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Ep 69 - How To Get A Lot Of Crap Done... My Secret Formula


On this episode Russell talks about one of the ways he gets so much stuff done. He also talks about the concept of Lead or Gold.

Here are a few fun things to listen for in today’s episode:

  • ​How Russell uses the Lead or Gold concept in his business to get things done.
  • How Russell gets more stuff in a short amount of time done than a typical person gets done in a year and how he keeps track of it all.
  • And Why Russell thinks digital planners are a scam.

So watch now to learn tips and tricks on how to get more stuff done quickly.


How’s it going everybody? Welcome, welcome, it’s been a little while. I missed you all. People always ask me, “Russell, how do you get so much stuff done, it doesn’t make any sense? What do you do and how do you do it?” I’m going to do some sessions talking about some of the stuff I do. Mike Stanczyk was asking me, he’s like, “Can you just do some posts about how you get so much stuff done and my work ethic, how to do stuff so I thought it’d be fun to do some of those. I’m just do it all at once and we’re going to break down little pieces of it so you guys get different pieces, but there’s some core concepts that are very, very important. Delegation is part of it, Jimmy as he knows because I delegate a lot to him. I want to show you guys something today that I think is the foundation of it. So after you have the foundation we can go a lot deeper.

All right, cool, how do I get so much crap done, how can you guys get more stuff done? The first part all breaks down to a core philosophy I learned a while back. I had bought this course from John Carlton who’s one of the world’s greatest copywriters of all time. In the course a bunch of these cassette tapes. For some of you guys you don’t know what cassette tapes are, for the old people like me, I’m becoming an old man now, cassette tapes are these little things you used to put in tape players and you push play and you listen to it. There were some tapes in that course I bought and I think the tape was called Scuttlebutt Interviews or something weird like that. I was like, I don’t even know what this means but whatever. I clicked and push play and started listening and in there it was Gary Halbert interviewing Michael Forton I think, I think that’s who it was.

Anyway it doesn’t really matter who it was, but in there Gary Halbert was talking about a concept that he called lead or gold. I never heard that before and he said, “Look, this is how it works.” He said, “If you’re in the Mexican mafia and you want to get some stuff done,” He says, “a lot of times they’ll go to government or parliament or whatever, we need you to change this law.” The government comes back like “No, you’re a moron, you’re a drug dealer we’re not going to do this for you.” They’re like, “Okay, no worries.”

What happens then this mafia people, they break in that night to the government officials home and they come next to their bed and they wake them up and in one hand they’ve got a gun, in the other hand they’ve got a stack of cash, a stack of gold and they say look you need to change this law tomorrow and if you do that you’ve got two options lead, you’re going to be dead if you don’t do it or gold, we’re going to pay you if you do. Those you’re two options lead or gold pick what you want. The Spanish is plata o plomo, lead or gold. That’s it. It’s amazing what you’re able to get done when your only choices are lead or gold.

Somehow magically laws get passed in different countries and things happen. The problem most of us have is we know that all of our timelines in our head are made up. When you a thing done if you don’t get that I’ll get it tomorrow. I’ll get that in manana, tomorrow I’ll do it. We push things till tomorrow and push things till tomorrow. Because of that guess what happens, nothing. Nothing ever happens, you keep pushing things off and soon your goal, your plan was like hey, I get this done this week or next week or whenever that is it gets pushed off manana and it means it never happens. For me I learned a long time ago that if I’m going to get things done, if I’m going to get crap done, I’ve got to set a lead or gold deadline in my head and it has to stick, which is why, you can ask people here on my team, we stick to deadlines and then after the deadlines set we try and hit that deadline no matter what.

It’s lead or gold, either we’re going to die or we’re going to get paid a bunch of cash. That’s our only two options. When we have those as our only two options guess what happens, somehow crap gets done. We stay up all night long and we do all nighters, we drink caffeine to keep us awake, whatever it takes to get it done but we do not leave until it’s finished on our lead or gold date. That is the difference between people who are getting stuff done and those who aren’t because you’re not sticking to deadlines. For a good example is last week some of you guys knew we had our click s hack-a-thon. We did a bunch of videos on that. Everyone here and the last day I wrote down my to-do list of what I had to get done before the live event which is right there at the end of March on my calendar.

If you guys don’t have your tickets yet by the way, they’re selling like crazy. Go to to get your live event because they will be gone soon. We’ll be jacking the price up soon because supply and demand is an amazing thing. As the demand drops, no, supply drops the demand is going up. Anyway ticket prices are going up so make sure you’re there. Justin’s got his ticket he’s going to be there. Anyway, I was looking at everything I have to get done before here and it’s insane. Between now and that event, not only do I have to finish filling the event and the little things on there we have a bunch of stuff for rolling out.

I made a list, here’s everything I have to get done before … in the next basically six weeks. Each of these individual lines right here is typically what most marketers or business people do in an entire year. I was really laughing. Each one of these is one thing, I listed these all out and I was like, ”Crap I am never going to be able to get this all done in time. That’s more stuff then the time we have allotted. I was like I have got to … I have to though I have no choice, it’s lead or gold. I have to get this stuff done.” I sat down and we have this big huge calendar, who here wants to see the big calendar?

