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Ep 77 - Late Night PPT Sessions Before The Event!!


In this episode Russell talks about what his books are about. He also answers questions from the listeners.

Here are 4 cool things you will hear about on today’s episode.

  • ​How to prioritize your work and time.
  • How much money you should spend on advertising.
  • How to pitch funnels to small businesses who have never heard of them.
  • Who Russell’s hero is this week.

So watch now to find out the answers to these questions from viewers plus some others and to get excited for Russell’s upcoming book Expert Secrets.


It’s been a while, it’s been a while. Welcome everybody, how you guys all doing tonight? Welcome, welcome. I know I’ve been slacking on my Periscope, I apologize you guys. Things have been a little bit nuts. What’s up Jesse? How’s it going everybody? It’s been too long, I apologize. Eric says, “It’s been one week.” Jesse, can’t wait to see you either man. Yeah, you guys I apologize, it’s been crazy trying to get everything ready for this event. It’s been fun and it’s been a little bit stressful, but it’s all good and just excited and I wanted to say hi to you guys. Yes, I’m alive, I’ve been locked down in the office preparing for all of you guys who are going to be at Funnel Hacking Live.

Alright, someone said, when am I going to launch my new book? I was trying to be done by the event, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. We tried, I tried really hard, but just ran out of time, but it’s turning out really good. I’m proud of it. So I was blasting though the book, cranking through it. We got the first draft done, I was working on the second draft, and for the second draft, for me it’s where I start sketching. So I’m doodling all the concepts and ideas, then I’ve got this guy Vlad, he’s amazing and turns them all into the graphics that we have for the book.

How many of you guys read the Dotcom Secrets book? So you know, if you go through the Dotcom Secrets book, everything I talk about is all doodled out. So the second draft, the first draft was done, started going on the second draft, I’m trying to figure out what the concepts that we need a little bit more clarification on them. We need stuff right. So I started doing the sketches, started sketching those out. So the way the process works for me, you guys will see how it works. I don’t know Mike or Mandy, the result for coaches, it’s got to be one of you guys….. Anyway, what happens is I had the idea, how do illustrate this in a really cool, unique, simple way and I sketch it out. So here’s one I sketched out today. There it is there. So I kind of sketched out all these different ideas. Boom. Then I sent them to this dude named Vlad who’s been working for me for forever and he makes it look awesome….Oh it’s Mandy’s, hey Mandy…..So he makes them look all awesome. So instead of having these all for the book, I’m going to be having them, they’ll be done for the presentations. So I’m going to be going through the outline for my book is going to be very similar to the outline of my presentation, which is cool.

Check out this one right here. These images are getting fun, huh? Someone asked what is my next book about? That’s a good question. So book number one was about this right? So it’s all about funnels and sales scripts and everything. This one, I think is almost more advanced book to help you kind of understand the whole concept as a whole. So the first books called Dotcom Secrets, the second book’s called Expert Secrets and we focus on five funnels that gives one of two reasons. One if you are getting started, this is the 5 funnels. And it’s like, this book is like here’s all the cool funnels and scripts and everything you need. The second book is like, which funnels do you use first and second and it’s kind of like….the first book, my friend Dave Asprey He wrote Bulletproof Diet book, like here’s the diet, then he came up with Bulletproof Cookbook which is like, here’s all the recipes that you use to make this food that I’m talking about. So this is kind of the same. Dotcom Secrets is the diet book, here’s all the information. This book is kind of like the recipe book, here’s first, second third. How this one works with this one and all those kind of things. So if you look at this, I had this in my slides, but this is like….here I’ll flip this, I’ll show you guys this. Right here, this is what the over arching theme is of the event and also my book. So you begin as an expert, then use what I nickname the expert baker funnel to help you to actually become an expert. Second from there you use the true believer creator funnel to create, become a leader and get some initial followers, use the audience engine to become an influencer, the Guru section you become a guru, and the thought leader, you become a thought leader. So there’s the progression, the cookbook if you will.

So that’s what’s the event’s going to be on for the over-arching theme and that’s what my books going to be on. So I’m excited. IT’s taking a lot of brain power to get all the pieces and get it all figured out and try to make it in a way that’s really simple and easy, but also cool enough so people who got business can look at this and be like, “Holy crap, I totally missed this piece of it and how it all works.” I want this to be very good beginner book, but also a very good…..for those who have an existing business, fuel them and just have it blow up. So that’s kind of what’s happening, so I’m excited.

