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Ep 58 - How To Make (At Least) 7 Figures Next Year With THIS Webinar Model


In this episode Russell shows you how to make at least 7 figures with this specific webinar model. He shares the secrets of how to make your webinar perfect.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Hear the stories of several different people who have used this script and made tons of money.
  • ​Why you could continue to do this webinar every week, which means you continue to make money.
  • And finally find out why you need to do this webinar live.

So watch now to find out how you can get The Perfect Webinar to help you make tons of money.


Russell: Hey everybody, how are you guys doing over in Periscope and Facebook land? We've got a fun, different presentation. Normally this is the Marketing Quickies Show, but today this is going to be a little extended quickie because we've got some exciting things to talk about. I want to do a quick, impromptu about 20-minute training about this topic right here, how to make at least 7 figures your next year with this webinar model, because this is it, you guys. If you figure this piece out, it becomes super, super, super, super, super easy, but if you don't, then it doesn't.

How many guys want to hear about this? If you want to hear about this over here on Periscope, give me some double taps as fast as you can, maybe some hearts?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, you're getting some hearts.

Russell: A lot of them?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Russell: Cool. Then over here on Facebook, you guys don't have hearts so if you guys can come and say, "Hi Russell, we hear you, we want to know about it," or actually even better, share it. How about this? If I'm going to share, this is like the big secret, right? We're at the end of December, January's coming and I want all of you guys doing this and so you need this. I don't want just you doing it. I don't want just you guys benefiting from it. I want all your friends and your family, every other business owner you know to benefit from this as well.

What we're going to do, if you wanted to learn this, if you're a Periscope, slide the little thing over and share on Facebook, share on Twitter, whatever. If you're on Facebook over here just share this post right now.

Speaker 2: Nora's sharing.

Russell: Nora, thank you for sharing. Wealth is sharing.

Speaker 2: Anderton, R-T Anterton's sharing.

Russell: R T Anterton, thank you for sharing. We need some more shares. We need at least what, a million people? If we get a million people we can, I can give you…

Speaker 2: Ashley Belter, she invited folllowers.

Russell: Thank you, Ashley. I appreciate it. Anyone else want to share?

Speaker 2: Rich Miss Hustle.

Russell: Rich, thank you.

Speaker 2: Germane Freeman, 136 on Periscope.

Russell: All right, that's getting pretty good. I need some hearts. I'm kind of, I need this for my ego. All right, you guys ready to have some fun? You guys want to jump into this? We only have about 20 minutes so I'm going to go through this fast and cover everything.

If you guys understand this, this will make your whole life so easy this year and give you guys the blueprint, the plan, the model, everything you need to do this. Again, the goal of this presentation that you guys have to make at least 7 figures next year with this webinar model and it's not a webinar model, it's this one. It's very specific, specific webinar model, I'm going to show you guys right now, that we have been testing and practicing and perfecting inside the inner circle, and I've got tons and tons of case studies we can show this to.

This is the concept. I'm going to break this down into 3 course secrets. If you learn these 3 secrets you are going to love it.

You want to be on TV? Oh, my little man's here, Aiden, but he doesn't want to be on TV this time.

Write down 3 secrets. Secret number 1, it's all about the script. I'm going to talk to you guys about that. Secret number 2 is to help you guys understand the actual model. When you understand the model it becomes easy. The secret number 3, you have to do it live. You have to do it live until dot dot dot, I'll fill you in on those dot dot dots here in a few seconds. You guys want the dot dot dots? I need some hearts if you guys want the dot, dot, dots over here. Some comments on Facebook. Let me know if want it because I already know what these are. I can just keep it.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, they want them.

Russell: You guys want them.

Speaker 2: They want it bad.

Russell: Okay, because last year, a little over a year ago, we launched this. This is how we launched Clickfunnels, and we didn't make 7 figures on Clickfunnels. In fact it was closer to that. So if you guys screw it up you should go make at least 7. That's my thought process.

All right. So should we dive in?

Speaker 2: Absolutely. Vincent's here, let's do it.

Russell: All right, Vincent's here, we can go.

Secret number 1, it's all about the scripts. How many of you guys have down webinars in the past? Or tele-seminars? Or you've spoken on stage and you've done the whole thing and then it doesn't work. Right? When I got in this business 12 year ago, I wanted to learn how to be a public speaker.

