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Ep 57 - The Coolest Direct Mail Piece I've Seen In YEARS!


On this episode Russell shows a direct mail piece he received and why he thinks it’s the coolest one he’s ever seen. He also gives a few details about Funnel Hacking Live.

Here are a few cool things in today’s episode:

  • ​Find out how you can get awesome ideas for marketing from your own mailbox.
  • See an example of a really cool marketing idea that gets Russell excited.
  • And find out why you should hurry and get your tickets for Funnel Hacking Live.

So watch now to see the really cool direct mail piece that Russell thinks is the best he’s ever seen.


Hey everybody! Welcome, welcome to Periscope for you guys over here, and Facebook over here.

Well, very cool. Welcome everybody to today's Periscope show! I'm about to jump on a Blab. I've never been on before. It's going to be my first Blab test and I'm really excited, but until then, I got about 15 minutes and I want to share with you guys something really, really cool that came through in the mail today which is exciting.

Okay, so you guys ready to see some cool direct mail piece? This is marketing spam that I love to get. Some of you guys may know that I'm an internet guy, but I'm also hardcore offline dude. I got addicted to offline back when I was studying Dan Kennedy. In fact if you look at my book shelf, can you guys see over here? Right there, this course. Right there. It says Renegade. That's a big old tape set of Dan Kennedy's. It's like the size of a ... it's huge. I started studying those guys. I spent 6 years in Bill Glazer's Mastermind group. I got addicted to offline stuff, to direct mail, to call centers, to a whole bunch of stuff. I'm one of the few internet dudes who actually still sends stuff in the mail. If you're not doing it, you should be doing it. There's a big secret you guys.

What's up Kevin Madison? This is the big secret. All of us guys are online pounding around Facebook and guess what we have all forgot about? There's this little thing out in front of everybody's house and it's not that expensive to get into. It's called a mailbox and it's really, really cool.

I get home yesterday from hanging out with you guys. I walk in and on the kitchen counter there's an envelope for me. Check this out. Okay now first thing, what do you notice? It's handwritten in blue ink. The stamps all crooked. This is direct mail 101. These guys are following everything. I love it. This gets me so, so happy, right. I get this first. I'm checking this out and okay cool. There is the direct mail piece. I'm like, "Who could this be from? It could be one of my friends? I don't know. I've got to open it," so I put it down and this one almost even got me. That’s how you know this is good.

I open the piece up. Boom and here is the letter. The letter, it's a sticky note, right here. This is what the sticky note says, "Russell, please call if you're interested," and it has a phone number and it says, "Tom". There is the sticky note to go with the letter, so I'm like, "Okay, call if I'm interested, what is this?" I open up the letter and what the letter is, if you look close, it is an email that has been forwarded to this dude named Tom from somebody else. Let me read to you this letter. If you look close, it looks like a forwarded email. It looks like somebody forwarded ... Yeah, somebody in my office got the same thing. I came to the office today and 2 other people in the office got it, as well.

It looks like it's a forwarded email. It says, "To Tom. From Kurt Edwards," it has the date. Subject line is "Russell Brunson's 2012 Yukon XL." Yes, I do have a Yukon XL 2012. It reads, "Tom, I checked everywhere locally and cannot seem to locate a GMC Yukon XL. The closest one I was able to find is in Meridian. The owner's name is Russell Brunson. Please try to reach out to Russell and see if he will let us make an offer on it. I can give him up to 120% of the Kelly Blue Book stated value plus huge additional incentives towards new or pre-owned vehicles, if we can get this deal done quickly. I already have a potential buyer for the car. We'll make it worth their while, if they are interested. You may want to print this email and send it to Russell. I will honor this through Friday, January 1st, because that's all the time I really have. If Russell is willing to drive the distance to do a quick appraisal, tell him that I will give them free oil change to recover the gas, whether we can put the deal together or not. Thanks, Kurt Edwards, General Manager, Weiser, Idaho."

Is that amazing? It's a forwarded, printed out email with a sticky note. It's the most beautiful direct mail piece that I have ever seen. We've done a lot of tear sheets in the past and things like that, but I've never seen a forwarded email one, with a sticky note, with the handwriting, everything put together. As a marketer, it made so proud. I was really excited, so Keira Elliott loved it. I hope you guys love it, as well.

Start thinking about this with your business. Imagine this ... and some of you might start getting these from me, so if you do get them, don't tell everybody else who's not hanging out with us. Imagine you take all of your customers of a certain thing and write to your assistant, take that and send it out. Your customer gets an email forwarded to your assistant, talking about them joining a coaching program or buying something or coming to an event or whatever it is. Take that, put a sticky note, forward it and see what happens.

Brian asked for me to drive out for the free oil change. I might do it just to funnel hack the whole process and see what else they do, but it's going to be awesome. I hope you guys like that. I might test this out. If you guys are active clickfunnel members who haven't subscribed to funnel hacking event yet, you may get an email like this from me. We'll see. We'll have some fun in January, but it should be pretty awesome. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed that. I hope it gives you some ideas about how to send cool stuff to your customer list, upgrade them to the next thing. It will be awesome.

A couple of you thinking about coming to TNC, I don't know yet. Someone keeps yelling out Marcus Lemonis. I don't know why you would say his name. It's not like we booked him to speaking Funnel Hacking Live or anything, but if we did, you guys should be there. If you haven't got your tickets yet, go to and we'll be posting in about a week the speaker lineup. We happen to have acquired pretty much the coolest speaker on Planet Earth and tickets are flying off the shelves now. If you want to come and hang out, go get your tickets quick at

That's it for today you guys. I got to jump on my very first Blab. It's starting in a few minutes, so I've got to bounce. I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys had fun with the direct mail piece. Do some direct mail. It's worth it. The easiest resources for you guys ... there's not a lot of mail houses that can use it, but if you look at I think it's city blue or or I think They are a company out in Kansas City that does printing, mail houses, a bunch of stuff. If you call them, they can connect you with a whole bunch of amazing people who do direct mail things for really cheap. Basically, you make something on Microsoft Word, email them the pdf, email them an excel sheet with your files and with your customer lists, whoever it is. They mail it out. It's as easy as sending out an email, sometimes even easier.

There you go. No more excuses. Now, it's time you guys. Anyways, I'm out of here. I have to jump on my next thing. Appreciate you all! Have an amazing day! We'll talk to you all again soon. Bye!


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