backwards from the way most people do. Most people launch a coaching program, you get there, and they're like, I have the greatest coach in the world, you should hire me. I was like, I hate people that do that. I wanted to do it in a cool, better way. I found someone who I liked their business. His name's Drew Cannoli, some of you guys may know Drew. He owns the company called I loved what they were doing, so I actually went out there and I called him up. I was like, “hey, man, are you cool if I come and just work for you for free for a little while?”

He was like, “what do you mean?” I was like, “I just want to come out there and work for free, is that cool?” He was like, “why would you do that”? I'm like, “just because I love what you're doing, I believe in your mission. You're a super-cool guy, I'd love to get to know you.” Finally, he was like, “sure, come on out.” I went out there and I worked for him for free. I spent a day up in their offices trying to help them out. We helped them behind the scenes over the next couple of weeks through Voxer coaching, get up there, a new supplement funnel and then launched it. If you've been watching Drew, it has blown up. It's gone crazy since then they’ve launched a probiotic they launched, many packs of supplements in there just running, and it's been so fun to watch that.

I did that first, and we kind of created a really good result for him. Drew made me some amazing videos just telling people what happened and how we helped his business. It was just really, really cool. I said, I'm going to use that, and we're going to start coaching other people based on that result. Again, I didn't walk in there and try to tell people I was cool. I wanted to help someone. I got that result and then we launched our coaching business. In that time, we've launched two edit ignite program…..Someone called, I hope I didn't get kicked off. You guys still there? Sorry, someone calls through, it always kicks me off for a second, so I'm going to make sure you guys are still there before I keep going.

If you guys can still hear me, give me a double-tap over here on Periscope. Over here on mentions, say hi if you can still hear me. All right, I'm still here. Whenever someone calls, it kicks me off in like thirty seconds. Anyway, we went back and we launched our ignite coaching program, and I believe as of today, there's about 180 people in there. We've had probably 300 people in the last two years who have gone through that, amazing success stories. A little while later, I was like, this is cool, but I want to work even closer with a group of entrepreneurs. About a year and a half ago, about that long, I can't remember time now, we launched a program called the inner circle, which is more expensive, obviously, but a lot closer working with me.

We launched that, and it's been amazing. It's grown, it's grown. We've actually filled up two different groups. We're starting to fill the third group right now. Looking at how much success I've had with clickfunnels and I spend time with my family, I just don't have as much time. I'm not dissing the igniters, I want you to send up to the inner circle. The best that’s both been awesome. Anyway, we decided I'm going to stop working, we're still going to keep fulfilling everyone in the ignite program in the next twelve months, but we're not going to keep selling that. We've kind of shut that down. We're just going to keep serving those guys and making sure that they get everything they need out of the program, they just have a ton of success, which is cool.

Our inner circle, again, our third group's almost filled up. I had this weekend kind of realized, you know what, I don't want it to grow any more. I don't have the time or the bandwidth to do that. I only want to work with 100 people really closely. Today, I sent an e-mail to my list. You may have gotten it also posted on Facebook, and now I'm talking about it here. Those hundred spots are almost gone. We've got 74 filled up, which means we've got twenty, what's the math on that, twenty-six left. That's what's left, and when they're sold out, we will be closing out all my formal coaching programs, and I'll be working just with those 100 people. The only time a spot will open back up is if somebody drops back out. Joel said he got a hundred times value out of the ignite program.

Only time a spot will ever open up is if somebody leaves, and we're going to try to keep serving people at a high enough level that they never want to leave. If you're interested, now's the time to go apply, because when those spots are gone, they're gone. There's no fake scarcity. These are personal groups I meet with three times a year personally, actually, no, five times a year personally. They have Voxer access to me, and we hang out a lot. I cannot go over a hundred people, and we're getting close to that spot. If you've thought about being in my mastermind group, or the inner circle, check it out. Justin just posted here, he's in it, says he loves the inner circle.

This is kind of the last shot. I don't know if these will sell out this week, before the end of the year, might be January, but it'll be soon. If you're interested, you ever thought about it or you wondered, now is the time. If you are in ignite and you're ready for the next level, love to have you as upgrade. If you are brand new and you want to go to the top instantly, just start rocking and rolling, now's the time. All you have to do is go to That's where we posted the page, and if you go to that page, you'll see a bunch of cool stuff. You'll see initially a video from Liz telling her story. If you scroll down, you'll see Drew's videos. You'll see tons ... Justin, if you want, you can join twelve more times, we'll just block out the time for you.

