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Ep 73 - ClickFunnels Family Update!! Check Out Your Stats!!


In this episode Russell gives some cool Clickfunnels Stats. He also talks about some fun things the company has learned in the last 18 months.

Here are 3 cool things on today’s episode:

  • ​Find out how many funnels have been created since Clickfunnels began, and how much money you guys are making.
  • How Clickfunnels has fixed problems in the past, and how they are doing it now and why it’s better.
  • And how you can become a part of our rock star Clickfunnels team.

So watch now to hear some really interesting stats within Clickfunnels and find what to expect for the upcoming event, Funnel Hacking Live.


Hello everybody, welcome. I got some cool stuff to be talking to you guys about here in a minute. But before we do I want to say hi to everybody. Alright, I got three things that I want to talk to you guys about today. First thing I wanted to show you guys some Clickfunnels stats. I wanted to show you guys what you’ve all been doing inside of Clickfunnels over the last year because it is insane. We were pulling these stats out today, I’m like we need to stop and share these with everybody because they’re so exciting. So that’s number one.

Number two I want to talk to you guys about a bunch of updates that are happening internally that you probably don’t even know about, but some of you guys are probably starting to experience them. I think they will get you excited. That’s number two. Number three I wanted to talk to you about the live event, because If you don’t have your tickets yet, you’ve gotta hurry because they’re going really, really fast.

So I will begin with the Clickfunnels Stats. So how many of you guys are curious what’s happening? What’s happening inside Clickfunnels? What have you guys been able to accomplish in the last year and half or so? We’ve been live about a year and a half. What’s been happening has been insane. Here are some of the stats for you guys that are pretty cool. As of this morning, in the last 18 months you guys have collected 29.8 million leads, opt-ins. Is that insane? Almost 30 million, probably by the end of today we’ll be at 30 million, but 29.8 million opt-ins and leads have been generated through Clickfunnels pages into your guys’ auto-responder accounts which is pretty exciting, right? Number two here so far you guys have created 17,600 custom domains, which is another cool stat. Guess how many funnels have been built inside Clickfunnels? If you guys can guess, I don’t know if you can guess in there. Type in how many funnels. What’s your guys’ guess? How many funnels do we have inside of Clickfunnels right now, as of today? Is anyone guessing? No one on Facebook. How about Periscope?

Speaker 2: One million 500,000, 3 million

Speaker 3: 15,000

Speaker 4: 18,000

Speaker 2: 789,534

Russell: Very specific. Alright. So far as of today, 268,000 funnels have been created. Is that insane? 268,000 funnels have been created, which is cool. Alright let’s get into….okay so pages. 268,000 funnels with that that’s 1 million 49 thousand pages have been created. We’re taking over the internet you guys. I’m not sure how many pages there are, but that’s got to be a big hunk of the member pages. Eventually we’ll have the whole internet. So that’s kind of the goal eventually.

Here’s some fun stuff about money being processed. I shared a Periscope a little while ago about this, but as of today $59 million have been earned by you guys inside of stripe alone. Right now that averages almost $600,000 a day you guys are making inside stripe, through your Clickfunnels pages, which is insane. All you guys aren’t using stripe, some of you are using Infusionsoft, Ontraport, PayPal, Clickbank, a whole bunch of other things, of the trackable revenue, we can’t track a lot of the other third party systems, but the ones we can track, you guys are up to 88 million dollars collected so far. So we’re on the march to 100 million. I bet you by the time the live event happens here, we’ll be at 100 million dollars collected that we can track. Obviously it’s way more than that. But 100 million bucks you guys. I don’t know about you but that gets me excited. If each of you guys just collected a million its 100 millionaires we created in Clickfunnels since we got started and for some of you guys, it’s more than that which is exciting.

Membership sites. You guys have 304,000 members inside of your membership site, which is awesome. Purchases, there have been 1.5 million transactions that have happened inside of Clickfunnels we can track so far. !.5 million transactions, that’s a lot of people typing in credit card numbers, which is awesome. As of today we get 1.2 million page views a day, which is crazy, it’s even crazier to look back 12 months ago, we were getting 120,000 page views a day, so ten times as many page views over the last year. 1.2 million page views a day. Always makes me laugh, the people that message us when we have a launch coming up, we’re going to have like 100,000 people email. Do you think you’ll be able to handle. Yes, we do 1.2 million page views a day right now without any hiccups.