Alright, I don’t really have a plan for tonight, other than I just wanted to hang out with you guys before I jump back in. I’m not going to lie, I got a lot of work in front of me tonight, and I was like, “I ca n start my work, or I can say hi to all my friends.” So that’s why I’m here. I’m going to answer three questions. You guys give me three questions, we will answer them. I need some hearts too. So three questions and then I’m going to dive back and get back to work.

When does Funnel University come out? I was trying to launch it this week and I decided to back off. We’re going to do it when we get back from the event. So likely it’ll be probably April 7th or April 12th, kind of depending on that. So Funnel U is amazing, it’s going to be awesome. I’m excited.

How do you prioritize? That’s a good question. I’m constantly working on multiple projects at once trying to push them all forward, because I’m kind of like the project manager on our team, so I’m project managing a bunch of stuff, so if I was just focusing on one thing at a time, then we’d be really slow at getting things out the door. So I’m working on a whole bunch of things, but then I know in the queue, what’s the next thing? The pieces start coming back together and I’m like, “Here’s the next thing.” So funnels scripts was in the queue for a long time, it was close to done for 5 or 6 months and all the sudden I was like this one is next in the queue, boom everyone focused we got all the pieces done and it rolls out. That’s what Funnel University is pretty much done. In fact, we could have done it this week, but with everything trying to get done at the event, I kind of slowed things down and just said, lets focus on the event. This is the number one priority because it’s happening in less than one week. So it’ll be cool.

Second question: What’s the budget for advertising to start. That’s a good question, I had someone ask me at a lab today. So my budget for advertising is typically, what happens is I build the funnel first, and I wanna see that’s funnel’s going to work, so I like to spend money and talked about, someone asked me, “Shouldn’t we do content marketing first because it’s free and test the funnel?” You can but content marketing takes a long, long time, so if you want to wait six months to a year if your funnels working, great strategy. If you want to find out today it’s a horrible strategy. So we figured out, let’s say I’m doing a webinar and I’m selling a $1000 product on the back of the webinar, I’m going to invest $1000 in ads. Spend $1000 on Facebook traffic, or whatever makes sense for that market, see what happens and watch numbers on the funnel and stop and see if I made a sale or break even? If I broke even, cool. I’m going to turn traffic on it and make it consistent, if I’m at break even. If I’m not at break even I’ll look at numbers, even if I am at break even, I’ll look at numbers, say okay, here are the 5 or 6 steps in this funnel, which ones are working, which one’s aren’t? That’s the coolest thing about our business, and I tell all my inner circle people this. First time you launch a funnel, it’s not going to work. Just plan on it failing, because if you think it’s going to work, you’ll be really disappointed. The first time you launch it’s not going to work, if you’re okay with that it’s alright. But you’re going to find out, you’ll spend $1000 or whatever the cost is of your product you’re selling. Try some ads and then look at it and say, wow, really good conversion rate on page one, but page two was horrible, so you know something’s broken there. So you go back and tweak it and change it and make it better. Look at the rest of the pages and tweak things that are broken. Then come back invest more money and see what happens. Usually if you do that 3 or 4 times, pretty quickly you got something that’s going to convert and then you can start scaling and growing. That’s how I do it. I take what I sell a product for and that’s what I do.

How do we explain the pitch funnels to small business who never heard of the concept? That is a good question. The way I do it, is I talk about basically, the death of websites. “Hey you remember 12 years ago when you guys were all, people talking about websites, should I get a website or not?” Websites were good back in the day, people had websites, we’d drive ads, let’s say we spent $1 on Google ads. People would come to your website and you’d make $2 back out. And that used to work until all of the sudden everyone found out about funnels and how there’s 50 chiropractors in your local town all bidding on it and costs have gone up. You’re leads have gone down and its hard to make money work. But the good news is just like how…..that’s what a website is, but the good news just like how CD’s replaces cassette players, and DVD’s replaced VHS’s there’s a thing called a sales funnel to replace websites. It’s the future, it’s what everyone’s going to and in 5 years from now everyone will know what funnels are, but today no one does. This is your opportunity, this is your chance to be the first with what’s happening, what’s working today. That’s how I kind of pitch it. Good questions.

