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Ep 66 - What's My Mission


On today’s episode Russell shares why he feels guilty that people pay him to be in his Inner Circle. He also tells a story about why he now has a jacked up face.

Here are a few cool things to watch for in this episode:

  • ​Who jacked up Russell’s face and why.
  • How Russell wasn’t the smartest person in the room at his own Inner Circle.
  • And what Russell’s mission is in his business and why.

So watch now to see Russell talk about his mission with his businesses.


Hello, hello everybody! I just wanted to shoot you guys a message. I haven’t done a periscope this week, it’s been insane! I just wanted to jump on and tell you guys a couple of cool things, and then share with you something that I thought was really interesting. Today I spoke at an event I’ll talk about in a minute, but somebody asked me a question today and it made me think, I thought it was interesting. There’s something I want to share with you guys. A couple of things … First off, this week has been insane. Some of you guys know in December I launched basically we’re shutting down the inner circle at 100 people and we’re almost there, it’s kind of crazy, only a few more spots left.

It’s kind of cool because we had our Inner Circle event here. The first group came Monday and Tuesday this week and the second group came Wednesday and Thursday. It was such an honor. I sat in the room. I’ve got literally two books full of notes that I got, “How do I go to Inner Circle?” If you go to all the infos there. I got two pages … I feel guilty that people were paying me to be in this room. When I first started Inner Circle I was like, I want to do this because I wanted a group of entrepreneurs who think like me and act like me and people who were obsessed with this part of it. I was sitting in the room and I was like, “This room is amazing, I am not the smartest person in this room.” It was amazing. What’s up Kevin? It was awesome, amazing four days.

The first two days we had the first group and I can’t tell you the amazingness of the people in the room, it was awesome. I have this really bad habit where if someone wants to wrestle or fight I can’t really say no, so John Root is in the group and the first night was like, “We need to wrestle.” We went back to my wrestling room at my house and we wrestled. I got this pretty guy right here thanks to him. I had a bruised eye here, bruised nose, big old scab there. It was a seventeen minute match, he jacked up my face, but I tapped him out. It’s worth it sometimes. “David Fry said he could take me.” Tell David to come on over.

That was the first two days and then I had a jacked up face for the next two day Mastermind, which again was just amazing. I can’t even say enough good things about it. During my first Mastermind it was Bill Glazer’s and I showed up as this young kid who I thought I was the top of the world and I got in this group and I realized I wasn’t. I realized that I had so much to learn. I was in that group for six years. When he sold the company I went and tried to find a new group to plug into and I joined 5-6 other Mastermind groups and just didn’t get much value out of any of them. I thought, if I’m going to do this right I’ve got to build my own. We did, and like I said, I’m honored to be in that group. It was amazing. Those guys that were in the Inner Circle, thank you for showing up and participating and being as amazing as you are. It was awesome.

If you’re not in the Inner Circle yet, there are only a few spots left, go to I will be starting my daily periscopes again next week. It was insane. Inner Circle is not a small thing, it was amazing.” A room that you aren’t the smartest person, how could that be possible?” Sign up and you’ll find out. There’s some genius’. There was one dude in the room, he closed $2.5 million from the stage, kinda crazy. He also last month did an event and sold 100% of the room. People like that who are just … I’m just a beginner, I’m just an amateur learning this thing. It was amazing. That was the last two days.

Today, I woke up in the morning, I jumped on a plane, and I flew down here to, I don’t even know where I’m at … I’m in L.A. and spoke at Nick Unsworth’s Ignite Event which was crazy. Yeah, Kevin, $2.5 million for one presentation. It was nuts, it was pretty cool. I’m here for an Ignite Event and I spoke. They didn’t have me sell so I just talked and shared some really cool things. Some guy asked a question, and I’m sure I’m going to screw up the question, I don’t know how he exactly said it but basically was asking about in every market there’s these trends that are happening and he’s like, “You guys with click funnels,” this trend was happening and he came in front of it and he asked about for him and everybody’s coaches and people that they’re doing, “how do you get in front of that and how do you change the market in a way?”

