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Ep 72 - Crazy Simple Thing I Learned Today To DOUBLE (Or More) Your Webinar Close Rates...


On this episode talks about The Perfect Webinar Script and how you can get it for free. He also talks about what he learned during his latest webinar and how it produced more sales.

Here are some fun things on today’s episode:

  • ​Why Russell now has a countdown clock on his podcasts.
  • How Russell more than doubled his sales by having a Q&A.
  • And how taking notes during a webinar and then resolving concerns before the Q&A increased his sales during his latest webinar.

So watch now to see Russell talk about how you can increase your sales during your webinar, by using the Perfect Webinar, and how resolving issues before customers have them can also help increase sales.


Hey hey everybody, welcome, welcome to the show. How are you guys all doing? So, alright I got some cool stuff. I’m going to drop some bombs on you guys on something I learned today. We finished our webinar and we did well and then we did this thing and we more than doubled our sales during the doing of this thing which is insane, because the webinar crushed it without that thing. We ended up closing over 20% on the webinar, which is my new record on a webinar. I’ve closed more than that in a live room, but 20% live on a webinar which was nuts. And it was simple it was the dumbest thing in the world.

Alright guys, while people are coming on, I say we get down to business. Are you guys ready for this? So I what I want to share with you guys today, I wanted to share with you guys what we just did. We just did a webinar, we had a lot of people on. So you guys know I’m kind of obsessed with webinars, we did over 10 million dollars last year with webinars. Who here wants a webinar script for free? If you want it free give me a double tap, cause this webinar script has been tested repetitively for over ten years. If you go to its $5 and I mail it out to you and you also get digital access instantly., so you should go there, it’s definitely worth it. We did over 10 million dollars with this script last year. I’ve got at least 30, 40, 50 students who’ve done over, who’ve done anywhere from 100 thousand and a million dollars with it over the last year. It works. Just use it, just copy, just model it. So that’s number one just use the perfect webinar script. It’s the greatest gift I could ever give you guys. It’s free at

People say, “Russell, why would you give it to me for free?” This is the reason why. Cause you can do it, you can do a webinar, you’re going to make like a 100 grand, then you’re going to join the Inner Circle and I’ll get paid there. That’s the goal, I just want you to make money with it. Yes, that’s number one. So, get it because it’s $4.95, I’ll ship it out to you and then you get digital access for free instantly, so that’s number one.

Number two, I’m always testing things, the process, how to get people to sign up, get them to show up and do things. Today’s webinar we did it, and typically webinars are about 90 minutes long, and then what I’ve been doing for the last year. It’s kind of funny, I’ve been doing this for about ten years, right. Actually more than that now, about ten years. So I do my webinar, and I used to do, I would do the webinar and then at the very end, I would share the price, do the stack, do the close. I would close it and then as soon as I was done, “Kay everyone go buy, see you guys.” And I’d ended the webinar, sit there quietly and just sit there. So that was how we did most webinars. And a little while ago, I was doing a webinar, I can’t remember, one of our affiliates was on the webinar, when the webinar was done they’re like, “Hey can we open it up to questions?” and I was like I don’t want to open it to questions, I’m afraid it will kill the momentum or whatever. But they really wanted to, so we open it for questions at the end and we spent 30 minutes doing Q&A and what was interesting, I watched the sales happening. Actually, excuse me, let me back up because that’s not completely true. The first time we did it, we opened it for Q&A for about ten minutes, no wait, sorry I’m trying to remember exactly. We had a ten minute countdown clock. So the webinar ended and I started a ten minute countdown clock, we started Q&A, so we’re doing Q&A and I’m watching sales coming in like, ding, ding, ding. Sales are coming in, sales are coming in, sales are coming in, and then at ten minutes the clock got from ten minutes got to zero, and guess what happened? Sales just stopped and we kept doing Q&A but no more sales came through, it just stopped. And I was like, that’s weird, I don’t want them to stop, I want to extend it. So we turned our countdown minutes form ten minutes to thirty minutes. If you’ve ever been on my webinar, you’ve seen when I get to my last slide, there’s a countdown clock and it goes from thirty down to zero. So we did Q&A for that thirty minute time, and it was interesting, the whole time we’re doing the Q&A sales are coming in, sales are coming in, sales are coming in, they keep coming in, they keep coming in, they keep coming in. I was like dang, and I started thinking about 8 or 9 years where I’d been doing webinars and as soon as I showed the last slide I just ended. And I would say on average we more than doubled our sales just during me doing Q&A, and every question I would do the question and I’d go back to the call to action, do the question call to action, do the question call to action. Oh check it out, Tony Rich says, “I did my first webinar modeling Russell and I did 15 grand in two hours.” Boom. If you guys like that give him a double tap. Show him some hearts, show him some love that he’s doing…Taking some action.

So that was the cool thing. So for the last year I’ve been doing tons of webinars and I always do thirty minutes at the end with Q&A and I always get sales the entire time. So today I did a webinar with…Brandon said, “I did my first one 12 grand in an hour with the script.” So let’s give Brandon some double taps. Boom. If you guys don’t the script yet, go to and get it. Its five bucks and I ship it to you, so you’re crazy if you don’t.