I got four more minutes before I gotta get back to work. What other questions do you guys have? How do you sell physical products and not just information? Same way, man. It’s the exact same way. We sell physical products just like we sell info products. The funnel structure doesn’t change, think just the strategy a little bit. Everyone’s got different physical products. One of my inner circle members sells, what are they, mice or rodent and spider repellent stuff on Amazon. Physical product. And they found out that people won’t just typically, don’t just buy on one spot, they need it in a whole bunch….if you’re going to get this rodent killing thing, you’re not going to just have it one room, you’re going to have in all the rooms in your house. So they usually give away really discounted, almost free one. Free plus shipping and they up-sell family packs. Here’s 8, here’s 10, here’s 12, things like that. That’s just one idea. Every business you just think about it, you just got to look at what are the core funnels that work, how can we tweak things around and make them work?

Who’s my idol? You know that changes based on a lot of things. Last week I was in New York watching the wrestling national tournament, which was cool. The last day my dad and I went down, right over to Wall Street and we went and saw all the cool stuff. We went and saw the actual place where George Washington was sworn in as our first president and as I looked at that man, I looked at that statue, he’s someone to look up to. Imagine you’re in a new country, you just won a war, everyone in the entire country wants you to become the king, wants you to take all the power and be the king. There’s not many men on earth who would say no, this is wrong, I’m not going to take power. We need to create something different, something that’s better. And I don’t know that anyone would do that. So he’s one of my hero’s, someone who would do that. It’s pretty amazing. So George Washington is my hero of the week this week. He’s the man.

In your opinion can you use Clickfunnels to build a large network team? Heck yes you can. In fact, we will be doing May 12, 13, and 14th I’m going to be speaking at a network marketing event and around that time we’re going to be launching a whole video series showing how to use Clickfunnels for network marketers. It’s coming! I will be showing you guys the magic in the next two months, so it’ll be really good. We’ll make some really fun promotional videos. We’re going to be staging our own network marketing meet up thing. It’s going to be really fun, it’ll be cool.

Yes, yes. Alright guys. I’m in trouble. Hold on. I want to show you one thing. This is as things are coming in. We’re working on Clickfunnels State of the Union thing for the event. Check out this logo. How many of you guys think this is really, really cool? I just got this back from Rob the designer two seconds ago. Clickfunnels State of the Union. What do you think? That’s awesome. That’s the first draft. So we’re going to be sharing the State of the Union Address at Clickfunnels, and that’s what he just came up with in the last hour, half an hour. Oh man, it just got real. Someone said their listening to the call on a public toilet. Oh man, very, very cool.

Last thing Joe McCall just nominated me for president of the internet. I’m in, that’s awesome. I won’t be the king. George Washington taught me that, but I’ll be the president.

Last thing before I run off is certification we’re going to be talking about at the live event. We’ll be allowing some people into that, it’s going to be different than last year. We are going to have a more application based process just because last year I had a couple of yahoo’s who made it to the door that were nightmares, so I’m going to be a little stricter this time, and we’re going to kick out people that are annoying. If you’re annoying you need not apply, but if you’re awesome it’s going to be cool. Then after the event we may or may not open it up. Later I’m not sure yet, it kind of depends on how many of you bring in the program, we gotta make sure have a good non-boring process for everyone, get them all trained and everything so it’ll be good. And Liz Benney’s here. She’s been up all night doing her slides. Liz, I’m doing it as well, that’s awesome. All you guys need to come see Liz. She’s kapowing it up. She’ll be there in less than a week, it’s going to be amazing.

Braintree integration is done my friend. We’re going to be giving it away at the event so make sure you are there. This is fun you guys, but I gotta get back to work. I think I’ve got one of my seven presentations finished, so I gotta get back to work. Appreciate you guys, thanks for hanging out tonight and letting me vent and hanging out and talk. I’m going to get back to work. Man, I’m up for sushi when you’re back in town that’d be awesome. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing night, and I will see you at Funnel Hacking Live, we’re less than a week away. If you don’t have your tickets yet, you’re crazy, ou should cancel. If you’re getting married you should just talk to your spouse, be like, “This is the deal, funnel hacking Live is happening next week. I need to be there. Let’s just postpone the wedding.” It’ll be worth it I promise you. If you got some other excuse, like you can’t afford it or flights from Hong Kong are too expensive. You gotta figure out a way to get there. It’s going to be amazing. Tickets are sold out, but if you want tickets, watch the replay, I told you guys how you can ask Melanie if she’s got any left over, but we are sold out, and it’s going to be a party. So I’m excited you guys. Anyway, I’m back to work. See you all in San Diego in less than a week. Bye everybody. The hearts are so good. Alright you guys, talk to you soon. Have a good night.


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