I didn't know it at the time. I went to an internet marketing seminar and I saw this guy speaking from stage. In the end he told people to run to the back and buy his thing. All these people ran to the back and I was counting, doing the math. He sold a $2,000 package and I'm counting, and it's like, 2, 4, 6, 8. And I was like, 'that dude made $80,000 in the last 90 minutes.' The next speaker got up. He did his thing, he sold. I saw that thing happen over, and over, and over again all weekend. I was like, 'I have to learn how to do this.'

And I assumed that because I had really good content I'd be an amazing webinar presenter. This is pre-webinars but I thought I would be good selling from stage. So I got invited to go to a seminar, I got on stage, I started speaking, I did my whole thing the way that I thought would be the best. I delivered the best content I knew possible and we launched it. I finished, I did my close and nobody, not one person got up to go to the back of the room. It was really awkward.

It was one of those things were, typically when you get done speaking someone turns music on. No one turned music on, nobody moved. It was an awkward silence and I awkwardly just walked off the stage. I walked to the back of the room, people shook my hand. Then I went to my hotel room and I literally locked myself in my hotel room for the next 2 days because I didn't want to see anybody. I watched movies and ate Haagen-Dazs ice cream for 2 days. Kind of embarrassing.

But it was like the most humiliating thing in the world. I was like,'I will never try and sell from stage again no matter what.' Then a little while later, I saw people doing it, I'm like, 'I have to figure this out.' Over the next 10 years of my life, over a decade, I think I've been to about 12 different public speaking training's on how to sell from stage. Then I went out there and I did it. Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of times. Based on that we actually built a script that I call The Perfect Webinar.

This is it. If you've read the Dotcom Secrets book you've probably seen it before. This is the script. When you have this script you can sell pretty much anything. I've had people sell supplements with this. We've had people sell coaching, we’ve had people sell….You name it I've seen someone sell. Chiropractor through it, chiropractic service. Almost everything, you can sell with this script. This is literally 10 years of me standing in front of a stage an embarrassing myself. Learning something, trying something else and going back and forth and back and forth. This is probably the best gift I could ever give anyone.

A year and half ago someone named Liz Benny, you guys may have heard of her. She joined our coaching program. She didn't have anything happening online yet. We gave her this script, she launched it and then she followed the model I'll be talking about next. First year did just shy of a million dollars. Which is awesome.

Jason O'Neal, another awesome guy in our coaching group. Gave him the script, he took it, launched it. His business, they are, I believe this month they're, this month or next month, they'll be passing 7 figures in sales. I can tell you person, after person, after person this script is it.

Now every once and a while I get someone who takes the script and they try it and then they're like, 'Russell, it didn't work for me.' I saw it on Facebook the other day. They're like, 'I did it and it didn't work.' The reality is it always works. If you, if it didn't work that means you screwed it up. Typically this is the part everyone screws up, is this right here. They go out there and they want to teach as much stuff as they possibly can. The reality is the teaching is not how you get somebody to buy. That was one of my big 'ah has' I had during my decade of falling flat on my face, for you guys. That's not what gets people to buy.

What gets people to buy is understanding their belief patterns and then structuring the content around their belief pattern. Finding the belief pattern, breaking it and rebuilding it to the actual truth. If you screw this part up nobody will buy no matter how good your offer is back here. So this is the key. It's kind of, it takes a minute to understand but after you get that it's awesome. So that is the perfect webinar script. It is magic. It has made me more money than anything I have done. Except for maybe clickfunnels. Clickfunnels if gaining on it because it's pretty awesome. But clickfunnels is actually an amplifier for this.

So there is secret 1. You guys it's all about the script. Don't just jump on and do a webinar, don't just think it's going to be good, follow this script. This is so, I can't tell you, millions of dollars of time and energy and this script will make it all magic. All right? So there's number 1.

Was that good you guys? If you like that give me a double tap, over here I need some hearts.

Speaker 2: Yeah. They're asking where they can get the script from.

Russell: Just hold on. We will share that. If you guys like that I'm going to do something really fun.

That script is the equivalent of raining money. Have you guys ever done this before? I've always wanted to do it. So we did it live right now. So we're going to make some money rain. Here we go. Are you ready? This is what the perfect webinar is like. It's like making money rain all over the place. I always wanted to do that. Check it out there is the floor. All right I am such a dork. All right come back, come back. So secret 1 is all about the script. Again we'll talk about how you guys can get the script here in a minute.

