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Ep 76 - What The HAIL In Boise!!


In this episode Russell talks about the new t-shirts for the Funnel Hacking Live event and he also mentions the launch of Funnel University and the cool stuff that comes with it.

Here are some other cool things you will get to see this episode:

  • ​Get to see the new shirts for all those attending Funnel Hacking Live
  • Learn how to use the Survey Generator inside of Funnel University
  • And get the first glimpse at Funnel Graffiti, which is coming out very soon.

So watch now to hear about our upcoming launches of Funnel University and Funnel Graffiti and to see what t-shirt you will get when you attend Funnel Hacking Live!


It’s hailing in Boise. Can you guys see this outside? It’s hailing in Boise. It’s going crazy. What’s up Tim? What’s up everybody? First question asked is “Who are you voting for?” Are you serious. As if I’m going to vote. Well how are you guys all doing. It’s been a little while. I’ve been totally slacking on my Periscoping. I apologize. I’m the worst Periscoper ever, recently. I will catch you guys up on some cool stuff that’s happening, because it’s been a little while.

First thing is how many of you guys are coming to Funnel Hacking Live in a couple of days? If you’re coming, I need to see some love. I wanna see some excitement. I wanna see how pumped up you guys are going to be. This event is going to be insane. I think we are officially sold out. Guys coming, so Guys going to be there, so everyone’s gotta be there. This morning we had one or two tickets left, and I haven’t had a chance to log back in, but I’m pretty sure we’re so sold out. It’s going to be amazing. It’s happen in, how many day left? Let me go to the site. If you go to you can see how many days are left. We have a countdown clock up there. 16 days, 6 hours, and 22 minutes. So those of you guys that got in, congratulations. It’s going to be nuts. You have no idea the effort we’re going through to make this thing the most amazing life changing experience of your life. It’s going to be awesome, so I’m excited for that. It starts at 9am, or I think 8am on the 30th. So check in’s Wednesday the 30th from 2 til 9pm and then the next morning we start at 8. We’re starting early so do not be late. For those who are there.

Okay, so what can I tell you guys about? A couple cool things. First off, for those of you guys who are coming to the event, who here wants to see, who wants to see the t-shirt we’re making for every single person at the event, and what I learned by making this t-shirt? Let me find it real quick. No we’re not doing live-stream. Do you wanna know why? Because live-stream people don’t get off their butts, get in a plane and fly to San Diego to hang out with me. So we’re not live-streaming it, maybe someday in the future. No we’ll probably never do that. I just know as soon as you start live-streaming nobody’s got the motivation to come hang out and part of this is hanging out to get to be part of everybody. It’s gonna be amazing.

So I wanted to reward everyone who took a leap of faith, so we made these really cool shirts. Someone said, “heard that I bowled a 211.” You must’ve listened to an old podcast. Yes, I’ve broken 200 a bunch of times, which is really fun. Alright, let me find this real quick. So we were trying to figure out, we were trying to figure out what was the best t-shirt we could make that people would love and be exciting and all that kind of stuff. We did a survey and a bunch of things, and what I’ve found that’s interesting, and this is interesting for you guys too, if you guys do t-shirts. Some of you guys are t-shirt people. Let’s see, if you are doing t-shirts, we found, why is this not loading for me? Facebook’s not loading. Well we found that was interesting was that people relate the most to shirts that identify them, so we had a ton of shirts from last year re-done, and some shirts get tons and tons, I didn’t swear I said, “hail, it’s hailing outside.” You guys who are late missed out, now it’s sunny. What we’ve found is people identify with shirts that talk about who they are.

So our best selling shirt of all time says Funnelhacker. Because people say, “look, I’m a funnelhacker.” In fact, how many of you guys, lets find out, have a funnelhacker t-shirt and think its awesome? If you do give me some hearts. I want to see who our funnel hackers are out there.

Do you have the other shirt there you can pull up, no, the new one. Oh, this is the Funnelhacker one. Can you pull up the new one on your screen? I can’t get it to work on mine. This is the best shirt we’ve had of all time so far. Those who have it. It says funnelhacker, because you guys identify because you’re like, “sweet, I’m a funnelhacker.” So we wanted to make something cool like that for the event. And this shirt will probably only be for those who are event based, so if you’re not part of the event you won’t get it. Someone asked how old I am. How old do you guys think I am? Is the internet down right now? Is that why nothing’s loading? Well, alright. Well the new shirt is coming. The new shirt, we wanted to create for you guys….someone said 12, 25, 35. I’m a mature old man. Alright. I am 36, I just had my birthday.

Alright, so here it is. This is the new shirt. It’s to identify with all you guys. I’m going to flip this around because this is who you guys are. I build funnels. So that’ll be on the front of the shirt. How many of you guys think that’s amazing and awesome. If you guys like that shirt give me a double tap. And on the back, across the back, will be that right there. #ibuildfunnels. So that shirt we’re getting them all printed right now. They’re going to be on a blue color, which will be sweet. So yes, everyone who’s at the event, you guys will get a shirt like that. So that’s exciting. So that’s one thing we’re working on.

A couple other cool things we’ve been working on that are fun. We, hopefully tomorrow, if we get everything done in time, which I think we will, we’ll be launching Funnel University, which is crazy. Inside of Funnel University, the first thing that those of you guys that get involved will get, is my brand new book called Funnel Stacking: The Three Core Funnels, which will be amazing. We’ll be giving these away for free. We’ll also be giving away these cool USB cards that everyone’s like, “What is that, Russell?” If you open it up, I’ve got one hand. If you open it like this, you put that in your computer and then there’s an entire home study course on this. It’s the equivalent of if you were to come buy something like this, where it’s all these DVD’s like this, it’s all on here. So we just saved it, made it really, really easy for you. So this home course you’ll also get for free. And when you do that you’ll be subscribed to our new newsletter called Funnel University, where every single month I funnel hack two amazing things. Two funnels in here for you. Plus, want to see the other cool thing you guys will get? You’re going to like this. Check this out. I’m going to flip this around.