Let’s see what else we got. Lifetime pages used 258 million people have seen Clickfunnels pages so far. Which is awesome. That’s a lot more than the amount of people here in Boise. Then performance uptime, as in February so far, we’re at 100% uptime, and 0% downtime at all during February. During January we were 99.9% uptime, December was 99.8%, which is 3 minutes of downtime in December. Other than that we are pretty much flawless. Ever since we moved to the new database servers. It’s been exciting. I know it’s been fun for me; hopefully it’s been fun for you guys as well. So there you go, there’s your stats so far you guys. Congratulations, I think that is amazing.

So that was number one. Number two thing I want to talk about is the fun things that we’re learning about building a company that’s growing this fast and I want to thank you guys first off, for your participation. Planning full out building funnels, launching, doing creative and amazing things. It’s been fun to watch. I want to thank you guys also for the patience on our side. We’ve been learning and scrambling and growing with this process as well, with you guys which has been a lot of fun. I’m not sure if you guys know this but over the last 4 weeks or so. We’ve made a huge change in some of our processes, with how we interact with you guys with support. We keep hearing we need faster support times, we want more stuff. So one of the things we’ve been trying to do, instead of it having a ticketing system, so the past, you guys know we had a ticketing system right? This is how it’d work. You had a problem, you’d submit a ticket. Sometimes you’d get a response instantly, sometimes there’d be 4 hours or 8 hours or a day or whatever it was because it’s a ticketing system and all these tickets came in, and our support guys would go through it and try to figure out, if this is an actual bug, is it an issue, or if they just did something wrong. But there’s no communication back because you guys are live on there and we’d respond back, sometimes it became this mess. So a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been focusing on trying to give you guys an even better support experience. If you notice, right now we have a live chat that happening. So what’s cool about live chat, because this is what’s happening with the old ticketing system we’ve found. People would come and submit a ticket, and then thinking it’s this big bug right. Then the guy would go through and then half the time, actually more, 72, 73% of the time it wasn’t a bug issue, it was just the customer’s doing something wrong, or there’s a different way to do it, or it’s a misunderstanding, or it’s a feature request you wish we had, but we didn’t have. They weren’t always bugs. So our tech teams would always get tons and tons of tickets. It got hard to keep up with everything because we didn’t know what was a bug, what was an actual issue, what was just something people were doing wrong. So the cool thing about the new way the live chat works, I’m sure some of you guys have been experiencing it. In fact, we looked at stats yesterday. I think it was 600 or 700 chats happening a day now, which is amazing. So you guys are probably part of those chats.

So what’s happening is cool, now in the live chats, get on the phone, get on a chat with you guys and figure out what your problem actually is and sometimes, like I said, over 70-80% of the time, its’ not actually a bug or an issue, its “Oh you just did it wrong, or you need to set it up this way, you need to tweak something.” Or whatever that thing might be and we’re able to figure that out. And if it is an actual bug, what happens it will go to the QA team who looks at it and says, “okay, is this actually a bug, is it replicate-able, what’s wrong here, what do we need to tweak?” And then the QA actively identified it, been able to replicate it and moved on then it goes to the dev guys to fix it. What’s been awesome, it’s given our dev guys….they’re not going through thousands of tickets trying to figure out all these different issues, they’re getting ones that are actually issues. You probably know this, but it speeds the process a lot. Our tech guys are getting things done a lot faster and it’s been awesome.

So we’re learning and growing during this process just like you guys are. And I hope you guys have enjoyed the new updates. We’ll continue to update it all and keep moving forward, but so far it’s been amazing watching what’s been happening over the last few weeks. So that’s exciting and a lot more cool things are happening. Speaking of, we are growing our support team right now. So if you are looking for a job and you want to be part of the Clickfunnels team, we’re looking for 3 or 4 more people to join our live support, so we can help serve you guys all better. If you know actually, you love funnels, you’re like me, you’re geeking out on this stuff all day long, you want to be part of our team. Let us know, I don’t even know how to apply. In the Clickfunnels members area, there’s a thread right now, you can go and it has a link to apply. Just let us know, we are looking for more rock stars to join the support team, to help our support become better and better and better. Which is cool.

