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Ep 61 - Want More Predictable Revenue - This Is The Secret...


On today’s episode Russell shows you the steps you need to take to have guaranteed success.He also shows you some doodles for his new book Expert Secrets.

Here are 3 cool things to watch for in this episode:

  • ​Russell shows you how to get his books for free.
  • He also gives you a first glimpse of the doodles in the upcoming Expert Secrets book.
  • And he shows you the three steps you need to take for guaranteed success in your business.

So watch now to find out what steps you need to take to have guaranteed success.


Hey everybody, how’s it going? Welcome everybody to today’s Periscope, I’m excited, we’ve almost a hundred already on Periscope which is awesome, you guys are excited, give me a double tap as fast as you can. Alright, I appreciate it guys. Now we can get started and have some fun. Who here had read the Dotcom Secrets book and liked it? I’ve got it right here. How many of you guys have read it? If you’d like to give me a double tap over here on Periscope. If you like us on Facebook, like us or whatever, just let me know. Hearts are flying.

This is my first book I ever wrote. If you guys don’t have a copy, you can get a free one at It’s free, cover $7.95 shipping/handling we’ll ship it out to you. This is my first book. Super proud of it, and I love it. Second book … this one actually came out before, but it’s not a published book. How many of you guys have read the book A Hundred and Eight Proven Split-Test Winners? If you haven’t got this yet, go to, and you get this book for free. Cover $7.95 shipping and handling. Shows all of our split-testing results. We just want to give you just some amazing things. There’s number two. How many of you want to see the third book, that we’re working on right now? I’ve been working on it today. Check out over my shoulder. This right here, you guys, the doodle sketches have begun, officially. Check it out. Can you guys see it back there, behind me?

The doodle sketches have begun. The book’s title, here’s a little hint, it’s called Expert Secrets and check it out. You can see what’s happening. This book is different than Dotcom Secrets book. Dotcom Secrets book was like here is everything you need to know about how to scale your company. Expert Secrets is about, what is the process? What is the first funnel, and then the second, and what’s the strategy behind them? What’s the timeline? So, it’s a timeline, and I’m really excited. Someone asked “Who does the doodles” I do the doodles initially. I do them out over here, and this dude named Vlad, he’s from the Ukraine, he lives in Boise now, he turns them into those amazing doodles that are in the book. That’s what I’m working on today. I would say 1/7th of the book is done, and it’s … Hopefully you guys will like it. I’m pretty excited about it, so it’ll be fun.

All right, are you guys ready to get started and talk about some stuff? The book, I assume, based on how I normally do things, our book will be free plus shipping. Owen got the DotCom Secrets book delivered to his door today in the UK, so hurry up and read it, because the next book is coming soon.

To begin with, what I want to talk to you guys about is … What was the title of this again, I can’t even remember … The title was the three-step process, right, if you guys want to guarantee your success. How many of you guys want guaranteed success online? If you want it over on Facebook, let me know, if you want it on Periscope, give me some hearts, some taps as fast as you can. If you guys want guaranteed success, I know how to give that you. It’s not that hard. Alright, Marketing with Minera wants it … All right, Vince Palco Vince said I’m looking skinny. Thanks man, appreciate it. Looks like most of you guys want it. If you guys want success guaranteed, this is it, and it’s not that hard, but most of us are missing it, so I want to stress this, because this is the key to everything, okay?

To set it up, because I want to set it up first, think about the way the music industry worked in the past, right? What would happen is they would go out there and try to find some talent, and they’d find someone, like “Okay, this person is going to be a superstar!” They put time and energy money and they put this person out there and they launch them, and most of the time they would bomb, right? They didn’t make any money at all. The movie industry is like this a lot. They go and spend millions of dollars making a movie and they put it out there, and hope that it’s going to be good. A lot of times though it’s not. It just bombs, and they don’t know. How do you guarantee your success?

One of the earliest ways I kind of saw this, a good example is the show American Idol. How many of you guys have seen American Idol. I heard it’s the last season. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I heard it is. It first came out ten, twelve, fifteen, whenever it came out initially, right? They put on this contest, and what happened is they had a whole bunch of singers out there and people would sing, and the world, the marketplace, got to vote on who they liked the best, and they kept voting and voting and voting, and finally at the end of this three month long process, Kelly Clarkson won. She became the winner. The world said “This is who we want to hear sing,” and they launched her platform, and guess what, she was a rock star overnight. Carrie Underwood, same thing, because they found what the market wanted and they gave it to her, right?

The struggle that most of us make is that we come in and we’re like “I’ve got an idea for a product. I want to create this. We’ll go and create this product.” Then we try to shove it down the marketplace’s throat. Liz Benny said we’re going for a heart war, and who has the most hearts win. Alright, who’s fighting Liz for the heart war over here?

Most of us create a product, we try to shove it down our market’s throats. That’s wrong. When I got started in this business, I had some mentors who were geniuses, and they taught me this. They said, “Russelll, there’s a three-step process to be successful online.” This is it. Step number one, find a hot market. This thing’s basic. Like, oh yeah, find a hot market. Crab Apple said I’m going to crush her.