I'd be cool with that. It's awesome. Someone’s saying, “What are the basics of it?” The basics of it, as soon as you get started, you will do a call with me one-on-one. We'll have a chance to figure out your business and steer you in the right direction. Then we meet here in Boise three times a year in a really personal, small-group setting. We can work on your business directly. You also have Voxer access, we have Voxer, like a walkie-talkie, you can ask me questions that whole year. We have a bunch of other cool perks and cool things. It's basically if you want my mind in your business, then that is what the inner circle is. You'll get the actual cost, it'll cost you less than a full-time support person in your company. I guarantee I’ll give you more value than that.

That's kind of it. For those of you who are in the inner circle sort of like Justin, has it been worth it? I just want to get his feedback because I know he's in it. Has anyone else in there, if anyone's wondering, is it worth it, is Russell really ... because Justin, I'm going to read this, he says, in all seriousness, Russell saved and made us a ton of money. There it is. You guys saw it here first. Anyway, if you guys are interested, this is not a hard push, because these spots will be gone, but if you want to be in there, Shiloh has been in the program, she loves it. Justin made 500k the first five months in the program. He's posting here.

That's how it goes. If you're interested, go to and check it all out. See the videos. If you want to apply, now is the time. Myron's in there, certainly, he's posted, said more than worth the price. I love that you guys are all here, that makes me happy. All my inner circle people are here today with us. If you want in, get in, because these spots are going quick, and then I'm going to be focusing just on those 100 people. I'll be focusing on growing clickfunnels, and that will be it. Jules posted here, he's already made over 100k from ignite only. He didn't even get involved in inner circle.

That's awesome. If you go to, even if you don't want to get involved, go check out the page I built in Clickfunnels, funnel hack me, see what it is, you'll get a lot of value out of that, as well. That's it, you guys. I just wanted to invite you guys, because I know that if you're on Facebook with me, you're on Periscope with me, you're someone who I should be working with. There you go. Go to, Go apply. That's it. Ipassion, “How many spots are really left”. That is the real, real number. There's no way for me to fake that number. Very cool.

If you want to talk about upgrading, you can contact pretty much anyone at my office. If you're already in ignite, you want to contact or Facebook me, we can talk, as well. That's it. The cost, I'm not going to mention the cost here, it's not cheap but it's worth it. Anyway, that's it, you guys. I'm going to go home and play with my kids, because that's what I'm doing, and then I'll be back tomorrow to see how many of you guys applied. If you guys apply, if it makes sense, we could be working with each other later on this week, which is really exciting. That's it, you guys. Appreciate you all. Have an awesome time, and for all of our ignite members, our next meeting is in January. You should have the dates, they've been posted in Facebook.

It's going to be an amazing event. I'm going to be sharing one really cool strategy that we started working on. I started working with this guy. He showed me this one funnel that's insane. Last year, it generated over 2 million leads, and I saw it, and was just like ... it's like facepalm, are you serious, that was it? That is the stupidest, easiest thing in the world. It won't get shut down by Facebook, by Google, by anything. It's so simple, so easy. We're testing it right now, and we should have some amazing results by the mastermind meeting. If you want to see how ... my goal is to build an extra million-person list next year with this one strategy alone. I think that will be easy.

That's one of the things I share with the inner circle. It's the cool stuff we share while we're testing and letting these guys test it with us. That's how we figure things out. It will be awesome. Anyway, if you're interested, I will see you guys, and it will be awesome. I'm working with Justin and Tara on their webinar. I wish, actually I could play this, I'm going to play this for you guys real quick. Check this out. I'm going to flip this around. Okay. This is awesome. When you go to, this is the page you'll see. Okay. Scroll down and click on the Apply button right here, it'll pop up, and in the top, you'll see this is from Ryan Stewman . He's one of our newest inner circle members. He signed up last week, or last month.

Had his first intake call a couple days ago, and we helped him rebuild his whole webinar on that call. Check out, this is the edited version, so if you have kids in the room, I did edit this, but you still may want to close their ears. This is what Ryan voxed me right after his very first webinar.

Ryan: Holy (expletive), Russell Brunson. I just (expletive) paid for your membership and one (expletive) webinar. I have never sold more than 500 dollars on a webinar ever. I just sold 17 (expletive) thousand dollars on the very first (expletive) run. Russell, I love you.

Alright. That's the kind of stuff that's happening inside the inner circle. Anyway, it cracks me up. It's pretty awesome. If you guys are interested, go to Outside that, I'm out of here. Have an amazing day, thanks everybody. I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye, everybody.


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