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Ep 67 - Behind The Scenes Of The ClickFunnels 'Hack-A-Thon'


On today’s episode Russell introduces you to his team during the hack-a-thon and they share some of the fun stuff that they are working on.

Here are a couple of cool things in this episode:

  • ​Meet Russell’s team of ninjas as they work on amazing things that are coming up.
  • ​See the people you need to call to get your tickets to Funnel Hacking Lives
  • ​And why this hack-a-thon is actually beneficial to you, the Clickfunnels members.

So watch now to see the cool stuff behind the scenes as Russell’s team gets stuff done during the hack-a-thon!


We’re live. Everyone’s so mad right now. Welcome, welcome everybody we are about to have some fun. All right, I can see a little better now. We’ve got, you guys are coming fast, who here wants to see behind the scenes of what we are doing during out hack-a-thon? All right, so are you guys ready to see what’s happening? I have the opportunity, I get a geek out, if you see this, this is my little work station and I have all my monitors and I’m just going to do the sales and the marketing part and these are doing all the amazing stuff.

We’re doing all sorts of stuff, so I’m going to walk you around to meet everyone, there’s more people in here, some of them are in different rooms but, this is my office. Typically it’s not many people, we had to pull a bunch of desks in here, jam everyone because everyone flew in from around the world to be here. I’m going to flip this around so you can meet everybody, so give me one second here.

All right, here is everybody, what’s up. All right, this is Todd, so Todd what are you working on, we call these lines of code?

Todd: I am working on a new affiliate stat system for Backpack.

Russell: All right, check that out, so Backpack you’ll be able to see the affiliate stats a million times better and it’s looking awesome. All those green lines of code, that’s the stuff that I’m not smart enough to know anything what any of that is but that’s what makes the whole thing work, right. Is this going live in the next hour or so?

Todd: Maybe the next day or two.

Russell: Anyway is you want to see better affiliate stats that’s what Todd’s been working on and that’s what it all looks like for those who are coding guys. All right, here’s Ryan, how’s it going my man?

Ryan: What up.

Russell: Where are you from for everybody?

Ryan: West Michigan, Grand Rapids.

Russell: West Michigan, so you want to show what you’re building, what you’re doing.

Ryan: I’m going to production right now I’ve got to get some new stuff out.

Russell: Wait, you want to explain how the whole thing works, so these guys build stuff, you build stuff and then, how’s the whole production cycle work so that things don’t crash and everything?

Ryan: We have a whole QA process and automated suite of test that test our code and exercise it an make sure everything’s working before it goes to production. We’re just going through that process right now to make sure that everything’s good to go and then we’ll get it out.

Russell: How cool, so a whole bunch of bugs and things you’ve been working on and new features.

Ryan: Bug fixes and new features.

Russell: The new Actionetics thing’s in there that Todd worked on last night?

Ryan: No, that’s not under release, no. That’s not QA’d yet.

Russell: Todd did some cool new stuff for me yesterday that’s going to be really exciting. Sweet, that’s happening over here, all right, this in Wynter Jones. Wynter Jones what’s up?

Wynter: Hello, hello.

Russell: What are you working on?

Wynter: A dashboard for Clickfunnels.

Russell: He’s not let me see this yet, so I actually can’t believe he’s letting me see this. Okay, I know that I’m not allowed to say everything, when will they see this? When they first log in?

Wynter: This will be your dashboard when you log in, we’re calling it the Launch Pad so you come. But we’re focused on comparison so this chart is comparing this week with last week. All these compare today with yesterday, yesterday with the same day last week all this. But the best part is once this money comes in it updates automatically, so you can literally have this sitting and the chart.

Russell: Just watch it.

Wynter: Money will come it, you’ll see, you’ll start at red maybe but then you’ll start going to green. You’ll see your recent activity come in, all this stuff yes, it will look better.

Russell: You’re changing it right now.

Wyinter: Yes.

Russell: That’s going to be amazing. How many of you guys like that, if you like what Wynter’s working on give him some hearts. Let him see some love.

Wynter: Don’t tell me I don’t need hearts very often.

Russell: Check it out, that’s all for you Wynter.

Wynter: Yay.

Russell: All right, the more hearts he gets the more exciting this is going to be, so you guys have got to start tapping like crazy.

Wynter: Awesome.

Russell: Okay, very cool, this is Dylan Jones over here. What’s up Dylan?

Dylan: Hi.

Russell: Dylan told me if I bring my camera he’s going to kill me. What are you working with?

Dylan: I’m working with Mike.

Russell: What’s up Mike, how’s it going?

Mike: Hi everybody.

Russell: What’s the main thing that you guys are working on right now?

Dylan: Clickfunnels Marketplace.

