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Ep 70 - Funnel Hacking LIVE!!!


On today’s episode Russell talks about the upcoming event, Funnel Hacking Live. He also talks about the focus of his new book, Expert Secrets.

Here are 3 cool things in this episode:

  • ​The theme of Funnel Hacking Live, which is the same as Russell’s new book.
  • Why the cost you pay to attend Funnel Hacking Live is well worth it for what you will get.
  • And see who will speak and what to expect at Funnel Hacking Live.

So watch now to see the cool stuff that will be happening at Funnel Hacking Live and how you can buy the tickets now, before it’s too late.


Hey everybody, how’s it going? This is Russell and welcome you guys to today’s Periscope over here, or if your hanging out on Facebook mention over here. There I moved things down. How’s it going everybody? Everybody is popping on fast. Today I just wanted to talk to you guys about the event. We’ve been working the event. Tickets are going fast and it’s been really fun. I just wanted to jump on and say hi because phones have been ringing and things have been going crazy, it’s fun. But before we do it, I just wanted to say hi to everybody.

Alright what I wanted to talk to you guys about today, is most of you guys know if you’ve been listening to anything I’ve been sending or the direct mail, or the phone calls. I’m kind of obsessed right now because something amazing is happening. How many days to we have? Do you know how many days? We are 60…a little over 60 days away. In about 60 days we are going to be having an event called Funnel Hacks Live. Mike asked a good question, “Will beginners be lost at the event? Interested but only know the basics and would love to learn more.” Mike, my man, this is for you.

The theme of this event, and I don’t know if I’ve talked to you guys about this before. How many of you guys have read my book, DotCom Secrets? If you read it and you liked it give me a double tap over here. Or let me know on Facebook, “Russell I read your book, it’s awesome.” Let me know. Alright hearts are flying, see Facebook, check out the hearts, they’re going crazy.

So yes, that was my first book, and that book was more dance park, like you got a business here’s some amazing ways. We got epic, great read, awesome. Oh yes, I was pretty proud of it. The next book I actually just finished the core draft today. And the book is called Expert Secrets, and really the focus is not so much beginners, but if you have a message, what’s the process you should go through? What’s the first funnel, and the second funnel? What is the process you should be going through? A lot of times you are like, “I don’t know where to start. Do I do a book, do I do a webinar, do I do a high ticket, do I do an invisible funnel? I don’t know what to do.” How many of you guys have ever felt that way before?

This book, I kind of look at it like a lot of people when they write a weight loss book. One of my friends, Dave Aster wrote a book called The Bulletproof Diet. That was like, here’s the how to understand that. They came back and had the cookbook, which is like, here’s the actual cookbook. Here’s what you should cook. So for me, Dotcom Secrets is like here’s the concept, and Expert Secrets is like the cookbook. What’s the order you do it? What’s the first thing? What’s the second thing? What’s the third thing? So that’s what the book I’m working on. I’m really excited. I was never going to write a book again, but I feel like it’s one that needed to be written. So, that’s what I’m going through right now. My goal was to have it live at the event. But the theme of this year’s Funnel Hacking Live is expert secrets, so I’m going through the blueprint from the book at the live event and I’m plugging in speakers to amplify each thing we’re talking about. So Mike, if you are a beginner, this is the best place you could possibly be on earth. Because it’s going to give you what’s first, what’s second, what’s third. So its going to be awesome. So yes, it is for beginners.

With that said, I want to show you guys what’s happing at the event because I’ve talked about this but it seems like some of you guys aren’t getting it, because if you don’t have your tickets yet something is wrong, this is amazing. No, we’re not doing it live streaming. I want you guys there. This is a community we’re building. This is a whole bunch of people like you who are building funnels all day. There’s nowhere else you can get together and hang out. And I don’t want a live streaming because it cheapens it. I want you guys to be there. I want you guys to take the sacrifice, take the effort to show up. I promise you this will be worth a thousand fold, what you pay to get there. In fact, ticket costs on my side, I don’t make any money on this deal. The ticket cost is so I can get the speakers and the system and everything there. So this is my gift back to you guys if anything else. So there you go.