Secret number 2, understanding the business model. A lot of people think that you do a webinar once you make some money, then you're like, 'now what.' Right? I had a friend who one time said that all this internet marketers are so stupid.

She said, 'you guys go out there and you build these amazing funnels, and these amazing things, and you launch it, and you have a big product launch, make a bunch of money. Then you stop, and the next day you start working on your next funnel. Your next launch. Your next thing.' Her name was Muriel Tribi, she's genius, she said, 'what I do for entrepreneurs like you guys,' she said, 'what you guys do is the equivalent of putting on a Broadway play. You put on this huge play, it's amazing. You get all these people coming in. It's a smashing success on opening night. The next day you close it, start writing a new play.' She says, 'what entrepreneurs have to become good at doing is taking that play from, let's say you did it in Boise, Idaho and it was a success. Now you take it and you take it on the road. You take it to Chicago. You go to New York and that's how you scale a company.' Right?

So this is the key to understanding the model here. So this is how the webinar model works. I'll write webinar model. The way it works is you are doing a live webinar every single Thursday for the foreseeable future. So here's Thursday, you are doing a webinar. This is live, this is like the play. You've been preparing and writing the script, making this play amazing. So Thursday this play is happening live. Now Thursday, that's happening. You have to get people to that event. Right?

So what happens is, on Monday, and on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, your entire goal, and your focus of your entire company, should be getting people to register for this event, that's happening on Thursday. All right? That's the whole focus. If you start earlier than that. If you start Sunday, people will not remember who you are by Thursday. So we do not start ads until Monday. Monday we start ads. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we push ads so Thursday webinar. Thursday webinar we get on. We follow the perfect webinar script. We crush it, make a bunch of money. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, these 3 days you focus on converting the people who missed the webinar, or didn't buy or whatever, and get these guys to buy here. That is the webinar model.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until you do the webinar, you're promoting it. Thursday you do the webinar. Friday, Saturday, Sunday you're closing sales, doing everything. Sunday at midnight this offer disappears for every single person, and ads start again on Monday for the next webinar happening next Thursday. That you guys is the model. You'll say, 'Russell how can I do that. I did it once or I did it twice.' You do it every single week until you made a million dollars. That's kind of how it works. I'm not giving you guys the ability to say, 'oh I'm going to try it once or twice.' You've got to do it consistently every single month.

The way we did out company right now. We have a goal where every single week I want a thousand people registered for this webinar. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we're focusing on Facebook ads, Solo ads, email ads, joint ventures, everything possible to get a thousand people to register. If I get a thousand people to register, typically my numbers are going to be about 25 percent show up. 25 percent show up, right here. Do the math on that. It means 250 people showed up. For 250 people typically I'm going to close, if you follow perfect webinar script you should be closing on 10 percent of people. It means 10 percent of people are going to buy that. That means 25 units. If you're selling a $1,000 product, that is. What's the math on that? $25,000, you'll make live on Thursday. So if you make $25,000 live on Thursday, how much money can you spend in ads on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and half of Thursday? You can spend up to 25,000 bucks right?

Everybody's like, 'I only have a budget of like a hundred dollars, Russell, for my webinar.' If you follow the perfect webinar script right then you don't have to. You'll more than make it up. Spend 10 grand a week on Facebook ads. We're averaging right now, about 3 - 5 dollars per register. So for me to get a thousand people online I got to spend between 3K and 5K. That's the model right? So I spend 5K and I make 25K. Awesome, right? 5-X-R-O-I. But the cool thing is you do the follow up to see if it's correct here, you will double this number. This will go from $25,000 to $50,000 and boom now your $50,000 for the week.

Now if you do the math 50K times 52 weeks. What is the math on that? Do we make figures on that or not? Any mathematicians? One of you guys is a mathematician, what's the math on that? What's 50 times 52? I don't even know what it is. It's a lot of money. And the key you guys is that amount of money is on the front end. Because what just happened? You added a thousand people a week to your emails.

Speaker 2: 2.6 million.

Russell: Oh 2.6 million. All right, well we are way over 7 figures. But that's not even taking into account the fact that you have a thousand people weekly adding to your list. Means within the end of the year, you're going to have 52 thousand people who have been on you're email lists. Which means now you can have your high ticket program, your continuity programs, everything else you're doing. Does that make sense?