Alright, so today’s webinar, I go through and I finish the webinar and sales are really, really strong. I was about to go to Q&A and then Jason Fladlien who is doing the webinar with me, he gets on and starts talking right. And it was interesting what he did, and this is the big aha. While I was doing the webinar he was taking notes on all the objections in his head that he could think of that he would have if he was listening to the webinar, which is smart. Jason’s brilliant. So he’s taking notes on this whole thing, so I get in and typically I do Q&A for thirty minutes, but he jumps in and says, “hey before we do Q&A, I have some things I want to talk about. You know, I’m thinking and I’m sitting here listening to this webinar and I’m thinking, you guys are probably thinking this right?” If you heard Jason, he says this all the time, “You’re probably thinking this right?” and he brings up this concern and then he resolves the concern, and he’s like, “And then you’re probably thinking this, right?” And then he resolves the concern. “And then you’re probably thinking this, right?” and then he resolves the concern and he did that and he did it for the entire thirty minutes of my countdown clock and the what happened the power-point slide crashed, and I’m like, “Oh crap!” and I reopened up really quick, and I went back to the last slide and opened it up and the countdown clock is going again, but it started over because the countdown clock, you know, when I started the slide over, it started back over at thirty minutes. But he kept talking, he didn’t stop. So I started back over, so the clock started at thirty minutes again, and it started counting down, counting down, counting down, and it went for another thirty minutes, so we went for an entire hour, we never even got to Q&A’s and all that Jason did was, “You’re probably thinking this right?” and then resolved the concern, and “You’re probably thinking this, right?” and then he resolved the concern. He had a list of them, I don’t know how many he had, 100 of them. And he kept doing that for an hour. We spent another hour on the webinar. When the webinar closed we were at 9% conversion rate, when we started Q&A and then, by the time it was done we had passed 20% so we had more than doubled our conversions in the next hour, which is him saying, “You’re probably this, right?’ and then answer it, and “You’re probably thinking this, right?” and then answer it. And they kept saying that. Is that crazy? I didn’t even get to Q&A’s and we did two hours of it. I’m not sure how I’m going to take this, if I’m going to do an hour long countdown clock. I don’t think I’ll do an hour long countdown clock, but sales kept coming in the entire time, it was awesome.

There’s the lesson for you. So I was selling, I was selling Clickfunnels, Funnelhacking, so yeah. That’s what I was selling. Anyway, there it is you guys. A couple things I’d take away for you guys is, first off, make sure that when you’re done with your webinar, you spend at least an hour doing Q&A’s after. That’ll be a huge increase right there. And every time you do a question, then answer. Second thing is, if you go longer than thirty minutes, like an hour like we just did, that’s okay. And third thing is not just Q&A, also focus on, “you’re probably thinking this, right?” All the concerns you can think of, they’re probably having in their head, and just go over the concerns over and over and over again. Tell the concern and respond to it, tell the concern and respond to it, speak to it.

One of my mentors, oh man I’m going to blank out on his name right now. I wonder if I could find his book right now. Joe Sugarman, Joe Sugarman wrote a book called Triggers. One of the triggers he told, he told a story about he was trying to sell this thing and it was like this big heating or air cleaning element that had this weird fuzzy thing on the top, and he’s like, “It’s the ugliest thing in the world and we’re trying to like, not talk about that, but then every time we’d talk about it people would get it and refund it because this big ugly fuzzy thing.” So he’s like, “I’m going to make that the thing.” And he started, I think the headline was like, “The weird cleaning air thing that has the magic fuzzy ball on top.” And he made the weird thing the whole point of it. Then the sales went through the roof and nobody refunded because they got this thing. And for us we were trying to hide, “what if they’re concerned about this or this?” or whatever the thing they are concerned about, And we just got to take that around say, no let’s bring those things up, cause they’re having that concern in their head anyway. It’s keeping them from buying, so instead of trying to hide it and put it under the rug, let’s make a list of all those concerns we can think of and then let’s just bring them up.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool. Price point for mine was $1000. So if you guys like that give me a double tap as fast as you can. I want to see some of you guys trying that out on your next webinars and I want you guys to return and report. Let me know what happens; let me know how your conversion rates go. But I would say keep on your webinar until sales stop coming in. Just keep going and going and going and going and don’t stop until the sales stop. Cause I was like, after that thirty minutes I was like, “oh we’re at thirty minutes we need to shut it down.”But we still had 280 people on thirty minutes after it was, we were on two hours, 2 ½ hours and he kept going. We eneded up going 3 hours, I don’t know we went for a long time. It was awesome. I hope that helps you guys. I hope you guys crush your next webinar.

That’s what I got for you guys today. Appreciate you all. Have an amazing day. Tomorrow I am filming on location. Who wants to see, I’m making a new sales video for Clickfunnels, who wants to see it on location tomorrow when I do it? If you guys want to see it on location give me a double tap. We’re renting out a room. We’ve got green screens and white screens and sound things and we got actors coming in, it’s going to be awesome. Give a shout out to Donovan Gonzales. Donovan, here’s a shout out.

If you guys want to see that, we’re going to be there tomorrow. So I’m filming tomorrow morning, my time. So as long as I get internet access where we’re at, at this warehouse, I will do a Periscope from there show you guys behind the scenes what’s happening. So, if you’re in Australia you gotta go wake up earlier, or go to bed late, and everyone else look for that. It’ll probably be somewhere between 10 and 12 eastern time, somewhere in there. It’ll be kind of fun. Tune in tomorrow, we will be doing something fun like that. And if you missed this or any of our Marketing Quickies Shows, you want to see the back archives, go to and you can see what we’ve been up to in the past, in case this is your first time tuning in. Thanks so much again. Appreciate you guys, if you had fun today give me a double tap and I will talk to you guys again tomorrow. See you guys. Bye.


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