Alright, so I’m going to flip around so you guys can see this page real quick. Alright, hopefully you guys can see. Flip over here on Periscope as well. Alright, can you guys all see the screen now? I’m going to walk you guys through this real quick. This is…Yes, Dvonne, is definitely going to sing again, he’s the man. Alright, so if you go to, you can see that’s where you get this page. Watch this video here. This video is amazing. If you watch it, it’s one of my favorite videos we’ve ever had. It’s like one of those epically amazing videos. So I’m not going to watch it right now, you guys should watch. There’s Dvonne. This shows last year’s event. It shows the craziness that ensued. That you guys…it was just an amazing…nothing else, watch the video it’ll get you so pumped up and fired up. You will just jump in a car and start driving today, because that’s how I feel when I watch it..

Scroll down a little bit. This is Marcus Lemonis, he is pretty much one of my favorite people in the world right now. How many of you guys have seen this TV show, The Profit? If you’ve seen it give me double tap on Periscope or let me know over here on Facebook as well. So Marcus, the TV show The Profit, best show on TV right now. If you haven’t seen it go to look for The Profit, there’s three seasons right now. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are actually really lucky. You can binge watch the three seasons. Which I am jealous, I have seen all the episodes, actually I am behind on one, I’m going to watch one tonight. But you guys have a chance to binge watch it, which I’m jealous. Go to, search for The Profit, and binge watch the first three seasons because it is amazing. So that’s the first step. He is amazing. He’s going to be coming and speaking as our guest speaker.

Scroll down here, “what’s funnel hacking live?” Here’s real quick, I wanted to mention, you guys. Did you know right now you’re just a few tiny tweaks away from 150 to 650 percent increase in profit,. Do you know what tweaks are? Most people don’t and that’s the expense been, figuring out what those tweaks are. So go in here, and this is where we start going. So chapter number one in the event is Expert Secrets, this is where I’m going to be showing you guys the same foundation, I’m going to be talking about in the book. I’m going to be talking about the Expert Funnel. Here I’m going to have Garrett White’s going to be coming and talking about finding your expert voice. If you go watch videos of Garrett talking from 3 or 4 years ago, you’d be shocked at who he’s become. And it’s all about finding your voice, so you can speak to your market the right way. So he’s going to be talking about that, it’s going to be amazing.

So this is going to be the beginning of the funnels you need to launch your expert business. We transition over here to the actual funnels. What are the funnels involved in expert business? I’ll be sharing some of my funnels, Liz Benny is coming to share what she’s been doing, what she’s been crushing with. Jason is going to be talking about Amazon funnels. Down here we’ve got some guest speakers. First one is Sean Stephenson. He’s pretty much one of the most motivational people on the planet earth. He’s about 3 feet tall; he’s got a show called The Three Foot Chef, he’s amazing, in fact, I’m bringing my kids to the event because I want them to hear Sean speak. The first time I heard Sean speak, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever gone through. It was awesome. If you’ve got kids bring them, you want them to hear Sean. Worst case, you need to be there, he will talk to you about dealing with insecurities, and overcoming fears, all the things that keep us from being successful. Sean’s gone through those things and blown past them and build an amazing career because of that. So he’s going to be talking about that, which is awesome.

This is Alex Charffen, And Alex, let me see, I’ve got to move this Facebook one. So Alex, I heard him speak a while ago on a concept on a book he wrote called, An Entrepreneurial Personality Type, there’s only 500 of these books ever in print. If you don’t have one you pretty much are never going to get one unless someone shares it with you. But, when I heard him speak the first time, it was the first time in my life as an entrepreneur that I sat back and I was like, “That dude understands me.” I don’t know about you guys, but as an entrepreneur it’s kind of a lonely world. Most people don’t get us or think we’re freaks or weird or have ADD or whatever the thing is. But when he spoke, I was like, “That dude gets me. He understands this.” It was an emotional presentation for me, and I thought, right when we were getting ready to wrap I said,” I need you to speak to my people. I need you to come to our event.” It was a lot of work, but we got him to come. He’s just amazing and you guys are going to love it, so make sure you come here to hear Alex.

And next thing is, I wanted some special fun, part of this event. I wanted this to be not just business but fun as well. Some of you guys may know Alex, Alex Cease, I actually met Alex, excuse me, Kyle, I just said Alex’s name. Kyle Cease. I met him at a Tony Robbins Event. He is two things, first off he is a comedian, one of the funniest human beings on planet earth. He’s been in tons of movies you’ve heard of. And the second thing is he is also a life transformation speaker, he does big huge events where…he’s kind of like Tony Robbins with comedy mixed into one. So I was begging him, like please come speak, and he’s like, I can’t come, I can’t come. But it turns out he is in an event a couple days later for a couple thousand bucks and he’s going to be in the same location, so he’s coming and he’s doing a special thing. Which is going to be like, imagine Tony Robbins and Robin Williams wrapped into one. That’s what’s gonna be happening, it’ll be motivational, it’ll be funny. It’s going to be amazing. Kyle is going to be speaking, so you don’t want to miss Kyle.

