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Ep 74 - Guess What!! It Still Works! Perfect Webinar Worked Perfectly Again!


On this episode Russell talks about how he used The Perfect Webinar Script on a webinar and despite having a bunch of technical issues, closed 45% of people on the webinar.

Here are a couple of other cool thing about this episode:

  • ​Hear about the top secret project Russell has been working on for the last year.
  • How Russell demo’d this top secret project and sold to 45% of people on the webinar
  • Hear how The Perfect Webinar Script is so amazing that it can sell to so many people even when you’re having technical issues.

So watch now to see how excited Russell is about his record setting sales on his latest webinar, and find out why it could work for you too.


Hey hey everybody. How’s it going? I am calling in from my car. I’m parked though, don’t worry, I’m not driving. Nobody can yell at me. I have no idea if my internet is going to be good enough to do a Periscope, but we’re going to try it out and see what actually happens. What’s up everyone, long time no Quickies. I know. I don’t know about you, but we need quickies more often.

What’s up everybody? You can probably tell I look a little bit tired right now. This week’s been kind of crazy. We’ve been working on this top secret project behind the scenes for the last, almost a year now. How many of you guys real quick have read the Dotcom Secrets book? If you’ve read it give me a double tap as fast as you can.

I know, no driving while buying. Anyway, the sun’s right in my eyes, sorry about that. Anyway, yes, the Dotcom Secrets book, if you’ve read it, in there, I’ve broke down a bunch of our sales letters and sales scripts and webinars and broke them into really cool scripts. And after the book came out Jim Edwards, who’s been a legend in this market forever, he messaged me like, “Hey Russell, the scripts are awesome, I could turn these into software for you.” I was like, “Sweet man, let’s do it.” So that was almost a year ago. We spent almost a year….I forgot all these people are in the parking lot walking around me. Might see something weird today. A little girl right there looking in my window…..Anyway, he’s like, “I’m going to put together this software.” and I’m like, “Cool, let’s do it.” And we spent almost a year doing it and it turned out amazing and I’m just really proud of it.

We finally had a chance to day to demo it and show it off. We were trying to figure out how do we show this? How do we sell it? How do we do that? So we decided to do a webinar, obviously those of you guys who know me at all know that I do this thing called The Perfect Webinar. How many of you guys have done The Perfect Webinar? Or have a copy of The Perfect Webinar script. If you’ve done it let me know. Give me some hearts. I know someone says, “you’re losing signal.” I apologize, we’ve got a horrible connection from a car.

Justin’s doing one in a couple of hours. Very cool. If you don’t have the webinar script go to and go get the webinar script. Its five bucks and we ship it out to you and it’s awesome, but it works flawlessly, almost every time we’ve ever done it, it’s worked perfectly. And times when it hasn’t is because people screwed it up. If you follow it, it works. And the space most people mess it up. It’s interesting, they mess it up during the content part. People get the pitch right, but screw up on the content. They go into how to teaching how-to mode as opposed to belief patterns. Finding belief patterns, breaking and rebuilding. That’s the big secret.

So we did the webinar today and we basically, I wrote a webinar pitch using The Perfect Webinar script to a T. And we did it and then we did the demo and I can’t tell you how many technical issues happened on this thing. So we had over 5,000 people register, which is crazy. I think it was 5,038 when I jumped on which is cool. The link is We did the webinar, GoToWebinar only holds 1,000 people, so we got on and it crashed and wouldn’t let anyone else in, my computer was freezing up. But we did the webinar and I taught the first 30 minutes, and we did the demo, we pushed over to Jim’s computer to do it. And then his demo’s super slow because some people were on and

Passed it back to me and my computer wouldn’t take it back. I couldn’t show my screen again. And luckily for me, this happened last week on a webinar, so I was prepared. I had my laptop with me, with GoToWebinar, it wasn’t open yet, but it was on the page to login. And it had the software to record it live, and it had my power point slides there on the closing slides just ready. I tried it for 2 or 3 minutes, it wouldn’t work, I was like, “Crap!” I jumped over to my laptop, I made myself an organizer, jumped on, opened up the slides, and jumped in it and did the whole pitch. I can’t tell you how much stress, I’m about to pass out I’m so tired right now from all that.