Can you guys see this? So this is our new software platform inside of Funnel University, where you can build survey funnels. Check this out if you’re like, “Hey, I want to do this.” I just made an election one. Where’d it go? This one was a test. Here’s my presidential election survey. I don’t think I saved it. Anyway this is our new survey software, which is sweet. So now you can funnel “Who should be president?” Then I can say, “Hillary?” How many of you guys want Hillary, all the hearts stop, okay. Just kidding. Who wants Trump, oh there’s still no hearts. What’ going on you guys? Are you guys as disillusioned with the system as we all are? Okay, I got Hillary’s picture, and I got Trump’s picture. So this is a survey and I can make it more complex, but for right now, we’ll just make it simple. And if I click right here on preview, check it out.

Anyway, you can make really cool, complex, or real basic surveys all here inside of our new survey software that will be part of Funnel University. So if you guys want that, I need to see some love. Because if you guys don’t want it, we can just not have the be part of it. Cause I can just keep this tool for myself. But if you guys are excited, I need to see some crazy, just hit your screen as fast as you can if you guys wanna be able to make sweet quizzes just like these. And yes, the surveys can use logic. Yes, first off, surveys can use logic, and number two it’s not part of Clickfunnels, it’s built differently by a different team. But it integrates with Clickfunnels. So you create the survey, it pops out a little piece of code, you copy that in your Clickfunnels page and boom, you’ve got a Clickfunnels survey, it’ll be awesome.

Anyway, those are some cool things that are coming out this week for you guys. Now that we sold out Funnel Hacking Live tickets, we get to focus on some other cool stuff, which is cool. That’s number one. You wanna see another cool thing we’re working on. There’s so many fun projects happening. This one’s coming soon too, for you guys. It’s called Funnel Graffiti. Check this out, if you guys wanna build your own sales funnels, you can just….can you see this? So I can just, I can map out my own funnels on my windows, if I’m over here, I’m like okay it’s hailing outside today, let’s make some funnels. There’s my squeeze page here and then I’m going to need my opt in page, so I’ll put that over here. That’s going to go right there. Anyway, that’s Funnel Graffiti. You guys excited for that? That’s also coming really soon.

We’ve got some crazy stuff coming out for you guys. Just so you know, we’re working hard over here. We’re not just slacking, cause we want to blow your guys…the hearts are going nuts for that. You guys are excited about Funnel Graffiti? If you guys want that, we’re going to be selling that for free, so I hope you guys are okay with us letting you buy that for free. We just want everyone to be blowing up funnels all over your local areas.

We want to wallpaper your houses in funnels. We just, we want it to be amazing.

We’re having so much fun, I hope you guys are having fun in your business as well. Cause we’re having a great time. So that’s all I wanted. I just wanted to say hi to you guys. Honestly, I’m working on a project, I have a lot of pain associated with that right now, so it was just easier for me to stop working and jump on a hangout with you guys. Anyway, I appreciate you guys letting me hang out with you guys. There’s a lot of you guys on. I thought for me not doing a Periscope in two weeks that we’d be in trouble. We got 231 live right now, which is sweet. Thanks you guys for hanging out. I will try to be better at this. I’m actually going to be traveling this week. So I’ll be doing some secret Periscope missions from my secret location. I’m not going to tell you guys where it is yet, but it’s going to be awesome.

Alright guys, appreciate you all. Have an amazing day. Oh do you guys want one more cool thing? You guys want one more cool thing. This is kind of nerdy and geeky, but this is on the biohacking site. Some of you guys know we’re rolling out a new company called Biohacking Secrets and a bunch of cool things are happening. But one of the cool things, this is a test you guys can get from, you take this test, you spin the tube, you send it back to them and guess what? They go through and they run some tests on it and they find out a bunch of stuff about your genetic profile. Like your ancestors, and the diseases that are in your family lines, and I don’t even know what else. A whole bunch of cool stuff, but it’s going to be amazing. I just got one for my wife and I, you guys should go test it out. It’s like $150 I think. But it’s really cool and you learn a lot about yourself and then based on that you can tweak your diet, you can tweak your atmosphere, you can tweak a bunch of things to help you produce more. So it’s kind of cool.

A doctor Hillary MD said, “I’m a doctor and we test people all the time.” Sweet! I want you to run some tests on me. I’ve been doing a whole bunch of stuff, I’m doing this one, we did a bunch of blood tests, we did a food allergy test, we’re just doing a whole bunch of stuff right now, because it’s just interesting to see what’s happening inside of you and then change things based on that.

Anyway, I’ll share more of that after I found out how it all works and more cool stuff comes from it. Alright everybody, that’s it for today. I’m going to check out. Check it out, when I start talking about Funnel University later this week, and then Funnel Graffiti and a bunch of other cool things, you guys. Appreciate you all. If you had fun today, and if you want me to keep doing these, show me some hearts. I want to see if you guys like these things. Alright, very cool. Well I gotta get back to work. Gotta finish my project that I’ve been delaying on. I’ll talk to you guys soon and I will see some of you guys, most of you guys in 16 days 6 hours 11 minutes 56 seconds at Funnel Hacking Live. Bye everybody.


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