This is the webinar model. This is the fuel of your entire business. If you guys look at my entire business model for next year, it's I'm doing 2 webinars a week for my 2 core companies. Every Thursday I'm doing 2 webinars. That's it. And everyone in turn is focusing on getting people registered for webinar and then after webinar is done, following with closing deals. That's the webinar model, you guys. It's like, how do you drive a car? You have to put fuel in the car. This is the fuel for your car. So that is the webinar model and that's secret number 2.

You guys liking this so far? So secret number 1, you have to have the perfect script, the perfect webinar script. Secret number 2, you have to understand the business model, how to take this show on the road. It's not a one off webinar, it is a business. You're trying to build a company. That's number 2.

Now number 3, you have to do it live. You have to do this webinar live. Everyone's like, 'Russell, I'm going to build the perfect webinar, just automate it and it will be awesome.' Okay, that sounds like a good idea. Sounds amazing in the perfect world, but in the world we all live in it doesn't work that way.

For example, when we did, when we launched ClckFunnels I did the very first presentation in a Mike Filsaim’s event We closed 30 and 33 percent of them, which is awesome. The next day I was leaving and some lady come up to me, and she's like, 'Russell, that was awesome. The only problem is that I don't have a supplement company. So ClickFunnels won't really work for me.' I'm like, 'what do you mean.' She's like, 'well you talked about all these supplement companies and I don't have one so it won't work for me.' I'm like, 'what do you do.' She said, 'I'm a coach.' I'm like, 'you can use ClickFunnels for the coaching business.' She's like, 'really?' I'm like, 'yeah.' I told her about my coaching funnels, my book funnels. She's like, 'are you kidding me? Me and 3 of my friends all wanted to buy but we didn't have supplements.' So they ran. They went and bought and I was like, 'huh, I didn't even think about that.'

So I went back and I changed my presentation. I added a bunch of slides to kind of address that concern. Got back home from the event and I did the very first live webinar. It was a noon on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't remember what it was. We had about 5 or 600 people on the webinar. I did the webinar pitch and we did all right, made about $30,000 from the webinar. I'm like, 'dang it. That was good but it wasn't awesome.'

What was interesting about that was, 4 hours later. I had 4 hours before my second webinar to sell the same thing, so I had this 4 hour gap to finish the webinar. So what I did, I went to go to webinar at the time exported all the questions people asked me. I looked thought them, I'm like, 'okay people are confused here and they're stuck here.' Looked at all the questions went back to my side and started tweaking things as fast as I could, making everything right. 4 hours later I did the exact same webinar to a smaller audience. We ended up making $30,000 on this first webinar to $120,000 on the webinar 4 hours later.

Are you guys getting this? That's my dramatic pause.

Speaker 2: Oh.

Russell: You need to get this.

Speaker 2: They're getting it.

Russell: If you like that give me a double tap.

Speaker 2: They like it.

Russell: So I did the webinar 4 hours later, did 120 grand and then I exported the questions from there. I'm like, 'wow people got stuck here, here, and here.' Change the slides fix it up. Boom did it again, did it again, did it again. 'Russell, how many times did you do that webinar live?' How many times do you think I did it? Bret saw them all.

Speaker 2: Oh, geesh.

Russell: I would say, on the low end, at least 30 - 40 times live.

Speaker 2: Yep.

Russell: 'But, Russell, why don't you do the automate the webinar. You had the pitch it was working good.' Because every single time I learned different things. I got better, and better, and better. Then guess what happened? Eventually it was perfect. I know every single question someone's going to ask and I respond to it and I answer it before it happens.

You can do it automated but you have to do it live until you have perfected your pitch. You will screw it up the first time. You go in and make an automated webinar and you'll put it in the thing. You're going to screw it up. Okay? So that's the third secret.

I want you guys to understand. If you want to make at least an extra 7 - 8 figures next year with the webinar model, this is it. Secret 1 is all about the script. Secret 2 is about understanding the model. Secret 3 you have to do it live until you've perfected it, then you can automate it. Okay?

We've gone over a lot of stuff really quick. I have a question for you guys. I put together a really special offer to help you to implement this, this year and I'm actually giving you guys this offer for free. How many of you guys want the perfect webinar script, the model, everything for free so you and implement this model? All right if you guys want it for free.

Speaker 2: They want it.