So those are exciting things. The last thing we want to mention to you guys, as you know, our calendar here, March 31- April 2 we have Funnel Hacks Live, which is going to be amazing. I got some updates for you guys behind that. First off, a lot of people ask me, when does it start, when should I be there? All those kinds of things. It starts the 31st, but registration is on Wednesday the 30th, so make sure you fly in on Wednesday the 30th, because we start bright and early on the 31st. Registration is the 30th at night, so you need to be there the 30th, get registered, get in there. Second thing, Room block is almost gone and our hotel event is not super close to anything else, so if you don’t get into the hotel, you’ve got to get an Uber over and it’s going to be a huge pain in the butt. So make sure you go get your hotel block ASAP, because right now the discount block tickets, however that works. When those are gone, the hotel will be gone and you’ll have to car in everyday, which is a huge nightmare.

Go get your tickets, go get your hotel booked so you have that. What else, what else. Everyone asks when can I fly out at the end of the day? On April 2nd , Saturday, Marcus Lemonis, the prophet, is going to be speaking after lunch. So my guess, I wouldn’t book your flights, we probably won’t be done until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, so make sure you’re there until then. Marcus will be the last speaker. And one thing we found out, I was hoping we’d be able to record the whole thing and share with you guys, because if you’re a fan of The Profit and a fan of Marcus, he talks about the 3 P’s right? People, Process, and Product. Most of you guys have a product. You guys are the people, and the process is Clickfunnels, this is the process you take somebody through. And he’s going to be speaking about his 3 P’s, and I was excited because I was going to record it and make sure that those who weren’t there could see it. We were thinking about even streaming it, but we just signed a contract with him. With the contract we cannot stream it, we cannot record it, which means if you are not here on April 2nd you miss out on Marcus’ presentation. We spent almost $100,00 to get him here, so you need to be there, or else you’re going to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Some of you guys are like, “Russell it’s going to cost me $1000 for plane ticket, and I got to buy tickets there.” So a couple thousand bucks is a lot less than what we paid to get him there to serve you guys, so make sure you take advantage of it, it’s going to be amazing. We got some other cool speakers. We got a couple of surprise speakers that nobody knows about yet. It’s going to be an event you will not want to miss. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, go to Book your tickets; they’re going really, really fast. In fact, we’re way closer to selling out this year than we were last year at this time. If you’re planning to get your tickets this week or this week, they will be gone. They’ll probably be gone by my birthday. March 8th is my birthday, we should have a goal to sellout on my birthday. That’d be the greatest birthday present for me, so I can just focus on creating as opposed to getting you guys there. We’re close though. We want to make sure you guys are there. Do not miss this event.

I think that’s the main stuff. So I am excited. I appreciate you guys being Clickfunnels members. If you had a good time today and learned good stuff and got excited, give me some double taps over here on Periscope, I want to see some hearts, as fast as you can. If you’re on Facebook mentions you can’t tap, but maybe click the period button a bunch of times and click submit, I don’t know something. You got to let me know you’re having fun. That’s about it you guys.

Keep playing with Clickfunnels, keep having fun. I want the next update to be even bigger stats, even bigger numbers and it’s going to be awesome. I appreciate you guys, I hope you guys enjoy the new live chat, the new live support that’s happening. Make sure you go say hi to you guys. Treat them nice, because they are here trying to serve you guys to the best of their abilities.

Last thing, I got one last thing for everybody. These guys’ arms are burning, they’re like, “Please stop, Russell.” At the live event we’ve got some really cool things people have been asking for forever. Saying Russell, how in the world can we get more stripe accounts or more SNTP accounts. We need something besides stripe we can use.” So we’ve got some cool things we’re going to be announcing and this will only be happening to people at the live event. People at the live event we’ll you show you guys how to get access to multiples SNTP mailers. Access to multiple stripe accounts. Also we’ll be releasing just to people at the live event our new Braintree integration which is done. Braintree means you can plug in merchant accounts, you can plug in PayPal, true one click up sells with PayPal. So our Braintree integration is done, it’s tested, it’s working. If you are at the live event we’ll unlock it in your account. We have another cool, a couple other cool features in Actionetics. If you’ve been watching over the last couple days, new things are popping in Actionetics, some things that were annoying before are disappearing, cool stuff’s being added. There’s another cool feature, I’m not allowed to talk about it yet, but it’s going to be amazing. You’ve got to go to the event to get. You’ll probably get it eventually but it won’t be until May, June, or July. But if you want it now, or as soon to now as possible, you’ve got to be at the live event. Braintree is going live, all these other things are going live, so be there or be square. That’s it you guys. That’s all I got. I’m going to jump on, I gotta shoot a webinar starting 4 minutes ago, so I gotta go. Appreciate you guys, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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