All right, come here I’ll take you guys out. I’ll show you guys this. This is kind of fun. This is my calendar I run like the mass of my life so I can see everything. This calendar right here we just got, I’ll show you right here, it’s the biggest calendar of all time. I started mapping out, you see all the dates and stuff, what the core things each week is focusing on one role out of one core element and one core thing I’m trying to get done. You guys can see there’s January and there’s February so I just mapped out those. That’s the macro, this week this thing has to be done and then this thing and this thing. Those are all the things that have to be done each week. Go digital, I’ve tried digitally, you guys, that stuff is a scam it does not work. As much as I’ve tried digital doesn’t work you guys. I still have things digital as well but this is … I can look at here and see my life. Digital is a nightmare.

There you go, there’s the big things happening each week. Then I had to break it down to day by day what has to happen. I based it on each day what I have to get done for … if I don’t get it done everything else collapses so I have a lead or gold every single day. For example today I had to finish the Clickfunnels certification … not certification, the Clickfunnels sales letter for a new fund we’re launching for Clickfunnels. That sales letter will take me typically probably a week to write but I had one day to write it. Guess what I had to do, I had to write it in one day so I sat down here and I just freaking worked my butt off and I didn’t eat or drink or think or anything until it was done. Guess what, it got done. It’s 4:00 and I’m done. It turned out pretty good I think, we’ll find out. I’m really proud of it.

Then tomorrow I have to work on the Clickfunnels certification funnel that we’re launching here next week. Tomorrow I’m building that entire certification funnel webinar, funnel everything like that, which typically someone would spend the whole year or month. I have one day, lead or gold I have to get it done. I’ve got Wednesday we have 21 training videos we’re getting done so Wednesday I have the whole day blocked out just nothing but 21 training videos. I’m going to get all 21 done or … someone said do you have time … do you have your poop scheduled? I need to have that in sometimes we … no, just kidding.

Will the quality be the same if you rush? That’s a good question. The question is what’s more important quality or quantity or getting stuff done or having quality? I’m a big believer iterations. Getting the first thing live and then fixing it and making it better and making it better and making it better. Some people want perfection and they never get things live. I’m a big believer in iteration. Version one of the sales letter is done today. Version one of the certification funnel will done tomorrow and keep moving on from there. If you’re looking at basically every single day for the next … I have my lead or gold and some things I have one day on, some things I have two days on. That’s what it is.

You will see from now till Funnel Hacking live you’ll be like, “Russell how is that even possible? It doesn’t make any sense. You must not sleep at night. You must spend all day at the office.” It’s not true. I still spend all morning with my kids. I come here to the office, I go home at night, I’m playing with my kids, I worked out this morning. I’m going to be goofing off, I’m watching the Bachelor tonight, not that I would admit that live. If it was … come on guys this is the best show on TV right now. I’m watching that tonight, depending on my wife, a lot of other stuffs happening but the reason why is because I just set deadlines and we stick to them.

There’s this weird thing and there’s some law behind it, I don’t know if it’s Pareto’s or one of the other ones. Us humans have this weird thing where there’s this expanse of time and that expanse whatever you … we will fit all the time we have. If you work eight hours a day somehow you’ll magically fit all eight hours a day in that day. If you only have four hours that day you’ll get it done in four hours. It’s this weird thing. I noticed this fall when leaving on a trip, i have a plane leaving at 2:00 in the afternoon so I got three hours in the office I’ve got to go. I’ll get done more in those three hours then I do the entire typical day. If we’re tricking our mind like, lead and gold, and focusing on that you can get stuff done that would take normally eight or twelve or ten hours, you can get done in two or three hours because you shift your focus.

That’s the foundation of how all this stuff works, like I said between the Marketing Quickies Show and Marketing In Your Car and talking more about that on the next probably week or two, just hope we give you guys some more ideas on stuff. That’s the foundation is the lead or gold. Parkinson’s law, thank you Norah, she’s so much smarter than me. Parkinson’s law is that law where we will fill up the expanse of time if we have it. Anyway, just wanted to give that to you guys and hopefully with the stuff you’re doing is laid all out like a sheet like this and then assign a date to each thing. Then stick to those dates and that’s it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s all about iterations.

You think about if Microsoft Word, if they waited to make that perfect they still wouldn’t have launched it. In fact, any software. If we wait for cliff phones to be perfect guess who would not be making 500 grand a day in Click Funnels, our members. That’s the big key guys is get as close as you can and then iterations and work on it and make it better and better and better. Don’t make it perfect ahead of time and pick a lead or gold date and stick to it because likely if you stick to it your gift will be not the lead but the gold.

That’s what I’ve got for you guys today, was that good? Did you have a good time today on Marketing Quickies show? If you did then please go to and share this episode or other episodes with your friends or family. Anyway, appreciate you guys, thanks for hanging out today, I had a great time. Make sure to listen to the podcast Make sure you’re hanging out of our periscopes, more free stuff will be happening and do not miss the Funnel Hacking event. Otherwise everything I’m saying here is in vain because if you don’t trust me enough to come to that event, it’s not even worth it. That event is going to be insane. There you go, podcast is at, periscope is at, the event All right guys, appreciate you all have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow. Bye.


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