Russell: You guys want it for free?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Russell: I got dollar bills stuck in my.

Speaker 2: Darren says, 'Russell Brunson is the best I've ever seen.'

Russell: Well thank you Darren. HAPPY Speaker 2: From Australia.

Russell: Darren it's like 2 in the morning for you. What are you doing? That's awesome.

So this is what I'm going to do. I created a special offer for you guys. You're going to get this offer for free if you do something really cool. As you guys know, right now, one of my closet friends online Mike filsaime launching a new product called EverWebinar.

It's really, really good. A lot of people are saying, 'Russell, you don't click automated webinars software's built into click phone. Why would you ever talk about EverWebinar?' And the reason is this. When we relaunched Clip Funnels 2.0 we needed a bunch of different features that Clip Funnels didn't have on our webinar. So I used Ever-webinar and I kind of fell in love with it. There's amazing features and tools. Things that we don't have inside of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels, we're trying to be like the Apple of our industry. Where we don't say yes to everything.

My son's down here stealing all the dollars that I threw down.

Because of that we can't have and don't have a whole bunch of features. Where Mike is the opposite. He's more like Bill Gates. He wants every feature known to man. So Ever-webinar does a ton of stuff that we don't do and we're never going to do. You can do automated webinars with ClickFunnels but there's a platform that I love that has so many awesome things. So I'm going to bribe you guys. This bribe is only for the next 2 days. This is the biggest reason why.

So we talked about how you have to do this live a whole bunch of times. You have to do it live over, and over, and over again. The coolest thing about Ever-webinar is, it's software part of webinar jam. This is my favorite thing. Webinar Jam, you do a live webinar, and you do a live webinar, and you keep doing it and you keep doing it, until you've perfected it. Right? Every time you do a webinar it stores all the questions and things that people are asking, the comments and things like that. And it stores them. So you do a webinar once, twice, 3 times, 10 times, however many times.

As soon as you have the perfect webinar. Where you just crush it, everything went perfect. You will know when that happens. It's just like everything lines up. You just did perfect that day. The second you do a perfect one, there's a little button you click, says, 'make this an Ever-webinar'. Instantly takes that whole webinar, takes all the questions, the chat and turns that into an Ever-webinar. You see these same questions that happened on you perfect pitch.

Does that make sense? It's one of my favorite things about it. It's right in line with what I believe, what I teach, what I do. So that's the key, you come here, you crush the webinar. Then as soon as you got the perfect one, you push a button and it moves over to ever-webinar.

So I have a bribe for you guys because I want you to have Ever-webinar. This bribe is only good until Friday at midnight. That's less than 48 hours away. If you want it you have to act now. This is the bribe. By the way for those who are students of mine, do you see what I'm doing? I'm following the perfect webinar pitch through this. I practice what I preach. All right, so here we go.

When you invest in Ever-webinar today. The link to get it is, go to When you invest in EverWebinar today,,, I'm going to give you a whole bunch of really cool things. The first thing I'm going to do for you guys, is I am going to give you guys the perfect webinar script and training. That is this script right here along with an hour long DVD that goes through the entire training with a bunch of other training. It's going to show you guys exactly how to use and execute on this script. Okay?

The biggest thing I want you to focus on is the content. These things are all very robotic and amazing and they are important but the hardest thing people always have is this. They always screw up on the content part. It's all about breaking belief patterns. So I'm going to give you this script plus the DVD. I didn't even put this up here. Plus P-P-T and keynote. I am going to give you the PowerPoint slides and the key note slides of the perfect webinar script. So this is in the context I have a whole webinar and keynote. You'll have that, and you fill in the blanks with your offer. That way it saves you a ton of time.

Number 1 I'll give you the perfect webinar script. Real world value $997. Second thing I'm going to give you is the perfect webinar training. So what we did for our members we did a 2 day workshop here in Boise, Idaho, where we brought them here and we spent 2 days going deep on the perfect webinar, understanding the psychology, the concepts and how to drive traffic to a webinar. Everything to make this business model work. Our members paid between 10 and $12,000 to be there and they were all there. I have a recordings of that. I'm going to give you guys that for anyone who invests in EverWebinar today. So that means you're going to get the perfect webinar script and the training. You're going to get the perfect webinar live event that we did a little while ago. You'll get all the videos, all the training's, case studies of people like Liz and Jason and Natasha and all the people that are crushing it with the perfect webinar. You can get all those as well.