The first step is finding a hot market, okay? First off, you’ve got to find a market that’s rabid. That … Sorry, lost Facebook for a second. You’ve got to find a market that’s rabid, that’s passionate about buying things. They have to love buying things. How many times do people say “Hey, Russell, I found a market, nobody’s in there yet.” That’s a bad sign. You want to go in a market where people are actively buying stuff all the time. You’ve got to find a market where people are both willing and able to spend money. Willing means they’re okay spending money, and able, meaning they have money. A lot of times we have customers who are willing to spend money, like, they love to buy your stuff, but they’re broke, they’re not able to, right? Or you find people in a market, these people have tons of money, but they’re frugal, they don’t like spending it, so they’re not willing to spend it. You’ve got to find a market that’s willing and able, okay? That’s a big thing. You’ve got to find a market that are irrationally passionate about what they’re talking about.

If the market’s kind of boring about it, they’re not going to be good. One of our Ignite members, I hope Joel doesn’t mind me teasing him, but he initially went into a market where people were able to spend, they had money, I don’t know if they were willing or not, but they weren’t irrationally passionate. He was going after contract, or, not contractors … Engineers, right? Engineers are great people, but they’re not people who spend money, so he struggled and he struggled and he struggled, and he worked hard, and he followed the system, he followed it perfectly, he became one of the best webinar pitchmen I’ve seen, but his market was not willing or able to buy. He picked the wrong market. As soon as he transitioned to a hot market, boom, everything exploded for him. He picked the right market. Step one, picking a hot market.

The best way to find a hot market is find a market that people are buying tons of crap in there, okay? The four or five major markets, okay, you’ve got business, you’ve got finance, you’ve got weight loss, you’ve got dating, you’ve got relationships, find the markets that there’s a lot of stuff happening, okay? That’s the big thing. Number one.

Number two, after you find a hot market, don’t just assume that you know what they want. Don’t go and just create something and start jamming it down their throats. Buy my crap, buy my crap. That’s not how it works, okay? After you have found the hot market, the second step is ask them what they want. Hey guys, I want to create some cool stuff! What do you actually want? After they tell you what they want, then you just give it to them. That’s it. That’s the path. That’s the formula, you guys. That’s how we guarantee success. Find a hot market, ask them what they want, then give it to them.

This is how most of us do it. We go and we create a product, then we try to find a market to sell that product, and then they don’t buy it, and then we try to … We’re stuck for years. I had a guy when I was in the UK last month or two months ago speaking, after I spoke one of the guys came to me and said “Okay, Russell, I’m funnel hacking. Where do I start?” I said “For me, when I’m going into business, guess where I start? I start at traffic.” I want to find the traffic. I want to find the hot market. Right now, I’m working with a partner, we’re launching this really cool business on the side, and don’t worry, I’m still focusing on Clickfunnels for those who listen to my podcast and stuff. He’s running everything, but I’m kind of being a consultant for him and we’re going in the survival right. Why did we pick the survival market? Because there are like 300 survival email lists we can rent today. I know exactly where the traffic is. I found a hot market, I know exactly how to get to it.

If I don’t know how to get the traffic, I’m not going to create a business in that market, in that world, right? I need to identify a hot market and know exactly where it’s at. If I know where they’re at, then it becomes easy. Now you just go ask them what they want, then create it, and then sell it to them. It becomes really, really easy. That’s where to begin with, you guys, is the market. Finding a hot market, and figure out is it going to be hard? Whenever I have consulting people, that’s one of the first things I do, and they’re like “Here’s my business.” I’m like “Hey, cool, where do we get your customers at?” They’re like, “I don’t know.” I’m like, “Okay, you should know that. That should be first step in this process.”

I need to know what fan pages they’re on, what email lists they’re on, if I want to send them a message today, is there an east path for me to get to them? If not, business is going to be hard. If there’s an easy path, then I can do all sorts of stuff. I can run surveys, I can sell products, there’s so many things we can do, but that’s how it starts, okay? So there’s the process. Linda said, “Are you drinking espresso?” No, this is Russell at the end of the day when I’m tired. You should see me in the morning. Again, here’s the process. Step one, find a hot market, step two, ask them what they want, step three, give it to them. That’s it you guys. It’s not rocket science. That’s how this game is played, and if you want to play at the highest level, that’s how it works.

One last thing when you’re going in, like what market you want to go in … I told you you’ve got to find a market that’s irrationally passionate. One of the big keys is make sure that you are irrationally passionate about that topic. Mark said “You wouldn’t want to give Russell an espresso.” I don’t even know what would happen. I’ve never drunk one. I would probably … It wouldn’t be good. Anyway, if you’re not irrationally passionate about the topic, you’re not going to succeed. That’s the key, you guys. If you’re irrationally passionate, hopefully other people are as well, and the more people there are, the better.

So, there you go. Joshua Darvelle said “Where do you rent the lists?” There’s all sorts of places. There’s tons of list brokers in every market. You can go to the news sites and rent them. That could be another training for a whole other day. Maybe that will be the training for the other day. Alright you guys, that’s what I got for you today. I hope that you are irrationally passionate about something. If so, that’s where you’ve got to start leading. Start going to. Find the hot market, ask them what they want, and then give it to them. That’s it for today, you guys. I’m out of here. Have an amazing night, get back to work tomorrow. I’m going to be working again on my book tomorrow, and it’s going to be awesome. That’s it you guys. I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day, and we’ll talk to guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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