It put me on the spot, it was kind of funny, we were all laughing, wow I don’t know how I’m going to answer this. I remember thinking and my response I thought was kind of cool. We were talking about, I told him my goal is I don’t want to be Russell Brunson forever, my kids are growing up, I want to go and be with them 100% of my time, but right now I’m in this growth cycle where we’re growing Clickfunnels and stuff. My mission is to be a perfect example for everyone else. I want everyone to be funnel consultants, I want everyone to be coaching funnels in their business and all these things are happening. My goal is for me to try to be an example. We’re doing funnels, we’re coaching, we’re trying to do all this stuff mostly because I want to create a model, I want to create something that everyone else can go and replicate and do in their own businesses. That’s my goal.

Soon there’s not going to be a point for me, I’m going to be able to step back and hopefully we have trained, educated, inspired, and motivated, showed enough people how we do it and they can go out there and do it on their own. That was my thought, my mission is really to create an example that everyone else can model and take to their own businesses and industries. It was cool. Afterwards this guy came up, he was so cool, I’ve met him at a couple of events. The first time I met him about a year ago he owned a business where they do ultrasounds for people who are pregnant, the 4D ones where you can see the baby’s face and everything, it was really cool. He sold that business and he started doing something. I said, “What are you doing now?” He said, “I build the funnels for people.” He told me, “It’s changed my life, it’s changed the people we’re serving’s life. It’s amazing.”

How cool is that? That’s what I want. I want people like him, I want people like you, everyone, to take this stuff that we’re doing and look at it as a model and replicate in your business, your world, serving your people. It was really cool. Another thing he asked about was, “ how do you get in front of a trend?” I was thinking, we weren’t the first people talking about funnels. We’ve been teaching funnels for eight years to our events and things like that, but we weren’t the first, we didn’t invent it. That became the trend, that became the cool thing a couple years ago. We wanted to create something where we weren’t just another….. we’re also teaching this, because that’s what a lot of people do.

Another thing, how can we create something that serves that whole market? I’m no longer competing head to head with every other funnel consultant or whatever. I’m creating such value that every single person needs to use what we have. I was thinking about that for you and for every one of us. How do we create businesses and how do we get into the markets that we’re in and figure out products, services, or creating that tool, or whatever that is that’s going to help elevate the entire market? We talk about Infusion Soft, IT’s used to use Infusion Soft a lot. I really like those guys a lot. When they came into the market they created this tool and this platform, but because of that all of these other businesses sprout up because of that, consultants, and all of these things. The entire industry as a whole elevated.

I look at Clickfunnels and I feel like that was the same thing, we’ve created this platform that’s elevating the entire industry together. I think that’s cool, that’s how you leave your legacy. For my mission, and I hope that this gets you to think through your mission as well, what can you do that doesn’t just come in and you’re staking your claim and making money and pulling out your piece of the business? What can you create that expands the entire marketplace? What value can you get? It doesn’t have to be creating a Clickfunnel as a platform, it could be just training. The reason I run my coaching program, as much as I love it and we make a lot of money off of it, the real reason is I’m trying to coach people to start coaching programs and how to do those kind of things and how to serve people at different levels, the reason why I didn’t launch a supplement funnel so that people could launch supplement funnels. How do you create things and templates and tools and whatever that is in your market that helps elevate the entire market. If you do that, that’s the key.

I’m kind of tired and I hope that my ramblings make sense to you guys, but it just got me excited thinking about tonight. With that said, I’m going to pass out. How many of you guys are tired right now? Some of you guys this is brand new early morning, some of you guys are really, really tired. I’m ready to go pass out. I appreciate you guys. “Why isn’t Frank Colonels on Clickfunnels yet?” Beats me, man I have no idea. I’ve seen you guys questions, you guys are awesome. Cool. I’m going to pass out and I’m jumping on a plane first thing in the morning, I’m going to be with my kiddos in a few hours and it’s going to be awesome. I’m going to take a little bit of a break because I am worn out.

Next week, though, we’ve got the entire Clickfunnels crew coming to Boise, we’re doing a hack-a-thon, which means we’re basically locked in a room for a week and we’re going to be busting out some cool click funnel stuff, fixing a couple little things, adding some new things, and it’s going to amazing. I’ll be broadcasting next week every day live from the hack-a-thon. You guys will have a chance to see the team, the guys that are building click funnels. It will be a lot of fun. Stay tuned, watch for the periscopes, and come hang out with us. It will be fun. All right guys, I appreciate you all, have a great night. Go build some funnels, help some other people build some funnels. We will talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody!


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