The third thing you're going to get. You're going to get the ability to watch me do a perfect webinar pitch live. At that event we had about 100 people in the audience. I sat up there with my laptop. We had a whole bunch of people register for webinar. I did it live, the whole entire thing and I pitched it and we crushed it. It was one of those things, I was really scared, because my students I'm teaching about perfect webinar and I did it. I was like, 'if screw this up and I don't make any sales they're going to boo me off stage.' So I was really nervous and scared and you see me standing there doing it and then you also have a video showing the PowerPoint slides.

And you not just see the script but you hear the tonality. Tons of it has to do with tonality. A ton of it has to do with your body motion, how you're moving. There's so much stuff that goes into it. You actually get to see me do the webinar live. Liz Benny, I told you guys before, she told me aftwords if she could have seen that before she did her first webinar it would have changed everything. She would have understood just how you pitch it. Right?

It's different. It's not sitting behind your computer awkwardly talking. It's all about how you present. You'll see me do it live, $3,000 value. That means you can get perfect webinar script the perfect webinar training, me doing it live, the next thing you're going to get is the perfect webinar funnel. This model we talked about here. This whole process I did a whole cool training for our members to walk through every single thing. What emails said. What the sequences where like. What happens in this entire thing.

So I'm going to give you guys that training to walk through our perfect webinar funnel. So now you've got the entire funnel inside it, you can see the whole things. And the last one, I'm going to give you guys my webinar funnel. ClickFunnels, you know I can share funnels. Click on a button my entire webinar funnel will be imported into your ClickFunnels account and you can move out my pictures and my headlines, my everything and build it for yours. So that webinar funnel is priceless. I spent insane amounts of time in the last 12 months testing every single piece of that, including the indoctrination pages. Everything in that funnel is priceless.

Real world value of all of this, you guys, you add up the math $14,988. But you guys will get all of this stuff for free, if you get EverWebinar before midnight tomorrow night. That's the bonus. That's the offer. There's some urgency, there's some scarcity. Right now you got to go to Facebook people it should be on the link down below in the description. You can see it on Periscope, guys, you got to type it in. and you get access to everything.

One flash recap. You get my perfect webinar script, and all the training. You'll also get the PowerPoint and the keynote files so you can just make your own very, very, easily. Second you get the perfect webinar training. It's the 2 day event, all the recordings of that, $10,000 value. You get the video of me doing that. You see the tonality, how you pitch it everything. You get the perfect webinar funnel. You get the share funnel. My perfect webinar funnel. Total value $14,988 and you guys get it for, what's the magic word? Free. All you have to do is invest in EverWebinar before the promotion ends midnight on Friday.

And that is my gift for you guys, because it's a tool that you're going to want. You're going to need it. You're going to need it today. You're going to need it next year. It's something you're going to need forever. You can always go next week and get EverWebinar, that's cool. But if you want all of this stuff you've got to get it now, because it will not be here on the weekend. Friday, midnight this offer expires. Friday, midnight I'll be exporting everybody who's purchased up to that point and on Monday you'll get an email with all this amazing-ness. That's it you guys. That's my Christmas present to you guys for being awesome.

One last thing I want to mention. For those of you who study me and are kind of a geek. I just did the perfect webinar script for you guys live. I wanted just to do it. I thought it would be a lot of fun. So I'm using the perfect webinar to excel the perfect webinar and to get people to doing webinars. You guys this model works.

This is my business model for this year, or last year this was our business model. It got close to over 10 million dollars in sales. This is the business model for us moving forward next year. It's the business model for 90% of Inner circle people and it should be the business model for you.

If you want all the tools, the software, the training, now is the time. You've just got to go to That's it you guys. Thanks so much for for everything. If you had fun give me double tap over here on Periscope as fast as you can.

Do we have any hearts?

Speaker 2: Oh yeah.

Russell: Oh I'm good. As fast as you can. I want tons of them.

Speaker 2: Yeah. They're there.

Russell: And if you’re over here on Facebook, you guys had fun say, 'yes, Russell, we had an awesome time.' Thank you, thank you. Let me know. Hopefully you got some value out of this and you liked it. That's it for the marketing quickie show today, you guys. It was the marketing a little bit longer but hopefully it gave you guys some ideas. Appreciate you all. Thanks so much and I'll talk to you all again soon. Bye.


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