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Ep 68 - You Made $54 Million (So Far!!!) Congrats!!!


On today’s episode Russell shares some stats and numbers on Clickfunnels. He shows how much money YOU have made so far.

Here are some cool things to see in this episode:

  • ​How much money you guys are collectively making each day.
  • Get to see the team who made it all possible.
  • And Russell makes a guess about how much money you guys will collectively make in the next year.

So watch now to see how much money you guys are making with Clickfunnels.


Hey, hey, everybody! Welcome, welcome! Are you guys excited for an amazing Marketing Quickies Show? Marketing Quickies Show!

Where are we? Is it morning or night? It’s dark outside. I’m so confused. What’s up? Hey, Mike, what’s up, my man? How’s it going everybody? I got something cool to share with you guys and I am so excited. We’ve been doing stats and numbers on Clickfunnels today and I think you guys are going to go crazy. Before we do, I want to say hi to everybody.

As you know, we’ve been doing our Click Funnels Hack-a-thon, so everyone’s back here still working their butts off for you, making things happen, but we’ve been pulling some stats and some numbers, and I think these things are crazy. I want to show you guys how much money, you as Clickfunnels members, have made so far. How many of you guys are interested in knowing how much money you guys are making as a collective whole? I’m going to show you guys real quick. Let me flip this around and Dave’s going to hold it because I’m going to show you guys some cool things.

Let me flip this around. Someone said they met people on planes who are talking about me, how crazy is that? Check it out, the number right here, this is the Stripe account, this is not my Stripe account, this is the Stripe account for everybody that’s connected to Click Funnels, so real quickly, what that means is basically if you are in Clickfunnels, using Stripe, that’s how much money you have generated as a collective whole inside of your Stripe accounts. That’s only Stripe, it’s not counting all the other things. We can’t track JVZoo, Click Bank, things like that. We’re looking, if you’re doing it in things we can track, so far it’s actually been $77,000,000 have gone through in the last 12 months from Click Funnels members, and like I said, it’s $54,000,000 through Stripes. Is that insane? $54,000,000 you guys have made so far in Stripe.

If you want to do the math on that, because this is where it gets really exciting, check this out, here’s a little graph. If you scroll over, this is how much you guys are collectively making each day. That day $295,000, this day $371 … Yeah, give me double tap here on Periscope if this is insane. This day right here $362,000, you guys made $413, $422, isn’t that crazy? You guys, as a collective whole, the Clickfunnels community, are amazing, and this is just Stripe, that’s not counting Infusionsoft, Ontraport, any other merchant accounts. This is just Stripe that you guys are making and it’s like that. If you look at that, over the last site is $54,000,000.

I don’t know about you guys, but that gets me excited, and the coolest thing, it has nothing to do with me, it has to do with you guys first off and second off, these guys right here who made the whole thing possible. They are the dudes who are amazing, because as you know, I have no skills at all, which is pretty sweet. Come back. Someone said, who are they? Those guys, we introduced them yesterday on the Persicope, so you missed it, but they are the development team at Clickfunnels, they built the whole thing, so they are the guys who made it all happen and made it work which is pretty awesome.

I don’t know, does that get you guys excited? For those of you, I always get people on Facebook that post, they’re like, “Is anyone here in Clickfunnels making any money?” The answer is yes, a crap-ton of money and it’s just growing every single day. In fact, if you look at the trends, most of that has happened from October to now is where this huge … it’s like this thing is just exploding and I bet you, I’m going to prophesize something, we come back in a year from now, I bet you we’ll be at $1,000,000 a day or more from our Clickfunnels members which is crazy. Someone said, “Crap-ton,” you’re right, it’s a crap-ton of money, it’s insane and it’s all you guys creating amazing things, trying to change the world in your own way, and I don’t know about you, but I’m just grateful to be a part of that and be a part of this thing that you guys are doing. Every dollar in there, in my mind represents you transforming somebody’s life with your products, your services, and it’s awesome.

If you’re on Periscope, if you like that, give a double tap as fast you can. I want to see how excited you guys are. Over here on Facebook, if you like that, comment, say hi, whatever. They need to add hearts or something to Periscope. Focus, that’s sometimes what I need to hear, but when I’m stressing, so people are having success. There is a path, there is a way to do it, just do it if you haven’t yet. Keep sticking in it, don’t give up because it’s working for tons, and tons, and tons of your fellow members. With that said, I want to give one plug for the Funnel Hacking Event because if you’re out there and you feel like you are an entrepreneur on a lone island, and you’re kind of out there on your own … Being an entrepreneur is like the loneliest job in the world and it’s tough sometimes, so make sure you guys get tickets to the Funnel Hacking Event.

You’re going to be there with 1,000 other Clickfunnels members just like you, the same people that are over here making half a million bucks a day, those people are going to be there together, hanging out, sharing a bunch of cool stuff. Be there or be square. Someone asked about Funnel Marketplace, all the stuff I showed you guys yesterday is coming soon, it’s all been in testing, it’s all in production, all that kind of stuff, so things are happening. Cool? If you don’t have your tickets yet to Funnel Hacking, go to, that’s the live event. Marcus Lemonis is coming and speaking, we added a couple more other speakers, it’s going to be amazing, in fact I’ve got a schedule. Here’s the schedule. There, that’s all you guys get to see. It’s going to be amazing though, don’t miss it.

Go to to get your ticket so you can hang out with other entrepreneurs just like you who are using Clickfunnels, making a ton of money. No, that’s not right. They’re making a crap-ton of money, if you want to be there then, you need to be there. Not a want, it’s a need, so that’s the plan. That’s the game plan, you guys, I am … we’re going to go out to dinner and have some fun, talking about how we can help serving you guys, more Clickfunnels, make more money, so this time next year you’re making a million bucks a day, with that said, thanks, everybody. Appreciate you all and we’ll see you guys all again soon. Bye.

Justin’s making fun of me, “You have a schedule?” Yes. Justin, this year I actually am planning, I have a schedule, I know it’s not my style, but it’s happening this year. Thanks everybody, see you guys. Bye.


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