Russell: The marketplace, how many of you guys are excited about the marketplace? They can’t talk back I guess, the hearts are flowing, everyone’s excited. I promise guys everyone’s excited, I can see the hearts even though you guys can’t, it’s amazing. The marketplace, and is marketplace going live this week do you think?

Dylan: Yes.

Russell: That’s the game plan.

Dylan: First three funnels are going live.

Russell: First three funnels yes.

Dylan: A Trip wire, a webinar and a VSL. All made by Russell.

Russell: No, all made by.

Dylan: Well, mostly Russell.

Russell: Dylan, he’s the most amazing designer on earth and he built them all and they look amazing. But they’re, it’s going to be awesome. Someone’s saying, “ what’s the marketplace?”

Dylan: What the marketplace?

Russell: It’s the first ever what?

Dylan: It’s the worlds first photo marketplace, so we have entire marketing. This is for trip wires.

Russell: This is one of the funnels that you guys are going to be able to get?

Dylan: This whole book.

Russell: It looks so cool, it looks so cool.

Dylan: Then it goes through the whole thing, the whole upsells and stuff like that.

Russell: There’s upsells and downsells. HAPPY Dylan: Do you know it’s written by Russell, the whole experience explain, so you can integrate it into your business.

Russell: That will be awesome.

Dylan: It’s not a series type, it’s not graphics, it’s a whole marketplace for businesses. It’s specifically for things, for this one it’s for an authority figure that sells a book, like a speaker, an author and things like that. It’s going to be able, basically what we want to launch with, with three funnels that Russell can, if you wanted to do a business like that again you would just need three funnels. A trip wire, a webinar and video sells letter and then if you’re all like Russell this is what you need and then we’re going to be working on cool ones, an auto webinar the one that basically changes, do you want to explain that one?

Russell: No, that’s top secret, we have to keep some of the secrets from you guys, but the good stuff’s happening, Dylan’s killing the marketplace. That’s super close to done, our goal is before everyone flies out to have that live, so hopefully tomorrow. Don’t hold us to it just in case, because there’s a lot of stuff happening. And Melanie I know you don’t want to be on TV but. Tell them real quick about the event because she coordinating the whole event right now, what’s happening?

Melanie: We are finalizing all of our speakers and getting everything in order and just getting a little logistics taken care of, so super close.

Russell: It’s going to be amazing, so you guys need to be a to come to the event. Marcus Lemonis is going to be there, Sean Stephenson, a whole bunch of amazing people but most important you, you guys will be there. Make sure you get your tickets, they are going fast. Right now there’s two tickets. You get two tickets for the price of one at and that is going up at the end of the month, so it’s time to stop waiting. It’s going to be awesome, so that’s what’s happening and there’s a whole bunch of other stuff happening down the hall. We’ve got these guys, I’ll peek through here, these guys are calling you guys trying to get you guys to get your funnel hacking tickets if you haven’t gotten them you’ll probably get a call from these guys soon. They’re going awesome stuff, traffics being generated for Clickfunnels in here and registering a whole bunch of stuff, a bunch of amazing stuffs happening. How’s the hack-a-thon been for you so far?

Speaker 8: It’s awesome.

Russell: Are you feeling tired?

Speaker 8: No because I’ve got…

Russell: It keeps us awake, so anyway. All right, so that’s it you guys, hope you guys had fun seeing behind the scenes of hack-a-thon. We do this about once a quarter, we all get in here, everyone flies in here from around the world and we just work like crazy. I went to bed last night at like, we were up until 3 or 4 or 2 and we got up early again and we’ll be going again tonight and tomorrow night and then hopefully a whole bunch of new amazingness will appear inside your Clickfunnels accounts. It’s going to be awesome, also for those of you who are Clickfunnel certified I want you to make sure you are seeing all the amazing work that Nora’s been doing.

The certification, Nora I haven’t told you this yet, there are so many people talking about he new certification program and it’s amazing and people are loving it. If you’re certified get in the certification program and start going through Nora’s new training because it is amazing and anyway. We are having a ton of fun over here, so much new stuff’s happening, I just wanted to share with you behind the scenes because cool things are happening. We are here working out butts off for you guys and some new things are coming that I think you’re going to like and it’s going to be amazing.

That’s it you guys, I’m checking out. I will talk to you guys again hopefully tomorrow, by tomorrow we’ll probably be in the spot where we’re just like, can’t keep our eyes open. I’ll report back then, other than that appreciate you guys, if you’re excited about everything give me some taps, get some taps over here. Real rush, she’s more behind the scenes scope, this is kind of fun. Wholesaler sales dream 100, awesome, awesome. I’m almost done with the next book, I’m 50% done with the next book, so that’s going good as well. Anyway tons of fun stuff, okay guys. Oh, it’s like a echo, they’re all watching. All right, I’m out of here you guys, have an amazing night, we will talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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