But we did The Perfect Webinar to a T. I didn’t deviate from it. I did it because it works. I’m shocked to say we, I don’t know if I should tell you guys this or not, its kind of crazy. We closed 45% of the people that were on the line, which is nuts. Way more than I had even fathomed doing, but it worked. And the cool thing, for those of you guys that were on the webinar and bought the software, part of what we sold was The Perfect Webinar Generator. So it generates The Perfect Webinar for you, which is awesome.

Some of you guys are saying, “Can I see the replay?” The problem is all the technical issues. So I’ve got it recorded on my desktop, I’ve got a recording on my laptop, and Jim’s got a recording of his demo. So we’ve got all three of those feeds and my brother is rendering them all together trying to make a version that won’t be choppy and that doesn’t work and something like that.

You guys the software is amazing, so if you haven’t seen the demo yet, watch the demo. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have the new thing up. It writes your sales letters scripts, your headlines, your ads, your email sequences, your webinar. It’s amazing and it’s awesome. So watch the webinar tomorrow. I’ll have the webinar up, it’ll probably be on Yeah, Vince the price was really, really cheap. I wanted to make it cheap so you would all go crazy, which is awesome. is where the webinar will be at. In fact, if you go to right now, actually I don’t know what’s there. If you go to you go and you can register for the webinar, but I’ll definitely be posting a replay soon. Anyway you guys, it was awesome.

So I just wanted to kind of do a recap, one because I’m tired and it worked and its fun. Second off is because it’s just fun to see Perfect Webinar work again, which is crazy. It did better. That’s my new record for closing on a webinar, which is crazy. Then if you’re not in Perfect Webinar yet, time to do it. If you go and get Funnel Scripts, because it’ll take you from taking a week to build a webinar to a couple of hours which is insane.

That’s it my friends. I’m going to go, my son’s going to be over here in a few minutes and I’m going to go pick him up. I just wanted to jump in and say hi to you guys for that. For those of you guys that don’t even care about the webinar and just want to go buy it. I think if you go to you can just go get it, but watch the webinar, it’ll get you more pumped up and excited.

Alright, any questions before I go? I got a minute or two before I gotta jump out of here. Any questions or comments or concerns. If you guys are happy give me double taps. And this is another thing about the webinar, I was super stressed out because last night at about 9 o’clock I started getting this pounding headache and my throat was hurting and I was like, “I’m going to lose my voice by tomorrow. This is not a good thing.” I’m freaking out. So I went to bed early about 10 o’clock at night and I woke up at 2 in the morning and my head was on fire, my head was pounding. I was like, this is going to be horrible. I just need to go back to bed. But I went and checked my temperature, I had a temperature over 100. So I took some ibuprofen and I layed down in bed and I was like, “ I want to die, this is horrible. I’m doing a webinar tomorrow for 5,000 people and I feel like garbage.” I passed out and woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning and I was soaking wet from sweat, which I guess that happens when your fever breaks. I was like, “Oh.” But I felt good. It could have been disastrous but it turned out to be awesome.

Someone’s saying, “Are your email signals what they bought with their funnel script” which is awesome. Alright, Peach Schnapps, I guess that might help, I don’t even know. That’s what I got for today, I’m going to go get my son. Appreciate you guys for tuning in. I’ll try to be more faithful on the Marketing Quickies. I’ve just been…It’s been crazy trying to get everything done in time. Anyway, that’s it you guys. Appreciate you all. Have an amazing day. Go do a webinar if you haven’t done one yet. Get Funnel Scripts so you can build a webinar faster. Thanks everybody have an amazing day. Give me some hearts if you had some fun. I will talk to you guys all again very, very soon. Bye everybody.


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