Then here we’ve got the Round Table, you get a chance to network with people in my Inner Circle that are just crushing it. This was one of my favorite parts of the Round Table last year. It was amazing to sit around and talk to people who are just like you, who are building funnels and making 7 figures a year or more. Asking questions, anything you want. The Round Tables are amazing, so you cannot be stuck. Then we’ve got Marcus coming and talking about the 3 P’s, People, process, product, which is exactly what you should be focusing on. Here you can watch some of the episodes here of The Profit, if you haven’t seen it yet. And down here are the tickets.

Right now you can get two tickets for the price of one. Two tickets for $997. We’re going to be raising the price of tickets very, very soon, because they’re selling out so fast, which is a good problem to have. But if you guys want to be in this event then you need to hurry because this is not going to last forever. So, if you go to, that is where you can get tickets to this year’s event.

Alright, flipping around, flipping around. So that’s it you guys. I just wanted to share with you guys because I’m so excited, we sold over 40 tickets today. They’re flying fast and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I don’t want to give you any urgency or scarcity, but here’s a little push towards urgency and scarcity. We’re 60 days out, I have no doubt we’ll sell out before the next 60 days. Vince just said his tickets are bought, so congratulations, Vince you made it in. But if you’re not careful you’re not going to. This is not some sort of fake scarcity, so last funnel hacking, first one we ever did. I was scared like, there’s no way we’re going to get people to show up, so we booked a room that had 500 seats and that’s all we had. A month before we sold out all 500 seats, and I didn’t know that, I think we sold like 520 and we’re like we’re sold out, so I put a stop sign on the order button. And people were angry because they were like, “All my friends are going to the event. I need to go, I need to go.” We’re like, “We don’t have tickets. I’ve been telling you for months about this. We don’t have tickets left. I wish we did, but we don’t.” But we already sold 20 tickets oversold. So we called the Fire Marshall and they were freaking out, so we had to change the wall structure and everything and finally it bumped it and they were like, “Okay, based the new layout you can have 600 people.” So we’re like, cool, so it opened up, said basically we have 80 new tickets opened up, so we opened up 80 new tickets and those were gone in a day and a half and we shut it back down. And then we had a waiting list with over 2 or 3 hundred people on it, that didn’t get to come.

And I know that that happened last year and we weren’t expecting it. And this year we’re expecting you to, and I’m sure it’s going to happen as well. So you guys need to hurry. Billy Funt just said that they just got their tickets. Billy and Ray are in. Yeah, so I’m just warning you guys because I don’t want you to miss out. This will be a show like nothing else. In fact, I was telling my team, I don’t know how we’re going to make this better next year, so this might be it, because if you can’t make it better it’s not worth doing it. So this time you’ve got Marcus Lemonis, you’ve got Sean, you got Alex, you got Kyle, you got me. You got a lot of me, I’m going to be there, I don’t know I give like 7 or 8 presentations showing the step by step by step, what to do for your expert business. It’s going to be amazing. If you’re on the fence, thinking about it, it’s time to just make a commitment. Otherwise, I don’t want to be that guys who’s a jerk, who’s like, “Russell, I wanted to come.” I’m like, “I’m sorry man, I told you over and over again.” So there’s the warning. Yeah tickets are selling out fast, and I wanted to make sure you guys have a chance to get there. The dates, it’s happening March 31 through April 2. It’s in San Diego this year, so it’s going to be amazing. I don’t know what else to tell you guys. But make sure you are there it’s going to be fun.

With that said, now is the time you guys go to If you need me to spell it, its get your tickets there right now, it’s two for one. That deal will go away soon, I’m not sure exactly, but it won’t be there long. That’s it you guys. Other than that, I am out of here. I’m going to go home and play with my kids because it’s raining outside and I feel like we should be playing with kids in the rain. That’s just what you do. That’s it for me you guys. Appreciate you all and I will see you tomorrow on our next Periscope. Get your tickets, this is your warning. They are going fast. Thanks everyone on Periscope, thanks everyone on Facebook. I will talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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